Those Who Hate Fascism and Love Liberation

Austin, Texas has been a bastion of progressivism for a long time. It’s kind of like Berkeley or Ann Arbor, only with Tex-Mex thrown in.

But there’s a group down there called Red Guards Austin that goes way beyond the usual social justice boilerplate. They’re no snowflakes; they’re preparing for armed revolution. And they’re fans not only of Lenin and Chairman Mao, but also Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili, a.k.a. Joseph Stalin. These people are hardcore.

This little snip sums up the political philosophy of Red Guards Austin:

There is nothing less desirable to and more hated by the state and powers-that-be than a Maoist Communist Party because unlike other so-called parties it exists for one reason — the violent overthrow of the existing order. This means armed struggle, the establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat, and the continuation of revolution in the period of socialism. This type of party is iron clad and our party building organizations must also be iron clad. We must continue to build, to unite with all who can be united with, and expose the opportunists and barge rats for the Trots they are. We stand for the establishment of anti-fascist self-defense units which must be armed when and where possible. We stand for the building of the party and its construction of a people’s army and a united front between all those oppressed and exploited by the capitalist-imperialist system, by all those who hate fascism and love liberation. If this has earned us the enmity of the increasingly fascist state we must accept our role as rebels and proceed accordingly.

Check out the iconography on their website to get a feeling for the milieu. Comrades dressed in black or red outfits with faces fully masked, hammers-and-sickles on prominent display, with an occasional keffiyeh thrown in to show solidarity with their Palestinian brothers.

And firearms.

These are the supercharged Antifas we were speculating about here last week. And remember: the “fascists” they want to assault include me, Dymphna, Vlad, anyone who writes or translates for Gates of Vienna, and almost everyone who reads it.

One final note: the bloody fists on the poster at the top of this post are meticulously diverse, with skin shades ranging from beige through amber to brown and dark brown. However, they left out any non-male fists — a clear failure of inclusiveness!

C’mon, Red Guards! Let’s see some chick fists and pretty pink ruffled sleeves on these revolutionary posters!

Hat tip: Matthew Bracken, via WRSA.

69 thoughts on “Those Who Hate Fascism and Love Liberation

      • I suggest they’re dangerous right up to the time when an opponent inflicts some serious pain on them. The problem with these infants is that they have had no experience of pain or real fear. There are probably a small number of psychopaths amongst them but the vast majority are more likely to be wannabe revolutionaries. That’s not too excuse them and neither is it to suggest they forgo the dubious pleasure of physical pain, humiliation and uncontrolled soiling of their pants.

  1. I was in an argument over in the YouTube comments section: the same old crap from some idiot about Hitler and Mussolini being right wing. Of course, I countered with “Nazis were socialists, which is hardly right wing.” Got the usual “blah, blah, blah,” in response: “It was based on a strong patriarchal and authoritarian system, so it was right wing.”

    So I asked, “Are the concepts of small government and a free market left wing or right wing?”

    I was told that “The size of government doesn’t matter,” to which I remarked, “If a government is so limited that it can’t even hand out parking tickets, it can hardly be fascist.”

    This moron provided me with a lengthy ramble of pseudo intellectual word salad, containing what I will treasure as some truly classic stupidity: “Fascism is a political philosophy, not a noun that can be reduced into a simple one line definition. Using the dictionary to accurately define something like Fascism is more than a bit reductionist. It’s borderline subversion.”

    So, gee whiz, here we are with people willing to shut down freedom of speech, and (according to the poster above) injure, cripple and kill over something they cannot define.

    • I guess your position defines Liberal Democracy. It doesn’t define the Right. Hitler was of the right. He wasn’t a conservative in a [faux] way though.

      • Director. May I ask what you believe National Socialism represents?

        And remember, Fascism, Progessivism, Liberalism and Communism are just variations of Socialism.

      • The Z in NAZI stands for “Zocialistische” which is German for “Socialist”. They were left wingers just like Lenin and Stalin.

        • It actually comes from “Nationalsozialistische”, as in
          NA-tional so-ZI-alistische.

          That is a brand of socialism that is for the benefit of the members of a single nation (in-group); as opposed to the brand of socialism not aimed at a particular nation … or not admitted to being only for the benefit of an in-group.

          • You both basically said the same thing.

