The Mysterious Disappearance of the Diciotti Migrants

There was a lot of controversy last month both inside and outside of Italy about a boatload of “rescued” refugees that was impounded in a Sicilian port. Now that they were allowed to disembark, it turns out that a large number of migrants on the Diciotti have simply vanished — surprise, surprise!

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Il Giornale:

Diciotti: 50 migrants entrusted to CEI [Italian Episcopal Conference] disappeared into thin air

In making it known, the undersecretaries of interior: They were so desperate, they preferred to forego guaranteed food and lodging.”

1170 migrants on board the ship Diciotti, all disembarked at the port of Catania last 25 August

After a long (period) of wrestling with the EU which, unfortunately, resulted in nothing, the immigrants were redistributed among Albania, the Italian Church and Ireland. But the Diciotti case, which has caused so much discussion in recent weeks and which has led to not a few troubles for Matteo Salvini, now turns to discussing. The motive? Some of these migrants have escaped from the centers in which they were entrusted. They have disappeared into thin air. Disappeared.

“There are already 40 of the 144 adult immigrants who disembarked from the Diciotti and entrusted to the CEI or to the center at Messina,” say the undersecretaries of interior, Stefano Candiani and Nicola Molteni. “We recall that, per the law, these people have freedom of movement and therefore, are not subject to state surveillance. They were so desperate that they preferred to forego guaranteed food and lodging in order to go who knows where. It’s the umpteenth proof that those who disembark in Italy are not always escaping from hunger or from war, notwithstanding the lies of the Left and of those who use the immigrants to “do business”.

To be precise, of the forty migrants missing, six left on the first day of transfer. While two Eritreans destined for the Diocese of Florence escaped on 2 September, nineteen others (who left) were found on 3 September. Another thirteen disappeared yesterday. The forty migrants who left were limited to showing an interest in formalizing the application of political asylum. As confirmed by Viminale (Ministry of Interior) sources were identified with photos/prints and inserted into a European computer system. Also according to Viminale sources, it is made known that there are other verifications on the exact number of untraceable persons, and it is possible that the group could be more substantial.

According to Viminale sources, there are at least fifty migrants on board the ship Diciotti who have left the reception center. However, referring to the Viminale sources, “The data are being updated”. They are “all adults. Six of them disappeared on the first day of transfer, Friday; two Eritreans destined for the Diocese of Florence disappeared on September 2; for nineteen others, their departure was verified on September 3; another thirteen finally disappeared yesterday. They were destined for various dioceses.” Within this group of persons, “four left when they were still in Messina. Other verifications are in progress. The people who left were limited to showing an interest in formalizing the request for asylum. They were identified by photo/prints and inserted into a European computer system. There are also checks on the nationality of those who left: At least six came from the Comoro Islands (between Mozambique and Madagascar).

“More than 50 of the immigrants disembarked from the Diciotti were so much in need of having protection, food and lodging, that they decided to leave and disappear!

“But why were they not seized? It is yet another confirmation that not all those who arrive in Italy are ‘skeletons’ that escape from war and hunger. I will work even more to change wrong laws and cancel arrivals,” commented Interior Minister Matteo Salvini.

The immigrants have given it up fast. And there are also those who defend them, such as Father Camillo Ripamonti president of the Astalli Center, the Jesuit structure that deals with migrants, refugees, refugees and asylum seekers: “The reception centers are not centers of detention, and therefore the people lodged there can move away from them freely: theirs is not an escape.”

But not only that; Friar Francesco Soddu also echoes Father Camillo: “The Viminale can say whatever it wants, turn it over as it likes, and tell its truth to bring home some advantages … but it has evidently not seen the eyes of these people. I was with them just this morning and I saw in their eyes a story that is not only dramatic, I would say really terrible about their lives, I read the despair, then each calibrates his own way. But the face of these people testifies how desperate they are. And then how do you declare that they have disappeared? You flee from a prison, or you are pursued, and I do not think this is the case. We have offered hospitality; the gesture is explained by the desperation of those who have crossed the desert previously and then the sea, of those who were in Libyan jails and now find themselves here to decide about their own lives, even with decisions less rational that we all question.”

