Beatrix von Storch: “This policy is not humane. It is megalomaniac.”

The following video is a brief talk by Beatrix von Storch, one of the leaders of AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany), about the insane immigration policies promoted by Angela Merkel and the leaders of the European Union.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation and subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   People’s decision in Germany
00:04   Video Message: 6.6 Million Migrants at the Gates of Europe
00:08   According to German security authorities
00:12   there are 6.6 millions migrants in North Africa,
00:16   Jordan and Turkey who are waiting to continue their journey to Europe, or more likely
00:20   to Germany. 6.6 million.
00:24   Since the end of January, the number of those waiting has increased by 7,400,
00:28   and that every single day. This is not my “fear-mongering”;
00:32   these are the findings of German Security Authorities.
00:36   BILD has cited them. We are standing just in front
00:40   of an onslaught of unimaginable proportions.
00:45   Mrs. Merkel capitulated in September 2015 before 15,000 migrants
00:49   and opened our borders for them, because, for a few days,
00:53   Yes, it was difficult to obtain pictures.
00:57   We’ve said it constantly: Mrs. Merkel
01:01   has powered up the magnet, and she has refused up through today
01:05   to turn it off. With her insane, unconstitutional,
01:09   completely insane border opening, she has asked the whole world
01:13   to come to us. 6.6 million
01:17   have now heard the call, and this
01:21   is only the vanguard. I simply cannot believe the way
01:25   a whole continent rides into the abyss with open eyes,
01:30   wantonly, the way a large part of society applauds, and
01:34   the way far too many remain silent. How politicians and the press accuse
01:38   all those of hatred, who speak up and warn about
01:42   this incomprehensible reality. How the churches are involved in this moral crime,
01:46   and yes, I call it a crime: against our country,
01:50   against our culture, against social peace and also against the people
01:54   who are lured over the seas by false incentives.
01:58   It is not humane to send half the world, with the promise of paradise,
02:02   on a dangerous journey. And no, we cannot
02:06   save the whole world. This policy is not humane; it is megalomaniac.
02:11   The political elites in Germany and Europe have
02:15   lost their minds. A world without borders is limitless madness.
02:19   Peace and security in Europe will collapse if we
02:23   do not turn around now.

23 thoughts on “Beatrix von Storch: “This policy is not humane. It is megalomaniac.”

  1. Crime and terrorist acts will incrementally increase every day until the chaos in the society will finally cause the benefit to exceed the cost of storming the government offices and legislative halls and executive buildings…and the civil war will start.

  2. And in the newsfeed last night, Germany is admitting that 75% of its new “people” will end up on welfare. Permanently.

    I am surprised that 25% will find their way out. The tax burdens on workers of any kind will be draconian.

    Otto von Bismarck is rolling over in his grave at what has been created with his welfare state.

  3. Would it be possible to somehow assure that Ms. Merkel and a couple of the others who currently rule Europe agree to send their brains to the Smithsonian Institute for study to determine how it is that someone decides to wreck their own culture?

    Other than that I simply don’t know how one can determine how it is that some people can be so nuts and evil.

    Either massive chutzpah to not understand the nature of Islam, or simply evil.

    Mike from Brooklyn

    • Don’t you think that, in the old Soviet Days, that the KGB would have found it pretty funny to orchestrate such a thing?

      The Soviet Union is no longer. But the attitudes and methods of its operatives continue…

    • Merkle is not wrecking her own culture. Born and raised in Communist East German, she is a product of that corrupt system and is simply being true to her Stasi roots.
      And this is simply, evil.

    • Would it be possible to somehow assure that Ms. Merkel and a couple of the others who currently rule Europe agree to send their brains to the Smithsonian Institute for study to determine how it is that someone decides to wreck their own culture?”

      What a splendid idea!!!

      This needs to be done right away. As in: yesterday.

    • Perfect. I’ve long referred to Islam as a nihilistic ideology in which the ruthless nothingness of the desert landscape represents the Perfect.

      • Tacitus had the right quote, but applied it to the wrong people:

        “They create a desert and call it….”peace”.

    • Oh just let them all in and put them on full benefits, integration is no big deal.

      Frighteningly enough, well to do younger people in countries like Algeria and Tunisia are adopting the “pozzed” attitude I made light of in my first paragraph.

      Clearly, it is worse to be a racist than to pay for being bred out of existence by our sub-Saharan overlords.

    • Oh, you mean the billion Catholics? Shouldn’t be a problem, send them all to Bavaria, Poland and Ireland.

  4. Peace and security (remember them?) are being destroyed by Europe’s politicians as we read this.

  5. At 0:53, rather than “Yes, it was difficult to obtain pictures”, it should read: “yes, there were some pictures that were difficult to communicate” [namely, young Aylan’s picture].

  6. Powerful and plainly spoken–no holds barred. I’ surprised she hasn’t been arrested for lèse majesté.

  7. Nobody could put it more succinctly. Will her voice be heard? And not simply be ridiculed?

  8. In the run up to the last world war, very few people wanted to fight Germany, despite the fact that Germany was becoming more aggressive, and arming after 1933. Churchill warned of the carnage ahead. He was vilified. We only acted AFTER Hitler had already invaded Poland and we drew a red line – Czechoslovakia. It was obvious then that we had little choice.

    For as long as the Muslims are sporadic in their violence, NOTHING will happen. We have to wait for a massive catastrophe, which will cost far more lives in the long run.

    Also, so far, the Muslim nations are financing jihad, but they are not directly threatening the West. In fact they are heavily investing in the West, as usual. Only Iran as far as we know, is directly interfering in Iraq, Syria and Palestine. Erdogan in Turkey is building his tyranny, but has shown no signs of wanting to invade the West either. He merely stirs up the Turks in Germany. All the West needs to do is prevent the establishment of a dominant nation in the ME, especially if it claims to be a caliphate.

    A far greater problem is the overpopulation and the under-development of the former colonies, riddled with corruption, incompetence and no birth control, It is the young men from Africa, as well as the ME who are invading the West. Wwe know the Muslims don’t integrate, but under-educated men from Africa don’t either, whether they’re Muslim or not.

    • Forgot to say that at the moment, it is far more likely that the invaders will destroy the West by bankrupting the Welfare State, especially at the rate they are having children, who will also get poor educations in the West, because they live in ghettos. Therefore they will be less likely to be self-supporting. We’ve seen inter-generational poverty for decades now. And this is what will finish us off, as feralism spreads!

  9. Keep on fighting, Mrs v. Storch. I wouldn’t mind if her family would retake their duties in the affairs of the state (Her maiden name is Duchess of Oldenburg, and she is a distant cousin of the Duke of Edinburgh).

    This alone would keep the STASI Networks out of power. Or does anyone still believe in the offical historical narrative that Western Germany swallowed Eastern Germany after “Refugees Welcome”?;-)

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