Culture-Enriching Defenestration and Murder in Senftenberg

The incident described in the following report took place in Senftenberg in the German state of Brandenburg. Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this article from B.Z.:

Deadly drama in asylum seeker family: man pushes wife out of window

After a fight dramatic scenes unfolded in Senftenberg: a man pushed his wife out of the window and then murdered her with a knife.

Monday evening towards 21:35 in an apartment in Senftenberg, a 31-year-old man pushed his wife (27) out of the window of their seconnd-floor apartment. The woman fell eight meters to the ground.

She was still alive, but her husband went downstairs and cut her throat with a knife.

The man was apprehended by police shortly thereafter. Apparently the couple from Chechnya had been fighting loudly before the murder. Allegedly the 27-year-old woman was cheating on her husband with other men.

The couple’s five children were present in the apartment when it all happened. However, they were sleeping when the man pushed their mother out of the window.

At first there was talk only of someone having fallen out of the window.

The asylum seeker from Chechnya has been arrested for manslaughter. The children have been taken in by a foster family.

Disclaimer: it was first reported that this incident took place at an asylum seeker home. But it happened in an apartment complex in which the asylum seeker family lived.

6 thoughts on “Culture-Enriching Defenestration and Murder in Senftenberg

  1. This guy must be so confused right now, in his little bird brain, he was only exercising his rights as the aggrieved husband. Does Germany have a one of those Kangaroo Court Human Rights Tribunals, like we have in Cañada? This would be an open and shut slam dunk for those pin heads.

    • By now the defenses of “cultural necessity” and “sexual emergency” must be firmly be established in those courts.

      An American jury bought the “Twinkie” defense once so I’m not looking down my nose here. I’m going to give the “leftist provocation” defense a shot the next time I have uncontrollable urges.

  2. “The asylum seeker from Chechnya has been arrested for manslaughter.”

    Why on earth is Germany accepting asylum seekers from Chechnya?

    • Possibly he was originally from Nigeria.

      That doesn’t clarify anything if you think about it, but clarity is not a requirement in these times. Wir schaffen das, if you get my drift. Which translates as “No stupidity is beneath us,” in case you were wondering.

  3. A 27 year old woman with 5 children doesn’t have the time or energy to take a lover!

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