            I’d say that the nazis and communists hated each other so much because it takes one to know one.

            A pox on both their houses.

            Yet it remains “cool” in Western societies to call oneself a communist, but woe onto those who call themselves nazis.

            I hate ’em both equally.

        • [I disagree].

          ‘Nazi’ is a name derived from the German pronunciation of the first two syllables of the word ‘national’.

          The same is true for ‘Sozi’. That is, a socialist.

      • A better understanding is that of Joseph Stalin who was the one who defined Hitler as “far right” in order to separate himself ideologically from the Nazis. It does not seem to matter today that Hitler is anything but “far right” ideologically. DeriKuk above asks to define the right. Very well, the right are those who believe in limited government, the far right are therefore the anarchists (no government). I am a member of the right, but not the far right, because I never want to give government too much power over the individual. Hope that helps you with your definitions, and please stop trying to categorize us according to your fears.

        • In addition, a lot of the literary definitions are written by people with leftist political agendas, or beliefs. Why should I acknowledge their definition as some standard of the truth? Let’s call Hitler what he is, a left wing ideologue, because he believes in the state controlling the people vs. the people being given self determination. All government control is inevitably bad, despite its good intentions, and can never be benign, and all such efforts are a symptom of leftist thought. There is no such thing as a man made utopia. Pure fantasy.

        • Don’t forget that modern leftists took “far right” and made it into “right wing extremists”.

          The “Left”, per the MSM, has activists. They may report on their activities — burning up stuff and breaking windows and stealing merchandise. They also beat up any not in their group and leave huge amounts of litter behind them that municipalities have to pay someone to haul. But the MSM seldom mentions that.

          The Tea Party was never ever granted the name “activists”, though that is what they were and are. The Right, again according to the MSM & etc., contains “terrorists” – lone-wolf terrorists. They continue to use that term for Breivik, though he long ago admitted he was a neo-Nazi. In fact, he sent out letters to that effect to major MSM outlets, who studiously avoided sharing the information that he admitted he was using the Counterjihad as his front.

          Real terrorists, like Mateen in Orlando, arise from an Islamic matrix, but that is never admitted. Over and over, these killers are sold to us as one-off incidents.

          • You left off ‘radical’, Lady D. A lot of the leftist dipsticks refer to anyone who is merely a conservative as an ‘extreme right wing radical’, I get so sick of it.
            We live in very nasty times!

      • From Wiki [click on link]:

        “Libertarian writer David Boaz argued that terms left and right are used to spin a particular point of view rather than as simple descriptors, with those on the “left” typically emphasizing their support for working people and accusing the right of supporting the interests of the upper class, and those on the “right” usually emphasizing their support for individualism and accusing the Left of supporting collectivism. Boaz asserts that arguments about the way the words should be used often displaces arguments about policy by raising emotional prejudice against a preconceived notion of what the terms mean.”

        These terms muddy the waters, and mostly reflect an intellectual laziness on the part of their users. “Fascism”, for example, has a very specific meaning, and most of the users are usually quite ignorant of that meaning … and usually many other things. That is the result of miseducation.

  2. I’m in Lisbon (+/-5000 Km east of NY city) and here we have a bunch of fouls of that kind. They are supporting a socialist government -all the crap in our system joined together (together they are more than the party, that won the general election last year), hopping to get the country to bankrupt again.

    The problem is that they are «professional revolutionaries»; they are paid for; they do street performances -all covered with fleas (dogs included).

    Now, who is actually paying? If the secret services know everyone that types against muslims, how about seeing where the money comes from…

    The same happens in the UK -so it’s an European, or it’ s a worldwide issue?

    • It is a worldwide issue ines tavares. The Globalists are attempting to turn us all into a kind of fascist/communist system and are succeeding in many places.

    • European governments could easily criminalize the wearing of masks in public. No religious or festive occasion requires anyone to be masked. It is the quintessential proof of criminal intent.

      Punishing those appearing masked in public would be exactly like Giuliani’s successful campaign in New York to prosecute offenders who commit minor offenses – subway turnstile jumping, public urination, graffiti writing, vandalism, littering. It turns out minor offenses are committed by serious offenders because their contempt for law is deeply rooted.

      But there are either no such anti-mask laws or they are unenforced. This is proof of official connivance as it is beyond obvious that rioters and street thugs rely on anonymity.

