Kevin J. Johnston Puts Antifa on Notice

The following videos were published by Kevin J. Johnston, a popular Canadian online investigative reporter. Mr. Johnston and a cameraman were at last weekend’s free-speech protest against M-103 on Parliament Hill in Ottawa. While trying to track down one of the “anti-fascist” counter-protesters, the two journalists were set upon by dozens of antifas, beaten, and knifed. The cameraman sustained serious injuries, and the top of Mr. Johnston’s ear was nearly severed by a antifa’s knife. Both cameras were stolen by the “anti-fascists”, so there is no video record of what happened. However, at least four of the attackers have been arrested, so at least partial justice will be done.

Kevin J. Johnston tells his story in the video below, and explains the legal action he intends against Antifa (which is, amazingly enough, a legally registered entity in Canada):

And the follow-up:

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

8 thoughts on “Kevin J. Johnston Puts Antifa on Notice

  1. Thanks for the report, Kevin. Please make one more, very important point: ‘Antifa’ are the new fascists. Is that what those kids really want to be?

  2. The Antifas has really been busy bees in Canada and the USA. I hope I get any updates about the Antifas at the Act for America ralley against SHARIA in Phoenix, Arizona. Both sides will have guns since Arizona is open carry. I’m am not worried about those supporting Act for America but the past behavior of Antifas concern me. Will they start a shootout? Oath keepers will be there to provide security. If I was off I’d go and of course pack.

  3. Right now the “anti-fascists” seem to have a monopoly when it comes to violence. If the day comes when they don’t, and I hope it doesn’t and that they wake up to the harm they are doing, they are going to be sorry they were ever born.

  4. Well done Kevin – hit ’em where it hurts – in their pockets and maybe some jail time. I just hope a lawsuit gets to expose the real purpose of Antifa.

  5. Anti Fascist a misnomer if there ever was one, these street thugs are the ‘Brownshirts’ of the world Communist movement.

  6. If they don’t know what they’re protesting against then it seems they love violence for violence’s sake. Not really progressive or anti-bullying. An ideology that requires blind hatred for the “other” as it’s main source of fuel seems like a poor ideology. Reminds me of another ideology that the Left loves so much….

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