Austria Closes Seven Mosques, Sends Imams Home

“Home” in this case is Turkey and Erdogan ain’t happy.

This situation in Austria has been a subject of concern to others, many of whom understand the reaction this move may cause. An acquaintance in the intelligence and national security movement says [my emphasis below – D]:

This is not good at all and presages some very difficult times to come.

After decades of immigration, there are probably millions of Turks living in Germany, Austria, and other European countries. What is being set up by this is nothing less than civil war. It’s already evident in France and Sweden (with various other ethnic mixes), and soon will be in places like Austria and Germany — Erdogan is absolutely serious about his agenda to take leadership of the Ummah as Sultan, and perhaps even Caliph. He is appealing to expat Turks to rise up in jihad — literally, to pick up where the Gates of Vienna left off in 1683.

What will happen then is that the authorities — police, security forces — will take the side of the non-Europeans. They will side with the Muslims. The citizens have just about had enough, but they will be no match on the streets for a combined force of both Muslims (including battle-hardened weapons-proficient jihadis who’ve been on the Syrian battlefields) and their own countries’ security forces. The only forces that can help, maybe, to equalize things are groups such as the neo-Nazis, skinheads, soccer hooligans, and, yes, biker gangs, who will fight for their land and their people — not the match-up one would hope for at all, but they are all that’s left to fight.

So essentially he’s saying it’s going to be the Turks against the nativist fringes. But the latter may have some willing students among the civilians when “civil” war does come. A steep learning curve for sure, but that’s what revolt entails. The thing is the Left has been taking to the street for decades. Wait till average citizens begin to fight back. Dangerous? Yes. Outcome uncertain? It always is.

Chaos is stirring, in more ways than one. War is coming, in more countries than we can guess at now. Makes you wonder if the Poles will think it in their own best interests to join others once again to rescue Austria? And it makes Poland’s request for an American military base more comprehensible, especially since the Poles are willing to pay a billion dollars for the privilege.

How about the rest of the Visegrad Four? As happened at the 1683 siege of Vienna, France again will only watch. This time it won’t be greed or indifference but the fact that France itself is under siege and probably headed the same way.

How very different this pan-European war will be from the last one. But one thing hasn’t changed: the continent will once more call down the gods of war. “Civil” war? Not hardly. That would suggest an internecine conflict. This one will not be brother-against-brother. Instead, it will be brothers against invaders who want to take the country over.

Europe stood by when the Turks massacred the Armenians. This may be the long scorpion’s karmic tail, come back to sting their inaction. Imagine the outcome today had the Europeans ordered Turkey to stop, thereby stemming the atrocities.

Time to get out the Greek history books and find the parallels.

22 thoughts on “Austria Closes Seven Mosques, Sends Imams Home

  1. A good start. Better is to provoke a conflict with Turkey. Then those who are currently in denial will be forced to remove their heads from their posteriors and take notice. When there is conflict whether economic tit for tat or terrorism, measures currently unthinkable will become available options. If this is where Kurz is headed, then it is truly positive news.

  2. Turkey should be expelled from NATO, and its application to join the EU binned.

    Also second- and third- generation Turks in Germany and elsewhere should not be allowed to keep dual citizenship, and vote in both countries.

    • Amen! Turkey has shown it’s not a part of Europe. I didn’t know it still wanted in the tent, and can’t imagine the vote going their way. But it *Brussels* so who knows?

      Turkey should have been expelled from NATO the day it suddenly refused to go along with the Allies’ plans to stage in Turkey before going into Iraq. It reneged at the last minute and the Allie were blind-sided. Of course, they could be faulted for not having an immediate Plan B, but Bush should have had the UN, which signed off on the thing. You reap what you sow, and you reap what you don’t sow. In the latter case, it’s thistles and bindweed.

      • Turkey should have been expelled from NATO the day they attacked Greek Cyprus. But for some nuclear silos the Nato let it pass…

      • Dymphna, not only that, but the main representatives of the, ah, ‘traditional’ parties in the EP STILL want Turkey to join. I am thinking in particular of Guy Verhofstadt, chairman of ALDE, the ‘liberal’ fraction in the European Parliament.

        That the socialist and green fractions also still want Turkey to become a full fledged EU member goes without saying.

        And this despite all that has happened in Turkey over the past years – tens of thousands of academics sent home or arrested, newspapers like Zaman having had their offices raided, staff fired and replaced with Erdogan followers etc.

  3. Re: security forces fighting on the side of Muslims, it would be more persuasive had the article offered a plausible, supportive rationale for that assertion. As it did not, it’s just one man’s unsupported speculation.

    • Consider it one man’s supported speculation. Supported, that is, by his years of work in human intel in many areas of the world, and his knowledge of Islam in Europe and the U.S.

      Just judging by the way the police behave in Britain, it will most likely be the same there. Few police will be inclined to join the patriots who want to save whatever is left of British culture.

      France? Maybe they’ll be fed up enough to rebel. They’ve been handed chaos.

      Hard to say about the U.S. local and federal law enforcement. They had eight years of passive neglect by Bush and then another eight years of active hostility by Obama.

      At any rate, I wanted to gather in both sides of the argument, i.e., those who think the coming civil wars in Europe will be joined by the establishment, and those who think the rebels will be (a)abandoned, or (b)put in camps.

      • Sorry.

        I gotta disagree with you about the coppers easily attacking us deplorable Hoi polloi (sp?) and all that.

        Coppers and their ilk are ALWAYS looking forward to their 20-year -and-“out” “employment”.

