Rape on the Dance Floor: Culture-Enriching “Child” Heeds Terpsichorean Urge

Here’s another high-spirited “unaccompanied minor” from Afghanistan who got a little friskier than Swedish law allows. Not that he was punished severely — a slap on the wrist for the first offense, and then a minimal sentence for the second. But the energetic lad aims to overturn even that at the court of appeal, and avoid deportation.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article on Fria Tider:

Child Refugee Commits Rape in the Middle of the Dance Floor. Now He Wants to Avoid Deportation

[Insert in graphic: Afghan committed his first sex crimes against six girls one week after he arrived in Sweden as an unaccompanied child refugee.]

March 28, 2017

Domestic. The Afghan pedophile, Soltan, who had previously been convicted of sexual assault against six girls in an adventure water park, was sentenced in February to a short prison sentence and deportation for raping a woman on the dance floor of a nightclub. Now he is appealing the judgment to the court of appeal in order to avoid deportation.

On December 26, Soltan, who came to Sweden as an “unaccompanied minor” and now claims to be twenty years old, was in the Colosseum nightclub partying.

There were several people on the dance floor, which provided him the opportunity to grab a Swedish woman, insert his hand into her panties and penetrate her vaginally with one or more fingers.

“You can take test my [member]. I have not [had carnal knowledge of] her,” explained the Afghan when police confronted him.

In February the Södertörn District Court sentenced Soltan to eighteen months in prison for rape. He must also pay 115,000 kronor in damages to the woman and be expelled from Sweden for five years.

Documents made available to Fria Tider show that Soltan has appealed to the Svea Court of Appeal. He wants to reduce the damages, avoid deportation and even avoid imprisonment by asking the Court of Appeal to judge the crime as sexual molestation instead of rape.

Attacked girls in the bathhouse

Soltan was convicted in April 2014 of sexual assault against six girls. According to the verdict, he was together with three to four other unaccompanied minors from the HVB home in Alvesta and bathed in the Högevallsbadet water park in Lund. Soltan then had only been in Sweden for about a week, and the “boys” had been accompanied by an adult employee from their accommodation.

He checked out the girls’ butts, abdomen, thighs, between the legs, hips and even tried to pull up one girl’s bikini.

The Lund District Court sentenced him later to a juvenile facility and ordered him to pay 5,000 kronor in damages to the girls who became his victims.

31 thoughts on “Rape on the Dance Floor: Culture-Enriching “Child” Heeds Terpsichorean Urge

  1. It never ceases to amaze me that such cretins who misbehave in western societies, are not pounded within an inch of their lives by furious fathers, brothers, boyfriends, etc. That they are not, and that legally and culturally our western societies frown upon such richly deserved aggression, goes to the heart of what is wrong with the West, namely that men are no longer protectors of women, and many women do not want or merit such protection in the first place.

    If the countries and participants had been reversed, a man committing such an offense against an Afghani woman would not have left the building alive, and such would have been perfectly understandable to all involved. This cretin knew that, and he also knew the lower standards regarding the protection of women in the West meant that he could do so with impunity, and his surprise was that his molestations were classified as rape instead of molesting; not that he was able to walk from the scene of the crime with nary a scratch or bruise upon him from furious male Swedes…

    • It never ceases to amaze me that such cretins who misbehave in western societies, are not pounded within an inch of their lives by furious fathers, brothers, boyfriends, etc. That they are not, and that legally and culturally our western societies frown upon such richly deserved aggression, goes to the heart of what is wrong with the West, namely that men are no longer protectors of women, and many women do not want or merit such protection in the first place.

      You have pointed out the profoundly immoral base of Leftist culture, where the state is now the guarantor of liberty and the safeguard for citizens. “Don’t take the law into your own hands” has become the weak response to your observation. However, if we do not care for those closest to us (and the fate of old people shuffled off to ‘homes’ is another indicator), then our basic humanity is in question.

      You have only to look at the number of ethnic English who voted for a Muslim mayor because they’ve been so thoroughly indoctrinated against “Conservatives” that opening the gates to the real enemy is preferable to voting for one of “them”. England was so successfully tunneled through by Communism from the 30s onward that it’s come to this – i.e., where men are NOT permitted to act as men, even when it comes to protecting their own.

      A few years ago I posted a story that has haunted me since. A doctor in London suffered a home invasion at Christmas and all the presents under the tree were taken. So were all their valuables, including the doctor’s computer with his years’ of research. He was devastated to lose all that work to barbarians who would never even utilize it. After being met with indifference by the police, he posted signs locally, asking that the computer be returned. He promised no questions asked and offered a reward. The state’s response? He was made to remove the signs because he was offering to buy stolen goods, which is a crime.

