A Migrant Caravan in Bosnia Heading for Croatia

The video report below describes an attempt by a group of migrants to get across the border between Bosnia and Croatia.

The situation is eerily reminiscent of the caravan of “migrants” that originated in Honduras and is now passing through Mexico, heading for the southern border of the USA. Those Honduran migrants didn’t regard Guatemala or Mexico as their final destination, but merely as transit countries through which they had to pass to reach their ultimate goal.

The same is true of the migrants in Bosnia who were trying to get into Croatia. Their ultimate goal wasn’t Croatia, or Slovenia, or even Austria, but Germany. That’s the Promised Land for all the “refugees” who follow the Balkan Route into the EU.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:01   In Bosnia-Herzegovina, the police have stopped approximately 200 people from getting to the
00:06   Croatian border in order to reach EU neighbouring countries. They are migrants who have been
00:15   housed near the border. After they were stopped, most of them returned to their accommodations.
00:24   Others were holding out at the border for hours, in hope that they would be let into Croatia after all.
00:32   In northwest Bosnia, there are thousands of migrants waiting to be able to continue their
00:37   journey into the EU.

8 thoughts on “A Migrant Caravan in Bosnia Heading for Croatia

  1. What we are facing is a Communist Revolution and weaponised migration-mass migration “Hijra”. This is a final push to exstinguish western Christian civilisation. I have read research recently where “Zionist” authors castigated Germany and the Germans almost a century before Hitler. Why this hatred of a whole German people and culture prior to the Great War 1914? It seems Germany in particular is being targeted for special treatment as is the USA. Why do Communists and “Internationalists” hate these land so much. It is insane in fact.

    • Bishop, I would like to have sources for this.
      In the 19 th century, more and more jews came back to Germany from eastern Europe and were often welcomed by local aristocracy and granted citizenship.
      The state of Prussia passed laws around 1807 allowing jews ( and all other citizens) to practice any craft, trade or profession by abolishing the ancient rules of guilds and such.Of course this turned out to be a transition period of about 40 years in which not always qualified personel entered the competition. Cities were flooded by landless paupers, you get the “Dickensian” picture.

  2. My understanding of the international refugee conventions is that someone wishing to claim “asylum” must do it at their first port of call after leaving their homeland. This idea that you can keep crossing borders until you find a more comfortable asylum nation goes against all agreements with regards refugee processing. That is never mentioned on the media, who too busy searching for some pictures of kids to put on screen. Same tactics we saw with the “Syrian families” entering Europe. Over 80% were young men, who should have been defending their homeland, not fleeing. Likewise with these Hondurans, if things are so bad they should be protesting on the streets and demanding the Honduran government do something.

    • My biggest and constant response when seeing pics of the people “trains” : how can their clothes, feet and flip-flops be so clean if they are literally walking and pushing strollers? And what kind of strollers can stand up to those roads?

  3. Here’s a slightly different perspective.

    The natural state of the universe is disorder. That is, things get mixed up and distinctions disappear. The black hole is the most efficient converter of matter to energy, because it converts every bit of the structure of matter, electrons, protons, atoms, molecules, into random chaos.

    The natural state of a territory is chaos and rubble. Think of an unprotected building with food, plumbing, and tiled floors. Quite soon, the food will be stolen, the fixtures and construction materials stolen, and the rooms themselves filled with waste and trash, since no one is guarding it from squatters. The situation was illustrated quite graphically, when Israel ceded Gaza to the Palestinians, including functioning and productive hydroponic farms. Within a few hours after Israel’s withdrawal, everything was a mass of useless, looted junk.

    So, a society, country, region, civilization has to be protected and defended. The natural tendency of outside people will be to migrate towards available food and other resources available for looting. There may be a conspiracy involved, but it’s not necessary. A country which is actively protected will maintain its existence and its resources. A country which is not protected won’t.

    It comes down to the question: are we willing to see invaders dead, or are we not? If we are not willing to protect our country by killing others, we are subject to increasing blackmail until we are pushed to the surrender wall. We can’t take care of all potential invaders the deposit them in a situation to their liking. Likewise, we can’t take responsibility for the condition of every person in a low-IQ country that consistently votes for socialism. I never heard of anything so stupid as the threat to cut Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico off US aid if they fail to stop the caravans. Why do we expect these disorganized, marginally-governed countries to do the job we won’t? By all means, cut them off, but it doesn’t change the fact that the US must put the effort into protecting its own existence and not farm out the job to disorganized, banana republics.

  4. Hello!

    This is my first comment on this site, so let me start by saying hi to everyone. My background is Croatian so I might be able to shed little more light on this farce so-called “refugee crisis” on Croatian-Bosnian border.

    Modus operandi is pretty much the same, women and children in first rows, cries and tears. Very small number of those, usually there just for the photo shoot. Rest? Military-aged men throwing rocks at border police. The official number of those “refugees” there is now 20,000. So knowing governments, the number is probably higher, much higher. There have already been protests by locals about the situation in the town of Bihac (majority of townspeople there are actually muslim) about how they are afraid for their safety and safety of their kids.

    Now, how [did] 20,000 people came to Bosnia? Media wants us to believe that they came through the Balkan route, but that’s simply not true. For many illegals, it actually only takes a short flight from Pakistan, Morocco, Algeria, countries which just recently got this option of not needing a visa anymore to fly to Sarajevo. Phenomenal for them, you would agree. Courtesy of Bosnian Muslim Brotherhood member, Bakir Izetbegovic.

    And the kabuki on the border? It’s enough to see the length of the Croatian border to realize many were crossing elsewhere while this whole media spectacle was going on. Unfortunately, we in Croatia don’t have the privilege of having someone like Mr. Orban as PM, so no border defences either.

    I could write more, but it would be mostly recycling of well-known things to your average readers.

  5. It’s no problem. Thank you for posting my comment. I’ve been reading your site for couple of years, but never really commented. Since Bosnia has became a “hotspot” obviously by design, and therefore my homeland of Croatia by default a natural “thruway” to promised land of Germany I might comment more often since I’ve noticed there’s not many commenters from Balkans.

    BTW really liked your parallel between “migrant caravans” in Europe and the one of US southern border. There’s no coincidences in this, it’s all by design. Same design. Different names maybe, but same string pullers when looked deeper. Although all this will look like child’s play when UN’s Migration Compact really gets in play. Then all this discussions will be unnecessary, borders will effectively be abolished if I’m reading it correctly.

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