György Nógrádi: Europe’s Fate is Sealed

The following discussion took place a couple of days ago on EchoTV in Hungary. The presenter on the program welcomed György Nógrádi, a national security expert, economist, and professor of military science. The conversation ranged over the migration crisis, national security issues, political affairs in Europe, and — what else? — today’s election in the USA.

Many thanks to CrossWare for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:18   Good evening. You are watching “Free Europe”.
00:22   About a month ago, on October 2nd, the population of Hungary
00:26   voted on the issue of mandatory [migrant] quotas. Most of the voters, 98% of them,
00:32   said NO to accepting the migrants.
00:36   What has happened since then in Europe?
00:40   Is it safer, or just the opposite — did the continent
00:44   become more dangerous?
00:48   Did any visible steps the EU during the past couple of weeks
00:52   show any results in stopping the flood of migrants?
00:56   In today’s show we will search for answers for the above questions.
01:02   Since the closure of the West Balkan migration route, around 77,000
01:06   migrants have been stuck in southern Europe — as estimated by German officials.
01:10   Most of them are in Greece, about
01:14   6,000 of them on the Greek islands.
01:18   Although the Balkan route is closed, a lot of migrants have made it to Serbia.
01:22   Because from 2,000 in June, their numbers
01:26   increased to 6,300 today.
01:30   From the direction of Italy the flood of migrants is continuous.
01:34   According to international organizations,
01:38   more than 3,800 drowned while attempting
01:42   to reach the European coast. The endless flood of migrants
01:46   forced the Pope to state: he is worried, and that integration is important,
01:50   but we must differentiate between refugees and economic migrants.
01:54   Governments should only accept as many migrants as they realistically are capable of integrating.
02:00   Here I would like to welcome György Nógrádi, a national security expert.
02:04   Good evening. —Good evening.
02:08   I would like to start with a question here, because you are one of the top three experts
02:12   who could answer it.
02:16   Do the American government, the world powers, the different groups,
02:20   such as the Bilderbergers or media empires like CNN,
02:24   have any interest in stopping the war in Syria,
02:28   to stop the migrant crisis?
02:32   Lot of people think, maybe just based on
02:36   American movies, that these organizations
02:40   or even the American military industrial complex
02:44   needs continuous hotspot
02:48   centers of crisis in the world.
02:52   Is there such connection, or this is just fiction?
02:56   Interesting question, and the clip was interesting too, which I would like to reflect on later.
03:00   What we must consider: Tuesday there will election in the USA.
03:04   Incredibly interesting.
03:08   In the history of the country there was no example of two such
03:12   unpopular people competing. As an added fact,
03:16   both are close to 70. The whole campaign was mud-slinging, so nobody talked about
03:20   taxes, finances, defense politics, how they will react, what are the strategies…
03:24   One side, Trump brought up Hillary Clinton email scandal,
03:28   which he was completely right about. He brought up Hillary Clinton’s
03:32   financial affairs, the large and suspicious amounts that flowed into their foundation.
03:36   When Bill Clinton finished his eight-year presidential term,
03:40   they were in the red; now their private wealth is more than $50 million.
03:44   I calculated how much money they had to have “earned” daily,
03:48   it must have been pretty hard to do it in an honest way.
03:52   Not long ago I returned from Norway, where the Norwegian government openly stated they contributed
03:56   to Hillary and the Clinton Foundation. Now they are more careful, because before the election
04:00   the situation is not completely clear. This could be a topic for another discussion.
04:04   Trump: He has no idea about the world! Hillary Clinton: she was pretty mediocre
04:08   as Secretary of the State. We must see this is how the world looks today.
04:12   I always say, one can love the US or hate it.
04:16   Without the US the world can’t function properly and handle its problems.
04:20   The world needs a police officer, but the question is: what type?
04:24   The one Donald Trump can bring or what Hillary Clinton represents?
04:30   The role of United States is decreasing in the world.
04:34   But this decrease still means that for the foreseeable future it will be the
04:38   leading power of the world. In satellite intelligence gathering, nobody comes close.
04:42   Technological know-how, in military technologies, they still have a strong lead.
04:46   This US is one of the three global players.
