Dresden: We Are the People! Merkel Has to Go!

When Chancellor Angela Merkel visited Dresden last week for German Unity Day, she was greeted with jeers, whistles, and a PEGIDA protest. Nobody in the crowds cheered her. There had even been violent incidents leading up to her visit — the burning of police cars, a bomb outside a mosque. In the law-abiding German context, those acts are the equivalent of revolution.

Below is a video with clips from the welcome that Mrs. Merkel received in Dresden, and also footage of the antifa counter-demonstrators. Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:05   [banner] Merkel, resign honorably, before we send you,
00:09   once and for all, into the desert to count grains of sand
00:13   The queen of smugglers
00:21   [banner] National Stasi Agency
00:25   [banner] Association of citizens of Havelland. Peaceful and Independent
00:41   [banner] Seal of Goodness of All The Parties of the Deceived People
00:45   Merkel has to go!
00:53   [banner] Peaceful and united against religious wars on German soil. PEGIDA
01:01   We are the people!
01:05   We are the people! Merkel has to go!
01:09   Merkel has to go!
01:14   Pegida!
01:18   [banner] Germany, stop Mrs Merkel! This country is being governed below its value.
01:22   [banner] Merkel has to go! The government may perish; Germany — never!
01:30   [counter-rally banner] Enough is enough! Heart Not Hate. —Hey, Pegida, go F**k yourselves!
01:36   [counter-rally] Never, never, never Germany again! [banner] Nationalism out of the heads!
01:44   [counter-rally] The people has to go! We are the power!

10 thoughts on “Dresden: We Are the People! Merkel Has to Go!

  1. If they don’t act fast, Muslims will outvote them. Blitzkrieg voter registration of newcomers is already barreling ahead in France. Even the U.S. has begun to play this card. “Oh, we gave citizenship to people who were scheduled to be deported! Ooops, what a terrible mistake!” Riiiight!

    • Once the Muslims have the right to vote, they will establish Islamic parties which as soon as get into power will introduce sariah.

    • …Muslims will outvote them.

      Muslims and idiot leftists who can’t see past the end of their noses.

    • Can people recall that in the not to distant past a Romanian Despot treated his citizenry with equal contempt as that shown by these criminally deluded German politico’s and he and his equally reprehensible spouse were machine gunned
      To death a matter of days later?

      Food for thought do you not think?

  2. What are these Antifa idiots thinking? Do they really want to live under Shariah? Would it not curtail their lifestyles?

    • Antifa are typical leftist/Nazi personalities. They don’t sample reality, don’t look at consequences, and never, ever change their opinions based on results. They would stay Nazi even if the Islamists took over.

      They’re like Muslims. Nothing can deprogram them if they don’t spontaneously change, or just naturally reject the cant they are espousing.

      Aldo Sterone has a hilarious part of a new video, where he recounts that as a schoolboy in Muslim Algeria, he heard from his professors that the West stole the knowledge of the Muslims. He asked them, since knowledge is not something you can steal and take away from someone else, after they stole our knowledge, at worst, they and we were then at an equal place. How come they went to the moon, and we still live in buildings where the plumbing doesn’t work?


      Sterone spontaneously rejected their nonsense. The professors kept their positions, in spite of having the absurdity pointed out to them. That is the character of the people in Antifa.

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