Dutch Culture-Enricher Goes Berserk When He Loses His License

As promised, here is the latest video from The Netherlands in the series “Turks Gone Wild”. In this episode, a culture-enriching speed demon from Turkey gets very upset when he finds out the cops have yanked his license.

Many thanks to C for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:04   We’re riding with police, Middle and West Brabant area, close to Breda, on highway A16.
00:09   Officers Mark and Remco are following a Mercedes.
00:12   I’m doing a reading. it’s 167 [km/h].
00:20   167
00:23   If he keeps going like this in the [upcoming] 100 zone, he’ll lose his license.
00:26   Second reading. The second reading is taken in the 100 [km/h] zone,
00:29   but the Mercedes driver does not slow down.
00:32   Make a print, so I can close in.
00:37   164. — Or I may lose him.
00:42   I think we’re taking the next exit?
00:47   “Follow” [light] is on.
00:50   We recorded your speed on the A16, we noticed you were speeding
00:56   We took several readings; one indicated an average speed of 164 km/h.
01:00   and you were getting away from us. We deduct a margin.
01:04   Did I drive that fast? —Yes, you drove that fast. We have footage;
01:08   you can come watch it in the car.
01:11   I really had no idea. —OK. —I have visitors from Turkey, that’s why. I brought them here
01:16   from Brussels. I’m talking to them. I really was not aware. —OK.
01:21   Can you show me your driver’s license?
01:27   I’d like to invite you to come watch the footage in our car.
01:33   I believe you. —Yes, but you’ll be able to see, and it’ll be easier to have a conversation.
01:37   Good day. Mark Daamen.
01:40   That’s you. And this is our speed, which is calibrated.
01:44   And you’re driving the same speed, because the distance is constant.
01:49   I don’t believe I drove that fast. —Well, you can see it. The speed limit is 100.
01:55   and we found an average speed of, over a long stretch of road, of 164.
02:00   so 59 over the limit, that’s what the fine is for.
02:04   And the license will be revoked. —You’re taking my license?
02:07   Yes, because you’re more than 50 over the limit.
02:10   Mr. officer, that will cost me a lot of money. and a lot of misery. —Yes.
02:17   Have you gone crazy or what? —Well, you chose to drive that speed.
02:20   I don’t drive that fast [mumble] you’ve gone crazy.
02:23   OK, it’ll be more convenient for me if you step inside the car again.
02:27   We have to take care of some paperwork. I have to hand you a form, and it’ll be easier
02:31   to have a conversation. —You’re taking away my license? —Indeed, your license is revoked.
02:35   Because of your speed. This means you’re not allowed to drive from this moment on.
02:41   Have you gone crazy, goddammit!? —Don’t get mad at me.
02:44   Why not get angry, goddammit!? You’re totally crazy!
02:47   A Turk drives an S-class [Mercedes], and you’re taking over my license!
02:50   You [Dutch] are a c***ing people! I have to leave this c***ing country! —Yes.
02:54   [mumble] goddammit!
02:57   [in Turkish] I’ve had it with you people! You can all go to hell!
03:01   [in Turkish, to his wife] Those d**kheads are taking away my license.
03:04   Sir, I can imagine it’s inconvenient for you, but we can’t change anything about this situation.
03:07   You chose to step on the gas. —That’s not true at all!
03:12   That’s not true at all! You’re just full of s**t!
03:16   You measure from there not my speed, your own speed! —That’s correct.
03:19   Your own speed! But how do you know that I drove so fast. I’ve never driven 170!
03:24   It’s not true at all, absolutely not true! You’re liars! You’re liars!
03:28   Yes! You are liars! You see a Turk with an S-class,
03:32   and then you do this. It happens often! Never in my life will I drive a big fat car.
03:37   I won’t let you insult me. —You can do what you want! — I’ll do the paperwork now.
03:42   and then I think we’re done, because I won’t be insulted by you.
03:45   [in Turkish] Stop it, woman. These d**kheads are taking away my license.
03:49   These a**holes are taking away my license.
03:54   You bring me all the way here, goddammit, just for that!? Why not there
03:58   at the petrol station!? —Because we… —Because you’re a very crazy guy!
04:02   Because we were looking for a safe spot. —Get out of here! —You don’t want to hear it, right?
04:06   Get out of here! Cut it out with that camera, goddammit. Or I beat you up, idiot!
04:09   Listen, let me make one thing very clear. —Don’t touch! Don’t touch!
04:14   I don’t touch you, you don’t touch me! You talk, I listen! Keep your distance!
04:18   Be civil with me. —I am civil! Did you ever lose your license!? —Calm down.
04:22   —This will cost me a lot of money! A lot of misery! Can’t I get angry in peace?!
04:26   I will now explain how you can get your license back.
04:29   [in Turkish] Give me some water. I’m mad. Just give some water.
04:32   It won’t help you if you act like… [in Turkish] These a**holes.
04:35   [Woman, in Turkish] That camera, that’s not necessary.
04:38   Can we still have a civil conversation, or is that out of the question now?
04:41   You have my license don’t you? Write what you want! [Woman speaks] —I’m dealing with the driver.
04:46   I’m dealing with the driver. I have no business with you, I’m dealing with the driver.
04:49   I have to leave this c***ing country. I have no business in the Netherlands. I have to LEAVE!
04:53   What is your address sir? [sigh]
04:59   You’re not telling me your address? —No. —Then I think we will…
05:02   Write it down! —Then we’ll wrap this up at the station, because you’ll accompany us to the station.
05:06   If you don’t have the decency to comply in a civil manner.
05:09   First you want my license, then you want to have my address! Are you crazy or what!? —Please.
05:12   Are you crazy or what! —No I’m not crazy, I’m asking you for your address, in a civil manner.
05:17   [in Turkish] What a d**khead. A**holes. You are totally crazy.
05:20   I must leave this country. We Turks have no business here!
05:23   I have no business here! You do it for the Turks on purpose!
05:26   Turk drives with an S-class and you can’t handle it. You’re just jealous.
05:30   Regarding the speeding violation, you don’t have to answer. —I don’t answer with you!
05:35   OK. —I won’t answer you. You can write what you want! —So you want… —And those a**holes
05:39   can film what they want! —So you don’t want to make a statement regarding your speed?
05:42   I don’t want to make a statement! I told you. You know my statement!
05:45   Do I have to say it ten times!? —I just asked. —Don’t you understand what I’m saying! I told you.
05:49   I don’t notice the speed. I have visitors coming from Turkey.
05:53   I’m talking to those people, at that moment I didn’t know how fast I had been going,
05:57   and I don’t believe it either. Your reading, I don’t believe it. I didn’t go 170.
06:02   What you registered was your own speed. You’re just talking BS!
06:06   That’s correct, our own speed. If you could stop your excited behavior.
06:10   I can explain to you in a calm, civil way. —I’m talking in a civil way!
06:13   I was just telling you… —You’re constantly interrupting me; I don’t interrupt you, do I?
06:16   Listen, listen. —You don’t want to hear it. —I want to hear it, but I told you:
06:22   I told you, I’ve been in this country for 30 years, never in my life did I hand over my license.
06:26   I’ve never been to a police station, because I’m a regular citizen.
06:30   Fair enough. — I make one little mistake, you come with a camera,
06:34   you take away my license. What kind of BS is that!
06:37   To summarize, you don’t want to make a statement. —I just did, aren’t you listening!?
06:40   I told you didn’t I? Do I have to say it again?
06:44   Don’t you understand me? I’m speaking Dutch, you want me to jabber in English!?
06:48   If you don’t understand me, I don’t get it. You’re from the Netherlands, a Dutch boy, aren’t you?
06:51   This is a brochure, which I’ll give you. It has information
06:54   about our work, the video patrols we do.
06:57   And it’s also a receipt for your revoked license.
07:00   And I’ll give you this, that’s an FYI about the fine.
07:05   It also has specifics about the violation. And on the back how you
07:11   can appeal if you disagree. —Of course I disagree! —OK, you’re welcome to. —I disagree.
07:18   with you, with your colleagues, you’re all, both liars.
07:21   Well. I’ve been calm throughout this conversation. —I’m calm too!
07:25   You don’t want to talk in a civil manner. —If that camera weren’t here, you wouldn’t be so calm.
07:29   I know you! —I’m always calm, sir. I’m always calm.
07:33   Go ahead, check [Turkish mumbling]. How many times have I been at the police station?
07:37   I don’t know you! —Yeah right!
07:40   If you would press computer, you see it immediately. Who I am!
07:43   Why should I know who you are? —Why do you bring such a camera, man?
07:47   For me you’re just somebody who was speeding and has a car.
07:50   I’m just a Turk! Turk! —All right. Those are your words. [woman] Yes, you want to play movie.
07:54   —At the risk of repeating myself, sir, your license has been revoked. If you drive now before
07:58   your license is returned, you’ll be committing a felony; I have to tell you this.
08:01   Didn’t you see? He is behind the wheel. Do I have to explain it again?
08:05   I understand it’s inconvenient, but I have to tell you. —I’m not stupid!
08:08   I live in this country for 30 years! I know how it works! You don’t have to explain anything to me.
08:11   Fine. —Yes? Are you happy now? Can you go to sleep?
08:14   Oh, yes, of course. —We’re done, I wish you the best. —You got a Turk. You’ll sleep well tonight.
08:19   Those are your words. —Hey cameraman. You too, huh!? I’ll wrap up this conversation. See you later.
08:22   Well, it looks like this driver is going to emigrate soon.
08:26   He’s free to do that of course, but either way he lost his license.
08:30   The DA will look into this case, and will decide how long
08:34   the man will have to go without a license.