04:50   The second is China, way behind them,
04:54   the third even further behind is Russia. And here is the answer to your question:
04:58   Europe is not a global player. What about Syria then?
05:02   Today there are about 20-22 conflicts/wars across the world. Syria is only one of those.
05:05   It is important, but there are wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, and we could list more.
05:10   The basic question for me always the following, as you asked one version of it.
05:14   Let me phrase it differently: Does anyone in the world have an interest in a united strong Europe?
05:18   The answer is NO, this is not a Russian interest, not a US interest,
05:22   and not a Chinese interest. Everybody wants a divided Europe,
05:26   because this provides a playground: this is what Putin is playing with,
05:30   and so are the Chinese. And this is what the next leadership
05:34   of the United States will play with, too. Look at, for example, how haplessly
05:38   we concluded the agreement with Canada! The minister had to travel home,
05:42   then Trudeau had to come back later to sign the agreement.
05:46   Then everybody can see that this Europe can’t even handle elementary processes
05:50   as EU-28 — now after Brexit EU-27 (countries). That is the problem.
05:54   In the clip we saw the migrants. Let me react with a couple of comments.
05:58   Yes, Greece is a determinative factor. But now Greece is in a financially hopeless situation,
06:01   deep in debt. We must say it: the Greeks will never ever pay back their debt,
06:06   which is close to €400 billion;
06:10   they are not able to and do not want to pay it back.
06:14   From this point we can play around, give them more loans,
06:17   which will be lost again, and they will never pay them back, but in exchange
06:21   they might start paying back their earlier loans, while their debt ratio will become catastrophic.
06:24   In the clip we heard there are two routes: the Balkans and Italy.
06:30   Let’s play it fair, the Balkan route only works
06:34   until we get a grip on the Turks. What is the problem?
06:38   Turkish politics sets some goals which are completely unacceptable for the EU.
06:42   The Turkish authorities in the last couple of hours arrested nine representatives of their Parliament.
06:46   They arrested two Kurdish representatives who were actually loyal to them.
06:50   This is totally unacceptable for Europe.
06:54   As soon as both Minister of Foreign Affairs Steinmeier and Merkel voiced their criticism,
06:58   Erdogan immediately stated that Germany supports terrorism. This is complete bulls***!
07:02   Europe is afraid to talk back. The Turks said this, but nobody was listening,
07:06   that if we do not give them visa-free entry into the EU by June 30,
07:10   they will allow the migrants to flood freely towards Europe.
07:14   They did not receive that. After that they set another deadline: October 31.
07:18   Now it is the beginning of November, and they still did not get it. They are blackmailing Europe!
07:22   What they want? They want to participate in the war against the Islamic State.
07:26   Why would they want that? To ensure their position in the region. What is their position?
07:30   Three steps? First: they want to break up any Kurdish movements.
07:34   But the Kurds are our allies. The second step is to oust Assad from Syria.
07:40   Here we see the Turkish-Russian compromise. The third step is to
07:44   uneasily — but still representing Turkish interests —fight back against ISIS.
07:48   From Europe they demand money, which they more or less receive, visa-free entry —
07:52   if Europe give them this it’s the end — and membership of the European Union,
07:56   which is impossible to give them. This is how we are with them while the migrants go both ways,
08:00   to Italy and the situation deteriorates even further. Obviously winter is coming;
08:04   obviously more and more people will drown in the Mediterranean Sea.
08:08   And now there is a sentiment to only accept as many migrants as the countries can integrate.
08:12   We already have many times more than that. This is true most of the countries in Western Europe.
08:16   What the Hungarian government started to do years ago, to refuse to accept migrants,
08:20   now this idea is accepted and applied by almost all states.
08:24   Yes, this was very important to discuss, because people
08:28   now want to see the bigger picture in this issue.
08:32   At the beginning they just saw that a flood of people began,
08:36   while the Homeland Security Committee of the American Congress
08:40   confirmed two years ago, and as Le Figaro wrote,
08:44   that ISIS hides terrorists among the migrants.
08:48   The question is the following — probably requiring a longer exposition —
08:52   Why is Europe defenseless?
