33 thoughts on “But What About All the SJWs Who Were Triggered?

  1. Who cares about SJW..or SWJ…or JWS…or WSJ… There are normal people, in a normal country. Who asks about SJW..or SWJ…or JWS…or WSJ…. opinion, do have a problem.

  2. Certainly different to the the Irish who celebrated their hundred years of independence by reinvading themselves with the new Black and Tans. This time on steroids.

    • Ireland is a sad surprise, though it shouldn’t be. When they rid themselves of that Jansenist version of Catholicism, it left a large vacuum. IIRC, there’s a parable about that phenomenon.

      Poor Ireland; always her own worst enemy.

      • An Irish you tube channel worth following Irish channel is Grand Torino. It shows migrants being dumped in small towns in Ireland and last night an interview with John Waters .

  3. crowd behavior with a bit of ‘polish’
    nice to see that humans still have manners and self-control

  4. I have a question…
    How many billionaires are not globalists ?
    What is it they know and we don’t ?

  5. Sure wish I could visit Poland and, among other things, sample sone local dishes of kielbasa!

  6. Impressive. I had an opportunity to visit Warsaw in June – and returned home very impressed. Clean, bustling city, optimistic atmosphere everywhere, immigration from Ukraine only and hardworking people all over the place. Kudos, Pols – you have accomplished quite something: you and Hungary are the West now (I do want to believe that my birth country can be a representative of the West as well … but the Poles are it!)

    • Hmmmm. Being a “West” isn’t necessary our aim or compliment for us..but contrary..
      European “West”is seen as a constant source of political violence ,betrayal of values and virtues also extremely hypocritical.. Can’t be trust..

  7. It is interesting how their horrible historical memories—viciously decimated twice in WWII and long subsequent occupation—have not ruined their joie de vivre. Maybe their survivors evolved to be happy?

    • I keep thinking I’m missing something here. I love Dymphna and the Baron and like lots of people I contribute a little to the site for the wonderful work being done for the resistance to the Islamic invasion of Europe, East and West. I support the German resistance to Merkel, and the Polish resistance to the EU, etc., and wish the best for all. And I blame no one, not a single person who wasn’t a participant, for Polish anti-Semitism that led to mass murder.

      Nevertheless I seem to recall what was it 30 or 35 years ago Lech Walesa was using subtle at best anti-Semitic hints as he was running for President. Perhaps that is only a small matter. But by consensus, and historical fact, Poland was one of the most anti-Semitic countries in Europe, and you’ve got to be pretty bad to be at or near the top for that dishonor. In fact I recall that the Poles were so anti-Semitic that some in the Polish Underground at the time wouldn’t either give or sell the Jews weapons to fight the nazis. And these were anti-nazi members of the Polish community.

      Now this is not a History of the Holocaust site. The purpose of this site, this great site the GoV, is to fight the invasion by the horrible so called Religion of Peace and the fools that back them, but when I see the celebratory picture of the 100 years of Polish Independence with the notations of Zero Rapes, Zero Rocks Thrown, Zero Cars Burned, etc. etc. etc. during a commemoration I can’t help but think that there must be some embarrassment by someone out there, that felt that left out of the 100 year history of Polish Independence was the number < _____ (you put in the number) Jews killed in the Holocaust.

      Now, I support the Poles, the Hungarians, the Germans, nowadays who support freedom and decency. To them I never have and never will blame them in any way for anything. Not their fault.

      I had hoped someone else would have written something that was so obvious to me. But no one did.

      So by obligation, it fell to me.

      I have a P.S. here. My guess is that in the excitement of an easy shot to the bow of the Islamists and their supporters that Green Infidel, et. al. couldn't help themselves. And of course I know how supportive of Israel and the Jewish people GoV is.

      Mike from Brooklyn

      • I know how supportive of Israel and the Jewish people GoV is.

        I’m a righteous Gentile, Michael. It started when I was in school in New Orleans and (in those days) the only way to get out of the dorm on a Friday night was to go to temple. As it turned out, my best friend there was Jewish and she attended faithfully. It was her idea to spring me by having me sign up with her. So I did and we rode our bikes through the French Quarter to get to services.

