Car and Knife Jihad in London

Update 2:35pm EDT: The perp has died, and so has a cop he stabbed. Four people are reportedly dead, but it’s not clear whether the mujahid is numbered among them.

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Update 1:18pm EDT: Here’s a photo of the mujahid being wheeled away for medical treatment:

Two of the pedestrians he ran down are reportedly dead, and at least a dozen people were wounded.

This is breaking news. The headlines I saw didn’t mention whether any of the pedestrians mowed down by the vehicle were killed.

From Breitbart:

The British Parliament Has Been Suspended and Westminster is on Lockdown After Police Reportedly Apprehended a Knife Attacker on the Grounds of the Houses of Parliament.

Shots were heard late afternoon on Wednesday, with authorities confirming within minutes that the Parliament was on lock down and Members of Parliament were kept in the Commons chamber.

Less than an hour after the attack London’s Metropolitan Police declared they were treating the attack as a “terrorist incident”.


Eyewitnesses report between “eight and ten” figures on the ground on Westminster Bridge, believed to have been the victim of a car ramming attack using a 4×4 vehicle. Eyewitnesses have told how the vehicle mounted the pavement and mowed down pedestrians.

It is currently believed the driver of the car then turned the corner onto Parliament Square before getting out of the car and attempting to get into the grounds of the Palace of Westminster, stabbing a police officer along the way.


The man is believed to have been shot by police and put in an air ambulance to a nearby hospital.

Britain’s Prime Minister, Theresa May, is said to have been in the division chamber, voting after Prime Minister’s Questions, when she was whisked away by a plain-clothes police officer. An air ambulance helicopter has touched down in Parliament square after the attack, which is thought to have consisted of a car attack and a knifeman.

The police and the director of security of the House of Commons have advised the Chamber of the House to be locked down.

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92 thoughts on “Car and Knife Jihad in London

  1. The British are so skittish… They just getting their normal, enriched cultural experience. They should be proud! They let it happen!

    • CrossWare: exactly, now they are even prouder! Just wait till an official or EU leader is killed, and just maybe then leaders will wake up and stop this madness turning further the EU into a third world dump, with tourism revenue at zero.

      • They are not sleeping. Everything is according to plan. Some casualties, even from the “elite” does not matter.

    • I did not want it, neither did most of the people I know. There has been a planned importation of non-Westerners since the early 50s. personally, I think we need to rescind all of the concessions we have made to their lifestyle and beliefs, untill they go to live in a country which is Islamic. But I dream on……

    • So sad but so true. Even sadder is that it’s not just the British. Going global are we? Look out – here it comes.

      • Perpetrator was a Caribean immigrant to the U.K. He came to the U.K in the 60’s with his parents.He was called Trevor Brookes at that time.He later converted to Islam , changed his name to Abu Izzadeen and became the spokesperson for a banned terrorist organization.
        He was charged with incitement to terrorism in 2007.

        No idea why he was out on the streets. However the British police have 3000 known jihadis walking about the U.K and being kept under what passes for surveillance in Britain.

        • “No idea why he was out on the streets.” Because internment camps are unthinkable in pc Britain.

        • Its that statistic – I first heard it on the news reports today – that leaves such a bad taste: If the authorities really cared about the safety of ordinary people – instead of, after the latest outrage, just being concerned to tidy away the bodies and getting the traffic flowing smoothly once more, and then mouthing the usual formal bromides – they would certainly have interned those 3000 known risks to society. And the figure is probably a low estimate on the fictional side of the actuality, anyway. One is bound to wonder, Whose side are our supposed leaders and protectors on?

  2. Oh dear….What will the Muslim brotherhood mayor of Londistan have to say.

    BTW, London will never have another non Muslim mayor – put that city in the ‘done deal’ column.

      • Apparently he said in an interview six months ago that terrorist attacks and all that nasty stuff, being beheaded in the street & blown up when you’re nipping down to the corner shop for a pint of milk, is just part and parcel of living in a big city now. Just one of those things, like the weather.

    • To think the mayor of London sticks his bum in the air and does mosque duty is terrifying. The dead Muslim gorilla we know well from his decades long flashing in public. Why was this vile muslim-in-the-box and all his vile ilk not deported or buried deep in some prison long ago.

      • You know very well why they were not deported; sadly, many Brits have been brainwashed into believing the multicultural line, which works to some degree with many other races but can never work with moslems as long as they follow the koran and go to the mosque, where they can be converted into a raging jihadi very quickly.

  3. On the news, they’re saying that the perpetrator ran over pedestrians in their car before entering the building. On the bridge – there are photos on the news just now (17.04) of paramedics attending to patients on the bridge.

  4. the man was taken to the hospital in an air ambulance, why? the hell with him what about the people he ran over?

