Iran’s Current Crisis

There is a new blog on the block, set up by an experienced counterjihadist, Leo Hohmann.

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[The map comes from an Iranian, via Dr. Andy Bostom on Twitter. I’ve been looking for this map ever since I began reading how “widespread” the protests were. As you can see, they didn’t exaggerate.]

Leo says:

Mainstream media gives distorted view of what’s going on in Iran — it’s not just the economy stupid!

Pictures and videos coming out of Iran are starting to look more like a full-on revolution than a protest movement, but American news agencies continue to lie to their readers and viewers, describing the historic protests as mostly about the country’s weak economy and chastising President Trump for cheering them on.

That’s woefully under-reporting the depth of what is really going on in Iran.

The Associated Press’s description of the protests as “over economic issues” seems to lack any justification for Iranians taking to the streets en masse and chanting “death to the dictator,” while burning in effigy the image of Supreme Islamic leader Ayatollah Khamenei.

CNN called the protests a “seemingly unorganized, leaderless wave of demonstrations against high prices, corruption and repressive government.” No mention of the fact that Iran is an Islamic state, a theocracy where converting to a religion other than Islam is a crime against the state.

There is much more going on than what is being portrayed in these left-leaning news sites.

Twitter and other social media are alight with videos coming out of the Islamic Republic of Iran that show people rallying around the idea of freedom and democracy.

Here is one brief glimpse of “freedom” — though I’ve read since that she was subsequently jailed for waving her headscarf and letting her hair blow free:

It’s difficult to know what will happen, but given the level of previous repression, having once escaped, this genie may prove difficult to put back into the bottle. Spontaneous demonstrations tend to have a life of their own.

No doubt some Europeans are looking with envy on this violent, determined energy in the face of government tyranny.

Read the rest of Leo’s post at the URL, above. He has some insight from Michael Ledeen, and statistics on the youth demographic in Iran. In addition, he has a lot to say about the growth of Christianity in Iran – proving my contention that the gospel flourishes most where it is most persecuted. It was never meant to be a faith for the comfortable.

12 thoughts on “Iran’s Current Crisis

  1. I do not know… I have seen very similar pictures from the Ukraine, Egypt, Syria (Arab Spring), Macedonia…
    While the Iranian regime is a despicable Islamic dictatorship, I just can’t shake the feeling of an engineered revolt. And we all know who was behind those “fights for freedom”, yes good old George Soros and if the gossip right, with the approval of the CIA.
    I don’t doubt the people had enough of the dumb Islamic laws and the faltering economy and they genuinely thrive to freedom. But I still smell the Globalists rats… Maybe it’s just me?

  2. Maybe, just maybe this time they will be able to shed the reptiles who purport to run the country!! Let’s hope and pray it happens!!

  3. As usual, GoV is one of the first websites to bring a more in-depth analysis of the protests, especially if you read the report on the Leo link. The analysis is that the protests are political and indirectly economic: the Iranian protesters feel oppressed religiously, are tired of the regime and religious police dictating their thoughts and actions, and resentful of the foreign meddling of the Iranian government, which eats up internal resources as quickly as, say, the useless US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (my own analogy).

    The article also makes the point that even the spoken support of President Trump is a powerful incentive for protesters, and compares Trump favorably with the amoral Obama regime, which cared only for a successful negotiation for an Iranian nuclear treaty.

    My own observations are that the US government should be careful to distinguish its moral support from any actual support. The history of protests against the Russian-backed East European communist regimes, and the violent suppression of them, is littered with the illusions that the US government, facing a nuclear Russia, would give more physical support than it was prepared to do.

    It’s easy to get young Iranians killed with false promises, actual and implied.

    It’s also easy to misinterpret a complex situation. Consider that Iran has a significant Sunni component, who always chafe under Shi’ite rule, and probably large Afghan and other national immigrant components, all of whom would have their own agendas. I’m just saying, it would be easy for a US government to make things worse with too much actual interference in the situation.

    • I’m surprised to hear that Iran has any Sunnis still extant…

      As for what the Trump administration is doing, that might differ widely from what our incompetent “deep state” will attempt. Our ‘humint’ is long on human and short on intelligence if past accomplishments are any guide.

