Our Garden Isn’t Big Enough — Give Us Yours!

The following video and text reports on the increasingly arrogant and aggressive demands made by a horde of “New Germans” that moved in next to a family of native Germans.

The video doesn’t have enough meaningful speech to make it worth translating. Egri Nök, who listened to the video and translated the notes that accompanied it, has this to say about it:

What I can make out is that someone with a foreign accent is yelling aggressive gibberish at people. People who appear to be Germans (no accents) answer, but too quietly for me to make anything out. Then noise as if from smashing, and the Germans protesting: “What is wrong with you? Are you a psychopath?” and “Call the police.”

I later found the German homeowner on Facebook — he’s a Doberman dog breeder from Hamburg.

The translated notes for the video:

Hi Folks,

I’m sick.

I have Molukken! [“Molukker” is local slang, an offensive, very non-PC word for a culture-enricher; an inhabitant of the Molucca Islands in Indonesia. — Translator]

Between January 1 and February 1, 2017, 18 (in words: eighteen) refugees moved in the rear house. A two-family house in the second row on a shared property.

We were somewhat skeptical but friendly.

Gave them TVs, furniture, DVD player, etc.

Now, after only 2 months, it looks a bit different.

Besides the constant noise, they have begun making demands.

The killer:

“Your garden is too big, give us some of it.”

“You are few, we are many, we need the garden!”

I should add that the rear house has got its own garden.

Today, March 27 2017, the shtick escalated.

Mister Refugee bawled out, threatened my neighbor and me, and tore down my fence with Allahu Akhbar.

My neighbor and I were having a hard time restraining ourselves from committing an offense.

As the fence is now missing, my Nazi dog [pooped] right on their lawn, which I thought was great.

One cannot do anything about the fact that the refugees use the access to the rear house as a playing ground, but there are no more quiet afternoons on the terrace.

We tried to get them to treat the dogs normally, but they simply enjoy teasing them all the time, in spite of being scared of them. So I need to keep the dogs locked up in the house to prevent accidents.

I’m sick, I have Molukken …

I guess we will spend the summer indoors, if we don’t want to risk anything happening.

Unfortunately, you are immediately a Nazi, when you discuss These issues with another German neighbour.

This is impossible!

Such an aggressive dude, so choleric, I worry that there will be a clash if he doesn’t get his way.

We gave this case to the police — results are pending.

Now we know what they meant when so-called right-winged websites write: “They drive us out, they are meant to replace us,” but you should not even think these things, or you will be a Nazi, but it is what we are experiencing at the moment.

So now I am one!


Unfortunately, the trees are in the way, but the tone is telling already. A neighbour lady recorded it. Thank you!

31 thoughts on “Our Garden Isn’t Big Enough — Give Us Yours!

  1. German guy (aka an “old German”), “We gave this case to the police — results are pending.”

    He’ll have the result pretty soon. He should be packing his toothbrush and clean underwear. His arrest is likely imminent. Complaining about Muslims is a criminal offense. Give it a few years. Soon enough it’ll be a capital offense.

      • Ya think? I doubt they’ll do the work for it, but they sure will feel entitled if the Germans grow as much as a radish or a rose…what’s yours is mine, infidel! (see Egypt’s experience with the lost craft of wheelwrights).

  2. They make the weather then act shocked when it starts raining… How typically German.

    At least they can show they are not Nazis by reelecting Merkel.

    • They sound like retards too. BTW, it sounds like they are in the south Bronx or something, not Germany with all that screaming. What a bunch of animals. Tut mir leid, Deutschlandern.

  3. I saw this in another German news source. The German guy’s dogs (3) were what looked like a mixture of Rottweilers and Doberman Pinchers which is why he says the muslim neighbors are afraid of his dogs. Of course many of us here are aware that they consider dogs “impure” and there have already been cases of Arabs slashing dogs as well as the person out walking them in Europe. Always keep your pooch close to you if you live near such “refugees.” If anyone harmed my Standard Poodle, I think they might have to send me to the looney bin- that’s how much I adore her.

  4. Genocide is coming to every European Christian. When will they awake and take control of their fate? Why are they so afraid to be labeled “Nazi”? Seeing what is being done to them and all of Christian Europe, Nazi would be the best thing to be called and feared as being.

    Why is Merkel still breathing? Why has she not had her Mussolini town square treatment by every proud ethnic German?

    Why are these invaders not fertilizing that garden? You know, longterm slow release root feeding.

    • [redacted for admin safety]
      But I do believe that when all hell does break loose there– the Germans will go insane.

      But this time in history, they
      won’t be fighting for a Christian cause or Nazi
      cause, but rather for the
      values of the Enlightenment
      and the good, secular life. This
      is why it is taking them so
      long collectively to move–
      they are a post-Christian
      culture, completely incapable of fighting a religious war
      against the old
      enemy Islam and they don’t have any assurance that God
      will be and is on their side!

      There is instead an unspoken
      general feeling- that it is hard
      indeed to start a bloody
      uproar, and battle for the
      defense of pretty churches
      and cathedrals on their
      cobblestoned streets, that they
      no longer attend, and to
      instead start a war to save the charming cafes,
      good food and topless public
      swimming pools.

