Tundra-Trudging Refugees: Pushed or Pulled?

A few days after President Trump issued his infamous “travel ban” executive order, stories began appearing in the media about illegal aliens in the USA who were braving arctic conditions to walk across the border from the USA into Canada. The reports implied (or even stated) that the puir, puir “refugees” were fleeing the country before the Xenophobe-in-Chief could deport them back to wherever they came from.

But were the border-crossers really running away from the Evil Trump? Or were they running towards the welcoming arms of Prime Minister Justin “Baby Doc” Trudeau? After all, Canada offers newly-arrived culture-enrichers far more generous welfare benefits than they could get in the USA, even when the country was governed by the Islamophilic Barack Hussein Obama.

A long-time Gates of Vienna reader named Gort sends this first-hand report on the situation at the border between North Dakota and Canada:

Since I noticed mention of Emerson/immigrants in the news feed, I thought I would send you a note.

I have been reduced to the employment status of “truck driver” by circumstances. It isn’t an unpleasant way to get by, since the tractors are all pretty new Kenworths and the trailers are (for the most part) pretty new. I take loads of various things into Canada from North Dakota through the port of Emerson, several times a week.

Yesterday as I listened to the CBC while up in the land of minions, I heard a story about all the poor people who were trudging across the tundra by Emerson to escape the scary USA. When I crossed back into the States I asked the border personnel if she knew anything about an upsurge in furtive border crossings, and mentioned the CBC story. She said that this sort of thing is nothing new: “They have been doing this for a long time”.

It seems that these people aren’t just fleeing a country that has come to its senses, they are sucked into a vacuum created by the kumbaya social-justice mentality up north.

Two fellows from Ghana tried the tundra crossing around Christmastime and lost some of their fingers to the gods of entropy. I think that made the news too.


— Gort

20 thoughts on “Tundra-Trudging Refugees: Pushed or Pulled?

  1. Recently a video appeared on Canadian news where a government talking head said some of the same things. That this is nothing new, there has “always been a trickle” of migrants from the US to Canada, and now it has become a stream, but it is not a flood, she explained.

    At least they are arrested when the cross. But the police explain they want to be arrested as the deal is so good once they are, as then, they can declare refugee status.

    The question that remains unasked and unanswered is, why do they get it when the US does not produce refugees?

    Even in the 1960s, American born “conscientious objectors:” to the Vietnam war would be grabbed by the RCMP and handed over to the FBI in the middle of the night and at the middle of the bridges to the USA.

    So why is Canada so willing to break its own laws and risk damaging important international relations now?

    • The present PM of this country is a perfect example of the mindless twerps uninformed Canadians insist on having to lead us. (I make an exception in the case of Stephen Harper)
      Fully 90% of these incompetent, swell-headed pillocks are Liberals, our Democrats if you will, and if you see the way Democrats are acting in the States these days you’ll know why I’m so disgusted.

      • Sadly, you are right.

        Sometimes, I think that even the NDP isn’t as bad as the Liberals – that’s how bad the Liberals are!

        Harper was, sadly, a victory engendered due to a splitting of the left, just like Notley in Alberta is a victory due to the splitting of the right in that province.

  2. On another board I go to, someone was saying how she finds Trudeau creepy, something just feels off about him. As if he’s pretty on the outside but dead on the inside, like a sarcophagus. Now I can’t stop picturing him with that Egyptian headdress, holding a crook and a flail with his arms crossed!

    • I always felt Truedeau to be one of those “Liberace” kind of perverts behind closed doors, wearing women’s clothes and dancing in feathered boas and singing Barbra Streisand show tunes in front of the mirror with a … plug in his behind.

      Sorry for the image… Or maybe I was thinking of Hannibal Lecter’s Buffalo Bill.

      Well, either way, let’s just make sure it always puts the lotion on its skin.

      • I don’t care if he wears fishnet stockings, or whatever.

        The reason I think he feels “dead” is that he’s a moron, and a True Believer(TM) in the crap that he says. Just like a low-level Soviet apparachik that actually believed the BS that he spewed.

  3. The TRUTH when hidden will always require the peeling away of a few layers to get to it.

    I had been watching this story unfold and just knew there was much more to it than was being reported, and now we know, for propaganda purposes.

    The Cannucks need to get rid of that sold his soul to the devil fool Trudeau and his lackeys.

    • We in Canada don’t have the legal resources to do this (eg: impeachment), that you in the US do… At least not to my knowledge.

    • Get rid of him? Look, no matter what he does, I’m willing to bet you the fickle, naive, uninformed voters will re-elect him!

      And BTW, it wasn’t the devil, but the moslems he sold his soul to, well who else; he couldn’t wait to dress in islamic bed-robes and shove his backside into the air at a mosque! The [redacted!]

        • Not real ‘dirt’ Nemesis, that would have been more the old man–an evil sod; but no, Justin is just so embarrassingly dumb, naive, guileless–more than anything, guileless. The absolute antithesis of a leader.

  4. Gort sounds like my husband’s kind of guy, “Bluestraveler”. He is pretty much doing the same thing, and he has similar things to say about this. And about Kenworth, too.

    Maybe my hubby and Gort should swap stories! He enters Canada trough North Dakota as well, but not Emerson, he’s entering via Estevan.

    • I have often gone up to Regina through Estevan. The interesting difference is that when going to Winnipeg through Emerson you first encounter a large wind farm. When going to Estevan the first thing you encounter is a huge open-pit coal mining operation. Trudeau would love to get rid of all the coal mining and see if he can depopulate the cold center of the dominion through the attrition of starving while freezing to death in the dark. Those people don’t vote for him anyway, d’accord?

      • Trudeau JR is just like his father — contempt for the west. When a Conservative politician brought up the job losses in Alberta due to the attacks on the oil industry the Liberal party members broke out into laughter.

        There are lots of people in Canada who, on one hand, brag about our vast resources which supposedly make us capable of taking on all who enter but yet attack the very industries based on those resources.

        It’s all madness — especially when you consider that immigration is never going to solve issues of poverty and war. Somehow, financial reality is racist. Or at least, hateful.

  5. As an emigrant from the People’s Republik of Kalifornia and longtime ND resident, the main concern I have is how to encourage more of them to move on to Canada.

    There are too many Africans here as it is; being right next door to Minnesota we get the more industrious ones who often have their own side businesses supplying the locals with various uncertified pharmalogical products.

    • We get the picture, but if you don’t mind we’d much rather you kept them.

  6. True, Trudeau is not the brightest tool in the Soros tool box collection. Danger is the people that Trudeau has put in place around him. They are smarter, fellow travellers, who care nothing for Canada’s past and seek to destroy the concept of borders as well as western culture.
    Canadians should worry about the coming warm weather, the only thing holding back the hoards is temperature. German’s bose Merdkel immigration policies are becoming Canada’s daymare reality. Be afraid if you live the border, watch the rebel media for coming updates.

    • Hey Frankie, how’s Annette?

      They may be smart, those Trudeau has surrounded himself with, but they ain’t wise to the consequences of their actions that will boomerang back to them one day.

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