08:56   What they are talking about, which is fresh news: for the anniversary of
09:00   European Economic Community, next spring
09:04   they are planning a new EU constitution.
09:08   The plan of a federal Europe will become a reality,
09:12   maybe with a shared Minister of Finance and a shared Minister of Foreign Affairs,
09:16   and the insubordinate states will be forced to their knees.
09:20   So both these issues together, the weak Europe and the federal ambitions.
09:24   How did these two come together? —This is an interesting question,
09:28   let’s start at the beginning. You referred to the Treaty of Rome, March ’57.
09:32   OK, but this was only signed by six countries. They were, economically, very similarly developed.
09:36   Benelux, France, West Germany and Italy. Let’s leave for now the southern Italian problems.
09:42   The six countries announced economic cooperation which worked perfectly.
09:46   Not 28 countries, not political and military cooperation.
09:50   Second comment: they started to expand the European Union.
09:54   What was the goal? Getting closer to the Russian border.
09:58   Whoever it was possible to separate from the Soviet alliance system. For this reason,
10:02   for the past 25 years the European Union and NATO
10:06   Have moved around 1,000 km closer to the East. As a result they accepted countries
10:10   which were completely unsuitable for membership.
10:14   Those countries were only included with political goals. Based on professional criteria,
10:18   they could never enter into this partnership. Not to the Schengen system, not to the Eurozone.
10:22   The Greeks simply sent fake statistics; this is how they got into the Eurozone.
10:26   They lied! Yes, but the fallout of this now on the shoulders of the whole of Europe.
10:30   Next: What is Europe’s vision of the future?
10:34   One is the French vision: Europe of Nations!
10:38   Decision-making capabilities are in Prague, Budapest, Brussels and Paris.
10:42   The other one is the four-step Europe plan, which says there is village and city,
10:46   region and state, and at the top of it
10:50   the United Europe. Yes, but in the present system the majority of member states do not want this.
10:54   Anything could happen, but Brexit showed this.
10:58   Cameron went through Europe and got the maximum benefits
11:02   for the Brits, but the population
11:06   voted in a 52 to 48 ratio to exit the EU. May said Brexit is Brexit,
11:10   so the Brexit means they will leave. Let’s leave it for now, what kind of
11:14   legal scandals they are having now. Another question: Based on surveys in Europe from the 28th,
11:18   there is not a single nation that would want to accept any migrants —
11:22   mostly. —There is not a single nation that would want to hand over
11:26   any authority to Brussels, and they are afraid to hold any referendums about leaving,
11:30   because now even the Italians who want to leave the EU are the majority.
11:34   Yes, they can try to force things, but there are consequences.
11:38   Juncker — completely incompetent. Let’s say that Merkel made the top three of the EU leaders.
11:42   It’s true! But Europe had a triumvirate that led it.
11:45   Whether this is good or not is a different question.
11:48   This was Paris, London and Berlin.
11:52   At the moment when London fell out, a much weaker quality came into the picture: Rome.
11:56   From that moment Europe was severely weakened. From that moment everything plays out differently.
12:00   And they can say what they are planning for the anniversary of the Treaty of Rome,
12:04   but all those will have dire consequences.
12:08   We will continue from here, but before we do, let’s see what kind of problems
12:12   the European Union must face with the flood of migrants.
12:20   The flood of migrants not only endangers Europe from the direction of Italy,
12:24   but in March the European Union made an agreement with Turkey
12:28   to stop the migrant wave.
12:32   But putting the agreement into practice was only realized in partial results.
12:36   Since they signed it, Ankara has criticized Brussels non-stop,
12:40   and continuously threatened the Union with termination of the agreement.
12:44   This week Turkey stated that if their citizens do not receive visa-free entry soon
12:48   from the European Union, they will renounce
12:52   the migration agreement before end of the year.
12:56   Ankara stated until now they reacted
13:00   to the demands of the EU, even made suggestions,
13:04   but they are not willing to change their anti-terror laws.
13:10   About Turkey I only have one comment left — the Professor must know —
13:14   They have a biometric system they are not willing to hand over,
13:18   and — by international lawyers — they gave refugee status to Syrians.
13:22   So they become the first safe state for the refugees.
