Machteld Zee: “Islamization is Planned”

A young Dutch political scientist is causing consternation among the bien-pensants of the multicultural Left in the Netherlands with her analyses of Islamization. Her impeccable liberal background and credentials make it more difficult for the establishment to discredit her.

Dr. Van Helsing has translated an interview with this iconoclastic young woman. He includes this introductory note:

Machteld Zee Ph.D. is a Dutch scholar who investigated sharia courts in the UK for her Ph.D. thesis. This interview was published in the Algemeen Dagblad, a nationwide Dutch newspaper, on October 4, 2016.

The interview is relevant for several reasons:

  • Very few non-Muslims ever have gained access to the world of sharia courts in the UK. She has.
  • The University of Leiden is fairly highbrow in the Netherlands, because it is not only one of the oldest universities. but also because the heir to the Dutch throne traditionally studies at this university (for example, our former Queens Juliana and Beatrix did, just like our current head of state King Willem-Alexander). The reputation of this university gives authority to her voice.
  • She has become a target of attacks by leftist apologists for radical Islam since she published her thesis. She could do with some positive publicity. Similarly, Islam-sceptics could benefit from her work.

The translated interview:

“Islamization is Planned”

Investigating Sharia

The Islamization of Europe follows a strategy, according to Machteld Zee in her book Holy Identities, which was published today. ‘Once you have knowledge of it, you understand what is going on.’

‘I discovered a comprehensive system of law that contradicts our secular laws.’

Investigating sharia courts

Machteld Zee (32), a Dutch political scientist from the University of Leiden, studied sharia courts in the UK and wrote her Ph.D. thesis on it in 2015.

She was one of the few outsiders who gained access to the sessions of these Islamic courts. 95% of the cases before these courts are divorce cases. Her investigations resulted in a pamphlet, Holy Identities.

‘If you compare the Netherlands in the 1980s with today,’ says the political scientist and law school graduate Machteld Zee, ‘you will see an increased influence of Islam everywhere. Saudi Arabia and other countries flooded the world with thousands of imams, Islamic text books, mosques and tons of money.’

Machteld Zee needed barely 150 pages to describe the background of Islamic fundamentalism, which is gaining ground in Western countries. Her book Holy Identities: On the Road to a Sharia State is an analysis of the problems of the multicultural society.

You say that conservative Muslims want to convince their fellow Muslims to embrace sharia, the religious law of Islam. These fundamentalists are being helped by ‘useful non-believers’, non-Islamic intellectuals, politicians and opinion leaders who don’t want to offend Muslims.

‘Yes, leading multiculturalists actually believe that Muslims should be shielded from criticism because it would inflict psychological damage on them. Although many Muslims consider this an idiotic point of view, others use it to call those who criticize Islam ‘Islamophobes’ and ‘racists’.

You described yourself as left-leaning liberal when you started your investigation on sharia courts in the UK. Now you warn against a lack of knowledge of and a lack of resistance against the advancing radical Islam.

‘I discovered a comprehensive system of law — far more systematic then I had expected — that contradicts our secular laws. Many Muslim women are locked into a religious marriage because their community thinks a divorce according secular law is insufficient. In these communities — Muslim communities — sharia law trumps secular law when it comes to marriage. Women have to ask a sharia judge or an imam to dissolve their marriage, for example when the husband physically abuses her. Even Dutch Muslim women travel to the UK to appear before sharia courts. It is a parallel society. I object to it because these practices go against women’s rights.’

You have analyzed the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood. It is a political and religious movement that aims for world domination, and is supported by lots of money from fundamentalist circles. The sharia courts are part of this project, you wrote.

‘That is why it is so important that we know what is going on. Authors that I studied for my investigation were generally benevolent towards sharia courts. It turned out, however, that none of them ever attended a session of such a court. They don’t know what is going on in these courts. Now they ask me to tell all about it. Women are advised by these courts to accept polygamy and to not file criminal complaints in case of domestic violence. Physically abusive fathers are given custody of their children. I have the impression that the tide of the public debate is turning now that these facts are becoming public. I hardly hear anyone pleading in favour of sharia courts anymore.’

In your book you call out the politically correct elites, who tries to cover up abuse within Islam and tries to downplay the threat of Islamic fundamentalism.

‘In the first place, I think I am reporting facts. Where I notice that influential Western intellectuals tend to discourage critics of Islam and help fundamentalists to isolate and ‘Islamize’ Muslim communities, that is a matter of fact. My book is a compact discourse that aims to bring its readers up to date on fundamentalist Islam.’

