A Night of Culturally Enriched Sexual Violence in Tiburtina

Earlier this month a “refugee” from Tunisia put a Slovakian woman through an all-night ordeal of sexual violence in the Tiburtina district of Rome.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Corriere della Sera:

Sexual violence

Tiburtina [district of Rome], raped and beaten in a tent. 20-year-old detainee had already been expelled

The victim, a 38-year-old Slovak, had been sheltered in an encampment adjacent to that of refugees of the Beobab association of the young Tunisian, who had already been placed under a residence ban by the municipality of Rome

by Rinaldo Frignani

Sexual violence in the vicinity of the Tiburtina station. Carabinieri of the Piazza Dante company have arrested a 20-year-old Tunisian who kidnapped and abused a 38-year-old Slovakian citizen on the afternoon of October 8. The rape occurred in a tent in an encampment adjacent to that of refugees sheltered by the Beobab association. The woman took advantage of a moment of distraction on the part of the Tunisian to get away and yesterday reported the act to the Carabinieri.

Fled after a night of terror

The (Carabinieri) arrested the young man, who had already been placed under the provision of a residence ban in the municipality of Rome. The victim was sheltered in a tent, where the young man got her drunk to overcome her resistance. After the violence, the Tunisian prevented her from leaving, hitting her in the face. For the entire night, the victim remained that way in the tent until dawn on October 9, when she succeeded in escaping. She was examined by a gynecologist at the San Giovanni Hospital, where she was placed under the protocol of the Pink Cross, required in cases of sexual violence.

2 thoughts on “A Night of Culturally Enriched Sexual Violence in Tiburtina

  1. How did he ‘got her drunk’? Did he forcefully poured vodka in her throat or what?
    If not – may be it was not a good idea to join for drinks in tent at refugees camp. Being 38yo – did she expected it would be wine and cheese tasting and discussion of Byron poetry?
    In this case, as in many others she received exactly what she was after, it was just more than expected.

    • Czech media said she was helping around the “refugee” camp and joined him for a few drinks willingly, when she wanted to go home, she wasn’t allowed to and raped. It’s still tragic, but she really was offering herself up, ignoring well known facts about their mentality. The positive part is: chances are she will now rethink her views and start to work for the protection of Europe.

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