A Plague Upon This Howling!

We’re in the midst of another one of those weird weather systems. This one affects most of the East Coast, and includes heavy wind and severe thunderstorms. So please be aware that we may disappear from view if a cloven pine happens to topple on a power line somewhere nearby.

The first wave of sturm und drang passed over while were at church for the Ash Wednesday service. It was already blowing up a gale when we left home, and the wind strengthened even further during the service. Ours is an old church with a high ceiling and tall windows, and the sashes rattled and shook ominously throughout the service. (In an aside, the priest advised us to consider it the Holy Spirit.)

Afterwards, while we were having coffee in the parish hall, a black mass moved in from the West, and the full force of the rain began in earnest, while the wind continued to blow. Fortunately the wall of cloud and rain passed over without inflicting any serious damage — just a dead branch or two visible alongside the road on our way home.

But that was just the first wave. There’s another wall of blackness coming our way, bearing with it the possibility of tornados and other monstrosities. So if your comments start going unapproved during what should be the prime time of the day, you’ll know why.

2 thoughts on “A Plague Upon This Howling!

  1. it is sobering to see how something as innocuous as the weather can put us in our place and remind us as to just how little control we really have over things that happen around us. To wit, we run inside when it is raining or snowing, or if we are stuck out in it we wish we were inside our homes where it is warm and cozy. Just a thought.

  2. Observing a black mass while at your church would indeed be a frightening experience.
    (Sorry. I couldn’t resist.)

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