Somali Culture-Enricher Experiences a Sexual Emergency in Ortona

A Somali youngster in a small coastal town in Abruzzo found himself in urgent need of intimate companionship. Unlike some of his fellow culture-enrichers in Austria in Germany — who seem to prefer pre-pubescent children of both sexes — his taste ran towards older women, and he acted accordingly.

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Below is an article about the incident from ANSA:

Man Strips Naked in Street, Rapes Old Woman

In Ortona

(ANSA) — Ortona, November 15 — A 20-year-old Somali man stripped naked in the street and raped an elderly woman who was sunning herself on a beach in the Abruzzo town of Ortona on Thursday, local sources said.

The man was said to be have a protected status as immigrant.

The attacker first slammed the woman’s head against some large rocks and then forced her to submit to sexual violence, the sources said.

The woman managed to wriggle free and flee while the Carabinieri arrived at the scene.

“I was afraid he wanted to kill me, but luckily I managed to break free,” said the 68-year-old at a hospital where she was treated for cuts and bruises and severe concussion.

Anti-migrant League leader and Interior Minister Matteo Salvini tweeted: “20-year-old Somali man, who arrived in Italy on a migrant boat, goes around NAKED and then attacks a 68-year-old woman, injuring her and using sexual violence on her. These are the thanks for getting protection from Italy! WORM!”

Video transcript:

00:00   He comes here to the seashore every morning.
00:03   And he was laid out there on the ground.
00:07   Masturbating? —Yes. —First, he undressed on the street. Then he raped a woman on the beach
00:13   The episode happened at the edge of San Vito Marina and the locality of Ripari di Ortona.
00:18   The Carabinieri arrested a 20-year-old Somali, who entered Italy illegally a year ago,
00:23   and for a month had been in a state of subsidized protection.
00:27   It was at 11 in the morning when the young man entered the bar-pizzeria Nardone,
00:31   had a beer, and seemed in a confused state, says the owner.
00:36   Then he left the place, and put his hands on the back of an old lady who was entering with her
00:39   shopping bags. With the cries of the woman attracted the attention of the customers who called 112.
00:46   In the meantime, he stretched out on the ground and began masturbating.
00:50   Then he headed for the beach at Cinchionia a few hundred meters away,
00:54   but in the communal territory of Ortona.
00:57   Here he attacked another woman, a retired woman trying to take in the last sunshine of the season.
01:02   The 20-year-old [unintelligible], beat the woman’s head against the rocks and then raped her.
01:07   In the meantime, Carabinieri reached the scene.
01:10   The woman succeeded in getting out of the grasp of her aggressor, and fled into the water,
01:14   while the officers stopped the young man and arrested him.
01:17   Taken by ambulance to the hospital of Lanciano, the victim was found
01:21   to have numerous abrasions and bruises.
01:24   as well as cranial trauma. The Somali was transferred to the jail at Chieti.
01:30   For him there is also the charge of public obscenity and false ID statements,
01:33   having given the officers false (ID) information.

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  1. Has anything good ever come from a Somali? Other than guaranteed employment for law enforcement and rape counselors?

    • The Russian Navy did some nice training sessions on their pirate ships, but other than that, no, I don’t think so.

    • If I was a worm I would be insulted too to be compared to a Somali rapist.

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