Merkel Imposes Sharia Law on Germany

Polygamy is de facto legal in Germany now — provided you’re a male Muslim immigrant who happens to have a spare wife or two tucked away in various places.

Anton, who translated the following video, includes this introduction:

Germany is covertly introducing Sharia law into Germany by the back door.

We have already covered one of the many, many incidents of illegal polygamy in Germany carried out by Muslim men.

In our video we highlighted a functional illiterate Ahmed A. who decided to move from Syria to Pinneburg near Hamburg with two of his three wives, where they live on state benefits or around €150,000 year, including a house to live in and free medical care. His third wife remains (for now) in Syria.

It begs the question: When it is safe for his third wife to remain in Syria, what is the family doing in Germany illegally claiming state welfare payments? The average annual gross German wage is $41,000.

Contrary to both German common and constitutional law, Germany is allowing and indeed financing the spread of Sharia law in Germany against the will of the German people.

There have been multiple lawsuits filed. And Tim Kellner — a former policeman and critic of Angela Merkel’s suicidal open-door policy — has launched a frontal attack on the government, local government and migration authorities by filing a lawsuit against both Ahmed A. and all those involved in breaking the law and introducing Sharia practices to Germany.

Many other Germany are downloading the legal documents he has prepared.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Polygamy — the marriage between more than two partners is prohibited in Germany.
00:06   In Muslim states, polygamy is no exception. In Islam, up to four wives are allowed.
00:13   Polygamy repeatedly poses problems for the German authorities,
00:17   especially concerning the disputed issue of family reunification.
00:21   Residency law explicitly forbids allowing further wives to follow the first
00:27   when a foreigner is married to several partners.
00:31   Nevertheless, exceptions are made because multiple marriages are not always traceable.
00:37   State marriages are often supplemented by multiple Church [Mosque] marriages.
00:42   Additionally, the legal situation is only clearly defined for multiple marriages on German soil.
00:49   Existing polygamous marriage relationships are currently tolerated.

22 thoughts on “Merkel Imposes Sharia Law on Germany

      • What fightback. Do you see any fightback? I don’t see any fightback just meek sheep being trundled off to the slaughterhouse.

        • How can they fight back? ‘Classic’ Christianity forbids that. Jesus does not fight back. Christians think they should follow Jesus down to the last detail, including not fighting back. The phrase ‘Whoever fights by the sword dies by the sword’ terrifies Christians. To enable fight back, REDEFINE Christianity to allow fight back. Only then,
          fight back has a good chance.

    • Copywriter, I think you are correct but it’s not just in Germany, it’s throughout the white Western and heretofore Christian world.

      • Ok let me rephrase what I said earlier.

        The Christian world have abandoned God.
        Now God has abandoned the Christian world.


  1. Well Germany, Sweden, France and the UK should look closely at events in South Africa… is the former ruling group being treated by the new majority? Quantity has a quality all its own. Given the daily tragedies in your countries today…..what do you think will happen when Muslims are no longer a minority and Europeans are strangers in their own countries?

    • Just look at the tragedies in Bosnia with most of the Muslims acting as if they were the victim!

      Another thing is, Muslims almost never or rarely provide regular welfare to nonmuslims. It is time we learn to be as uncharitable as those Muslims.

      Why is the West is wasting so much of its own limited resources in providing welfare to Muslims?

  2. Germany, as first among equals (West European countries) forges ahead with its transformation into semi-constitutional dictatorship. The dictator, as it turns out, is an obese, ugly, often-incoherent female narcissist personality. I mention these characteristics because a defining trait of the extreme narcissist personality is the strong drive to damage others for the sake of damaging them. Look in most or all diagnostic manuals, and they will tell you the narcissist is indifferent to the suffering of others. But they don’t tell you about the positive drive of narcissists to damage and humiliate others.

    The evidence for Merkel’s narcissist trait is found in the old videos from the 90s showing the obviously-overweight Merkel dancing in a bathing suit and obviously showing off.

    What better way to humiliate Germans than to force them to look on as illegal, illiterate, unemployable Muslims game the welfare system to support two or three wives, more-or-less openly? It also showcases the extreme helplessness of Germans to affect their own lives, being caught in a legal climate allowing them to be arrested and convicted at will for vague crimes involving criticism of Merkels policies.

    • For me, the twinkle in Merkel’s eye and grin on her face when taking selfies with young immivader males tells me everything I need to know about her thought process and personality.

      Were she not Prime Minister, she would be a regular on “love vacations” to Tunisia or the Gambia.

  3. Germany, unless the AFD win a clear majority will continue this
    path thru coalition Govts all singing from the same songsheet.
    CDU, Greens, whatever, all want Commie style, no borders, multicult
    ruination. Seems likely they will get just that.
    The Govts lack of concern or care for their own women speaks absolute volumes. They would be happy to adopt an Islamic sharia environment
    with women confined to home, conservative dress and interfaith marriage.
    The right wing will need to rise from the ashes undeterred, unphased and oblivious to the resistance they will face. Then some very hard decisiveness to be made.

  4. you see what happens to people, when the government takes your guns away, no way too fight back, but by voting, but don,t forget the elections will be rigged. its a done deal in europe, and the fake feminist mr. prissypants in canada is trying to get rid of the guns here also. however, from what i am hearing, this dicator-traitor will have a huge fight on his hands.

  5. Hmm, my husband’s seminary thesis was on how opening the door for acceptance of same sex marriages leads to acceptance of polygamy. Seems to have been rather on the money. He graduated 11 years ago. Though I don’t think he saw the islamic invasion coming. I certainly didn’t.

    But would German natives be permitted to have multiple spouses — particularly those on the government dime? Or is it just those who “don’t know any better” ?

    • Anon-

      Didn’t you get the memo from the Marxist-Leninists?

      The “slippery slope” is just a figment of our addled, tiny conservative minds!

      • haha! I was going to address that but couldn’t write it in a way that didn’t seem inflammatory.

        I remember a saying from my childhood: “Give the devil your pinkie and he will take the whole hand”.

    • yes, they may have multiple spouses, but only consecutively and after divorce with considerable loss of retirement benefits , has the wife had a lesser income.
      Should you dare to venture into polygamy, you go to jail and loose government dimes!

  6. I think it isn’t right to force taxpayers to support children of foreigners.
    And it is also very wrong to force taxpayers to support polygamous families who have a hateful agenda to force our Western societies to be part of their invasive Islamic hellholes.

  7. Don’t give up Germany. Your history of resistance “Teutobarger Wald” comes to mind!

    German culture is worth saving.


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