The Crucial Role of Men

Another Right Angle video from Bill Whittle, this one called “Men Like These”.

I hope you are fortunate to know such men – I often see them in our comment section but they will go nameless should I inadvertently leave one out…but you guys don’t need my acknowledgment: you know who you are, even if you’ve never had to do something like this. Or don’t have to do it anymore.

Think of it as an early Fourth of July video, in honor of honorable men.

22 thoughts on “The Crucial Role of Men

    Stay strong patriots and freedom fighters.
    Happy Independence Day.
    from the (almost) junk rated state

  2. Brave and moral Men will always prevail over enemies that only fight for themselves.

    Islam is reaping the Whirlwind with every terror attack on the West. It is only a matter of time before that Whirlwind gets unleashed and when it does, the wrath of its destruction will not be tempered with sissy ‘rules of engagement’.

    • Those are beautiful photographs.

      BTW, Donald Trump sent his first quarter’s salary to whatever government entity is in charge of military cemeteries. His money will go toward their upkeep.

    • Here’s a link, Nick:

      Ocracoke Island, part of the barrier reef of North Carolina, has a British cemetery honoring the Brits who lost their lives in the waters off the islands’ coasts in WW II.

      Years ago, when we still took vacations, Ocracoke was our favorite spot. And the cemetery a favorite stop- meticulously maintained – a piece of Britain in the U.S.

      If you do an image search for British Cemetery, Ocracoke, NC, you’ll find many pictures.

        • I remember hearing an interview with the fellow who wrote that book. Wasn’t impressed…

          REAL “hillbillies” live in the Ozarks, and in the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia, and also in the highlands of North Carolina. The HILL part is what defines them and they haven’t much use for flatlanders. Most, but not all, are of Scots-Irish origin.

          The future Baron is fascinated by their history and has spent a lot of time studying their culture. The fB is convinced they’ve been decimated by government “help” and will come back into their own when the govt finally shrinks back to its optimal size. There’s a reason more opiates are shipped by govt to West Virginia than to any other state.

          • The book was sold as “explaining Trumpism” etc which was, to put it mildly, a bit of a stretch. The boy actually sings old Barry Soetoro’s praises in the book, and it’s not clear how that “explains Trumpism” at all. He also spoke about how there were a lot of people who had been “helped” by the govt but were now dependent on that help, unwilling to work etc – and saying that there were a lot of people dependent on govt handouts, & who saw Clinton’s party as the party who would keep providing them, hardly “explains Trumpism” either.

            So I don’t know how the publishers got away with that.

            As to the story itself, it was quite interesting to read about all the troubles the author had as a young man, but it was hardly groundbreaking stuff to me. He did talk a little about how kids who had traumatic events during childhood were actually affected long term, and so forth, which again was quite interesting. He spoke a little about how he dragged himself up by his own bootstraps, but on balance, there wasn’t enough about his time in the marines, or at university. He just kind of did that, apparently, while looking back & writing about the past.

            So all in all, my assessment would be: an interesting read, but ignore all the hype about it.

  3. Do what you KNOW is right.
    Do what you can with what you have.
    Be excellent to each other.

    Do we need any thing else?

    • ‘Do we need anything else?’ Yes we do! A quiet means of communication between like minded folk that the ‘big brothers’ cannot monitor.

  4. Brave but I don’t think westerners should be risking their lives for such a purpose.

  5. The hobo who joined the husband in dying to save the wife was a wandering Samurai. He was honor bound to defend the defenseless.

    Deus Vult.

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