Tear Gas and Fireworks at the Arc de Triomphe

The following video from Rebel Media shows Jack Buckby on the ground during the “Yellow Vest” demonstration/riot at the Arc de Triomphe last weekend. Among the people interviewed by Mr. Buckby is Alain Wagner, whom long-time readers will remember from his excellent work at OSCE Warsaw and in the French Counterjihad.

The interior of the museum (or is it a reception center?) at the Arc de Triomphe was badly damaged during the riots. The vandals who broke in spray-painted the circle-A logo of the “anti-fascists” on the walls.

Notice Mr. Buckby’s interview with a masked demonstrator. The latter may have donned the cloth covering his lower face to help protect him from tear gas, but during the interview he takes great care to make sure it stays in place:

4 thoughts on “Tear Gas and Fireworks at the Arc de Triomphe

  1. Jonathan Miller writing in the Spectator asks:
    “In Paris, there were many people wearing gilets jaunes, but were they really gilets jaunes? Antifa, which has rebranded itself in France as the Black Bloc, was certainly present, their shiny new gilets over their designer black street-fighting uniforms. The usual suspects from the Parisian slums were also present, though they didn’t bother with gilets. As one shop window was smashed near the Champs Elysée, there were repeated cries of Allahu Akbar. These protests have been hijacked by political and criminal opportunists, but Macron is making a fatal error if he thinks he can brush off the concerns of my neighbours, who are handing out biscuits to passing motorists, most of whom have posed a gilet jaune on the dashboard in solidarity.”

  2. Yellow vests cancelled the meeting with the PM. If the Yellow vests tell him or the naive Macro their problems ( high taxes, jihadists everywhere killing and maiming and raping, wasting money on jihadis and other numerous trifle things. . . etc.)

    Do you think that Macron and his ilk can understand? If they could they wouldn’t have created these diabolical and “mephistophelean schemes, schemes that have deceived the whole World. The Traitors have deceived the World so that Jihadis over power the world and control it under sharia.

    It is the Traitors who are aiding and serving the Beast 666.

    When the rulers deliberately take wrong decisions the mob will have their own wrong direction of events.

  3. The French version of the Arab Spring. People like Macron cannot be made to understand. They live in a different universe. One has no choice but to remove them. Power to you, French people!

  4. It’s a fact that a small, dedicated, organized cadre can co-opt a revolution. It happened in Russia in 1917. It can happen in France if the demonstrators and the organizers, such as they are, don’t take some steps to keep out the professional antifa and jihadist cadres. Note that both jihadists and cultural Marxists have the same initial goal: the destruction of the existing social order.

    The demonstrations bring to mind the push by the EU officials to create an EU military. It’s quite obvious what the outcome would be. The French police, being local and French, are reluctant to use too much force against the demonstrators and indeed, likely identify with them. The big fly in that ointment is if Antifa and the Islamists, having their own agenda, purposely use excessive violence against the police to alienate them.

    But, assuming that can be handled, the obvious move for a global wimp like Macron would be to bring in forces from outside the country, who neither identify with the French not even speak French. These EU troops would show no hesitation in mowing down demonstrators.

    The problem with a purely populist movement is that it lacks a philosophical coherence and so can be co-opted by momentary victories. Macron may pull the gas tax, but if France authorized EU monstrosities such as the EU military, the stage is set for a more permanent defeat down the road.

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