A Culturally Enriched No-Man’s Land in Schwerte-Ost

A business owner in the Ruhr town of Schwerte got tired of asylum-seekers loitering on his property, so he went all Western Front on them and built a barbed-wire barrier to keep the invaders out. The municipality is not happy with him, but I took a liking to the guy when I read his only comment: “I don’t talk to the press.”

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this article from Ruhr Nachrichten:

Private company installed a fence against refugees

Steel pipes and NATO-security razor-sharp barbed wire: With a fence straight from a war zone, a company in Schwerte-Ost seals itself off against a neighboring refugee home — because the refugees were loitering on the property for better cell phone reception.

The city is still examining on how to proceed with zoning laws and regulations against the “structure”. The martial structure blocks a carport and a garage which until now had only been accessible via city-owned property.

Two dozen asylum seekers

The city bought the adjoining property a year ago and converted it into an home for asylum seekers. Roughly two dozen asylum seekers live in the home.

Jutta Pentling from the complaints department at the courthouse has no words: “Something like this just has never happened in this administration. We are now examining what we can do and what we must do.” First and foremost, a barrier tape has been put up to prevent refugees from getting too close to the border structure.

The volunteer helpers at the asylum home are indignant and horrified. Because the city didn’t furnish the asylum home with wifi, the inhabitants have to be creative when they want to maintain contact with their families in their home countries. Therefore it only took a few steps onto the neighboring property and wifi connections were improved.

Deeds follow words

Rolf Siegel is one of two CEO’s of the long-established steel company Hesse. He first tried to have conversations with the inhabitants of the home and with the city’s social workers responsible for the refugee home, asking them to forbid further trespassing on the company’s property. The workers themselves confirm they warned their protégées multiple times not to trespass on the property.

But all that didn’t help. And so, deeds followed words — criss-cross steel pipes and rolled out barbed wire were applied a few days ago. The martial structure is blocking a carport and a garage which had only been accessible via city owned property anyway.

City wanted to build a fence

Jutta Pentling said that a representative for the city had immediately tried to talk with Rolf Siegel about whether the city could perhaps build fence at their expense, but Siegel rejected any conversations. Pentling says that the city will not accept the barbed wire structure. The inhabitants of the city-owned asylum home, men from Syria, Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan, are bewildered and perplexed. That someone would put barbed wire in front of their feet is beyond their comprehension.

Rolf Siegel later informed us that he is “generally not in the habit of talking to the press.”

20 thoughts on “A Culturally Enriched No-Man’s Land in Schwerte-Ost

  1. So they are able to maintain contact with their relatives back home? One wonders therefore how difficult the situation really is ‘back home’.

  2. ” First and foremost, a barrier tape has been put up to prevent refugees from getting too close to the border structure.”

    Nanny state thinking again. The migrants might scratch themselves on that nasty wire. They have never seen such barriers in their homeland, or on their way to Germany?

  3. So the migrants were trespassing and stealing wi-fi. There were also probably acts of vandalism and harassment which are not mentioned by the “media”. The migrants were “bewildered” at the concept of private property. There is private property in the Muslim world and they know it. You get your hand chopped off for violating it.

    • The problem is that the invaders already know the West is soft, and that there will be no consequences for their actions. Of course they are going to push the boundaries to see what they can get away with.

      It is up to the West to set and enforce boundaries on the invaders, which we have largely failed to do.

  4. “Bewildered and perplexed” — always the victim.
    I’d like to see a whole lot more of those fences, even my dogs know where their property line is.

  5. If this is what it takes to protect yourself or property, or whatever from these “cultural enrichers” that that fool Angela Smirkle brought into Germany then they need to go for it. Finally someone is taking defensive action – now onto offensive action.

  6. “Broadband” for a certain area can be easily defeated by low-powered ‘noise’ transmitters using the appropriate high frequencies. It wipes out cellular frequencies for a small area (like a parking lot).
    Though ‘illegal’, they are very hard for authorities to find and quite cheap–Communist China sells them over the internet iffen anybody were ever interested (hint, hint).

    An ADDED BONUS–there would be no nasty/Nazi barbed wire to be used as a photo-op by the antifa-enemy, either. (The “I don’t talk to the press” concept is a good one, considering the nature of the ‘press’ these days.)

  7. A small symbol of things to come if the ” political Elites” do not wake up, and exercise their humanitarian impulses to visit ” Charity ” { at the expense of worthy citizens } on the so called refugees in the homelands of the Refugees. There is lots of real estate in Middle Eastern countries where tent cities can be constructed for these poor unfortunates who have the money for ” bus fare ” into ‘ Europe…..but no funds to take care of themselves in their own homelands. WHAT A PITIFUL JOKE/

  8. I would not be surprised if the Company has to pay money to the asylum seekers for emotional damages or something like that.

    And the reason for this will sound like this:
    All those asylum seekers suffer from PTSD and when confronted by barbed wire and spikes their PTSD will give them flashbacks to the war in Syria / Afghanistan etc where they come from. Or from the cruelties they suffered while on the journey to Germany.

    Any Body thinks otherwise? I am still taking bets…

  9. If they have migrated from war zones the asylum seekers should not be bewildered or perplexed.

  10. It’s good that these impoverish refugees all have cell phones.

    The government won’t build a fence on the border, so people have to start building defensive walls around their own property. That’s always a good sign.

  11. That is a lovely looking fence Mr. Siegel, I can’t wait to see the Christmas decorations. I see a bright future for Rolf’s steel business, selling fence kits.
    Gold Star.

  12. > Because the city didn’t furnish the asylum home with wifi, the inhabitants
    > have to be creative when they want to maintain contact with their families
    > in their home countries.

    The inhabitants have to be creative in order to download Internet porn and beheading videos.

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