How do you see the future?

‘We will have to act more defensively and resist Islamization. We should not yield to demands that images of scantily dressed women in public have to be covered up, for example. Just say no. Citizens should not leave everything to the government. They can defend our beliefs and values themselves, too. Why does a college in The Hague decides to abandon the Christmas tree pre-emptively? Why is alcohol banned in places where Muslims show up? There is no need for that. We are doing it to ourselves.’

Do you fear criticism? Undoubtedly, you will be labeled as a right-winger.

‘I don’t experience that when I speak in public. Even a ‘leftist’ audience responds positively to my story. Right-wing? Come on, equal rights for women and resistance against representatives of a religion who make threats of violence — let’s call that common sense.’

50 thoughts on “Machteld Zee: “Islamization is Planned”

  1. This is an important ” breakthrough” in the debate in the Netherlands. Criticizing islam now goes mainstream. In the end this- and more publications-will shift the paradigm towards us counter JIM’s.

    All great idea’s are at first ridiculed, then violently attacked to be declared evident later on..

    Well done Machteld! I would love to teach Machteld all the ins and outs of the matter….

  2. The bottom line is, Muslim immigration will have to be stopped altogether. Any racial group that votes as a bloc has inordinate influence, and simply raising the consciousness, or even the resolve, of non-Muslims will not solve the problem of massive political pressure.

    This is likely what happened in the English grooming cases. The police found that any resistance or attention immediately brought them massive political problems from the many, many Muslim organizations. So, it was easier and better for their careers to cover up the scandals. They are still receiving minimal actual flak for it. Recent reports show business largely as usual.

    I don’t mean to take away from Machteld Zee’s courage or integrity. The next step, however, is the very unpleasant task of firmly discriminating against a class of people, beginning with immigration.

    The US VP candidate, Kaine, is totally wrong when he says discriminating against a class of people for purposes of immigration is unconstitutional. It’s a prime example of pulling constitutional mandates out of the air to support what you want to do anyway. Once a particular mandate has been done long enough, it’s called “settled law”.

    • What will get the ball rolling against mass and minor Islamic immigration into countries that are still able to control their borders and then to reverse the process of decades of Islamic invasion, is to declare Islam a non-religion.

      Anyone knowing what the word religion fully means and has the understanding of that word within Western cultural norms, cannot fail to understand that the word religion does not fully describe what Islam truly is. Islam is an ideology that encompasses the social, political and religious aspects of those who submit to Islam, and is a clear and present danger to any culture that believes it can assimilate such a dangerous ideology.

      One only needs to look back to the 20th Century to understand why Islam was promoted via National Socialism and why Hitler supported the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. Both Islam and National Socialism exhibit similar goals, goals that are now out in plain sight in the 21st Century for everyone to see and which the lying media refuses to cover while your own government takes to persecuting those who feel compelled to speak out.

      And while we are at it, let’s be a little more assertive in our description of those who have brought this coming calamity upon us all. It is time we pigeon holed them all for what they truly represent – they are the real Nazis – and it is well past time that we started to skewer them all with their own epithets that they have so willingly used on the rest of us who have been trying to instil in them for decades where they have gone wrong.

      • You are absolutely right. As soon we look at the Islam as violent supremacist political ideology cult bent on world domination, we immediately know what to do with it!
        I think even bigger danger is the forces blocking such recognition “the enemy within”, helping them to gain power.

      • Islam is not a race indeed. But they have been associating Arabs or most of Middle East Arab nationals/countries with Islam or rather aggressively implied that any place that they had infected or taken over(via their excessive breeding, devious tactics, etc) is strictly their Islamic territories and anyone who wish to visit their Islamic hellholes have to submit to their Islamic ideology in one way or another. Islam perpetuate more violent tendencies to those they infected. They do infect all races or various ethnic backgrounds and all nationalities, though they tend to be more successful in their prey towards influencing those extremely ruthless mixed race people(for example in Middle East, Central Asia or South East Asia) who are obsessively greedy for more power.
        Even, in many parts of South East Asia, you will find out that they are closely associated with a certain ethnic background which they considered as a race. They are supremacist, racist, infectious and nasty beings.

        • The peoples of northern Africa, the Midfle East, Iran, Turkey, India, an points in between, are classified as Caucasian. Even the Dravidian people in southern India, perhaps the darkest people on earth, darker than black Africans, are genetically classified as caucasian.

      • Even though the link doesn`t work…

        These strategic papers of the Muslim Bortherhood (regarding Islamization of the West) were discovered during a police raid in an appartement in Switzerland.