10 thoughts on “Dutch Culture-Enricher Goes Berserk When He Loses His License

  1. “05:20 I must leave this country. We Turks have no business here!’

    Ah! Finally … The Enlightenment!

  2. The most typical is how he pushed his wife at 4.31 and ordered (not requested) her to bring him water.
    This primitive atavistic (lack of) culture we imported in our own advanced civilization.
    He wants to go home.
    I’d tell him: Please, go asap, and take your fellow primitive barbarians with you.

  3. The Turk seems to be suffering from the Erdogan Tantrum Complex, judging by his irrational reaction. In fact I’m surprised the Police officer didn’t test him for alcohol. Notice the victim excuse he trawls up, caught red handed with video evidence he says “You see a Turk in a S class”… yeah at night and 100 metres behind.

  4. Guaranteed he wouldn’t speak to a Turkish policeman in such
    A racist and arrogant manner, knowing full well that he
    Would be dropped on the spot.

    Fair play to the Dutch policeman who remained calm throughout
    Despite the calculated provocation and abuse directed his way.

    • Make no mistake. His drivers license is send to the Public Prosecutor they will decide if and how he will get it back. Also depending on priors. He might be ordered to follow a number of driving classes or to undergo a psychological evaluation to determine his fitness to drive a motor vehicle. Upon failing that test he will lose it forever. On top of a hefty fine.
      It ain’t over yet.

      And he is lucky he was not clocked at 100% or more of the speed limit or they would have confiscated the car as well.

    • I thought exactly the same thing. Anywhere in the Middle East he would have been forcibly detained and incarcerated for behaving like that.

    • I’m not sure. Some browsers have trouble with BitChute, but this one is YouTube, and should work on all browsers.

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