      England is sad beyond words. No wonder so many men drink as much as they do…it’s a soviet state well beyond Orwell’s ability to fathom.

      [And yes, the U.S. has comparable sink holes of graft, corruption, and crime. But the likelihood of a man going after the culprit who harmed his family is far greater here. Using that benchmark as a predictor of survival, we’re just a bit ahead…for the moment. If we are able to stave off the Leftist assaults against our institutions.]

      • Yes, we are no longer our brother’s keeper, and it shows in everything we do as Westerners.

      • Both of you forget to mention the dreadful impact of feminism on the relations between the sexes. The idiotic pretence that there are no differences between biological males and biological females has resulted in the demonisation of the instinctive urge of men to protect their women. This is now labelled as one of the modern deadly sins, sexism, along with the others, racism, homophobia, islamophobia, etc. The fact that the state has to step in to pick up the pieces is a result of the stupid doctrines of feminism.

        • I have discussed the horrific damage of middle-class feminists repeatedly– just did so today in another thread. It could have been a beneficial change, raising the economic fortunes of poor women and making way for less constricted family life. But that didn’t happen. Instead, soi-disant “feminists” took that precious opportunity and squandered it on navel-gazing narcissism. Gloria Steinem and her ilk have a lot to answer for.

          There are no good guys in this sad tale. Men didn’t act well, either. So let’s stop the finger-pointing and begin rooting around in the ruins for what might be salvageable. We could begin by asking men if they ever voted for the largesse of the failed welfare state. Europe is living on fumes and America’s cities are simply unliveable…all the result of socialism.

    • Based on watching and analyzing hundreds of videos of attacks (not the fake ones) on civilians and cops by moslems and other assorted imported savage types, I’ve come to the no so difficult conclusion that Caucasian Westerners are essentially helpless in the face of physical attacks. This is notwithstanding the extremely few attacks that are effectively defended by same. And, note that I did not say “all” Caucasian Westerners. There are many reasons for this.

      One reason is that most people simply don’t know how to defend themselves and prevail in a physical attack on the street or dance floor. Men think they can, but they can’t. Most police and military can’t even defend themselves. Women and children certainly can’t. We’ve been fed the lie, from law enforcement, government, corporations, Hollywood, etc., that we can’t and don’t have the right to defend ourselves , and we’ve fallen for it. An extremely small percentage of the population plays at some martial art at some point in their lives, mostly when young, but only an extremely small percentage of that extremely small percentage ever carries through to any level of expertise. Cops and military get a little martial arts training, but from what I’ve seen, it’s a pathetically small amount and pathetic in quality. In short, if a person isn’t trained and or trained little and or poorly, they’re not going to be able to do anything whether they want to or not.

      Leftism has also paralyzed us into utterly wrong thinking about our place in the world. We see it as OK, acceptable, deserved that we are injured, raped and slaughtered by the savages of the world because of the supposed “crimes” of colonialism by our ancestors and of our “white privilege”. We’ve fallen for the lie that the savages of the world are our equals; thus, in an attack, we think that we can reason with them somehow and convince them to stop the beating, rape or slaughter. So, I see attack after attack after attack wherein the Caucasian stands there trying to “reason” with the savages as they’re beating him or her to a pulp and the victim not even raising a hand in defense, much less in offense.

      I could go on, but why? If you’re not too lazy and or leftist, start in martial arts on Monday. Then, everyday for the rest of your life train in martial arts, firearms combat and military tactics. Nobody is going to do it for you and nobody is going to protect you.

      • You are quite correct in your observations.
        Ethnomasochistic, self hatred, cowardice in the face of rampant feminism, dumb acceptance of the leftist sacred cow that you
        Can be any (of 32 at the last count) gender despite the genetalia
        You are born with, the pathological fear of inadvertently appearing racist, homophobic, anti disabled, anti the obese,
        Anti the mentally challenged, the European male has been
        Psychological neutered for years.
        This has been planned from the outset,every television programme has a noble female leader triumphing despite the ineffectual contribution of her male underlings, every expert
        Consulted on the news is invariably female, so why is anyone
        Surprised at the outcome, an effette, largely useless male underclass in an increasingly downward spiral.

        • Wow, quite an analysis, Disenfranchised. You’re correct to a degree, but all is not lost.

          I live in Florida where it’s easy to get a firearm permit, and criminals and bullies are very aware that starting trouble could end very badly.
          Remember most bullies, punks, etc. are also conditioned to prey on the weak. So when anyone, especially a bystander goes on the offensive, they usually back down.

