Dutch Culture-Enricher Goes Berserk During a Traffic Stop

Yesterday we posted video of a culture-enricher going wild with a metal bar at a gas station in the Netherlands. It turns out that it was the first of a series, and the second one is below. There are at least two more in the pipeline.

Many thanks to C for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:01   Officers Freddy and Bart pull over a man driving without a seatbelt.
00:05   [on the phone] Okay, I wasn’t wearing my belt yet. Now they pulled me over, you can go to work.
00:11   I don’t have to get gas, honey, OK! BYE!
00:15   What is it, sir!? I wasn’t wearing my belt, write a ticket!
00:18   Calm down — F**k off with that camera! F**k off with that camera! F**k off!
00:22   [?] Hey! You’re playing with my privacy! F**k off with that camera!
00:27   Hey, that’s enough. —Away with that camera!
00:30   Calm down. Calm yourself. —Camera away! Let me go, sir!
00:34   I’m not harming you! I’m not harming you, ow! I’m not harming you, ow!
00:37   Calm down. Listen for a moment! Calm down.
00:41   I didn’t do anything, you’re hurting me. I didn’t do anything, you’re hurting me!
00:45   Ow! OOOWWW!
00:48   Get him out. — Help me! Help me!
00:52   Calm down. —HELLLLP! You’re hurting me!
00:56   I’ll call in a van —[sigh] Yeah, ok.
00:59   Van? What did I do sir? —Hey listen, you’re under arrest, you’ll accompany us to the station.
01:04   Because this kind of behavior, that’s not, that’s not desirable.
01:07   Sit down for a moment. —I didn’t do anything, you’re treating me like a, like a, like a criminal!
01:12   I won’t forget this, faggot! HOMO! FAGGOT!
01:15   HIT ME, HIT ME THEN! — Hey, calm down! HIT ME THEN! [?] FAGGOT! —Cuff him in the corner.
01:22   [animalistic scream] What’s your name!? What’s your name!? — Calm down, just calm down.
01:29   I’ll be calm, what’s your name!? I can’t [?]
01:32   Will you come with me? I don’t trust this colored guy. Please help; I don’t trust him!
01:36   Ok, you’ll have to make do. —Please help, I don’t trust him!
01:40   I’d rather be with one of you two than this dark guy, please help me!
01:43   That’s not how it works. —He hurts me, dude! HE HURTS ME, DUDE!
01:51   Hey, you keep your mouth shut! —I WON’T FORGET THIS!
01:55   The moment he got out of the car, we immediately arrested him,
01:58   because he was uncooperative.
02:03   And he was also hurling insults, and being racist.
02:07   when someone is being racist against you, that’s just unpleasant.
02:10   I’m just trying to do my job
02:14   as best as I can. And I treat others with respect,
02:20   and I expect the same from others.
02:23   If that’s not possible, then we have to do it the hard way.
02:26   We’ll definitely file a complaint.
02:30   How it affects me. it’s not nice, you don’t expect something like this.
02:35   You can see in the video that we’re very calm.
02:41   and try to calm him down as well, but that simply didn’t work, so…
02:46   that’s the end of it. He has to come with us.

2 thoughts on “Dutch Culture-Enricher Goes Berserk During a Traffic Stop

  1. “I treat others with respect”, says one of the police, ” and I expect the same from others.”
    Learning curve needed. Islam does not expect or instruct any such outlook.

    Muslims are “the best of peoples”, Koran 3:110. The kuffar, “filth”, are “the vilest of beasts”, K. 98:6.
    “Let them find in you harshness”, commands K. 9:123.
    Muslims are merciful to one another but ruthless to the non-muslim, K. 48:29.
    “Between us and you enmity and hatred forever”, K. 60:4, part of Islamic law.
    “We Muslims have not even a gram of respect for you infidels”, Sharia4Belgium

    There. That is a start.

    • MC, nice to see the fundamental truth so well displayed, for the uninitiated into the hell of the abuse of humanity, that is the gang of islam.

      The unitiate, unversed, unfamiliar with islam and “perfect follower” muslims, won’t realize that those verses are not a choice, but a command, completely and part and partial, a required part of islam, for the perfect follower.

      Fortunately, as you and I know, not all muslims have read the koran in their native language, yet, and when many or some do, they leave, realizing as some do, they want no part of the hell truth that is the gang’s required creed.

      Islam lies in perfect opposition to the principles and practice of Christianity, and Judaism, too.

      “Islam is the fundamental training of human parasites, to amputate, murder, rape, torture, hate, inflict maximum pain, control women, commit sex, and marriage, even with tiny children, and lie, thieve, commit crime unlimited, with unthinkable atrocities on humankind and other species, too, and never love anyone, except sex, and 72 virgins in mythical afterlife. That sums up 1400 years of history, the longest war in world history, their koran, hadiths, sura, and their sharia, succinctly!!!!!” – via mh

      Added is the truth, ‘FOLLOWERS OF A TRULY PEACEFUL RELIGION, DO NOT COMMAND TO CUT OFF THE HEADS OF INNOCENT PEOPLE’, for not believing, or leaving as apostates, etc…

      The specimen of the article, was a great example of the work as you described it, from their koran, with the hateful life it produces, when followed.

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