Remarks by Viktor Orbán Before His Departure For Brussels

Today there was an informal meeting of the heads of state and government of the European Union in Brussels. Just before he left for Brussels, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán made the following remarks to his fellow Hungarians about the important issues that would be discussed at the meeting, including the EU’s migrant resettlement quotas.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

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6 thoughts on “Remarks by Viktor Orbán Before His Departure For Brussels

  1. Australia as a role-model? I’m not sure. Some resistance to immigration but also a big mess of political correctness and failure to eject obvious unworthies.

  2. Comments on the video where Orban met the Aust. Foreign Minister Julie Bishop (the blonde):

    1. as a corporate lawyer she was on the corporate side in Australia’s biggest industrial disaster, the blue asbestos worker compensation cases at Wittenoom. It is not likely when push comes to shove that such a person has the interests of the local native-born “deplorables” impacted by welfare migrants at heart, let alone in her purse.

    2. she is a politician in the governing LNP party, which has moved markedly to the Identity Politics Left in recent years. The Muslim population in Sydney appears to have doubled in 10 years.

    3. note how she places her Diversity hand on her Multiculti chest when Orban shakes hands as a European, as if she had just been meeting a dignitary from South Asia. There is footage of her in Iran April 2015 wearing a head covering out of “respect for Islam”

    One hopes she does not disappoint Orban, but she has form.

  3. I’m assuming Mr Organ travels with his own trusted security team because I wouldn’t put anything past the collectivists, in the EU and elsewhere.

  4. I suspect this family would disagree that Australia is an immigration role model: Family wake up to African gang standing over their bed Even the police admit there’s a problem: Inside the community centre terrorised by Apex-linked ‘Menace to Society’ – as police FINALLY admit Melbourne has a problem with African gang crime

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