          Defense is a good offense, though, and keeping criminals, low lives and muslims out is the best weapon.

          I realize we have just as many American cowards and commies as you have in Europe. But thanks to socialism (cheap medical care) Europe lacks strong men. I hope they find some.

          I’m tired of Americans being forced to rescue and preserve a coffee shop culture.

      • I may have an explanation for that.

        When I was in college a group of 5 of my colleagues went to a night out and got into a fight with 3 useless thugs. Despite outnumbering the idiots, they left and one of them even got a punch or two.

        Their explanation, which is somehow understandable was the following:

        If they fought back they would probably win, but most likely the police would show up (it was a busy part of town at night). Then all of them would go to the police station, both my colleagues and the thugs. Everybody would probably end up with something on their criminal record.

        For the 5 almost graduate college students, a police record is something they can’t afford to have. It can close them many doors professionally. This happened in a European country. A police record and goodbye to a career is the USA, Canada, Australia…

        The 3 thugs can afford a police record. They probably already have one. Their best future prospect is to collect welfare and not go to jail. That’s a win for them.

        So, despite outnumbering the foe they walked.

        Europeans are walking away because they have careers and families to support. A European can’t afford a criminal record or imprisonment. An invader can.

        In Europe there is no such thing as a castle doctrine. You can´t kill or seriously injure somebody that attacks you or your house. Is very hard to prove self defense.

        I do believe Europeans will fight back, but it will only happen when police and DAs start looking the other way when an invader gets beaten. But it won’t happen soon.

    • They have become over-socialized. See Ted Kazcinski’s manifesto: http://cyber.eserver.org/unabom.txt

      – The Russians do not appear to have a problem beating up molesters. Some Afghans tried to molest some girls in a Russian city. They were promptly beaten up and some ended up in hospital. The police were present but looked the other way. In Sweden, the police would have arrested anyone who tried to defend the women.

      • I am female. We have been used. We were fed the mirage of a career. The great majority of women have no career as is the case for the great majority of men. Low/medium/moderate pay jobs. Boring and repetitive, where the workers live for the weekend and the next holiday, wishing their lives away.

        I was lucky enough to be a stay at home Mum while the children were small, I found great satisfaction in looking after the children, my husband and my home. (BTW I have 2 degrees in molecular biology, one from Oxford, so I am no dumb blonde, well maybe blonde). I was told by the media I was worthless.

        Hmm, I compared myself to a friend who did work. Baby and toddler and her, out by 7.30 AM. Back again by 6 PM. Cook, tidy up, get the kids to bed, a brief hour of exhaustion before bed again. Just who was being exploited here? Not me!

        By looking after my family, I expected my husband to give what he could, in support, maybe that meant his strength. It was never called for in anger, but boy could he lift stone paving flags.

        We don’t support each other any more, sometimes I wonder if this phase of civilisation is actually worth saving.

        • Anon, you’re correct. It was a mirage. The most deluded were middle-class women who demanded their “freedom” while the father of their children was expected to keep the family in the same economic circumstances on his one paycheck. It was insane and still is. The cultural contract between men and women is not only obliterated, but we have shattered into a cultural sinkhole where the over-privileged dilly-dally and dither over which of thirty-two genders they’ll chose. As though sexual identity were a box of chocolates.

          The depravity of the young in academia is beyond anything Rome could ever have dreamed.

          While children are young, one parent needs to stay at home to raise and protect them until they can speak up and report on those who are paid to care for them. Otherwise, they fall prey to whatever “child minders” their parents find.

          I attended a workshop a number of years ago in which the head of social workers in NYC said the statistics showed that almost 100% of children in daycare were physically and/or sexually abused. Those “minders” were underpaid, overworked, and derived no psychological satisfaction from their work environment. It was akin to raising cattle, but paid a lot less.

          While there I met a child psychiatrist who was on a campaign to rein in “child care” as a normal thing to be expected of young parents. She said it was unnatural. Her own experience – both toddlers abused by an expensive (and credentialed) child care worker who came to her home to work and was well-paid. I’ve never forgotten her story…she was experienced enough to know her kids would not just “get over it” or “grow out of it”.

          Extended families used to take on the younger generation but doing so is not valued anymore, or is done because the young “adults” who have kids are unprepared to raise them. Paradoxically, the number of grandparents raising their grandchildren increases every year as one of their own children somehow fell through the cracks and left the kids in the lurch.

          In other words, the cracks in the old nuclear family system have been appearing now for more than a generation. It was a good system when it worked, and there are many families who are still doing fine. But a large enough minority is in deep trouble.

