Viktor Orbán Congratulates Donald Trump

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán was one of the first foreign leaders to congratulate Donald Trump after his inauguration.

Many thanks to CrossWare for translating this brief article from the Hungarian daily Magyar Idők:

Viktor Orbán Congratulates Donald Trump

In a letter to Donald Trump on Friday, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán congratulated the new President of the United States Of America. The letter was provided to the media by Bertalan Havasi, the leader of the Prime Ministerial Communications Office.

In the letter Viktor Orbán emphasises that Donald Trump’s “historical election victory gives him a strong authority from the American people to enact changes.” The PM believes the world is facing great challenges, which require a new and courageous approach.

“With expanding economic relations and a longstanding collaboration in areas such as the fight against terrorism, as well as a similar belief in economic and security policy, our common feeling of responsibility about our citizens’ safety, the country’s border control and migration, history now provides an opportunity to jointly shape the future,” emphasized the Prime Minister.

In the letter Viktor Orbán highlighted that Hungary awaits with joy the chance “to further deepen its long-standing, strong and cordial relations” with the United States.

The Prime Minister is confident that through continued partnership we will be able to cope with the challenges and seize the opportunities.

At the end of the Hungarian Prime Minister’s congratulatory letter, he reiterated his continued support of the newly-inaugurated US president.

21 thoughts on “Viktor Orbán Congratulates Donald Trump

  1. It is time to clean the Augean Stables and remove the decades worth of dung that have been allowed to accumulate under successive globalist administrations. As President Trump braces himself to the task, may he be joined in the task by the likes of Mr Orban, Mr Putin, Mrs May & Mr Farage, Mr Wilders, Ms LePen, and Mrs Petry.

    Winston Churchill said it best when he declared, “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

      • And perhaps Cori Bernadi if has the cojones to leave the LNP and start the OZ Conservatives.

        That is what I like about my ancestral home and its people – they don’t take BS lying down for long…

  2. Today I learned a new word,margay-a S American near extinct feral feline Perfect pet for Orban.But then margays and magyars are hard to domesticate.

  3. The Orbán–Trump relationship could very well be extremely important for the future of Europe. Hungary could become the touchstone that redefines the relationship between America and the nations of Europe (exclusive of the British Isles) that ultimately deposes the EU hegemony. Irrespective of what Orbán’s and his party’s domestic political and economic policies may be (which I know not), the right of national self-determination and the preservation of Christian civilization (which is inseparably foundational to what was Western civilization) should be the common ground upon which to build this new relationship.

    If Wilders and Le Pen prevail . . . watch out.

    • I can see how Orban be a great help to Trump. Despite Trump is pretty quick and well versed in many economical paradigm, the European political jungle will be new to him. Orban is a seasoned politician, played the role of bullfighter in the EU, jumping away from the German/Brussels [bovine excrement].
      With Trump strength and Orban wisdom they can’t do wrong!

  4. Long live Donald J. Trump!
    Long live Vikor Orban!
    Long live Nigel Farage!
    Long live Geert Wilders!
    Long live M. LePen!
    and long live Vladimir Putin!

  5. Trump helped Hungary just by being elected.

    They now know the US will not tolerate NATO forces being used to bring the EU member countries under the threat of military coercion and occupation. I think part of the pathological reluctance of the neocons to acknowledge Trump as President is that they expected a President Hillary to collaborate in the squelching of any country willing to assert its own national interest against the globalists of the EU.

    • I agree. The EU is finished as a political bloc. It may have a use as a free trade area – a sort of expanded EFTA, for example.

      I predict a general worldwide realignment around the anglosphere & friends.

      • That is the “funny” part… Originally that was the goal! EU being an economic bloc. That was given as promise when the Hungarian’s joined. Nothing more!

        • I can remember the time before the EU, when it was merely an economic union and de Gaulle vetoed the admission of Great Britain into the club.

          This has some interesting dates:

          and this one is valuable for its timeline and structural underpinnings:

          I doubt the EU can long stand against the forces of nationalism and sovereignty that are on the rise again. Among other things, the formation of the EU was supposed to ensure that Germany wouldn’t be the superpower in Europe. But you can’t change cultural DNA. Germany be Germany; Germans have a genius for enterprise and organization.

          But how could anyone have known there was a suicidal time bomb buried in its bitterly sad heart?? Some talented photoshopper ought to portray Merkel as Samson, bringing the EU temple down around herself. Is that not the epitome of deconstruction? Of womanly wisdom on steroids?

          [So what if Samson was a man and Merkel is a woman? Gender ‘fluidity’ will permit the presto! changeo! “she” requires to make the necessary anatomical progression. Somehow it is biblically fitting that this time around it is Woman who brings the whole Rube Goldberg contraption crashing down. Just goes to show that money may be necessary but it’s not sufficient for doing good. Take note, President Trump…]

          • Very old joke:

            During a break in the UK’s first negotiatiations to join the Common Market, British PM Harold Wilson flopped into a chair next to de Gaulle, exclaiming, “Mon Dieu, je suis fatigue!” De Gaulle replied, ” ‘arold, we are alone, you may call me “Mon General” ‘.

      • Talk about a Trojan horse, that is the role of so-called “trade” agreements.

        Trump is pulling out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Most news organizations treat his reasoning as that the trade agreements are bad for the US. They are, but the real catch of the TPP is that it contains mechanisms for mandatory arbitration and decision-making that do not involve the US Executive or Legislative branches. In other words, the TPP includes a small mechanism which can be grown over time to comprise a multinational, unelected government.

        The EU (which started as the Common Market) did indeed give the rationale of lowering trade barriers. But, the architects of the EU were hard-core socialists who always had the objective in mind of expanding government authority, both within countries and across countries.

        In other words, trade agreements, except for bilateral treaties, are dangerous and should be avoided. It’s true that business is more expensive and more cumbersome when there is not a common agreement on trade, regulations, and currency. But, this is simply a tradeoff of freedom for money. What is the price of freedom and independence?

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