The Stalking of Björn Höcke

The following report by Egri Nök was published earlier at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form.

The “artwork” vis-à-vis Höcke’s house

Germany: Creepy Activists Stalk AfD’s Björn Höcke

by Egri Nök
Nov. 23, 2017

Self-proclaimed “performance artists” install what they claim is a copy of Berlin Holocaust Memorial vis-à-vis AfD politician Björn Höcke’s private house.

On Wednesday left activists erected what they claim is a local version of the Berlin Holocaust Memorial made of concrete stones (but is in fact, according to police, made of papier-mâché boxes) next to the private house of the AfD politician Björn Höcke.

According to F.A.Z., the activists announced that they had covertly rented the property next to Höcke’s house almost a year ago, and that they had been monitoring and observing him 24/7 ever since. If Höcke would get on his knees before the memorial in Berlin, or before their “version”, they would cease to surveil him. As for now, according to Die Welt, they were looking for more staff to surveil him.

Björn Höcke became the hate figure of the mainstream media when in a speech in January 2016, he called the Berlin Holocaust Memorial a ‘Monument to Shame’. Even in their gleeful article today, Der Spiegel fail to mention that it was their very own founder Rudolf Augstein who coined that expression for the Memorial. The press also does not care that Höcke clarified that he wasn’t criticizing the memorial, but that he, in his words, “characterized the Holocaust — the genocide of Jews by Germans — as a disgrace for our people. And I said that we Germans installed a monument to this still unfathomable crime — this guilt — in the middle of Berlin.” (Down the Rabbit Hole With the AfD, Gates of Vienna, Feb. 23, 2017).

Interestingly, the leftist activists here aren’t ashamed of (ab)using the memory of this terrible crime in a cheesy mise en scène, for the very mundane purpose of attacking a politician they hate.

The activists call themselves “center for political beauty” and have been campaigning for years to bring in more refugees.

A look at the AfD’s results in the recent elections explains why Höcke in Thuringia, Thüringen (dark blue, in the center) is a main target, and not a prominent AfD figure from, say, Schleswig-Holstein (top):

Results of the German election per state in %

There have reportedly been brawls between ‘artists’, the owner of the property they rented, and the press in the afternoon. Police have, according to F.A.Z., announced that they are protecting Höcke’s house.

24 thoughts on “The Stalking of Björn Höcke

  1. What a bunch of freaking idiots,!!, who are this people? Germans ?, unbelievable how You have even time to do such a stupid childish activity, I wish that kind of people never ever exist ..

  2. Yiu write: “Interestingly, the leftist activists here aren’t ashamed of (ab)using the memory of this terrible crime in a cheesy mise en scène, for the very mundane purpose of attacking a politician they hate.” Of course not, the Holocaust has been a very useful bludgeoning tool of late to smear people who don’t subscribe to the multi-kulti fantasy world that is destroying Western civilization.

    Naturally, today’s preening, self-righteous, smearers are of the same psychological stamp as the Jew-baiting “Brownshirts” of the 1930’s. They just can’t see their own behavior for what it is; they think they are performing morally virtuous work. Their main game, as Arthur Schopenhauer astutely noted several centuries ago, is to broaden their own field of sexual opportunity. “You hate racist fascists! I hate racist fascists too! Let’s go smoke a joint together. At your place?. What, you live at your parents’ house? So do I. Damn, we’ll have to meet at the Antifa HQ, unless you have somewhere else where we can hook up”

    • Exactly, that’s what we have this generations, for today, lazy stupid brain washed idiots, who live in parents’ house , and have wrong ideas about reality of life ..

    • You would be surprised how many, mainly youth, have no opinion of their own beyond the one that keeps them in the group, which is usually led by a single individual. It is a lower form of life inherited from apes, but it makes them safe and feel good. They can be turned into anything on a dime.

  3. The fact that these crazy leftists can get away with filming him for months from next door is horrible.

    Although Höcke seems like a decent enough guy, the truth is we have no idea if he grew up in an anti-semitic family. I think he came from a rural village. We’ll probably never know what he grew up hearing from all his relatives, some of whom probably served in WWII and perhaps lost their lives.
    If you go into little village churches today in Austria and Germany, you sometimes see wall plaques with photos of the local WWII uniformed men ( Nazis) who died during the war. They are still honoring them, as those were their beloved family men from the village.