        It had quite an effect on my own spiritual boundaries. I realized viscerally how very Jewish my own Catholicism was. But for all we borrowed, we left behind the High Holy Days. What a shame.

        Now I live in a place where the nearest Jews are in the next county, members of a Hindu ashram…the nearest synagogue is as far away as the nearest latte. Such is life in the boondocks.

        Anti-Semitism is a strange, deadly mind-cyst. It exists wherever envy is rampant. As I’ve studied the history of Islam, it’s become apparent that Europeans picked up a lot of ugly during their periods of subjugation to the Ottoman Empire.

        I don’t think Jews are unique in their suffering in terms of numbers, however. The ceaseless suffering on the Indian continent of all non-Muslim groups is truly horrific. Millions upon millions, right up to the present moment.

      • …” for Polish anti-Semitism that led to mass murder. “..
        They we are again !! Twisting History and slandering Poles.
        Dear Dymphna and Baron.I/m reporting your side to Polish Anti-Defamation League ..
        How such a comment are approved by you here ?

        • The Polish Anti-Defamation doesn’t have any authority over Gates of Vienna – as far as I know, the site is under US jurisdiction, which means free speech is allowed… do you think Poland is better served by the comment being banned? At some point, we have to decide if we’re for free speech, or against it 😉

          • ADH has authority to place person of interest on national list of Unwanted and hostile person against Polish state.
            Meaning Mr. Ned May from today is on the list (confirmed by ADH)
            How it works mentioned list..
            At the Polish border ( entering from out side EU-Schengen country) hi will be place in custody and send back home..
            From my knowledge ,list is share among V4 countries..Means Mr. May will be treated by discretion the same way in Budapest, Prague and Bratislava.. and new V4 member Zagreb..(Croatia)
            No more conferences ,interviews with V4 officials diplomats abroad etc…Basically “persona non grata”
            When it comes to ( Jew-“mike” from NY” who speeding here and internationally Holocaust lies…according to new Polish Law hi may be prosecuted..To find his address and real name nowadays is easy to Law enforcement…
            Free speech…doesn’t mean free ride with Hate speech,Holocaust Lies,Defamation ,Anty-Polishnes..
            After what Poland experienced from Germany,Russia and Jewish Communists don’t you think we don’t deserve respect ?

          • No one deserves respect for being a victim. As for all your hasty labels pasted on the dramtis personae, well bless your heart, abounding as it is with love for your fellow man.

            Hoist by your own petard, boy-o.

            You’re hanging by a thread as it is…

          • What is the ADH? I never heard of such an organisation, and likewise on Google, nothing comes up. But even if what you write were true, what would Poland gain, from banning entry to someone who stands up for it so much, against the globalists and Islamists? And if he were to not come and be an important voice at OSCE in Warsaw (which has happened in previous years), the only ones who’d be laughing would be the Islamists…

            So, it sounds like you’re a living example of the “Polish-Polish war” … except you’re extending your hostilities to friends of Poland abroad. Maybe time to chill out, relax and, if you really are a “goral”, drink some Harnas.

          • Btw, in order to be a “Schengen arrival” in Warsaw, all you have to do is transfer at another EU airport on your way from the USA… then no-one in Poland will check your passport. I personally recommend Amsterdam Schiphol, although many people transfer via Frankfurt, Paris, London or Munich. So this whole “persona non grata” thing is a joke.

            And somehow I can’t see other V4 members like Czechia giving a damn about anyone banned from Poland for saying something about Polish-Jewish relations during the war?!

      • “In fact I recall that the Poles were so anti-Semitic that some in the Polish Underground at the time wouldn’t either give or sell the Jews weapons to fight the nazis. ”

        What weapons were these? The few odd pistols the resistance had gathered, mainly by stealing them off Germans? Poland was the only occupied country in Europe, where punishment for helping Jews was for the whole family to be sent to concentration camp, not just the guilty one… and in a place with little food and daily risk of round-ups, collaborators were to be found, naturally. But even with such risks, an underground organisation was setup, especially to help Jews escape the Holocaust, the Zegota. (Its founder, Zofia Kossak-Szczucka, btw, was before the war an anti-semite). And such efforts led to the Poland being the country with the highest number of “righteous among nations” recognised by Yad Vashem, the Israeli Holocaust memorial.

