Was the Burning of the Imam’s Car Really Terrorism?

A politician in Quebec has his doubts. He’s probably heard some of the many reports about Muslims burning or vandalizing their own property so they can claim an attack by Islamophobes.

But then, he’s probably also a WAYCIST!

Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this article from La Presse:

“Rambo” Gauthier doubts the veracity of the Labidi car fire

by Jean-Frédéric Moreau
August 30, 2017

(Quebec) The spokesman for the ruling Citizens Party, Côte-Nord union leader Bernard “Rambo” Gauthier, seemed to publicly question the veracity of the arson on the car belonging to the president of the Islamic Quebec Cultural Center, Mohamed Labidi.

[Gauthier] The one who is running in the 2018 provincial elections has published an unequivocal message Wednesday on his Facebook page.

“It might turn out it was he who burned it, or ordered it done!! Mean Quebecois RACIST. Anything in the name of sensationalism!” Bernard Gauthier wrote in reference to Radio Canada’s report on this subject.

He also accuses the journalist of using the terms “attack” or “terrorist act”.

The spokesman for the ruling Citizens Party recently said that the line of thought of the identity group La Meute was close to his and that he had been part of the Facebook group of La Meute since its formation.

“I read a little about what they do; I can’t say that I agree with everything they say, because I don’t read everything,” Bernard Gauthier told Le Soleil earlier this month.

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  1. An imam’s car burnt without the imam inside of it? What a waste of a good car…

  2. Were the Comprehensive premiums paid currently? Low deductible? No recent bump in coverage? No exemption for acts of civil unrest?

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