AfD Member Culturally Enriched by Saliva

The following video from Munich shows a brief sample of the civilized discourse that may be expected from those who disagree politically with the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany).

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   And since 2015 district chairman of this association…
00:19   No, don’t be silly!
00:23   We are MORE. Peter: Be ashamed!
00:27   Hey, what kind of manners do you have!? What kind of manners do you have?
00:30   [First spit]
00:33   We are here in a civilised country, do you realise that? Huh?
00:36   Shut your pothole! —…a civilised land, huh?
00:39   F** off! —Do you understand? —You are not even people. You are cursed people.
00:42   What’s the problem? You are not even people. —We aren’t people?
00:45   You Motherf***er! Come here! —Not people? Why aren’t we people?
00:49   F** your wife! P** off! Motherf***er! Motherf***er! P** off! [Second spit]
00:58   [Third spit]
01:05   I would like to report this man for spitting on me. Report him, he’s spitting.
01:09   Put the camera away, you motherf***er!
01:13   I want to report him!

5 thoughts on “AfD Member Culturally Enriched by Saliva

  1. And after he punched my saliva with his face, he bashed me in the fist with his eye.. He’s too aggressively violent here, and he’s the reason we can’t have a civilized Ernst Rohmer-style civilized discussion.

  2. Cooking. Brewing. Things are brewing, developing by hour: spitting, shouting, pushing, petty brawls. Major “springs” start weak but increase in frequency. Then suddenly a “Gavrilo Princip” emerges from nowhere. “Civilized” human will turn into unrecognizable jinnis .

    I am sure the ancestors of the one who is spitting were those who massacred Constantinople’s peaceful Christian Population.

    Ah history repeats itself in a funny way: by inviting the colonizers.

  3. It is a serious offence in Germany to spit in public. The Left are increasingly uncivilised and violent. The “Cultural enricher” displays the typical arrogance of Mohammed’s “The Best of Peoples”. The Right is growing and will overwhelm the Left and its clients. Expect violence in the future. The Left and Moslems are bad losers it seems.

  4. Muslims will wake up soon to discover they are surrounded by very very angry Crusaders ‘who are mad as Hell and not getting big to take it anymore’..

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