      What is not done is the important fact to note.

      Therefore the conclusion is obvious: AntiFa and Maoist scum are government auxiliaries.

      One or two cops were assaulted by AntiFa-like thugs in Berlin, I think. Four hundred cops descended on the squatter community as retaliation, iirc. When the scum strayed from the approved script it was hell to pay. When it’s merely PEGIDA or AfD demonstrators, however, the cops show commendable restraint.

      Police intelligence work will still be hugely important but it is ineffective now because governments do not intend to act on it.

        • I see your point.

          Anti-mask statutes in the US provide for exemptions for religious and festive occasions. As with many laws in the West they were enacted before the rise of contemptible leftists after power at any price and the anarcho-tyranny (as described by the late Sam Francis) they instituted.

          Perhaps such those Venetians can forego the minor pleasure of appearing masked for the duration of the present emergency.

  3. In Argentina we had these same lunatics. Since the government was fairly democratic and benign these Marxists wanted to ‘make the bourgeois show their true face’ by unleashing a reign of terror, How? By killing policemen and setting off bombs etc. killing literally thousands for the sole aim of creating a brutal backlash. They got their brutal backlash indeed. Torture, terror, unmarked graves ANYTHING was used by the ‘special police’ to kill the 5,000 or so hardcore youthful ‘idealists’ who were out to turn Argentina into Cuba. That is how they won. Franco did the same thing in Spain after the Civil War and Spain’s economic growth soared throughout his benign dictatorship. Soon after Franco died, the newstands of Madrid were festooned with hard core porn to celebrate the ‘springtime of freedom’.

    • Most interesting. Thank you.

      There is an issue Western countries must face that involves what is behind laws against treason and subversion and general criminal law. Prior to the advent of communism, Western nations never had to deal with an organized internal enemy, informed by a well thought-out body of doctrine, who is totally rejectionist and intends violent revolution. (Organized crime there has been but it has either been a venal state within a state or, initially, protection against the state. Japan has an accommodation with the Yakuza apparently. A tacit sharing of jurisdiction.)

      So-called enlightened criminal justice policies work for unorganized pathology but not for organized pathology. How to deal with organized evil?

      Pinochet, Franco, and the Argentinians chose to use the tactics of their enemies and to forego the measures that meet with the approval of Hollywood celebrities. Pinochet did not take kindly to being ambushed and chose not merely to say “Oh well.”

      Revival of the concept of outlawry is in order and self defense laws adjusted to allow for a focus on how many criminal justice points an assailant had accumulated before being stopped.

      It is a messy business and inexact. However, I reject the loathsome celebration of los deparecidos whose numbers were minuscule compared to the toll of millions engineered by communists who seem to think they have an exclusive franchise on stern measures.

      The allowance of open borders and the refusal to discriminate against malevolent foreigners and criminal rejectionists is the source of most of our problems. There is no duty to be nice to your enemies or swallow their BS. We don’t have to throw away what we’ve learned but we can also learn from Giuliani, Pinochet, Franco, Singapore, Myanmar, and the Chinese in Xinjiang.

      Whatever we do, Westerners do not have to make it a religious obligation to change our status to that of minority in their own countries. Which is our current intention alas.

  4. True story:

    They troll on the internet, including Facebook of course. I have several profiles on Facebook. I get constantly suspended on one profile and just move on to the next. I don’t really care. I like it that way.

    But two days ago, a so-called Antifa member started to troll my wall in a post about Kusinich saying that the Intel community is actively trying to undermine Trump’s presidency. I never block anyone, but I actually had to block that person because it got to the point where I was threatened and all my profile pictures were swiped and reposted on a… you guessed it, a fake clone profile with the name Nash Montana. Several of my Facebook friends immediately reported this, and guess what: Facebook deleted the fake profile, AND suspended the Facebook trolls.

    I was pleasantly surprised. I expected FB to execute them, of course, but that wasn’t gonna happen, instead what happened was the exact same punishment I get for posting truthful things about gays and lesbians and the islamic invasion of the West: The person(s) got suspended for 30 days. Haha. Small victory. Meaningless. I know. But still… it kinda felt good…

    Oh and I got a nice email from Facebook explaining to me that they were sorry I had this “bad experience” and that they will make sure the perps will not be able to repeat this. HA!