    • Islam’s Master Plan for America
      by John Adams

      The Muslim Brotherhood 30-Year Plan
      On Christmas day 1992 American news journalist Steven Emerson, on assignment in Oklahoma City, saw a vast crowd of people in Arabic dress gathering at the Oklahoma City Convention Center. Emerson was informed it was a Muslims-only event and denied entry to the Convention Center.He then noticed a large group of new converts in the foyer, deftly merged with the crowd, and gained entry…..

    • Islamic State calls for random knife attacks in alleys, forests, beaches, “quiet neighborhoods”

      Then when they happen, we will be told that they have nothing to do with Islamic terrorism and that authorities are trying to determine the motive.


      Pentagon still unsure of whether to link Islam with violent jihad

      Islamic jihadists routinely link Islam with violent jihad. In all their communiques and all their appeals for support, and in all their attempts to recruit peaceful Muslims, they invoke the Qur’an and Muhammad. The fact that this is controversial and still being discussed fifteen years after 9/11 is an indication of how deep the denial, and how serious the crisis, is in Washington. “Pentagon still unsure whether to link Islam & violent Jihad,” by Hillel Fendel, Israel National News, October 7, 2016

  3. Islam is a complete political system that justifies its ideology via religion. If it was only a religion, Constitutiinal protection under U.S. 1st would apply. Since the political system of Islam totally clashes with most of the civilized world, it must be [prevented from coming into the West].

    • I agree. Islam should be prevented from coming to the West since it is extremely incompatible with the West.
      Without Islam and their pushy Islamic people, the West would not have to waste time with monitoring another inferior system such as Islam that tend to disregard our basic rights, wherever they “dominate”.

  4. “‘Yes, leading multiculturalists actually believe that Muslims should be shielded from criticism because it would inflict psychological damage on them.”

    Trust progressives to be condescending and patronizing to their favorite “victim”.

  5. Dutch scholar discovers water is wet! Dutch progressives shocked! News at 11.

    To anyone who’s been paying attention, Machteld Zee offers no surprise. She only puts details in a well-known story. She reports the sharpness of the teeth of the wolf attacking Little Red Riding Hood.

    We didn’t really need that information to understand Little Red’s peril, or what needs to be done. The wolf must be terminated.

    Islam is merely Arabism decorated with religious flower-boxes. Islam is no more than the vehicle for a triumphalist Arab racist imperialism. That’s the whole ball of wax.

    Islam exists to make the world safe for Arab men. Period.

    Arab women suffer the abuse of their men. But for this price they get the right to abuse everyone else.

      • Isn’t the point that a liberal came to the same conclusion as ‘the islamophobe’ when objectively studying Islam?

    • Yes yes, but have you forgotten what’s going on in Europe? It is not only unpopular to voice these opinions, but also dangerous, with the gag-police working tirelessly to hush the people who dare speak out.
      We can’t leave it all up to Geert Wilders, more need to step forward and shout “the king is naked”.
      As stated above, this one cannot be accused of being “right-wing biased”, and also (and I mean it in best way) she comes in a nice package, so maybe people will pay attention? I’ll take anything and anyone that helps.

  6. The strategy of Islamization one will find fe. also in the book of Kettani, Ali.
    “The Problems of Muslim Minorities and Their Solutions,” published by Islamic Council of Europe, London

  7. My goodness! Brains and beauty in one package. Let’s hope she will manage to keep her head. She looks better with it on her shoulders than have some Islam berserker dangling it from his bloodied hands!

    • The dumb blonde stereotype is pervasive. But, I can give you a theoretical argument, based on evolutionary principles, that in fact beauty has a strong correlation with intelligence. Now, beauty might be associated with actual survival, but the argument holds true, even if beauty is completely neutral as far as any physical advantage.

      I might as well go for it. Beauty by definition means extraordinarily appealing to men. A beautiful woman will, other things being equal, have her choice of men.

      Assume that women will be attracted by the best providers. In Western society, the best providers are wealthy men. At one time, wealth was associated with fighting prowess, but since the rise of the merchant class, wealth is associated with creativity and productivity, i.e., intelligence.

      In a word, beautiful women will assortatively mate with intelligent men. Their offspring will tend to be both beautiful and intelligent.

      Of course, in very modern times, with the great wealth being diverted to entertainment, government bureaucrats, and politicians, the relationship between beauty and intelligence is probably going to be progressively weakened.

      • Beauty derives partly from symmetry and symmetry is a reflection of good health, balanced physiology, unflawed skeletal structure, muscular balance, poise, grace and athleticism. If all these look good on the outside, chances are strongly that beneath the skin, the same will apply.

