I just deleted a whole block of emails that had come in since early this morning. If you’ve sent me anything since midnight last night, please send it again, because I don’t know exactly what I deleted.

8 thoughts on “WHOOPS!

  1. Maybe you should go on a gluten- free diet! They promise this will promptly heal brain-fog and that all “senior moments” will be a thing of the past!!

    • Because of my gut problems, the B is already on a default “gluten-free” diet. He likes it. While I occasionally cheat, he never does since he likes the way it makes him feel.

      • Yes I do a part gluten free diet as eating wheat makes me start itching horribly, face, arms etc. I make incredible g- free brownies and a g-f Sachertorte.

      • My beloved has some degree of gluten intolerance. Not a major problem, but the pasta just isn’t the same.

    • I don’t know why you couldn’t just use bread flour which is higher gluten thsn AP flour. I make a soft pretzel recipe from a book by Tom Jaine called: Making Bread at Home. Maybe these days the recipe is in line. Here you poach the pretzel before you bake it which gives it the proper chewy texture.

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