    There will be more. Many more.

    • What do you have against gays and lesbians? Many of us are avid conservatives and Trump supporters, especially those of us over 50.

      • Hi wilypagan, just wanted to say you’re not alone on here as a sexual minority. I’m not 50 yet, but also a Trump supporter. I used to be a fundamentalist Christian before I came out of the closet, so I understand religious arguments against homosexual acts and don’t take it personally. I suspect many sincere Christians on this site hold the position of distinguishing between homosexual acts and persons. I certainly feel “safer” here than I do on a leftist site that gives a blank check to Shariah Law.

        I do feel the right’s condemnation of Islamic violence against sexual minorities is sincere, and even if they believe I’m choosing the wrong path, they don’t wish me ill.

        Anyway, just wanted to offer a bit of solidarity to both you and everyone here.

      • Just for the record, *I* have nothing against gays and lesbians. I basically just don’t care either way – I’ve even had people rumour that I’m gay, and view it as of such little consequence that I never bothered correcting it unless someone asked or it came onto the topic.

        There’s a certain type of idiot gay-communist-leftard out there that I despite, but it’s due to the communist-leftard bit, not the gay bit!

      • Lol seriously? I have nothing against anyone that doesn’t force me to bake a cake or take a picture against my will.

        What I should have specified is that I usually get banned for posting truths such as maybe gays and lesbians should rethink their unholy alliances with Islam or rethink their stance on gunnrights.

        Just common sense things that FB thinks should not be said as they seem to be ‘mean spirited’ towards Facebooks protected class.

        I literally got suspended for 30 days a few months ago for saying ‘Gay rights end where Islam begins, gays will always lose their special status when it comes to competing for protected class first place with Islam. Islam will always win that battle.’

    • Nash – How do you manage to run several FB profiles? I used to do that until they insisted on ID or a mobile phone number. I have been banned permanently under my own name so have given up on FB. If you can tell me how to get back into it I would be much obliged.

  5. Could someone with photoshop skills take that picture and replace “fascists” with “commies”?

  6. So I went to their website. Yep, they look crazy. But they’re not immortal. Anybody who worships Stalin is insane, and it tells me that their idea of liberation is to become an automaton.

      • Stalin perverted ‘authentic’ Communism for his own purpose. His own ‘advisors’ were shocked at the methods he introduced. You should read a little history occassionally.

        And my comment does not mean that I endorse Communism, which I do not!

    • The phrases from last century communism such as “expose the opportunists and barge rats for the Trots they are” makes it just sound like satire.

  7. The Dem party will belong to these commies if Keith Ellison is elected chairman. Neither he or the Sanders supporters care about women’s issues. If they choose Ellison it will be a clear win for the GOP as the forgotten Dem women and white working class will permanently migrate to the GOP.

  8. This is an interesting article about what is happening to America…albeit using strong language NSFW. A few (cleaned up) snippets follow after link:

    “They could go hardcore tomorrow, and be effective, at least for some time. They’ve got organizational infrastructure in place. They’ve got leadership cadre and numbers. They’ve got the will to get violent, right now. What they don’t have is their puppet masters handing them guns and ammo…yet. Sam’s right. It’s an ugly potential that is probably not far off. ”
    …”There is a huge problem with normalcy bias in this country—a subject I’ve written about a lot on this blog, in the past. As long as “our guys” have control in DC, all is fine, right? Well, just like this last presidential cycle demonstrated that people on the Right were no longer content with the Beltway status quo, it should have demonstrated that people on the Left were no longer content with the Beltway status quo as well.
    #1) The people of Dixie weren’t stupid, and neither was their leadership. They didn’t run right out and start attacking the Army of the United States. They took a defensive role, and said, basically, “Hey, leave us alone, and all is well.” They didn’t want a fight. The Left today isn’t content with that, for a variety of reasons. They DO want a fight, and they’re not taking a defensive role. They are already attacking their enemies. They’re just not doing it with guns…yet….much.”
    …”This is an actual civil war, as in a conflict between ideologically-opposed factions within the civilian and political population of a country. Like real civil wars, it is not going to be pretty. It’s not going to be armies, in pretty uniforms, fighting pitched, conventional battles. It’s going to be a matter of assassination, sabotage, hit-and-run raids, targeting ideological leadership figures, enemy families, etc.”