          Anyone who wants to see how their own childhood stacks up against a healthy norm should look at the brief test on the website “ACEs Too High”. Those ACEs are Averse Childhood Eperiences. See this page:


          Child psychiatrists who have been studying the long-term sequelae of a variety of the “slings and arrows” that children experience have been warning for years that the damage shows up in later life in the form of obesity, heart disease, and auto-immune disorders, not to mention rage and social isolation. As one researcher famously put it, even if the person fails to remember what was done to him, his body will hold onto it. Bessel van der Kolk, a child psychiatrist, predicted more than twenty-five years ago that we’d see an epidemic of heart disease and diabetes…well, here we are:

          The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma has over 1,000 positive reviews. After years in the bowels of academic research, Dr. van der Kolk now has his own clinic.


          And ACES, a joint project of Permanente and the CDC, is working hard to bring healing interventions in our out-of-control schools. Here’s their background page: https://acestoohigh.com/aces-101/

          For anyone who has children (grown ones included), or has been a child, would do well to look into their work. But be warned: your first inclination will be to protect those who raised you, to deny that any of it was “that bad”. Such a reaction simply means you’re a hopeful person…and we can’t have too many of those.

          The family/tribal “cultural practices” of Islam are pernicious. Yes, secular Muslims who’ve managed to break away from such practices as child sexual abuse, female genital mutilation, polygamy, financial cheating of others, etc., are many. But they’re not numerous enough, not vocal enough, not committed enough to rise up against other members of their own milieu who see infidels as so many potentially useful victims.

        • I know a young woman that says that she will keep working and let her kids in day care, even if she earns less that the day care cost.

          She prefers that the family as a whole ends up with less money at the end of the month than to stay at home while the husband works.

          I suspect most young women think the same.

          That’s why westerners will be outnumbered by the invaders in less that 30 years.

  2. Sentence or two here pretty graphic for home schoolers to read and you might give some wild ideas to young minds. ( We do not need the exact description of what he did to get the idea.) You said this was a site good for home schoolers, not me, just sayin…

    • This is a good point. The whole report is questionable in its suitability as a subject for Gates of Vienna. We aren’t well-served by posting such material.

      Yes, we could report on the various depravities of these barbarous cultures, but we’d be better off doing so in less loving detail when it comes to their sexual depravity.

      Thank you for your comment.

      • So in your own words minimize their crimes? Make it sound like it qasnt really that bad? Are you afraid it will “offend” muslims? Stop being a part of the problem and recognize thwm for the sick, evil animals they truly are!

        • Dymphna and the Baron do not deserve that kind of tongue-lashing. “minimize” their crimes? What a ridiculous accusation to make. She was referring to omitting graphic descriptions of sexual crimes, which is our hosts’ call to make, whether we agree or not.
          I am inclined to disagree with Gretel above. I’m very skeptical that reading graphic descriptions of **crimes** will drive teenage boys more sex-crazy and encourage them to commit the same crimes if the boys have already been trained properly in morality.
          In any case, as I said, it’s up to our gracious hosts to decide what is fit to print.

        • Nope. Though the Baron does the heavy lifting, but this is my blog too and I get to choose which parts of reality to promote. Due to my on-going illness and fatigue, this got by me but I’ll talk to the Baron. He is as averse to jihad porn as I am and turns down that stuff all the time. There are other sites where you can read it to your heart’s content, but not here.

          We have a rule that what goes up, stays up so this will remain. We never disappear stuff, even the ones we regret.

          It may be that one of our contributors worked hard on translating – or whatever – but this one is on thin ice indeed.

          Crybabies don’t die first. The macho “first-over-the-hill” fellows on steroids die first. They are followed by the slut-attired women who drink past their capacity and then insist on being the ones to close the bar. As a bartender once told me, the life expectancy for angry women with attitude who think they can do anything a man can, isn’t high. He used to tell them to either go home early and sober, or get body guards, or buy good health insurance. No, they didn’t like his advice…

      • In this case the translation was from the Swedish source. Maybe it’s time that the Swedes described what is happening in graphic terms so their people might not be blind to the threat. All too often, the reporting makes it sound like someone drove through a stop sign.

    • Being overly sensitive is one of the weaknesses moslems exploit. Put your big girl britches on and deal with reality.

  3. And note that by accepting his claim of being only 17 the Swedes previously exposed ACTUAL criminal minors to this beast.

  4. Train daily in martial arts, firearms combat and military tactics, everyone. One at a time is how they destroy us. Make yourself indestructible.