        Emphasis on that there OUT (lucrative retirement) thingy. Dead, is the obvious option–which doesn’t look all that great for the police–though ‘fight them’ is something that we WILL have to do eventually.

        As far as actually attacking the local/loyal citizenry–there’s that troublesome 24 hours-in-the-day thing. The copper must sleep SOMETIME, they have families they will then have to protect (from US), so it’s WHERE to assemble forces and stock their food, supplies etc. etc. etc. It will be tricky when EVERYBODY depends on the same Wal-Mart for supplies.
        Things will get frisky sooner rather than later.

        Me–I’ll give the “authorities” about a week.
        I hope I don’t have to expend too much ammo. It’s expensive. But I will get one (or two) weapons per round expended……….so there’s that.

        • I’m an agnostic when it comes to where local law enforcement will land. If things become that bad, who is going to stay in power locally to manage those pension funds?

          There are too many unknowns here, especially considering that my comment was divided between Europe and the US. They’re not comparable but one can analyze their possible differences when either reach their breaking points.

          • Local law enforcement will land in the same place that the coward of Broward did, and act in the same way – individually. One shooter in a school of 2300, one armed cop, on post, specifically, to prevent the deaths of unarmed students in the case of a school shooter, waiting – no, HIDING for back-up while the shooter does what he wants. After which he takes his retirement, and attempts to claim victim-hood. This is the gold standard for law enforcement. Oh, and Ruby Ridge.

        • If civil war breaks out between Muslims and non-Muslims, the police better side with the non-Muslims, because if the Muslims win the conflict the police can kiss their pensions goodbye. And worse.

    • After a deadly terrorist attack in Brussels, Minnesota law enforcement came out in full force to announce to MN ‘s Muslims, “We’re here to protect you,” from backlash. It was not only Obama’s purge of all military, intelligence and law enforcement training manuals if anything deemed offensive to Islam, but also his Countering Violent Extremism policies have been devastating to American institutions created to protect us from our enemies, foreign and domestic.

  4. “…biker gangs” and mafia also maybe. Thinking it through and I reckon the clans would side with own local if it came down to it, if there were clear islamo-statist crackdown that brushed with the parallel but rooted society that they are.

    This from Spain put me onto the thought, cannot transpose it to Austria obviously as not the quite the same national scenario :

    “It is premeditated, thought and orchestrated. They are guerrilla techniques, typical of the kale borroka that seek to kill, apart from intimidating, this is something else, ” says one of the police officers of La Linea.

  5. The UN, and NATO, have been supporting Turkey for far too long. America should have pulled all it’s military out of that POS country the minute they invaded Cyprus. Russia, since the fall of the USSR is NOT the enemy of America, “Western Europe” is. All the battles between Russia and their “southern” zones is a fight against the expansion of islam. The entire Russia/Afghanistan “war” thing in the ’80’s was to stop the import of poppy products which was destroying Russian culture. America, in their infinite brilliance made sure to continue the poppy production in order to destroy Russia. Russia is not the enemy; Turkey/islam IS!

  6. Austria has a populist government. I’m sure those in charge have had intelligence info about the Turks and are preparing now for uprisings and terrorist activities. I think the Visegard Four will help, and Trump would probably help with NATO, should the Austrian government ask for assistance.
    Now if this situation of sending home immans happened in Germany, France or Britain, the authorities would be overwhelmed. The current government of Austria is determined to stop the threat.

    • Define, if you would, the term “populist government” . Not sure what that is. Thank you.

  7. The cops – in the UK, at least – will not fight for the Muslims. The frontline street cops have to deal with these lying, thieving, raping, arrogant invaders on a daily basis. They will be on our side when it comes to the crunch. Their politically correct bosses will have to run away as their Politically Correct world collapses.
    Soldiers (and vets) will not fight for the Muslims either. Many have served in Muslim countries and many remember Lee Rigby. In Britain, the vets even now have their own political party – and it is regarded by the left as “far-right.” In my opinion (an ex-cop) pretty soon, there will be one jihadi atrocity too many and all hell will break loose.

    • I’ll agree there, adding that the danger is that civil society actually partitions, leaving a pro-exgovernment vs. a pro martial law. This is how civil wars start.

      It sounds far fetched, and I would place confidence in the UK military, but we really cannot imagine what kind of scenarios (say on the continent) might be playing out in even a few years time. That is to say it is not beyond possible to end up with an outside sponsored “close encounter” supported by a share of UK society and some in the armed forces.

      If politicians can betray the country openly in front of all, it is because they have some strong support in UK and abroad, and little active opposition, to that betrayal. That means something, however you wish to paint it…tolerance being a last virtue.

      Have to remain wary.

  8. We need to get Turkish military back on our side. Attaturk set this up so that the military would be a strong secular force in their society. It has been adulterated by Erdogan recently, however. About half of their population is also secular. I think Erdogan is messing with the elections. Without him, Turkey might revert to becoming a good ally. Very iffy situation. Terrible for NATO.

  9. This is very welcome news, Martin Sellner will be super happy. Just spent 2 weeks in my favorite city— Vienna — so many foreigners there now working in all branches of society, I am not as positive as the guy in this video that Austria is taking Vienna back from globalist policies, and that somehow Western Civilization is going to be saved. These Muslim activists are very loud in Austria and Germany working together every day with the media and liberals in govt and public institutions to get what they want. Turn on the Austrian or German TV any day and you’ll see some Muslim promoting everyone getting along in a popular talk show or enjoy a sitcom about a middle-aged white fat lady getting it on with her new young African newcomer lover.

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