      Besides, right now most of the people still feel they have these
      things. And most of the people
      still feel relatively safe.

      Again, they no longer
      understand religion and so
      cannot fight a religious war
      and indeed do not even see
      that they are already in

      The majority of the people also
      think that the current
      individual violent incidents
      are being perpetrated by a
      few bad apples with
      psychological problems.
      Many have friends or acquaintances they like who are Muslim, which reinforces this ‘bad apple in the bunch’ theory-Imho

      • Will “charming cafes, good food and topless public swimming pools” ever provide sufficient incentive for people to fight and risk their lives? I have my doubts about that. I would suggest that secularism and hedonism are unable to satisfy humanity’s need for objective meaning and also cannot motivate people in a way that other ideologies can. Yes, this is only my subjective opinion, but I would point out that any ideology that postulates (ultimate) objective, meaninglessness – such as secularism – carries with it a kind of built-in despair. To slightly rephrase Thoreau’s quote: “The mass of [secularists/strict materialists] … lead lives of quiet desperation”.

        • Yes you are in agreement with me then. Those things are not enough to rouse them to resist, that is exactly what I said in my post (or tried to)

        • The ‘Socialist-Democrats’ (aka Progressives, Leftists) have done a very effective job in dislocating us from our faith, after decades of malevolent work. According to the “Quranic Concept of War,” Islamic jihadists’ ultimate aim, also, is to dislocate us from our faith: “… it is essential in the ultimate analysis, to dislocate his Faith. An invincible Faith is immune to terror. A weak Faith offers inroads to terror.” Page 60.

      • Um, so what exactly is wrong with fighting for a Christian cause? A Christian cause like that people have a right to have a nuclear family and to be able to raise their children and have their gardens, and not have their wives and daughters harassed and raped when they go out in public. They have a right to go to church in a Christian country too, and not be forced to wear a garbage bag over their heads. Yes, I think fighting for a Christian cause is right here, because only under Christianity will there ever be peace. Go visit a muslim country where there aren’t any Christians. You’ll learn quickly enough.

        • You’re right b.
          I’m an Iraqi Christian. Ran away from Arabs and Islam. 1400 years ago Muslims took our country and made us 5th class citizens until today. That is going to happen to Europe and the West too. The reason is you are allowing it and you have abandoned your faith. Sure there are a very few like yourself who try to adhere to Christian values but the vast majority couldn’t care less. I argue with people all the time. They tell me they love their county and they don’t see a threat from the Muslims so they don’t see it necessary to do anything about it. Then I tell them that the population of the Europeans is in decline and the Muslims will outnumber them in 50 years and take over. They say to me:”I won’t be around when it happens”. That doesn’t sound like somebody who loves his/her country.

  5. Why are they so afraid to be labeled “Nazi”? Seeing what is being done to them and all of Christian Europe, Nazi would be the best thing to be called and feared as being.

    First, being labeled a Nazi and having it stick will cost you dearly in court, in your job, in your children’s schooling.

    Second, there is only post-Christian Europe. Or, to put it another way, where have you been for the last generation??

    Third, try complaining about Merkel and/or immigration if you’re a German citizen. Life gets rough, and quickly…

    Angels are supposed to be pure being, no corporeality to get in the way of thought or knowledge. On which cloud have you been dozing that you don’t know these basic facts?


    • Ive probably said this before but… Not going with the flow cost me a career and a marriage – difficult at the time, believe me, but i still have my self respect. People have choices and making the right one is no easy matter but then who said it should be?

      • No, it’s never easy to make a principled decision that costs so dearly. While I agree making good decisions isn’t always easy, part of the present problem, at least in the UK, is that making good choices costs far more than ought to be the case. We know several people, outed by the Sunday Times for their counterjihad work, who lost jobs and were unable to find others.

        In many ways, Britain has turned against her own people, permitting great injustices to be done. That’s a prescription for future contempt for the law and a letting loose of the dogs of anarchy. Even now, anti-social behavior has increased. When the worm finally turns in Britain, the regressive rage will be like something out of the dark ages. That’s what happens when a critical mass of people believe they’ve nothing left to lose.

  6. Typical dominance behaviour. It will be things like this and assault/robbery that break people in the end. Not some spectacular attack, just a slow crescendo. In this way I think Islam compounds on the problem of tribalism, the increased propensity for violence coming from some source (genes, society, culture or whichever source one may care to consider) becomes justified and is set free more frequently whilst also being provided with, by Islam, a terrifying seemingly coordinated directionality. Just enough for them to agree to hit the kaffir first, then they can proceed with their in-fighting. Like communists and anarchists the government must be toppled, but then what?

  7. How quickly you are to criticize when you don’t seem to know the full picture yourself. I only take issue with this statement “Second, there is only post-Christian Europe. Or, to put it another way, where have you been for the last generation??”

    As a European, and witnessing my society at the ground level, I don’t believe Christ’s Archangel’s opinion to be entirely wrong. There is no post-Christian Europe but there is an anti-Christian Europe and there is a difference between the two. This idea of post-Christian era has been very heavily promoted by humanists and picked up by too many Christians.