13:26   I just wanted to note this because there are numerous open questions here.
13:30   But if you let me —Just one sentence please! You are right!
13:34   Just one comment: We never talk about the fact that there are about four million
13:38   refugees in Iran. And Iran tends to those people.
13:42   Most of them are not Syrian, but from Iraq, and many of them Afghans.
13:46   There is such a chaotic situation there, which Europe knows nothing about.
13:50   And the Turks started to blackmail again.
13:54   Yes, and as you mentioned, in practical terms there is no human rights violation
13:58   That would create an outrage in US foreign affairs, because Turkey is a serious military ally.
14:02   I am talking about the level of average citizen, but that is the official viewpoint of Turkey today.
14:06   Just a minute here. They want to reintroduce capital punishment in Turkey.
14:10   Europe does not do anything about that.
14:14   Merkel does nothing, but saying they are worried about the freedom of the media.
14:18   Sorry, but there is no freedom of press in Turkey at all. This is a very hard issue,
14:22   As a university educator, I can say it, but a politician has a different set of responsibilities.
14:26   When a politician says something, there are consequences.
14:30   For a teacher at a university, there is much less in the way of negative reactions. So in other words,
14:34   Turkish policies are perfectly abusing the fact that Europe — as we discussed at the beginning —
14:38   perfectly laughable, not a global player, and even the Turks can play some
14:42   European states against each other. Yes, I have seen that on CNN, the Christiane Amanpour show,
14:48   where Erdogan said: “what can I do? The people demand executions!”
14:52   Yes once he asked his followers to ask for it… Of course!
14:56   Let’s jump to Paris, just a couple of thousand kilometers away,
15:00   We reach a location, where the migrants have settled in the heart of the city
15:04   and created a tent city for themselves. Jungle!
15:08   This get eliminated, but what will happen to these people?
15:12   They are not refugees, but economic migrants.
15:16   The French do not want them — they do not want quotas —
15:22   so what will happen to them, what will be their fate? To connect this, let me ask you;
15:26   in Germany there will be many important political gatherings,
15:30   could you connect these two topics,
15:34   if Germany has an answer for this — because there are anomalies, too —
15:38   and what can we expect in France? A new president who can change this course,
15:42   Juppé who is more Leftist — even if he tries to run as a right-wing candidate —
15:46   or maybe Sarkozy could?
15:50   Let’s start at the beginning! The migrants of the world would like to get to four possible places.
15:54   USA: rock-hard quota system — forget for now that all kinds of borders and systems can be evaded —
15:58   but protected by two oceans; north: Canada, south: Mexico. There are walls, and permission to fire.
16:02   The second target zone is Australia. They do not let a single migrant in.
16:06   It is very interesting, just got home from the region around Australia.
16:10   if anybody does not like the treatment there they can leave, nobody invited them.
16:14   It is possible to enter to Australia only with government permission. The rest will go to islands,
16:18   where life is … well, harsh. —I tried to phrase it very diplomatically.
16:22   The third target region is the rich oil states in the Middle East.
16:26   Yes, sorry, you really phrased it diplomatically, because we’re talking about places that resemble
16:30   concentration camps. So the rich Arab states in the Middle East do not accept a single soul.
16:34   There is no such thing as a political refugee. Those who can come have to work 10-12 hours daily.
16:38   At the first misstep they will be expelled, never to return. The fourth and last target
16:42   region is Europe, which can’t defend itself. For me the solution is to close the border of Europe.
16:46   If the other three can do this, why is Europe unable to?
16:50   Let’s see: You started with France, I would rather start with Germany.
16:54   For the first time in history, the conference of the Bavarian governing party, the CSU,
16:58   which is two days, and Chancellor Merkel will not attend. Why not?
17:02   Because they are opposed to each other so much on the migrant question.
17:05   What does Bavarian PM Seehofer say?
17:08   We should accept maximum of 200,000 people, Germany can’t integrate more than that.
17:12   How many arrived last year? We do not know! Somewhere between 1.1 and 1.7 million,
17:16   but around 300,000 people have just gone missing. Where they are? Good question!
17:20   What will happen to them? Another good question! When they want to deport someone,
17:24   50% of them go missing the next day. These are very difficult questions.