    “…only one side has consistently displayed a willingness to get violent, right now, right here, despite the blatherings of the Right about ‘Molon Labe!’ and ‘From My Cold Dead Fingers,” etc….Talk is cheap. It will be a number of blood baths, but 99% of the victims are NOT going to be the Leftist pseudo-Anarchists that are willing to *******(mess things) up, already, without quality weapons at their disposal. ”
    …”I can tell you what…fair fights? “Standup fights?” are a sucker’s bet. ”
    …” It’s fun to poke fun at the opposition. It’s easy to make jokes about ‘safe spaces,’ etc. Those dudes smoking people in the head with bricks? Those people staring down the riot cops, and taking bean bag rounds to the face and chest, to get a chance to lob a brick or a Molotov Cocktail at them? They’re not scared of you and they’re not looking for a ***** safe space. They’re willing to stand by their convictions, right or wrong.
    That doesn’t make them good guys, by any stretch. It does make them far more qualified for the change in velocity of the collapse that we’re witnessing. People have been talking smack since election night, about how now, the Left was going to go away, because POTUS wasn’t going to put up with their shenanigans. Well, he may not, but it’s going to take a lot more to stop them than people are ready to understand. I’m not even saying that won’t happen, but if you’re sitting here, talking ****(crap) on your computer, instead of DOING ****(crap), and TRAINING, and PRACTICING for how you’re going to REALISTICALLY respond to this ****(crap), when it shows up in your neighborhood? You’re full of****(crap).”
    …”As Matt Bracken pointed out in a recent Facebook post himself, we’re looking at more of a Balkans and/or Argentine “Dirty War” conflict. People just haven’t accepted that, because it doesn’t fit their mental images of what “war,” even “guerrilla war” looks like. That, in turn, is because, even the most devout conversions to the “Church of the Anti-Media” in this country today, have a lifetime of conditioning to the media’s portrayal of what “reality” is. From what a “proper” war looks like, to what “collapse” looks like, to what “bad guys” look like.”

    —–>read the whole thing at the link

    • It’d be funny if most of them turned out to be agents for different security services, not realising that the other ones are too, and that they were just wasting each others’ time pretending to be commies.

      Sadly, true commies actually do exist. I’ve run in to such idiots in university.

      University is where I concluded that the people who work in the caretaking department have more brains and political intelligence than the average student.

      • “It’d be funny if most of them turned out to be agents for different security services, not realising that the other ones are too, and that they were just wasting each others’ time pretending to be commies.”.

        I saw a TV show like that once. It was about a young police officer who goes undercover to catch some big drug bosses. Two out of the three bosses she was investigating turned out to be undercover too and none of them knew about the others. It made sense in context, but I still found that unintentionally hilarious.

  9. Apparently after a violent demonstration earlier this year some of them have been questioned, rwo have been charged with felonies and one of the leaders has been charged with an “assault with a deadly weapon” felony. The erstwhile victim appears to have been a cop.

    It’s over. Enjoy your new career as a license plate maker Mr. Whackjob.

    • As someone here mentioned, they are likely nearly all infiltrators/informers/instigators working for the state security apparatus – at the behest of certain moneyed interests. Thus, they are being paid for by the taxpayers. It also explains why the cops are loathe to beat up on their colleagues-in-disguise.

      Look! … a squirrel!

  10. Interesting — anyone who writes or translates for Gates of Vienna, and almost everyone who reads it. I suppose I am supposed to lose sleep now or place my 9mm next to my pillow at night- LOL Anyone who is in opposition to their commie agenda is a hateful Fascist. My numerous articles on gates of vienna blog targets me on their list but ho hum. I agree most are all talk but a few just might be a threat. Telling the truth about political Islam makes one a Nazi in their eyes. Once they try this revolution they be shocked when they find out that the rural areas are mostly controlled by gun-toting conservatives and they’ll go home to their safe space, most of them.

  11. Liberalism has failed.
    Democracy has failed.
    Tolerance has failed.

    Hitler knew it and theses guys know it.

    The only difference is Hitler’s club had an exclusive entry policy.

    The strong will destroy the weak, and the champions ‘freedom’, ‘liberty’ and ‘law’ will be shown as either fools or frauds.