      I’d love to know how far Israel has penetrated in order to quash nuclear progression. Iran remains a mortal threat, mainly because the irrationality of their eschatological beliefs at the core of their dogma could lead them to bring on what they perceive to be The End…

        • Of course!

          I wasn’t thinking of the Kurds, scattered as they are through Iran, Northern Iraq and southern Turkey. All Sunni.

          One of the more ignorant things those dividers of the Middle East did was to fail to create a homeland for the Kurds. They have been persecuted -Saddam practiced biological warfare on them, killing 60,000 (but we still hear that old canard “Bush lied” about WMD when in reality, Saddam had Syria take them on the eve of the war), culturally deprived in Turkey, where they may not use Kurdish names for their children or teach them anything but the Turkish language…

          I’m not sure how Iran persecutes them, but no doubt it does. I read somewhere that they live in remote, rural areas but am ignorant of Iranian geography so I’m not sure if that’s accurate.

          It would be good if there could be a Kurdistan, simply for the sake of justice, but I would expect the Kurds to remain war-like and bent on vengeance. Sunni Islam on steroids. However, first they would get their economy up and going, just as they did in northern Iraq when the rest of the country was still involved in the Iraq War.

          Here’s some information about the threads tying some Sephardic Jews to the Kurds:

          If you read the Psalms, where Jews lament their exile…that exile was in Babylon…mixing was inevitable, no matter how many “laws” there were against it.

  4. ” that show people rallying around the idea of freedom and democracy.”

    Really? In 1400 years have Muslims ever had an idea of freedom or democracy for 10 seconds? No they have not. They are Allahs willing slaves and will always try to do Allahs bidding which is to destroy and enslave everything until only Allah is worshipped. Why anthropomorphize the animals of Islam?

  5. “I began reading how widespread the protests were”
    Actually almost all the white area in the east with no circles are uninhabitable deserts: running sand and salt. I can see a circle on the map wherever there’s a significant population. This may not be apparent to people not familiar with the map.

    “…people rallying around the idea of freedom and democracy.”
    I doubt. The main issue for lower income is economy: long delays for payments, transferring gov funds into private accounts, exclusive privatisation and wasting money on Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Venezuela, etc. Majority of adherents of freedom in Iran (above-average income) don’t have any idea about freedom, they just want Bal Masqué 24/7.

    Thanks GoV for covering the event.

  6. Who knows? This may be the “hook in the jaw” that drags Russia to the desert sands of Persia, the swamp of Syria, and ultimately the mountains of Judea.

    • Obama’s foreign policy, with its red-line-in-the-sand for Syria, his disastrous ridicule of ISIS as it decimated Shi’ites and Christians in Iraq, had already drawn Russia to MENA. The meltdown in Libya, also caused by Hillary & BHO, left a handy vacuum which allowed Russian-fronted groups to vacuum up all those weapons the US left in Libya. So much for his “lead from my behind” policy notions.

      Meanwhile, see what Russia is up to:

      or this,

      Notice the Coalition Forces say they have set up a “de-confliction” phone line open to Russia in an attempt to keep down the crossed communication. But ‘dialogue’ with Russia is a dicey operation at best.

      Anyway, Russia looks after Russia and sows discord everywhere else. The Russian version of socialist Marxism was first and foremost Russian. In that sense, it didn’t differ much from the royalist governance of Russia before it, or the oligarchical rule which came after.

      • Which is why their own Russian (Cossack) hubris will be the hook in the jaw that will drag them down to the graveyard of the Empires, the nether lands between Persia and Judea. First Babylon trying to carve a highway to the Mediterranean, then Persia and the Medes trying to hold onto the highway, then Greece which lost it to the Nabateans and Romans, then Rome, who lost it to Nabatean and Arab folks who called themselves Islam. Now Russia will try its hand as it goes after the Dead Sea salts which are worth billions, the Golan Heights oil fields (New Mexico’s pump mesa ain’t got nuthin on this area) and the warm water port complete with an offshore well that will serve as a very handy gas station for the fleet.
        Wanting is one thing, getting is quite another. Stay tuned, film at 11:00pm

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