  8. Equal rights for women makes you pretty right wing these days.

    I delight in pointing out that here in Canada, federally, both the first female cabinet minister *and* the first female Prime Minister were both of the… Conservative Party!

  9. At last……
    At least for the edification of the EUropean “intelligentsia”, that is…..
    “ONE OF ‘US'” is able to describe the reality of islam–and get a public hearing–because she is ‘ONE OF US’–so the truth can now become real after all, or at least GET MENTIONED.
    Elizabeth Wolfe, Tommy Robinson JUST WON’T DO! Too too tooo ‘lower class’ or bourgeois, or something–and besides they didn’t even go to the “right” schools! Pegida is just too NAZI, while those crass Hungarians are too ‘right wing’ or ‘Facist’–or something similar.
    Buncha bloody NATIONALISTS, they is.
    Can’t have all that, now can we?
    Maybe, just MAYBE, we can discuss all this mess–now that the RIGHT SORT has brought up the subject in the appropriate manner.
    Maybe ‘WE” can begin.


  10. “Right-wing? Come on, equal rights for women and resistance against representatives of a religion who make threats of violence — let’s call that common sense.”

    Um, many of us have been calling it that since about 2001 now. When most sensible people started actually looking at this cult and what drives jihadists.

  11. European governments are already complicit in sharia law beyond the closed Muslim ‘community’ by downplaying the widespread sexual attacks on indigenous (and expendable) women and girls by migrants.

  12. Add to this a recent and extensive mainstream media report on a jihad-inspired crime involving a Muslim shouting Allah Akbar as he murdered several victims, and every Muslim aspect of the crime was front and center in the report. It may be that the tide is turning, the pc proscription on honest reporting is crumbling. Keep hitting the Left apologists hard. Never surrender. Never let up.

  13. “Right-wing? Come on, equal rights for women and resistance against representatives of a religion who make threats of violence — let’s call that common sense.’”

    No. It’s called Right-wing. As much as I admire Miss Zee’s intellectual effort and her willingness to speak out…

    … this has been a major topic where the REAL Right in Europe has rallied around for twenty-five, thirty years.

    But they are systematically SILENCED.

    At the risk of repeating myself: my own party, the Vlaams Belang, probably Europe’s most traditional rightwing party, is deliberately “kaltgestellt” in our media.

    We have, e.g., the state-controlled broadcaster VRT (Flemish Radio and Television). Here is a summary with the results of a parliamentary inquiry by Anke Vandermeersch, VB senator. The inquiry checked how many times over the past year VB politicians were allowed to make a TV appearance (news items excluded).

    N-VA (profiles itself as VB-Lite): 27 times
    Open VLD (liberals): 23 times
    Groen! (the Greens): 17 times
    SP.a (socialists): 16 times
    CDV (“christian” “democrats”): 15 times


    VB (Vlaams Belang): 0 times

    ‘Nuf said.

  14. I admire anyone courageous enough to publicly criticize Islam at some level. They could be risking their lives because the state will not support their natural right to free expression. Zee I think may be treading in the footsteps of the people at the headquarters of Charlie Hebdo, of Kurt Westergaard who never drew another cartoon and has to live for the rest of his life surrounded by security guards, of Salman Rushdie who never wrote another book similar to the Satanic Verses, of Theo Van Gogh who was murdered. And of course, Wilders whom the Dutch state has closed ranks upon, or Ali Hirsi who tried to defend women’s rights but is now persona non grata in The Netherlands. Writing religious satire has been done throughout European history, and the police (state) is unable to guarantee your safety. People like Machteld Zee’s intentions are going to be mischaracterized, even by the greatest intellectuals of our time who pontificate about “respect”, “dialogue and “wise judgment but really play into the hands of terrorists. But as someone who’s been following the history of the great deception of the European Union, plans that began long before 1945 when the winning side practically rewrote the set of lies we now know as the official history, I don’t believe we have much of a chance here. Too many people are mentally stuck in the “matrix”.

    • Correction: Kurt Westergaard drew many more cartoons after “Turban Bomb”. He is in ill health now, so I don’t know if he is still drawing. But his output did not stop in 2005.

      • Thanks for the correction. I didn’t know Westergaard was ill. According to an short article in a Dutch newspaper, years ago, it said he had security guards.

        • He lives with 24-hour PET (security police) protection and has a safe room in his house. He has been ill for some years, but I don’t know how badly off he is nowadays.

