Eric Zemmour: This is an Invasion and Colonization

In the following brief clip, the popular French commentator Eric Zemmour describes the characteristics of the current wave of “refugees” flooding into Europe that make it an invasion and colonization, as opposed to migration.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   For a couple of decades we haven’t had any more “immigration”. In reality we have an INVASION
00:04   and a COLONIZATION. An invasion, because
00:08   those are people who arrive, even though we didn’t ask them to come and we don’t want them to come:
00:12   they push through our borders. And a colonization, because they impose their customs
00:16   and their habits and their religion on a country
00:20   which is foreign, and on which they impose — with or without its consent —
00:24   [their customs and religion] in increasingly large parts of the territory.

11 thoughts on “Eric Zemmour: This is an Invasion and Colonization

  1. All put in a nutshell! But in whose interest could this happen? Big capital, as some might say? No, the invaders are of no use for them, neither as workers nor as consumers.And why destroy what keeps them going? I do not understand. Is my understanding too limited? Or is it a staged war among some powers backing big capital? Help me out, here.

    • Unfortunately an albeit brave but lone voice in the

      Whilst the man boy Macron remains in power
      France is doomed.

    • “neither as workers nor as consumers”.

      I don’t agree, Herb. They all have to live somewhere (so their rents, in so many cases, are paid for by the state) and they eat and drink, perhaps smoke, travel (sometimes paying for this, sometimes not), get sick (thus needing health care) and so on.

      That they are consumers may indeed be a key reason for bringing them in. Declining native populations leads, necessarily, to declining incomes for the providers of goods and services.

      • Joe, I was aware of that and your concluding phrase focusses on the core of the problem.
        But parasites will then move on, if you let them.

  2. Will somebody in these countries ever fight back or will anybody keep calm just watching mass cultural suicide ?

  3. The invasions are not so much evidence of external intention, even by Muslim countries, as of internal disorganization in the host countries. If the countries are not willing or able to protect themselves, why should we waste sympathy on them? I feel sorry for them, but I feel it is a law of nature you can’t take care of someone who will not take care of himself.

    • I’ll meet you on the Texas or Arizona border, RonaldB, and we can discuss this problem as it looms for America. People who try to protect their own are met with devastating pushback from overfed Federal agencies.

      • We’re both past the daisy-jumping years, but wouldn’t it be grand to give that last bit of push protecting our country’s border and existence?

          • America, is not Europe. Americans are not Europeans. And we have had a nice tutorial from Europe in terms of how to turn your nation into an Islamic one so your grandchildren can all be dhimmis. The people all along the border are well armed. Better yet, President Trump understands the problem. We should be encouraging him to bring about immigration reform and get that wall built. He can’t do it unless it’s a mandate from the people.

          • He will have trouble getting anything done with Dems in charge of the House, not to mention the strangely treasonous people like the current Speaker, who is openly in favor of more immigration.

            Given his limitations, one smart move Trump made was to begin to put a wall of military between the coming horde and his Border Patrol. As the law stands now, any migrant can present himself to a Border agent and demand asylum. The demand has to be answered, the migrant goes to court and is released awaiting trial…by which time he’s in the wind, never to be found.

            The military, though, are not allowed to “accept” immigrants, so they serve to protect the border and the Border Patrol. We’ll see how that works…

            A “mandate from the people” has to be in the form of legislation in the House. We’ll see if the election turns on the March of the Mexicans, et al and if the Dems turn out to have misjudged the mood of the electorate. Many Hispanics are objecting to the hordes coming up from Central America.

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