Those Lying “Youths” From Morocco

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Fria Tider:

Border police: nine out of ten Moroccans lie about age — are adults

January 22, 2018

Significantly more Moroccans were able to be deported from Sweden last year. This, after a new collaboration between Swedish authorities and Morocco on fingerprints, reports Ekot today. According to the border police, 90 percent of Moroccans who said that they are under 18 lied about their age.

Young Moroccans who come to Sweden often lack asylum qualifications, and then choose to devote themselves to crime and drug abuse.

Through a new cooperation between Sweden and Morocco, where fingerprints are used, more people can now be deported back to the Arab country.

In 2016, the number of executions to Morocco was 75, compared to 135 last year.

“We have been given permission to work very well with Moroccan authorities, and have a working routine that we are very pleased with,” says Per Löwenberg, Group Head of the National Border Policy Division, to Ekot.

In cases going through Morocco, 75 percent of people can be identified. This is because Swedish authorities have access to a large database of fingerprints in Morocco. From this it has been concluded that almost all Moroccans have lied about their age.

Among those who say that they are under 18 years of age, the information has been found to be incorrect in 90% of cases, explains Per Löwenberg for Ekot.

And while deportations are increasing, it’s still a very difficult job to implement, the border police point out. Among other reasons, this is because those who are to be deported are living in such problematic situations.

3 thoughts on “Those Lying “Youths” From Morocco

  1. I just dont get it???

    Why did they let in all these savages in the first place?

    Then to suddenly realise! Oh, we made a mistake here, and now well deport some these people.

    Its just a big con! To get sympathy, to get votes, to trick the people yet again, to vote these political feminazis, and treason con artists to stay in power.

    Didnt swedens leaders realise what they doing? Where it would lead?

    Of course they know, they are implementing the kalergi plan, population replacement.

    So they nowxpretend to back off a bit, show the sheep, oh, alls ok, we changed our mind, look, were deporting them now, nothing to worry about here.

    This whole news story is another con, propaganda job, to delay the sheep from rebeling, it all stinks.

    Swedish leftists, socialists are the new Nazis, [intemperate recommendations redacted].

    The talking is long over here, is there any real men in sweden? Germany? Uk?
    Any group that grts organised, the nazis will monitor it all, infiltrate it, arrest and wipe out the resistance.

    It seems that all native european peoples will be left to their own fate stvtge hands of the imported invaders, the police are not going to protect you, the opposite, the police in europe are now unwittingly working for muslim brotherhood and isis.

    Would you even call the police now? They will investigate you, the victim, and lock u up for hate speech or some over newly made up crime.

    The law they created now is simple, “be quiet!”, or well lock you up in prison.

    Be quiet and take whats coming, millions millions more savages are coming, and its never going stop.

    Each and every single person, native european, its up to every person to prepare to defend yourself.

    Hell is just around the corner.

  2. *And while deportations are increasing, it’s still a very difficult job to implement, the border police point out. Among other reasons, this is because those who are to be deported are living in such problematic situations.*

    What is the meaning of these last few words. Can someone pleas enlighten me?

    F. von papen (sic) has pretty much got it right. The galloping islamization of our countries IS deliberate, does represent the implementation of the Kalergi plan. “Open borders”? The whole idea that the external borders of Europe should be undefended is preposterous. But they are open because the EU *wants* these people to keep coming in. The few deportations, tightening of controls here and there are just tactics, “wool over our eyes”. The only hope for Europe is that a critical mass of the people (in Germany, say 40 or 50 million) rise up, take to the streets and say “NO”. Otherwise we’re finished, the question being when not if. The recent response in Cottbus was encouraging but in the grand scheme of things is a drop in the ocean. On the other hand, all movements start somewhere, so I’m a little bit optimistic.

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