    • Most of them were conscripts. Nazi Germany was a dictatorship, don’t forget. Conscientious objectors were executed (google “Jägerstätter”).

  4. “If you go into little village churches today in Austria and Germany, you sometimes see wall plaques with photos of the local WWII uniformed men ( Nazis) who died during the war. They are still honoring them, as those were their beloved family men from the village.”

    Quite as it should be. Gretel, I trust I can make this point without inflaming the space, but the majority of the local WWII uniformed men were not Nazis. They were conscripts drawn from an electorate that in November 1932 gave less than 33% of its vote to the Nazi Party. And voting for the Nazi Party, in the second general election in six months, in the midst of a severe economic depression with winter setting in didn’t necessarily make one a Nazi. The great majority of German soldiers conscripted between 1939 and 1945 had been under ten years of age when the last free election had taken place in Germany.
    The Weimar republic, with its endlessly collapsing and reforming coalition governments, was unstable and not delivering good governance to German people. Hitler’s party was offering a radical alternative and the German people were understandably quite desperate for a solution to get them out of the morass they were in; unemployment affected more than 33% of households, more than 40% in some large urban areas.

    A middle-class Jewish WW2 diarist who grew up in the Rhineland and was 13 when Hitler was given the Chancellorship, asked himself as an adult living in Britain after the war: would I have voted for Hitler in 1932 if I weren’t Jewish and had been old enough to vote? To his immense credit, he answered his own question: Yes, I would have.

    • very well said, Julius.

      My dad, born 1914, served, but could never have voted because not a major in 1932. However, I would not bet my gluteus maximus what he would have voted for could he have.

      The most exterminated cohort of age was the 1925 vintage, 7 years old when Hitler came to power and only half of them survived. My mother’s brother and only uncle I could have had, went from school to nirvana and is unaccounted for, MIA.

    • Yes, this is all understandable, but that is not really the point.

      The point is, does Höcke hold anti-Jewish views or not based on the specific family and mileu he grew up in. Does he feel in the slightest as another German I know who told me recently: “Hitler was doing the best for his people at the time that he could.” And, does he secretly blame rich “globalist Jews “for much of Germany’s problems historically and now. This is what we don’t really know about him.

      • I can’t read his mind, but he does sometimes have foot-in=mouth disease. He is also the public spark that burned down the original anti-euro, basically middle-of-the-road fiscally oriented party and started the process of becoming an anti-immigration party. I believe that his speech about the Berlin memorial was not an attack on the regret Germans feel for the killing of so many Jews, Gypsies and gays, but a rage that they will not even resist a mass infiltration by outsiders who will be happy to repeat the massacre, with ribbons on it.

      • There actually was a global cabal that was headed by Jews. Look up the Miller Brothers, the Fed after 1929 and the Due Bills Doctrine. Also look up “Lords of Finance” which tells the story from a different perspective. We got off very light in 2008 and that little episode should have served as a reminder and a warning. Sadly, it hasn’t. The politics of identity have found a new life but this time it is your political identity, not your racial one, unless of course you’re white AND conservative.

    • For a thorough examination of post Weimar economy, you might want to read:

      Henry C.K. Liu – World Order, Failed States and Terrorism
      PART 10: Nazism and the German economic miracle

      There is a discussion on a forum:

      This does not cover the Weimar republic, but you can imagine the small everyday struggle for life in that era. This after an already disastrous war, disintegration of Austria-Hungary, and so on…

  5. …and I thought the old lady who kept watching everybody in our old street was bad enough. In the afternoons she would go door to door and spread rumours about all neighbors, everybody hated her, because she was unable to mind her own business. Yet – these guys make it their business to watch other people, what a bunch of losers.

  6. I’m wondering how the left wing activists came up with the money for rent.

    Lefties are generally underemployed or unemployed. News articles a couple of months ago said that about thirty percent of lefty activists in Berlin live within their parents, for example.

    • »»I’m wondering how the left wing activists came up with the money««

      Nothing to wonder. Leftist organizations receive vast amounts of money from the government for “fighting right-wing extremism”.

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