Battlefield USA 2016

This is turning out to be a VERY interesting election. I’m staying away from the MSM (I can’t stand it), but the information on the election returns is flowing into the alternative media, and so far it’s not what I expected.

As most of you already know, Gates of Vienna is not a breaking news blog. Below are some of the sites that are doing regular updates on the election, and I recommend them:

21 thoughts on “Battlefield USA 2016

  1. The Trump Train is heading for Washington. If the REAL voting trend was out of reach of the Democratic cheating machine, Trump would be miles ahead!

    Good luck and God Bless America because the real fight to wrest control back from the Globalists is only just beginning.

    • “Only just beginning” is correct.

      It’s looking like a fantastic night for Mr T – but this is where it starts, not ends…

      Next stop Germany? Now – if only German voters next year can give Angela and hour cohorts a surprise, every bit as momentuous as Brexit, or this US election… the AfD should get their act together – fast!

      • The main problem, as I see it, is the naivety of many concerning the networking that is the Globalists, and it is the kind of networking that has its tentacles into almost everything one can think of.

        While many will target the BIG Banks and the military-industrial complex there are so many other parts of a world controlling mechanism, that is so well hidden within respectable institutions, that attempting to expose such evil doings is to risk one’s own public reputation in doing so.

        Even the Clinton’s are probably not aware of who or what it is that has allowed them their almost unmitigated criminality.

        Not only that, but who will have the courage that is required to take on what it is that actually controls these institutions and almost the entire planet?

  2. It’s beginning to look like whatever cheating did occur, it wasn’t enough.
    The LameStream NY Times predicts Trump at more than 95%.

    (Yes, I love watching election results on the sites of the opposition: I watched Brexit on the Guardian throughout. It’s more fun that way.)

    Chalk one up for the locally-run “disorganised” elections, U.S.-style.
    Else *guaranteed* that it would have been like what happened in Austria (though that one is amazing also, in that a court ordered a re-run).

  3. I never thought that it would happen, but the American people look like they’re about to prove the old adage: NEVER SELL AMERICA SHORT.

    Apparently, there will be buying opportunities in tomorrow’s market.
    I’ll be there.

    For all the machine politics, for all the mind control in the lamestream media, for all the fear of the unknown, Americans jumped in an said “Enough is enough, this isn’t how we want to run our country.” A mini-revolution, as it were.

    I wish them all the best for the morning after. Trump will have a hard job to do, and there will be a lot of expectations on him. He can’t fix everything all at once. Remember to have patience. But at least the leeches won’t be running the show any more.

    God Bless America

  4. Now it’s time to really go on the attack, really get in their face. Never back down, never be obliging, nevet be mollifying & vooperative, stay on the attack. Fight he vicious lying Left every day, every step, b/c now they’ll try their plan B of embarassing conservatives with false accusations. Never surrender. Never get sucked in, never again. Destroy the Left.

  5. ,
    07:40 2016-11-09 GMT

    Goodby Huma Abedin & congratulations to all sound counterjihadists from the now Northern Arabian Peninsula in Europe & the former
    proud Muslimfree Swedish Nation,
    ‘Lock her up’ & may CHANGE come!

    • Do you think Trump will continue to attack Hillary with criminal charges, now that she has lost? Politically, I am not sure it’s a good idea. Kind of like kicking a dog that is down. I am thinking he would need to distance himself from all of that.

      • I agree. That was his rhetoric before he beat her, rhetoric designed for the precise purpose of defeating her at the polls. He doesn’t need it now. My guess is he’ll let things unfold in Congress, where they belong.

  6. Now we must take the fight to the universities, where the disease is spread. And to Hollywood and the media – they must be brought to heel.

    Le Pen, Orban, Duarte all congratulated the Don – crickets from Merkel and Hollande. Their time is coming.

  7. He won – decisively! Left Hillary et al. with egg on their faces. I totally agree with the Baron about the MSM. Cannot bear even to hear more than 2 words out of those smug, smiling faces. Hence I got all my news from Breitbart and other alt
    right sources. And had an absolutely beautiful day here in Australia. This is
    a Brexit feeling and I love it!

    • I love watching the MSM … but I turn the volume off. I just like seeing their faces fall, and the sad, glum, heart-broken look as the news comes in.

  8. It about looks like a new day has dawned for America. I think the Donald will prove to be a good president, much better than [H]illary. He will bring in experts to advise him, because that is what smart business men/women do.

  9. My heartfelt congratulations to the United States of America.

    Brexit, Trump, what’s next?

  10. As a patriotic Englishman I am over the moon with the result, but remember there will be some who will not accept the result. Will there be a legal challenge? Will there be an assassination attempt on President Trump?

    This result makes Brexit more likely now, while a Clinton victory would have stopped it.

    We English now have to help France, Germany, Sweden, Holland, Belgium, Ireland who now need to be freed from the shackles of the genocidal EU and genocidal cultural Marxism.

    We were the first to succeed, and gave the Americans to confidence to break the cultural Marxist choke chain holding us back.

    I am praying that our cousin nations France, Germany, Sweden, Holland and others follow suit.

    We are no where near home and dry, but on 24th my Spanish born wife told me that Brexit was a process not an event and she has been proven right.

    Yes an ethnic Spanish (naturalised British) women who voted Leave in June proves that culturally compatible immigrants are not a problem. Where are you lefties. Your boys took one hell of a beating.

    • Last sentence, first paragraph; that’s what scares me, as we all know Clinton’s crowd and the rotten left will stop at absolutely nothing.

  11. Dear dear Uncle Sam, Congratulations on President Trump ! Many of us here in India prayed and wished for this glorious Day ! The Lord promises in our holy Book Bagavath Gits thus : “Whenever Adharma or Wrongs triumph in the world , I will come to your rescue again and again through the ages”. What has happened today is an Act of God and the powerful desire of universe consciousness fulfilled ! Happy Ending ! May this herald a Change in all your hearts to strong belief in God, Family love, and Patriotism.

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