Jihad Terrorist Attack Thwarted in Austria

While Donald Trump was taking the oath of office today in Washington, police in Vienna were arresting an Albanian mujahid who was allegedly planning a bomb attack in the city. Thanks to a tip from foreign intelligence, the would-be bomber was located and apprehended by counterterrorism police.

Many thanks to Egri Nök for translating this article from the Kronen Zeitung:

With homemade bomb

We were targeted by terrorism: Attacker arrested in Vienna

A bloodbath in Vienna was barely prevented this Friday evening. Officers of the special force COBRA arrested an 18-year-old terror suspect, who, according to several tips from foreign secret services, had planned a bomb attack in Vienna in January. This Friday the high-threat suspect entered Austria, and from then on his every step was surveilled by the investigators. Then in the early evening, the anti-terror unit seized and arrested the suspected assassin.

There had been increasing evidence that “a group of ethnic Albanian radical Islamists” were planning an attack in Vienna between January 15 and 30. The national authorities were informed and on the alert.

Indeed, the urgently suspected IS sympathizer entered Austria on Friday. He allegedly had built an explosive device on his own in Germany, to carry out a bloody attack in Vienna.

Seizure in the Quellenstraße

The authorities subsequently monitored the suspected attacker. On late Friday afternoon, at 6:03 PM, the apprehension took place in Favoriten: the suspect was located, overpowered and arrested. Thereafter, an apartment in the nearby Rotenhofgasse was meticulously searched by the investigators — the findings of this police operation have not yet been released.

Police ask for increased vigilance

Meanwhile, the police in Vienna are asking the population for increased vigilance, especially at heavily frequented places. The executive is to be immediately informed of anything suspicious that is observed — such as abandoned luggage — says the police spokesman Thomas Keiblinger. Additionally, “Officers in uniform and in plainclothes are increasingly on the move.” Minister of Interior Wolfgang Sobotka and top Austrian politicians thanked the security forces for their excellent work.

Security measures in Vienna increased after Berlin

In the aftermath of the terrorist attack on a Christmas market in Berlin in December of last year — twelve people lost their lives and dozens more were injured when Anis Amri plowed a truck through the masses — the police presence in Austria was strengthened and all units were put on heightened alert.

The security measures at the Christmas markets in Vienna were also reviewed. But the “protection” of attacks by heavy vehicles like those in Berlin and Nice caused criticism, too.

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  1. Are the Albanians never satisfied? ‘We’ just ripped off part of Serbia and them ‘You are Muslim – you are special’ access to Christisn Europe. The
    stench has now become truly nauseating. How’s that drugs, guns and body running going? Europe needs to close its borders very soon and deal with the wreckage of its drunken EU nightmare – country by country.

    • My friend don’t get confused with Albanians and the wanna be Albanians that claim they Albanian as of the religion Albanians don’t really care for Islam or Christianity the true Albanians value tradition above any religione EU is going to be a mess since they leave Albanian problems a said EU made this problems in 1912 1920s and 45 and 60 continuesly surprising the Albanians and destroying everything there as of this little kid that is back round Albanian they should say who was the secret service behind this what does not make sense how he crossed borders from Germany to Austria with all those explosives not get caught i can’t clear a pack of cigarets with out receit in border crossing

  2. This is sad but also leaves me wondering now who was that secret service that reported this as of right now France Russia Serbia Greece are provoking a war in ballkan region and what is letting me wonder who is supporting this Albanian Islamic redicals to attempt such action agains one of the biggest Albanian Allie

    • “France Russia Serbia Greece are provoking a war in ballkan region”
      Too much weed is bad for your health.

  3. Hello? Not an ‘Albanian mujahid’ but a teenage Austrian citizen with an Albanian background. The facts are serious and sad enough without twisting them for extra effect. The lesson here should be to educate and integrate (young) citizens and all legal residents to prevent radicalisatuon; not to demonise people from certain countries and religions.

    • Migrants here almost never become Austrian.
      In most cases it`s not a problem that produces violence or radicalism.

      I can imagine that it`s not easy for a foreigner to identify oneself with Austria.
      Especially for the ones from the Balkans and Eastern countries.
      One can travel to ones place of origin with a car in a few hours.

      It`s hard enough for many real Austrians (besides of lip service).
      And for decades it was not something politicaly wanted, and with todays Multiculturalism it gets questioned again.
      Who wants to integrate in a deconstructed society?

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