    • You just do not get it! He is better than anybody else! He is the member of the future ruling overlord cult. He deserves all the resources the United Islamic Kingdom can offer.

      • Yupp, Eu leaders and liberals hate their own people which is why Muslims have top priority for care and perks. What losers.

        • Yupp yupp!
          EU leaders and all national European politicians think ethnic white population inferior and should be replaced.

          Lack of proper response from said ethnicity validates this view and aforementioned affirmative action.

          I’m messaging this from Norway where no action to stem the flow and revert this permanent damage is seen.

          The old world is truly doomed.

      • Sadly, have to agree.
        Idle question: Which west European country (if any) will wake up first?

        • History shows that desislamization takes centuries, ask Spain or Sicily, even with blood and fire it took centuries to evict the muslims from those lands, imagine how long it would take today when european men are either too old or too feminized or neutered or alienated with porn, pokemon hunting and smart phones.. when I see the aggressiveness that muslim have (men, women and children) and compare it to the european character…I see ourselves as some insular species of small flightless bird that never had natural predators and one day has to face an invasion or stoats, cats and foxes… we can’t face the muslim monster if we continue acting like little girls

          • I agree Caroline, it’s the same here in Austria, muslims have an incredibly aggressive disposition, the men, the women, their children. I know teachers who told me horrible stories about their muslim students: children who call their teachers whores, students who beat teachers, parents who beat teachers because their children were admonished, stories about blond girls whose hair was cut off by muslim girls, the list of atrocities is huge… these people have violence incorporated to their very soul, they solve everything with violence: your dog barks in the night and then your muslim neighbor poison your dog, you complain about foul smell from a precariously built latrine in your neighbor house and they smear feces on your door.. they resort to violence all the time, terrorist attacks are the biggest expression of these proneness to violence that muslims show in their daily lives.. meanwhile austrias must resign to live under the feet of a hostile tribe of malicious, demanding, violent malcontents and we’re commanded to live our lives walking on eggshells to avoid offending them… we as Europeans must accept the fact that we won’t get rid of the tentacles of islam without offending them, we must thick our tender skin and realize that these people deserve no respect and don’t belong here.

          • These people are not an expression of islam, islam is an expression of them.

          • “I see ourselves as some insular species of small flightless bird that never had natural predators and one day has to face an invasion or stoats, cats and foxes…”

            That’s a very perceptive comment Caroline, and if fact it has happened before, in New Zealand. Most of New Zealand’s fightless bird species are now extinct because of introduced predatory species. Europe is too soft and gentle to withstand the weasels and stoats from the middle east. The only hope is by toughening up.

  5. This is a strange incident, they nearly got the PM who was at or near getting into her car. Coincidence? personally I do not believe in them

    Some French schoolchildren were also victims.

    The lockdown of a large part of central London implies further risks…..

    • MC: The PM was in the House of Commons at the time & not at risk. She was whisked away because that’s standard procedure.

  6. Ran over pedestrians on the left side of the bridge leading to the Houses of Parliament. 1 knocked over and down into subway under the bridge. Then the perp crashed into the railings, stabbed a police officer and got shot.

    Press description of him Asian, yeah sure, the photos of him shown by the Daily Mail don’t quite fit into that description.

    Disgusting and despicable, made worst by the denial of the context. Just so happened to be on the anniversary of the Brussels attack and on the opening day of ministerial conference on fighting Daesh.

    • He is black, of West Indian origin, and converted to the religion of peace many years ago.

      • No doubt his family will deny all knowledge of him being a terrorist and claim he has been stressed and suffering mental problems.

        Take a leaf out of Israel’s book, request all their assets, and ship every last one of them back to whence they came, they may have been born in the UK but they have harboured this animal
        And therefore have shown where their allegiance lays.

        Meanwhile my heart goes out to all the victims, their family and friends God bless them all.

    • Asian is British newspeak for muslim.
      God forbid you would use the word muslim in the UK.
      You’d get into deep water for that.

  7. The future is here.
    Notice now every day brings the news of a ‘randon’ attack somewhere in Eurabria. And those are ones that are ‘reported’ since they can’t be brushed under the ‘news’ carpet.

  8. Defibrillator pads on his torso – looks like his heart stopped & they brought him back to life there.

  9. Only Rumpelstiltskin sees this as news. The Sultan is expanding the Maghreb to ensure a nuclear tipped caliphate.

    • Has Europe merged formally with the caliphate yet? Anyone know? Seems they have, yet wasn’t announced or made news.

      • He’ll announce it, along with his demands, in the near future. His ISIS army is hot on the trail to secure one or two NATO nukes.

