Antifas Greet Marine Le Pen in Nantes

A planned visit to Nantes by Marine Le Pen — the leader of the Front National, and the front-runner in this year’s French presidential election — caused “spontaneous” rioting in the city by Antifa and related “anti-fascist” groups. A substantial deployment of well-armed police was required to restore order.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:04   Molotov cocktails, projectiles, or fireworks.
00:08   in the streets of Nantes small groups
00:12   are trying to pick a fight with law enforcement, the latter
00:16   responding with a heavy reinforcement of tear gas.
00:20   Banner: “The Front National is a mortal danger. In life, at work, equality without discrimination. NO to the party of hatred.”
Clashes during a rally against
00:24   the National Front. 2-3 thousand people opposed the arrival of Marine Le Pen.
00:28   Banner: “Let’s be ungovernable”
A demonstration that was calm at first,
00:32   but the first clashes rapidly begin.
00:36   Some demonstrators, tiny groups of left-wingers,
00:40   booing the police, are disrupting the march: scenes which have become
00:44   almost normal in Nantes. “We have already observed many times, on numerous occasions,
00:48   during other rallies, the throwing of Molotov cocktails and
00:52   incendiary bombs. They are well-equipped, those groups in Nantes,
00:56   in order to lead urban guerrillas against the law enforcement.” Among
01:00   700 people deployed, at least eleven police officers and gendarmes were wounded.
01:05   Eight perpetrators were arrested. Once again the downtown
01:09   is the victim of violence: broken windows, signboards at the tram stops vandalized,
01:13   and the inhabitants of Nantes are worried about new clashes this afternoon
01:17   during the meeting of Marine Le Pen.

21 thoughts on “Antifas Greet Marine Le Pen in Nantes

  1. Thugs will take any excuse to destroy, eh? It’s almost like they’re trying to turn their cities into living trash heaps to compliment their garbage ideology.

    My new hobby is watching YouTube videos of riot police tackling protesters. It’s very satisfying. Portland has been especially good for those kinds of videos lately. I feel like I should sent the Portland PD some fruit baskets or something as a sign of my appreciation.

    • I’m seventy and I’ve been “interfacing” with the constabulary since the fifties. My experience is the officers need no encouragement or special reward for clubbing people; it is the reason they sought employment in the department in the first place.

      • Aw gee shucks a man can’t resist arrest while armed for beating up his wife without the police getting unnecessarily stern and needlessly fighting back.Hey brother I hear you.

          • Look Director we crims and assorted low life’s have every right to rush to each other’s defense.We have a common interest after all in dissing the police.

            They try to stop our activities and of course we don’t like anyone who try’s to stop the party.
            Coming between us and our victims is kinda frustrating and really unfair to us and we ain’t going to take it lying down.

      • Well you certainly offended my thoughts. You know as well as I do that what you have put up does not cover all law enforcement, only a few who should be not be wearing that uniform.

    • It seems to me the authorities are rather soft when dealing with Antifa morons. These demos should be nipped in the bud as soon as missiles are thrown – it could be done easily were there the will. Any chance the local politicians/bureaucracies/law enforcement are maybe not fans of LePen?

  2. The Antifas seem to be more violent than in the USA, but I sense their movement is growing among the millennial generation here. It does not appear to be a problem in Arizona unlike California but our state is red and much of California, mainly cities, is blue. Could it happen at University of Arizona in Tucson? Possibly but hopefully not. These thugs would not cause this type of Mayhem in our small town. I think it’s how these Antifas are contributing to the end of western civilization by not only attacking the anti islamization movement but helping to facilitate the Islamic takeover. Even Bridgette Gabriel testifies how the Muslims turned on the Leftist Marxist allies after the Muslim’s took control during the Civil War in Lebanon. They need to read history! Maybe I need to do the research and put together an essay on this for gatesofvienna. I am sure these Antifas would call it a Fascist lie.

    • It’s because they shun history that they do it. Molotov cocktails being thrown at police can only mean one thing – an escalation of the violence in anticipation of the police to begin using live rounds instead of the rubber variety.

      If that occurs then all Hell will break loose.

        • Tough man in authority when and where he was needed.

          Obviously those in Nantes throwing molotov’s at police were not too particular if their actions had killed or seriously injured one or several of those officers – in my opinion, the molotov’s are being used quite regularly now and there is an obvious reason for that, and that is to get police to react with deadly force and when that occurs and it will, because it is just a matter of time, especially if Le Pen is elected president, as the Left, like Islam, will not give up what they have gained, it will be then that the ‘protesters’ will start shooting back.

  3. The ONLY good thing about an Islamic take-over would be to see them off the traitors to their countries. Once a traitor, always a traitor. They may be violent, the leftists, but they sure are idiots.

  4. Well organised protesters led by professional anarchists in the employ of George Soros, who funds so many groups in Europe he has the continent in his pocket. There are 751 ministers in the European Parliament. DC Leaks published the names of 300 of them “friendly to Open Society”. His agents in every European country.

  5. Anestos Canelidis on February 27, 2017 at 7:58 pm said:
    Please do write that essay about the background of Antifa (=pro-Fa!).
    Here in Europe that dangerous ultra-leftist movenent behaves more violent than in the US, and are being sponsored by local gouvernments to disturb peaceful demonstrations of , for instance, Pegida.
    The times, foresaid by the prophet Yesaya (chapter 5), are nearing: In those days the truth will be seen as evil and evil as the truth.

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