17:28   What was the goal of the Germans?
17:32   For many decades they wanted cheap labor, so the government and companies
17:36   went to Portugal, Spain, Italy and Yugoslavia, and
17:40   they collected a workforce for themselves. They wanted doctors,
17:44   engineers, teachers, IT professionals. Now what is happening? The people come in,
17:48   “I’m a Syrian university teacher.” Where are your papers? “I don’t have any…”
17:51   This just doesn’t work! There are strange things happening there. I really love Germany,
17:56   I lived there for a long time, visit frequently; this is just not working there.
18:00   Because of the migrant issues, Merkel lost all five regional elections!
18:04   Merkel’s popularity has hit rock bottom. The question is whether
18:08   she will run in the election next spring as candidate for the Chancellor position?
18:12   For now she is supported by one man from the opposition Green party: Winfried Kretschmann,
18:16   PM of Baden-Württemberg, who just got a huge scolding from his party for that.
18:20   Now the CSU’s conference is opening in Munich. What are the topics? One: a limit on migration;
18:24   They will jump at Merkel’s throat for that.
18:28   Second: Political Islam must not exist in Germany! Anyone who is extremist must leave Germany.
18:32   Third: They need to do everything to stay in power after next year.
18:36   They want to block the cooperation of Social Democrats, Greens,
18:40   and the successor of the Communist party.
18:44   So there are brand new directions coming into play… I am sorry Professor,
18:47   but all three point you just mentioned: “Mission Impossible!” simply will not work.
18:50   Well, yes, this is a very hard question, because the real issue is
18:54   whether the Liberal party can even get into Parliament, as they are at 6%-7% right now.
18:58   If they cannot reach the threshold, there are only two possibilities:
19:02   Either there is a leftist government, or the grand coalition remains.
19:06   If they get in… currently none of the parties want a coalition with the AfD.
19:10   They played this game in the past with the Greens, too,
19:14   which I lived through at that time. Today that will not work.
19:18   What will happen in the next election or the next one in four years, nobody can answer.
19:22   And there is no point in arguing about it. German society does not want migrants!
19:26   France: they are approaching their election.
19:30   The French Left is so weak; Hollande has zero chance of staying. He is completely incompetent.
19:34   Jungle: they built a camp at Calais,
19:38   where they built a fence.
19:42   I am sorry, but Hungary was the fifth who built a fence
19:46   and everybody attacked us for it. Four more countries built them, and
19:50   they never got any negative criticism about it.
19:54   Calais, what was the goal? The migrants wanted to cross to Great Britain.
19:58   What was the answer: They do not want any of them! What was the French response?
20:02   After one year they tore it down; then the jungle moved to Paris so, they break it up there,
20:06   and they’ll distribute the migrants all across the country into separate provinces. Yes, but
20:10   the provinces do not want to hear about it either. They have slogans like never before:
20:14   In the protest in Italy the people said: “Back to the sea with the migrants!”
20:18   Obviously that is not a solution. But the Italian plan was to save the migrants.
20:22   I agree! But do not bring them into Europe; take them back where they came from.
20:26   So what if the Libyan government protests? They cannot even go to the toilet without us!
20:30   Everything they have, they got from us. If Europe
20:34   can’t put its foot down, like the Americans, Australians and
20:38   the rich Arab countries did,
20:42   then Europe’s fate is sealed. We have half a minute left. Could you give us
20:45   a short answer to: What will be the fate of the V4 countries?
20:48   Is it possible to have other countries like Austria to join them,
20:52   if not so tightly, but as a loose alliance. Is there any chance of this Central European alliance,
20:56   or this conglomerate? Of course it has a chance. Practically, the V4 agree
21:01   on the migrant question. The V4 have a similar history and none of them has a colonial past,
21:06   so they do not have responsibility and guilt, not like most Western European countries.
21:10   The V4 now has a great opportunity if they are able
21:14   — as so rarely happened in their history — to combine their efforts
21:18   and join forces and represent their goals in a united fashion.
21:22   Anyone who chose to listen to György Nógrádi today can’t be disappointed. Thank you very much
21:26   Thank you very much. This was “Free Europe”. Next we await your attention.
21:29   Please join us next time. Thank you and goodbye.