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    • A thousand upticks, PB, although I would have said ‘Where’s the nearest benefits office staffed by white wimmin?’ 🙂

  1. Forget about reasoning or evidence. Just look into their eyes. Look into the eyes of people you know absolutely nothing about, from places you know absolutely nothing about, and with a genetic and cultural background totally alien to your own. But, a quick glance at the eyes will overcome all these obstacles, and make you an expert on the person, his intentions and needs.

    From another perspective, it makes me think that a mature civilization may have so many different and competing centers of influence that virtually nothing may be done to defend it. I don’t need to look into their eyes to know they need to be shipped back to Africa forthwith, but with all the magistrates, bureaus, regulations and procedural inertia, it seems to be almost impossible to act in any way. Trump ran into that problem when he was stymied in his perfectly sensible and legal ban immigration from particularly chaotic countries, but a low-level federal judge.

    There may be a place for a strongman government toppling a degenerate democracy. The downside is that strongmen often overlook developing the social network to support their principles of ruling.

    • Well said, but instead of a Strongman government we only need to return to the rational Democratic governments we had in the not too distant past, governments that would never dream of opening their borders to the Third World regardless of the reason – if people were truly fleeing war we’d help them in protected refugee camps near their home countries or provinces.

      All the West needs to do is to return to common sense and simple logic, and to not entertain stupid ideas such as immigration to the country of your choice as being a basic right.

    • Yes Ronald.Look into their eyes….. but they know what will be seen there and that is the reason of their predelection for reflecting sunglasses. Keith Richburg wrote about it in ” East of America”.

  2. I suppose it must be that AIDS, TB and other diseases not uncommon in those parts of the world are no longer a danger in Europe – or perhaps black lives matter so much that the comparable degree to which white lives matter is miniscule.

    Something truly outrageous and utterly terrible is happening. What proportion of Europeans and those in the rest of the white, Judeo-Christian world are still asleep?

    Quite apart from anything else there is a profound injustice in immigration and residency laws in Europe. Be law-abiding, be from the US, Canada, Australia or New Zealand, or much of Asia, for example, and one is subject to the 90-day Schengen rule – or to live here, pretty stringent regulations. But be from certain (rather numerous) other countries, or particularly a follower of a certain religion (clue: the name of the founder begins with M) and it’s open house: not even a document is needed to come in and one can live for ever on other people’s money. Wow, bloody wow. Where have we come to? We are indeed mad. We, the people, allow it. Some of us even vote for more. Is this not truly bizarre? Or am I just having a bad dream?

  3. Africa and the Middle East are sending all of their criminals to Europe.

    The best thing for everyone would be to send them, all of them, back to Africa.

    The Italian minister who said Italians should be making their own babies, not allowing this invasion of incompatible foreigners, is the only sane voice I have heard in a long time.
    If we hadn’t been murdering our own babies, by the hundreds of thousands every year, for decades, we wouldn’t need any immigrants. And I’d say most normal people in Europe and the UK don’t want them here regardless.

  4. The Catholic Church has long been complicit in the “refugee” invasion of the West, particularly here in the US where their various “charitable ” organizations are given millions of taxpayer dollars every year by the Government.

    I don’t know whatever happened to the concept of separation of Church and State – it seems to have gone out the window as Holy Mother the Church goes all out to bring into the West the very savage barbarians who want to destroy our Christian religions and culture. As you can see from reading about the latest sex scandals, it is all too obvious what’s on the minds of the depraved Cardinals who run the joint.

    Check out www . Refugee resettlement watch .com

  5. Anyone of the Disappeared Invaders hurts a Citizen of any country in Europe, that religious group should be held criminally and civilly liable.

    • That goes against the basic Western notion of individual responsibility. Islam and cultural Marxism believe that – thus the guilt of infidels and, say, privileged white males.

    • It used to be that an immigrant had to have a sponsor, who would agree to take care of the immigrant until he got on his feet. I don’t know if that included being responsible for the immigrants use of welfare, or paying for any damage caused by the immigrant, but it’s not a bad idea.

      Accept only immigrants who are sponsored. The sponsor assumes total responsibility for maintaining the immigrant, including any welfare funds and paying compensation for any crimes committed by the immigrant, including the cost of incarceration.

