Kill a Dictator and Win This Nifty Car!

An unidentified activist group in Berlin staged a public spoof in which they offered a new car to anyone who would “kill the dictatorship”. Among the dictators pictured on their display banners were Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Given that the police stood by and did nothing, we must assume that the use of the word “dictatorship” rather than “dictator” kept their slogan from being legally actionable.

The person who recorded the video below is a supporter of President Erdogan. He doesn’t see anything funny about the spoof. He says he plans to notify the Berlin State Prosecutor.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   I’m documenting that for later
00:04   criminal and civil rights actions.
00:08   A complaint will
00:12   be filed anyway.
00:20   The most disgusting
00:24   Erdogan haters are here.
00:32   [Banner: Do you want this car? Kill the dictatorship.] Yes, another call to murder our [unclear]
00:36   Erdogan, and next to are the police. We can see here the police.
00:40   And they do nothing.
00:44   They are calling for murder of Erdogan,
00:48   and the police are standing by.
00:52   I’m certainly sharing this information with the general prosecutor
00:56   and the Berlin State Prosecutor.
01:00   Incredible!
01:04   So definitely a car bomb. Or a symbolic one, I don’t know.
01:08   But this is incredible.
01:12   Incredible, incredible, …
01:32   The police are standing by
01:36   [Banner: Do you want this car? Kill the dictatorship]
01:40   Right in front of the police
01:44   they are calling for the murder of Erdogan.
02:29   You can see the whole thing.
02:33   It’s an exhibition for the entire capital press.
02:37   All the curious are here,
02:41   and the supporters.

4 thoughts on “Kill a Dictator and Win This Nifty Car!

  1. “Incredible, incredible, …they are calling for the murder of Erdogan.”

    The filmer is outraged and will bring it to the Berlin State Prosecutor.

    What about “Kill the kuffar wherever you find them”?

    Will he bring that to the Berlin State Prosecutor?

  2. «… the use of the word “dictatorship” rather than “dictator” …»

    Yes, very smart of them! To win over the politicly correct, one must outsmart them.
    Police couldn’t’ t do a thing! Hurrah!

  3. You can here in this guy’s voice he is a spineless drek of a man…raping and murdering of his fellow Germans are probably ok in his book.. spineless cowards , it has become nauseating, the extent of political suicide they wish on them selves…here is a prediction …it is a question of a very short time before retribution by force will happen to these… Leftist jihadis in power in Europe..Soon !!

  4. This is the country that has just passed a law to force Facebook and other social media to delete anything that might be ‘hate speech’ [undefined]. It’s basically a really extreme censorship law, along Stasi lines, designed by a former Stasi member, Annette Kahane.

    It has the nifty name of ‘Netzwerkdurchsetzungsgesetz’. I believe the name is partly designed to keep it under the world’s radar, because English speaking media might not pick up on it.

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