9 thoughts on “György Nógrádi: Europe’s Fate is Sealed

  1. Mr. Nogrady; like most academics and micro analysts ….obviously overlooks the real issue about the so called ” migrant crisis “. The movement of these peoples is a manifestation of the PLANNED TAKEDOWN OF INDEPENDENT NATIONAL ENTITIES. Only a moron would accept the argument that these thousands of military age men { with their pre paid bus tickets and with re settlement organizations caring for their needs , in countries where the citizens have not invited them} are actually refugees. There will never be a one world government until the Nation States are eliminated. What better way to do this than to flood Europe with these unfortunates. Aid and refugee settlements should be in the geographic ares where the problems exist. To listen to this portly academic pontificate { ” drowning victims etc. etc. } and outline HIS ideas about how Nations and cultures should be tossed in a waste disposal because of a major problem originated by a collection of Elite Psychopaths is to listen to a fool….and a TOOL of these same PSYCHOPATHS. LISTEN TO THE HEADS OF THE EASTERN EUROPEAN STATES WHO KNOW WHAT LIES ARE WHEN THEY HEAR THEM. Seventy years of Communism inoculated them from the nonesense being foisted on France, Germany and the others.

  2. György Nógrádi, although probably a good man, is too MSM nausea sounding for my tastes when he states “Trump: He has no idea about the world!” Not sure about that. I think Trump knows more than the idiots who have been running it into the ground for decades. Cruela, sorry I mean Hillary, has jetted about the world for 30 years and accomplished nothing. Well, actually she has, if you count personal financial enrichment at the expense of the people. But it sure is a relief that Trump has been declared winner. Of course, it may mean nothing at this point. Look what happened with Brexit. Now a group is trying to annul a democratically conducted referendum that British Parliament itself approved in the first place. The Trump victory is equivalent to the British Brexit. It will not be easy for Trump if he actually makes it to the WH, with all the rats doing everything they can to cling to power.

    • Most Hungarians had very little exposure to Trump and his ideas. I was thoroughly surprised to see what the local media was printing (even the conservative ones). It seems they relied on too much mainstream MSM outlets like CNN. Of course it is a bit ironic because most western reader was getting news about Hungary via Liberal/Leftists Soros paid Hungarian media and their opinion was regurgitated by MSM in US and UK without any filter (or maybe that was their whole point).

  3. Very good analysis of the situation.
    I hope after the next presidential and parlamentary elections in Austria we either join the Visegrad 4 (V4) or work closer with them.

  4. I think Nogradi pretty much has the perspective correct. He did not editorialize excessively, but certain positions seem obvious.

    Turkey is not an ally. It is a traditional enemy and continues to be one. Turkey has a history of aggression towards Europe, and has one of the largest armies in the world. There are millions of Turks infiltrated into Germany and other European countries who are encouraged by Erdogan to maintain their Turkish identity.

    Turkey is not able to initiate an attack on Europe directly, but if there were a war between Europe/US and Russia, there would likely be an opening for Turkish armed invasion. We seem to have dodged that bullet for the moment with the election of Trump, who seems to understand that Russia should not be goaded with nuclear-capable missiles close to her borders. Turkey represents a potential, existential threat to Europe under the right circumstances. In no way should Turkey be considered an ally, and should be expelled from NATO as soon as possible.

    In line with that, Nogradi did not speak of a rational position on the deposition of Assad, except to say that is a position for Turkish-Russian compromise. I cannot see any way whatsoever the ouster of Assad would benefit Europe or the US. He represents a legitimate Syrian government and an effective Syrian government, before the US/NATO funded and organized rebellions. It would be a blow to Russian prestige to oust Assad, and there seems no rational reason for Europe or the US to provide any incentives for Russia to dump Assad.

    Europe to survive will have to view Turkey as an enemy, and stop giving in to demands. Again, Nogradi is exactly right that Europe needs its own fences and a no-compromise deportation policy, which will eliminate Turkey’s capability of blackmailing Europe.

    As always, there is the question of what to do with the millions of refugees who have discarded their identity papers, and cannot be deported to any country that would recognize them. Any real solutions may have to be draconian: they might be given a choice to being deported to a lawless territory, like Somalia, where they would be on their own; or the other choice being to accept a permanent status of being taken care of in a refugee camp on the condition of being sterilized so the dependents don’t continue to breed. The Palestinians in refugee camps have bred prolifically, creating a large population of unskilled, radical, idle Muslims that no country in the world wants.

  5. No time to read this thoroughly, so just 2 observations:
    1. Trump understands the world better than Merkel and her army of EU clowns.
    2. Cameron went to Europe and got zilch.

  6. The consolidating controversy that will motivate Europe to action will simply be the sub-Saharan African males who are slowly becoming the major face of this refugee/migrant crisis. Simply they are economic migrants. And many practice polygamy.

    Europe refuses to say it, individual countries like France Greece Germany and in this video Hungary will not admit it. The invasion will not let up until the leaders and the public wrest the language from amorphousness into clear concise realpolitik.

    Obama is about to take residence in Washington DC and will play the sympathy card along with Catholic Charities and all of the pseudo-religious refugee organizations that have only one agenda, One World Government. They will seek to cut out the legs of the Trump administration as they toss out every variation on racism and Islamophobia as those and his minions can conjure.

    This is about to occur at the speed of light. The Hungarians are ill prepared and Europe has tanked. Put weather apps on your smart phones of European cities, then monitor the temperatures. The streets are about to heat up as the temps go down. This will be a vicious and harsh fight. The conciliatory language of today will soon be forgotten.

  7. Military age muslim men are easy to identify. The Political Correctness Culture will evaporate as soon as the European Treasuries run out of funds. Reality will force draconian social control. Why not ask Vladimir Putin if he could use many thousands of Muslim wood cutters..road builders…and miners. Putin already has scores of empty Gulags in Siberia { where all the natural resources are Citizen volunteers could load up the cattle cars and ship the interlopers East. They are Interlopers. not immigrants.

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