      • My mother was an immigrant who married an American. Years later, still on her green card, she sponsored her two brothers – or, perhaps her native-born American friends did it for her. It was a long time ago and I was a kid.

        At any rate, they lived with us until they got on their feet and moved out on their own. One went into the Air Force (he’d served in the RAF in Burma); the other eventually gravitated toward NYC. None of the three, my mother and her brothers, ever considered welfare. it was beyond their ken, so to speak.

      • RonaldB…people will always try to game a system to their advantage! In California… government subsidized, 24 hr care dementia facilities are full of elderly Chinese and Russians! Their relatives promised to sponsor them before their arrival to the United States. Because they have little incomes (no 401K or retirement funds) they automatically qualify for residency care. Meanwhile, my former mother-in-law migrated from the Phillippines and became a U.S. citizen in 1975. She contributed to the workforce and earned a social security pension. She is one third owner of a home. She does not (economically) qualify for any government sponsored care facilities. So her 88 year old husband is doing his best to care for her. Because she has assets (1/3 home owner) she is being penalized along with her elderly husband. People who never worked a day in America are being rewarded for having no assets! It’s a cruel, unfair system! Being a U.S. citizen means nothing if foreigners can jump in line and gobble up the limited resources!

        • Yes, this is a travesty.
          These foreign parents are also eligible for Senior subsidized housing, Food Stamps, Meals on Wheels, Medicare, etc.

        • This is the dilemma that Milton Friedman posed: you can have welfare, or you can have immigration, but you cannot have both.

          Any government redistributing wealth will always be inefficient, since the bureaucrats are handling other people’s money.

          In addition to the built-in structural inefficiency, you have the fact that government is particularly susceptible to identity group pressure. You ship in a bunch of Chinese, and what’s going to happen if you deny benefits to some 80-year old Chinese immigrant? You get 20, 30, 0r 40 Chinese sitting in your office. How many people can you get to sit in your assemblyman’s offices because your mother can’t pull her contributions out of the system.

          Actually, any government program to redistribute resources is either a Ponzi scheme, or a flat-out giveaway, or most likely both. In other words, everybody wants to get as much or more out of government subsidies than they put in, an obvious impossibility. So, the approach of the government bureaucrats is to obfuscate as much as possible, to put off the accounting, and to forestall any crisis by borrowing, hopefully until they are safely out on pension.

          But, your story makes me think it might be productive to organize demonstrations, not only for identity groups, but for native Americans who have been productive citizens. There is nothing the bureaucrats like better than your mother-in-law and her husband to just tighten their belts and not make a fuss when resources are shuttled to very recent immigrants. The sooner we publicize the built-in contradictions to the present programs, the better.

      • This happened in some cases of probable asylum seekers from Syria. German families warranted for their lifelyhood during the process in the courts. When their claim was refused and they would have to leave because they were not prosecuted according to our laws, the sponsors were called to the cashier and were stunned by the fact to be held responsable for their signature.
        Sure enough, authorities are trying to find a way out for those idiots. Otherwise the big plan could be jeopardized! If I should legally warrant and the person fails, I would be held responsable till the end of my days( 30 years, which is 24 more than my expectancy)

  6. Baron and Dymphna…I saw this video
    on Jihad Watch today that made my spine shiver and my mind fill with intense anger over absolute lawlessness and savagery in the 🇬🇧 UK and elsewhere.

    It’s bad enough to steal a traffic warden’s moped but to kick him senseless is downright evil and barbaric!!! Indigenous people must demand zero tolerance for those who display brazen savagery against another human being or animal! No double standards and one rule of law for everyone!

    Is it easy for Brits, Germans, Swedes and French citizens to sell everything and move to Hungary or Poland in 2018? I see no relief in sight for the indigenous people of these countries who have no physical means (i.e. conceal and carry weapons) to defend themselves! Pepper spray, decibel alarms and knives may slow down a single attacker but not multiple ones!!! If I were living in Muslim populated areas… I would wear a hidden camera every time I ventured outdoors to capture any assault or verbal abuse on film. Post it for the world to see! Did London authorities arrest the scumbag who punched Amy in the face this week in front of a Muslim Mosque? I doubt it…but at least the world can see the blatant intolerance and violence from those who follow the religion of pieces!

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