  15. We have these shibboleths that most everyone believes that have never been examined carefully. One is that all subsets of mankind can get along and that cultures are pretty much equal as regards worth and value. You have to toss some thorny questions at these believers to get some skepticism:

    Why did the Denisovans and Neanderthals and H.florensis disappear? Why did breeding groups stay together and separated so long that they developed different skin colors? If people had been integrating throughout history there would not have been different skin colors. Were they angry at opposing groups?

    Do the postmoderists want us to grant equal rights to gorillas and chimps? Shouldn’t they want this?

    What if we had a subset of humans who still wanted to practice cannibalism? Do we try over and over to get them to join us and integrate? Or if they had genes that allowed them to maintain oxygen saturation at 14,000 feet?

    If we have a subset of humans that want to kill all those who do not believe as they believe, are these folks to be accepted and worked with?…even after we have tried without success for 1400 years to do this?

    My point is that there could be both good reasons and bad reasons for not wanting to mix with all subsets of mankind.

    • I notice you punted on the concept that intelligence, personality, inclination to crime, etc is actually genetic and inherited, and therefore largely impervious to environmental interventions.

  16. “Even Dutch Muslim women travel to the UK to appear before sharia courts.”

    As Theresa May unveiled her inquiry she said many British people “benefit a great deal” from Sharia teaching. (the inquiry is being slated as a whitewash before it even begins).
    May said Sharia teaching is being “misused” and “exploited” to discriminate against Muslim women.
    The DT reports May emphasised the inquiry would look at how Sharia ideas were being “misused or exploited” rather than whether Sharia itself discriminates against women.
    The redoubtable Baroness Cox pointed out the obvious flaw “I don’t think those things are a distortion or Sharia law. These are aspects of Sharia law which are unacceptable.”

    Therein lies the considerable rub.

    ‘Dutch Muslim women’

    Meanwhile “a considerable part of the Dutch Somali community” moved to the UK, where as one woman said- “it’s more Islamic”.
    This academic report basically says it was all the fault of the Dutch, for being intolerant of the ‘traditional Somali way of life’ and having a stricter welfare system;
    Meanwhile around 65% of Somali men in the UK are unemployed, no doubt because the British don’t respect the ‘traditional Somali way of life’ either….

  17. It is good to hear the truth about Sharia law; up to now our government and international media are not telling the truth about Sharia law; maybe they are being “politically correct” like all E.U. countries, U.S. and Canada. When we in Europe are faced now with such a threat to our civilisation from Islam and Sharia law, we need to identify and name the threat to our very being, before it is too late. Some say it is too late for countries like Sweden, Belgium, Denmark and France, given that the Muslim birth rate is nine times as high as E.U. where many countries have merely 1.4% birth rate against 10% for Muslims. Experts say Belgium will have a Muslim majority in 10/15 years and this will bring Sharia law and the Muslim culture enforced on us, which is completely at war with Christianity We need to be clear just how many Muslim refugees we can cope with as many are ISIS and radicalised and we just cannot cope with them, as they destroy our society with bombs and terrorism. Not being realistic about the threat of Islam is irresponsible and certainly not an option for western governments, if our countries and way of life are to survive the threat of Islam to our very existence as the Muslims keep telling us that they have sworn to conquer Europe and the world and to enforce their savage sharia law on us all and to murder those who refuse to become Muslims.

    • Actually, it’s not only the birth rate of Muslims, or the threat of terrorism that’s the real danger. It’s the powerful will to dominate and racial consciousness of the Muslim immigrants, as opposed to the reluctance of the Europeans to take a stand, to fight, and to express a nationalistic consciousness.

      Excluding each and every Muslim immigrant is a necessary step, but not a sufficient one. A truly insular society, like Sweden before the immigrant invasions, is by nature susceptible to any threat. Swedish citizenship, as I recall, was very difficult to get up to the Vietnam war, when they began admitting US blacks and military deserters. Not having had to cope with diversity, they were completely unable to carry out a rational debate on what the rational limits of immigration as an expression of international protest.

      Diversity is not a thing of beauty, but any society MUST experience a certain level of threat and conflict to remain viable. It’s the job of a competent political class (almost a contradiction in terms) to avoid massive conflicts like World War I and II, which are slaughters on such a massive and indiscriminate scale that they serve only as a tool of depopulation.

  18. Of the three items in the “introductory note”, all three of them are factually incorrect. But I guess you don’t let facts get in the way of a good fictional story!

  19. In fact, the entire contents of the comments by Ms. Zee are not grounded in fact. They are entirely fictional and her PhD will be revoked shortly.

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