  10. Wonder what Tommy Robinson is thinking when he listens to the Home Secretary mouthing off about “democracy” and “the rule of law”…

    • Check out the Telegraph. Apparently TR was in London and spoke about how the govt is ultimately responsible for this, it’s an indicator of their failed policies, etc. And the Telegraph’s response: TR has ‘made things even worse’.

      I don’t know how doing the press’s job for them – criticizing the govt, reporting on factual matters, pointing out failures in govt. policy – equates to ‘making things worse’.

      If these lying, two-faced cowards had any moral or intellectual backbone at all, then their headline should be: TR was right all along!

      Small chance of that though, in topsy-turvy, leftist wonderland.

      • Telegraph is bar from the first star wars movie.. if you saw the people who works there…. trash human trash

  11. Immigrant from Jamaica, converted to Islam, hate preacher.
    I don’t believe he was alone. As in Berlin, one down -end of story. Terrorists are trying to make people racist, because he is not the normal Muslim of Britain.

  12. Yet another muslim hate crime against the West, and yet again the usually complicity by the Establishment news media who are consciously avoiding all references to Islam, and yet again by muslim groups in the West who remain conspicuously silent. Westerners must now hold politicians, muslim groups, new media, and pro-immigration groups directly responsible for these murders. And criminal lawsuits are a good way to start.

    • the people in the news media support what the muslims are doing in European countries. the muslims are going to help them create the great world-wide workers paradise.

      • The MM haven’t realised that Mohammedans don’t work. Islam is basically a parasitic cult and has been since it’s invention. Exactly who will pay the taxes required to keep the infrastructure going when the western indigenous population is replaced is a mystery.

  13. There are links to The Independent to reports that the killer has been identified as one Abu Izzadeen, formerly known as Trevor Brooks–but the links (from Google, Facebook posts) just go to the front page of the online paper and not the specific articles, which I can’t find.

    • Trevor Brooks is still in jail according to the latest news. Funnily enough he used to run a sweet shop called Yummy Yummy in Mile End Rd in London”s East End which sold traditional british sweets. I used to go there to buy sherbet lemons as I live just round the corner. I did not know his political / religious views at the the time but he was pretty sound on boiled sweets (“candy”), possibly he was carrying out stealth jihad by dental carries or diabetes.

  14. reports
    The guy name is Abu Izzadeen, born as Trevor Brooks second generation migrant from Jamaica, converted to Islam in the UK.
    The Hungarian border patrol arrested him and his buddy in 2015, November 14th at the Hungarian-Romanian border, but when they could not have proper papers they got grabbed. Once they told their real name an Interpol arrest order came up and they got arrested. Later they returned to UK, where I guest they were let go…

    Hungarian article here:

  15. Sounds very similar to the attacks that were in fashion in Jerusalem last year.

    Let’s come up with the same style of headline:

    “Immigrant shot by UK police in car ramming attack: 4 dead”

    • Check out the Clinton New Network, aka “very fake news”. Apparently there was a “firearms incident” in London today, and a crashed car was found nearby.

      • Wow, Congrats, CNN. You failed to mention the victims as well as the muzzy perpetrator.

  16. Hereunder an abstract from the statement made by Metropolitan Police Acting Deputy Commissioner Mark Rowley:

    “Furthermore, we are reaching out to communities and community leaders across London to reassure them. Our strength as a city depends on our ability to stand together in such terrible times.”

    My question is, Police Acting Deputy Commissioner, “Precisely to which communities are you ‘reaching out’ and how long will it be before you start prosecuting other communities for hate crimes simply for stating the obvious?”

    • In Western Europe just wait until the arms smuggling and dumping at dumps are too numerous for the dozen kufar to locate. Just like the primed and ready to blow Muslim jehadis in their barracks. If this is the best we know how to deal with the Mohammedan “immigrants” industry I can only imagine how useless we will be when the flow of arms and ammo to the fifth columns. Maybe if we have an extreme off the charts right wing moment – soon?

    • well here in Sweden muslims from big cities go to small towns to terrorize/rob/rape helpless locals and then return to the big city i it’s their idea of weekend fun.. big or small city is the same: muslims can’t stop acting like muslims

  17. muslim mayor of London reportedly has said since we live in a big city such as London, we will have to get used to terror attacks!

    Look it up, it’s hard to make these things up.

    • It only makes sense. Like the financial incentives to having the impoverished underclasses live in the vicinity of rat colonies. Yeah, the rodents do carry away one infant in three, but it’s okay. With their higher birthrate the parents are used to it. Why tinker with the success of social systems that work?

  18. I am sorry but honestly, my empathy has been exhausted. Once again it was Terrorist 4+ Glocks 0. Actually Glocks did not lose. They never showed up. Is there anything more impotent than a disarmed people?

  19. According to BBC News as of 9.15pm GMT, two pedestrians who were run over on Westminster Bridge are dead, and eighteen injured.