        Naturally, there were shameful episodes, such as Jedwabne (such episodes mostly in former Soviet occupied territory, just after the German invasion in 1941 – why might that be?), and Kielce (just aftet the new Communist Poland was formed, when the new rulers were looking to justify 1/3 of Poland given away to USSR – so again, why might that be?)… but especially in current times, when in France, Belgium and other countries, Jews are attacked and advised not to wear Yarmulkes, is it not a bit rich to say Poland, which had by far (non-Soviet) Europe’s biggest Jewish population pre-WW2, is the “most antisemitic country in Europe” ?

      • Btw, the mass extermination of Jews in German-occupied Poland was brought to public knowledge in a document bearing that name, presented to the United Nations in New York on 10 December 1942, by members of the Polish underground who risked their lives to smuggle the evidence out of Auschwitz, and bring it to the Allies… meanwhile, the western Allies as late as 1944 (and even 1945) pretended to be shocked and surprised by the news of the Holocaust, and didn’t want to do anything about it (such as maybe destroying railway lines leading to Auschwitz)… when such news was already known to them for 2 years. Again, we may want to think about why there was such a delay?

        • Thank you very much Green Infidel. I’m a Pole living in Aussie and I regard rants produced by Goral as [negative adjectives] and harming Polish case more than it supposed to defend.

          Greetings from Australia

          Bogdan Jodkowski

          • …”But by consensus, and historical fact, Poland was one of the most anti-Semitic countries in Europe”…Is this according to you ,defending “Polish case”?
            Looks like you are siding with “mike” on Holocaust lies..an smearing real Polish people..
            Because you speaking Polish doesn’t make you being Polish..Being Australian with Polish passport ether..

          • Yes, such rants seem to be a typical example of when our nation can be its own worst enemies 🙁

            Greetings from Warsaw,


  8. Well I went to bed last night with the idea of not replying to anything anymore because as I said this is not a site about the Holocaust. My remarks were simply based on reaction to the photo with numbers that were true but seemed to me to be missing something. I said a couple of times that I bore no ill will and no blame toward anyone who was not responsible for the acts that others bore responsibility for.

    In fact I was going to apologize for a certain remark I made, but I figured once again that what was said was replied to by “goral” for one, and by others. Since they had their say I figured I would leave the remark I made, simply a matter of in reviewing what I had written and edited a couple of times I still managed to miss it. So for the record I do apologize for this sentence and hope my correction will satisfy some if not all people. The sentence is this: “And I blame no one, not a single person who wasn’t a participant, for Polish anti-Semitism that led to mass murder.” The correct phrasing should have been something like “And I blame no one, not a single person who wasn’t a participant for Polish anti-Semitism that helped move along murder on a large scale.” So to any one out there my sincere regrets and apologies to them and if they are Polish and their descendants had no part in and in surely many cases were threatened by and even killed by nazi bastards and those Poles who helped the nazis, again my apologies.

    Kind of sorry I seemed to have opened a small can of worms. It happens. I am sorry to have drawn Dymphna into a time wasting moment. And to Green Infidel in a sense I want to thank you for in essence forcing me to read up last night and this a.m on Poland and the Holocaust. I intend to do more reading (and leave it off this site). I don’t know if I agree with you on the scope of some Polish peoples complicity in some bad deeds, but I also didn’t know the extent to how brave and decent some Polish people were, apparently some risked everything. So thanks for the heads up.

    As to my new buddy, “goral” and I would capitalize your name or handle if you prefer, this is proudly “jew” Mike from Brooklyn wishing you good health.

    And no more from me on this topic at all.

    • No need to be sorry. It’s an important topic, and should be looked at. The people and events I alluded to were just a few items showing the other side of the story. I’m not denying that there was a lot of unnecessary hostility from many Poles towards Jews, although whether it contributed to the Holocaust is another matter. Seems like Polish Catholics and Jews shared the same enemies back then, and the same enemies now… so it’s a pity that there’s such a conflict. Glad you found the information interesting anyhow.

      As for the numbers in the photo – I believe they were alluding to incidents in Bastille Day in France this year, where apparently over 800 cars were burned, and other contemporary events. Nothing alluding to history.

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