    The mindset of the idiots who are allowing the population replacement of Europe can partly be traced to the collapse of humanism were Europeans are essentially suiciding themselves and waiting for their end – thanks to Freud, Darwin, and the philosophers promoting the idea that we are nothing and will eventually end up as mere dust swept up by a vacuum cleaner.

    It is not a post-Christian era that we face but a post-humanistic world. Every thinker who evades that fact is past-oriented and blind; incapable of preparing anyone for the realities of our present situation. That’s one reason why Europeans are committing suicide and because they are slaves of the current dominating ideology and preparing the way for the return of faith in magic, witchcraft and 7th century religion.

    • As a European, and witnessing my society at the ground level, I don’t believe Christ’s Archangel’s opinion to be entirely wrong. There is no post-Christian Europe but there is an anti-Christian Europe and there is a difference between the two.

      I disagree. Anti-Christian Europe is a logical extension of post-Christian Europe and as long as all those magnificent cathedrals haven’t been dismantled to make room for parking lots, there will be a cultural memory of faith, even as it logically proceeds to active dislike of any sort of belief in transcendence – though Eastern spirituality is not quite as derided as Christian spirituality. It’s a kind of perpetual adolescence, rejecting what your forefathers believed in enough to die for, so you can declare yourself a stand-alone adult who doesn’t need all that nonsense.

      Those who are totally indifferent to religion one way or another I would still term “post-Christians”. The atheist haranguers, though, belong to your anti-Christian category. They’re still willing to make a living off tourists who come to see the cathedrals, though.

      The current belief is humanism, in its various forms, from hating humanity as the great destroyer to seeing mankind people as the center of meaning.

      Those who hate humanity are ready to blame people for all the world’s ills. They arrogate to human beings an unfathomable power to destroy the world by destroying what they claim is a fragile environment.[In fact, our planet is quite robust and extremely destructive. One volcano eruption can do more damage than all the so-called deforestation, acid rain, etc. Just wait till California finally splits as tectonic plates push one another out of the way].

      Those who belief in the essential goodness of people prefer to limit that benignity to members of their own group…

      And don’t forget the devout followers of scientism. Their dogmas and doctrines place Science as their Ultimate Concern. Science will provide all the answers to the problems of life – and those problems are man-made, doncha know…

      • Seconded, I think. I guess I’m a “post-Christian” European (where can I get the lapel badge?), but I have no problem with- indeed, sometimes envy- Christians, so long as they don’t try to impose their beliefs on others.

        And I love the cathedrals, and the art, and the music…

        • “but I have no problem with- indeed, sometimes envy- Christians, so long as they don’t try to impose their beliefs on others.”

          This has come to mean in Western society any display of Christian belief.
          If you impose halal food on Western school districts or prisons well, that’s OK. If you allow muslim prayer in school buildings well, that’s OK.
          But don’t you dare put up Christmas displays in public buildings or the town square!
          I had a brother that refused to eat any kind of fish at all. My father used to say that Bob could detect fish in one part per million. That is what I think is going on today regarding Christianity. If there is even a whiff of Christianity it must be banned. Not so Islam.
          [ad-hominem redacted]

          • I don’t believe I said what you think I did, Babs.

            I have no problem with displays of Christian belief, and sometimes go to carol services at Christmas.

  8. I hope these particular Germans are prepared for the violence that is to come. For come it will, sooner or later.
    Their new neighbours will try take the garden eventually, with violence if the germans won’t give it away peacefully. The police are of no use, they will side with the true believers. So, the only options are to either submit, like a good dhimmi, or fight the incoming violence with even greater violence, regardless of the cost.

    We all know which option these Germans will choose. In their inner thoughts they would probably like nothing better but to go and shoot the despicable mohammedans, but of course, they are way too civilized to do that. In the end, it will be their loss.

    This case is, in microcosm, very representative of the entire problem in Europe. Agressive invaders vs. over-civilized Europeans. Europe’s loss.

    • Once they have got the garden they will justify taking the house and
      Contents too.
      When will the Germans learn that there is no bargaining with people
      Whose logic and tenets are rooted firmly in the 7th century?

      Defend what is yours before it is to late.

      • The learning curve is too steep. The long echoing past, all the way back to WWI, can still be heard in Europe. Germany and Sweden are merely the worst cases at present.

        The days of rule by law, of property rights, of normal human interactions that define a high-trust culture, are disappearing. It’s worse than “might makes right”…more like, “might makes it all mine”.

  9. As long as Germany (and the rest of the world) is going thru the Red Holocaust things will not get better but only worse.

  10. This is a great example of what happens to unarmed people. That [epithet] wouldn’t float here in FUSA. The “Cultural Enroachers” would be looking at the open end of a flash douser.

  11. Another terrorist bombing in Russia today!

    Stand united with your nation, country, and flag! Know which tribe you belong to because the barbarity will increase against us “Kaffirs” as Islam gains strength in numbers. Lone wolf, isolated duos from “mentally unstable” will increase to orchestrated, large groups of terrorists who use horrific violence against the unbelievers of Islam:


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