    The perpetrator and the policewoman he stabbed are also dead.

    Re comments above about the perpetrator being taken in the air ambulance, I daresay this was related to the severity of his injuries, as his death would suggest; I’m sure the authorities would have wanted him alive for questioning.

    I was working about half a mile away; lots of police and ambulances rushed past. That’s as close as I want to be, frankly.

    • I was wrong about the murdered police officer being female- sorry; can’t recall where I heard it.

      Tommy Robinson’s comments, above, were prescient; the perpetrator was known to MI5 some years back. He’s just been identified (Thursday afternoon) as one Khalid Masood, UK born.

      • Maybe you were thinking of the recent attack in France — it was just a few days ago. A would-be jihadi grabbed the weapon of a female officer. Her male colleagues shot him dead.

  20. as I noticed on another occasion, – this is not terroros attack.
    this is what fantasy of the couple of half-headed enthusiasts can deliver.

    terrorist attack is something that will result in hundreds of deaths, or/and spectacular systematic mass executions, streamed to youtube etc.
    diversion tactics, multiple targets, different weapons, combining soft and priority VIP targets.

    that was work of amateurs.
    be they cursed, too.

    • Sadly, you are probably correct.

      One of these days, an outfit like ISIS will manage a BIG one.

      I’m not even going to speculate on how, because I might give someone ideas, and so far, the nightmare scenarios that I can think of seem to be a lot more “creative” than these winners have figured out so far.

      I wonder how the world will react.

      Will it take 1000 dead? 10000? 100000? How many, before the West gets the idea that the problem needs to be dealt with?

      • I’m waiting for the Beslan……..

        I wonder how the fury of that will be contained?

  21. Likely BBC headline:

    Man building new life in Britain veers off course; community fears backlash.

  22. I fear the big hit, the one that will require slit trenches and tons of quick lime, the big, timed aerosol release that won’t leave a singing bird or chirping insect downwind is in the pipeline.

    • because they want to show the world that they are not racist! something utterly important in Europe these days, forget your children, their lives, your life, not to be considered racist is the absolute priority in Europe today

      • [I strongly disagree], your leftist politicians want them in your country to conquer you. your real problem is not the muslims its the people you keep electing to office, they want a dictatorship and the muslims will give it to them. [redacted].

  23. Not Abu Izzadeen, as he is still in jail.

    He said during the speech, “So we are terrorists — terrify the enemies of Allah. The Americans and British only understand one language. It’s the language of blood.”

    However the 5 facts in that article tells of protesting, incitement, and arrests, jail time, youtube channel.
    It shows that he would have supported this attack, and possibly be an inspiration for the attacker.

  24. From the photo of the Jihadi on the stretcher what can we learn?

    Well, clearly to English eyes, he is “Asian”. I’m sure I can discern “mental illness” about him, and the whiff of long term drug use is in the air. Nothing to do with Islam, if fact I’m sure he is unknown at any mosque in London and was “not a good muslim.”

  25. From an article in The Express:

    “Speaking out after the horrific event, MPs have claimed it could have been prevented if the Parliament’s gate had been bolted and better guarded.”

    The whole article focuses on the blessed gate.

    I can’t see how bolting the gate would have helped the people on the bridge, but perhaps MPs don’t care about what goes on outside the gate.

  26. I don’t think people are going to learn at this point. They have had many many chances. I have friends on my social media upset that this is being called a terrorist attack — apparently that is a hateful label. I want to respond but there really isn’t any point. I’m a bigot, Trump is Hitler and Trudeau is dreamy and wonderful. These are otherwise kind and intelligent people. Is it something in the water?

    For those who are interested, there is a prophecy in the Bible (the book of Daniel) talking about a vision of the future ruling kingdoms and the final one was an image of iron mixed with clay. The layer of iron is largely agreed upon to be the Roman Empire so many have theorized that the iron mixed with clay is a revived Roman Empire (ie Europe) and while it has strength it will be mixed with many nations that don’t get along. The revived ’empire’ won’t be able to realize it’s full strength because of the clay. I’m not a sooth-sayer so I don’t know the correct interpretation but I find it hard not to fit our current situation into this vision.

    • Your first paragraph is abslolutely spot on–exactly the same as where I live on Vancouver Island, BC.

  27. Winston Churchill must be spinning in his grave. What sissies the Brits have become. It’s a real shame.

    Better weapon up, Brits — you will need something to defend yourself against all these cultural “enrichers” — like you really need all that rape and murder and theft. Get your heads out and see the world as it is. Why did you let them in to begin with? They have nothing to offer you other than halal food and lots of welfare clients.

    Start deporting them back to their muslim paradise until you are back to being the Great Britain I once knew, about how many years ago — at least 20 or 30 or more years ago.

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