The Calais Jungle: It’s Baaaack!

Back in October the French authorities ordered the dismantling of the “Jungle” migrant camp near Calais. The camp was duly razed and its inhabitants dispersed, but the “refugees” didn’t abandon hope of getting through the Chunnel to Britain — they just relocated to other spots nearby.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this article from François de Souche:

Calais: two months later, camps reappear and migrants return in greater and greater numbers

by Tom

Migrants — mostly returning from reception and guidance centers to which they had been conducted after the dismantling of the “Jungle” — are building new, more discreet camps under very precarious conditions.

Several hundred illegal immigrants returned to Calais some two months after the dismantling of the “Jungle” at the end of last October, says The Independent. According to the British newspaper, they are housed in six camps in rural areas away from major roads, in makeshift huts — and their number has been steadily increasing in the last few days.

Many of them are minors whose asylum applications have been rejected by the British government: after being diverted into reception and orientation centers (CAOs), they decided to cross to France to try their luck again in Calais.

“There are more and more people coming back, and just this week, there are dozens of them who have arrived; It can only continue and accelerate,” says Julien Muller, volunteer of the association Terre d’errance, who intervenes in one of these “secret camps” located in Norrent-Fontes, 43 miles from Calais. About 130 people live there, and even though it has in reality existed since 2008, it is only since the dismantling of the “Jungle” that it began to grow.



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  1. Read your history. This has all happened before and the solution to the problem is how much does Europe value itself? That question also applies to America.

    No culture or civilization can protect itself if it lets “everyone” in. Back in my day, my parents were questioned before being allowed in and then they had to take a citizenship test to become citizens. We COULD go back to that, if we had the b*lls and the nerve. It might make the country more civilized again, you know.

    • Totally agree, but in a world that no longer respects the notion of what a “country” is, at least in the doomed West, it’s no surprise they’re suddenly letting anyone in.

      • There’s only one crowd I would NEVER let in, given the choice, and they are for all practical purposes the only crowd being let in.

        Moreover, they are the only crowd on the planet whose ‘holy’ book demands they either convert us to their murderous faith or slaughter us, yet they are ‘our friends’ and must be welcomed!

        The insanity continues.

        • I can’t bear reading the news anymore, it feels like reading a daily report from some asylum.

    • Great film, but I don’t think (spoiler alert) we’re anywhere near cannibalism yet!

  2. The language used to describe the situation; migrants, illegal immigrants, minors, people, etc., is a major part of the problem. By using such language instead of calling a spade a spade, tbe discussion is framed in such a way as to make it extremely difficult to address the problem as it should be addressed. Imagine, for example, if these criminals were instead referred to as criminals, foreign invaders, freeloaders, possible terrorists, or suspected or future rapists. The range of acceptable means to deal with the problem would be far greater were the issue framed to the public in such a manner.

    The choice of language used is deliberate, and illustrates that the media, their owners, and the influence peddlers behind the scenes have decided such an invasion is desired. We should guard against using the language of the media when discussing the situation or what to do about it. We pull our own punches when we do so, and our opinions would have far more weight amongst the undecided when we accurately describe these criminals and invaders as what they are.

    • What I resent is the article using the term, ‘mainly minors’. They are not sodding minors. They are adults, pure and simple. Our government in the UK told us they were taking in children from the camp, yet, when you look at them, you can see they are adults, thus leaving the real kids behind. Now we learn they lied. Well duh’ of course, muslims lie and deceive all the time, the quran tells them to.

  3. Of course it’s back. Moving people around doesn’t resolve the root problem of it all. How long til they finally figure out the best solution is to not let so many people in?

  4. As an addendum to the Calais story, you may remember that in spite of protests the UK government did a deal with France to accept a large number (unknown) of child migrants from the Jungle which was being broken up. I pause here just to remind everyone that France is not at war and, therefore, a safe country. Off went the UK Home(land) Office officials to assess the claims of these children. They refused to make dental or bone checks , deemed to be against the children’s human rights but used their eyesight to establish their ages. Well, they must have been Mr. Magoo vision.
    In October the first children began to arrive in the UK. It was obvious to everyone who saw the pictures of the grinning migrants that they were well over the age of 18. The Home Office issued vehement denials, put up screens at the arrivals point in London, and supplied blankets to completely cover the children. They were then dispersed around the country into the care of social services.
    Guess, what? A Freedom of Information request by the Daily Mail newspaper published today has revealed that no migrant claiming to be a child and who arrived from Calais, or by any other route, is under 18. But they have made it, courtesy of the government [persons of lesser intelligence] and will never be deported. That’s why Calais is filling up again.

  5. The only positive result of the mass Muslim migration is that the Western Hemisphere will become even richer.

    • In the number of raped women and children, number of heads missing, number of women and children in full covering, not allowed out without a male, hands and feet missing, stoning women to death, burning people to death, flogging…. sex slaves.. no music, no dancing, singing, no theatre, cinema, no sunbathing.. your whole way of life gone. Is that the ‘richer’ you mean?

  6. The UK has created this monster of a problem by being so lucrative on the welfare front ,spending millions on having documents printed in many different languages and generally pandering to anyone that isn’t British ,you certainly don’t see this happening in France (maybe that’s why they don’t want to live here ?!) .

  7. Have any of you people SEEN what’s left of where “these people” fled? Where the he’ll is your humanity and compassion?

    • You do realise […] that most of these men coming over here are not from war-torn countries? They are economic migrants trying it on who will not work, but expect everything to be paid for and provided free. They are an invasion force, nothing more.

      Where […] are all the women, children and elderly???

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