  5. Perhaps it is time for our fathers and brothers and husbands to react to these animals. They count upon the fact that women have little respect for themselves in this country, because we are not respected by those who ought to respect and care for us. Rape and molest are high even without illegal immigrants. Our children are unprotected as well. And these animals know it.

  6. Was she wearing her State-issued do-not-rape-me bracelet?

    – In any case, I do not expect anything to happen to the Afghan gentleman.

  7. “Documents made available to Fria Tider show that Soltan has appealed to the Svea Court of Appeal. He wants to reduce the damages, avoid deportation and even avoid imprisonment by asking the Court of Appeal to judge the crime as sexual molestation instead of rape.”

    So here again some bleeding heart liberal lawyer, probably State supplied, is guiding Soltan’s attempts to avoid justice. Lefty lawyers are part of the reason these people cannot be deported.

  8. I am somewhat disappointed when a macho guy commentator with a muscle car photo tells us ladies here that we had better put our big girl britches on, be required to regularly read of sexual violence and need to learn martial arts. In addition, we are told to learn how to use firearms correctly so as to be able to successfully kill someone and are advised to study and understand military tactics in order to survive!

    Have you not been listening to many of the men and women on this site today and yesterday complaining about the sincere pain of not being able to experience being real men and real women in today’s world? Real men, including many on this site, desire to physically, financially and emotionally protect their female family members as best as they are able and lament the fact that society and many women are not allowing them to fulfil their natural role.

    Listen– very few women (in fact not one woman I know) want to serve in the military in spite of the invitation on behalf of many governments. In general, we were just not made for this kind of activity, stress and pressure, except for a few exceptions. We will break much sooner than men on a battlefront. No, our position is best served behind the scenes doing all the things needed to support the men to fight the hard battles, and they are many. Our talents are different.

    All you have to do is look at the average women to see that we absolutely do not have the physical strength to do the things you are demanding of us. It is the men who should primarily be subduing the Muslims who are invading our Western societies, not the women. It is the men who should be keeping in physical shape and studying martial arts and military tactics. Would it hurt for a woman to take martial arts classes, no of course not, and it might even be a good idea if you live in a big city with a high crime rate, but this is not the natural order of things.

    One way men can start making us feel more like real women is to stop asking us to do the things men undoubtedly do best: being soldiers preparing to fight wars, climbing career ladders, being the primary breadwinner, doing mechanical repairs and construction work, navigating the oceans, skies and busy highways, being politicians, policemen and semi-truck drivers, working large machinery on farms, learning how to do a proper karate kick, use a sword, fire a rifle, hunt and kill animals, etc., etc.

    You can’t do all the wonderful, female things I do and excel at and I don’t ask or expect you to do them. So please– don’t ask me to do your task, which unmistakably at present is to actively work to thwart the enemy, prepare for a potential war and protect innocents from more harm. Don’t ask me to do your job, because I will do it poorly.

  9. Today I was driving my special needs short bus to bring a child home. I am retired and work part time. My wife works full time. We had one child, now dead.
    I bring a 9 year old home to a small, 5 year old townhouse complex in suburban Minneapolis. Very pleasant and thoughtfully laid out with a small play area with swings, etc. Children abound here; unlike working class areas there are mothers at home and in the small park playing with the happy children.
    All of the children are either Ethiopian, Eritrean, or Somali. Well – fed; all have excellent dental and medical care. No bad looking teeth here, no sir.
    Of course the care, the housing, the food and the awaiting education is free or nearly so. The families are usually 3 to 5 children. This scene is everywhere in the south suburbs. Also note the car of choice is a new or slightly used large van or SUV. No working class beaters allowed.
    The Mexicans have it worse: big apartment complexes, not so healthy. Drinking; drugs. The Mexicans have made the classic mistake of thinking working – and when they work on roofs or laying sod they bust their asses – is a good deal. Sort of; it beats selling drugs and eventual incarceration. But it is catagorically not as good as being born Somali in Minnesota and possessing a
    mumbo jumbo religion as a smokescreen and excellent con artist instincts.
    I suppose the momentum might run out for our Horn of Africa friends sooner or later. Some may rise to middle class status via nursing jobs or small business. Most won’t.
    The whole subject to me, as a white Vietnam era man, is so totally boring I cannot care about it. No one has ever asked the bureaucrats : why did you find the importation of 100,000 + Somalis, etc to Minnesota to be such a compelling need? What did it do for the Minnesotans who were here already? Why such a huge diversion of interest to these people? We’re we white Minnesotans actually all that lucky that we couldn’t have used your help instead? How many white people were short cut to make way for the Africans? Precisely why? Are they that morally superior? Apparently. You won’t get an argument if you asked them. Just a big smile.

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