Tales From the Caravanserai

Below are two vignettes from the migrant “caravans” now wending their way through Mexico en route to El Norte. Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

Video #1: The police chief in Tijuana talks about the negative consequences of having all those criminal migrants encamped in his city:

Video #2: A Honduran woman complains about the quality of the food that she is forced to put up with during her journey through Mexico.

Video transcript #1:

00:00   Seventy-five per cent of these persons have characteristics —
00:05   It won’t sound good — have the characteristics of thugs.
00:11   The majority consume drugs. We have already detained various persons.
00:16   We have about 80 arrests. These 80 (persons)
00:20   have been placed at the disposition of INAMI for their deportation.
00:23   It’s a very complicated subject We had a coordination meeting
00:28   at the federal police facilities.
00:31   We are complaining that we, as public security, are also becoming victims
00:35   of what is happening here in the city.
00:38   We are complaining because if Tijuana has to intervene
00:43   with these [unintelligible] 400 persons, who, presumably, will go to [unintelligible] town.
00:48   It’s a complicated subject. [Unintelligible] that we are doing everything
00:52   possible that this situation won’t get out of control.
00:55   I was commenting yesterday in the meeting that we had with Serena?
01:00   a perfect storm is forming in the city…

Video transcript #2:

00:00   And really, the food they are giving out here. Fatal.
00:04   Look. Look at what they are giving.
00:07   Look. Just beans, pureed… as if they were feeding pigs.
00:13   And the truth is, well, no matter; I eat this food, because if not, I would die of hunger.

4 thoughts on “Tales From the Caravanserai

  1. From the video 00.13…
    And, as usual, the complainant is such a slip of a girl…a veritable wraith.

  2. “Caravanserai” = serai comes from the place where the turks hold their women for he sultan
    so caravanserai is the caravan of the serai – which actually is the transporation of women quarters for the sultan, example= Istambul caravanserai…
    Dardanele was the river where the serai was located in istanbul = many bodies of the serai women where drowned there after they where not loved by the sultan anymore… falling out of favor .

    • You are right. However in my language, which is the origin of the word, “sra” means “house” and Kārvānsra means Business Protector House (kār + bān + sra). The phrase did exist long before any location in Anatolia being allocated to ex-wife elimination. Just in case you want to know opinion of a native speaker.

  3. Poor chubby little lady. Very insensitive of the Mexican government to offer her stuff to eat she isn’t used to.

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