    • > Hitler’s club had an exclusive entry policy.

      His entry policy was comparatively open compared with the enduring bunch … the small number of families that have ruled most of humanity since antiquity. They are the real royalty, though descended from the mafia of centuries ago. Family ties matter. Blood is thick and selective.

    • That great documentary “The Sorrow and the Pity” made the point that many Europeans in the interwar years had given up on democracy and saw their choice as being between fascism or communism. It’s hard not to agree with your comment now.

      The enormous prosperity enjoyed in the West appears to have been an aberration and fools enamored of socialism have voted for ever more exactions from their fellow citizens and hinderances on business.

      In the US we narrowly escaped electing another member of a dynasty although a blancmange third representative of one was to our credit handed his head on a platter.

      The last president was a white-hating, Islam-loving, nothingburger man of mystery who surrounded himself with communists and hated America. If he ever tinkered with a carburetor while enjoying a brewski on a summer afternoon or thumbed through and armed forces recruiting pamphlet I’ll eat my MAGA hat.

      The wholesale dispossession of the majority white population has hardly spoiled the breakfast of millions of Americans while their livelihoods have been transported across the sea and their lands bought up by hostile foreigners. Detestable foreigners throw money around to subvert and destroy with no retaliation.

      Europeans routinely and with great determination elect and re-elect and re-elect the very toads who are intent on turning their countries into third-world slums people’s by parasitic Africans and arrogant, savage Muslims hell bent on complete domination.

      So, it’s not looking good for Team Democracy and, as I’ve frequently maintained on this site, liberal problems increasingly can only be solved by illiberal methods. Over 200 years of the American experience appear to have served up an electoral and judicial system superbly calculated to reward weakness, cowardice, and world-class self-deception. With luck, Mr. Trump’s election is not an example of the famed dead cat bounce.

  12. I speak openly as a Trotskyist therefore Communist. These types such as Antifa, Maoism, CPs (all Stalinist), British Labour Party like Corbyn, Sanders, so many of different hues, are basically promoters of the ideology of Islam and this is pretty specific to this particular era. How wide…I am told the act of Congress which facilitated open borders into America caused great damage to the NATION of America. Empty words of definition of this or that are secondary to reality.

  13. A very big crowd of people yesterday marched FOR MORE IMMIGRATION!!! through Barcelona and ended on the edge of the Med. Sea in that city. They are urged on by the Podemos Mayor of Barcelona a lamentable do-gooder woman by the name of Ada Colau and by every political party except the ex Francoist dictator PP (now that is savage irony).

    You could say all the “left” wingers in Spain EXCEPT ME were also out calling for open borders. I am a Trotskyist and a Marxist and I say they are out of their minds and they are deliberately ignoring that millions of youth are leaving Spain unable to find work and happiness in their own country.

    And Spain is a serious basket case economically. It already has millions of Muslims aiming to take over and create el Andalus. Meanwhile the native Iberian Lynx is in danger of extinction and abandoned dogs wander filled with hunger and total neglect. You judge a country by the way it treats its dumb animals. No?

    But these lamentable nut cases in Barcelona yesterday want to bring in more trouble. They show that they have no respect for NATION or anything in fact and this is a big part of the problem of the so-called “left” today.

    • You need not be too concerned, Felix. These things will sort themselves out. The catastrophic [low] birth rate in current European native cultures will have them disappear in a matter of decades. They will be replaced by a new hybrid culture with Islam at its core, and dominated by LIGHT-skinned people of MIDDLE Eastern origin … real racists who HATE darker skin; AND, having exhausted the welfare Ponzi schemes, will clamp down hard on any [further] newcomers.

      The future belongs to those who show up for it, and are willing to defend it.

  14. Deri

    Not so fast there! This game is not over yet.

    We Irish fought for about 800 years so we will not give up on anything so easily.

    I am just stating the problem with Barcelona. Ask who was behind this march in favour of immigration…they are Podemos, PSOE, the Churches every one especially the Catholic, the teachers, the middle classes, the Media, but essentially they are supporting Sharia and Islam. This is NOT a Marxist phenomenon so let’s clear the decks there at least. I may be only one but at least I do know what Marx DID write about Islam. Part of the battle is to see what is in front of our eyes.

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