Open Season on the Chinese in France

This article doesn’t mention it, but anti-Chinese attacks in France are more and more frequently the work of Muslim culture-enrichers. Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation:

In Aubervilliers, Asians are organizing to ensure their safety

[Photo caption: Relatives and family members pay tribute to Zhang Shaolin killed in an attack in Aubervilliers, north of Paris, August 14, 2016.]

A week after the murder of a Chinese in Aubervilliers, north of Paris, after suffering daily attacks, the community decided to react.

A dozen men gathered on August 15 in a restaurant in Aubervilliers, north of Paris, eyes glued to their mobile phones. They stood ready to intervene if a member of the Chinese community were to be attacked in the vicinity.

One of them, Yvon Sun, was himself attacked four times last month. “In all areas of La Courneuve and Aubervilliers, the Chinese are daily victims of aggression and violence,” he reports.

The Chinese community in North Paris then proceeded to organize themselves. Now, they never go out alone, explains Charly Shen. “In this group, we will try to return home together, we’re going to pick up each other at the subway station to avoid being attacked,” he explains.

Increasing incidents of aggression

The Chinese community in France is angry, over a week after the deadly attack on a 49-year-old Chinese man in Aubervilliers. The man fell at the hands of three men in the street. It is far from being an isolated case. Racist attacks against the Chinese have been multiplying for several months. They therefore organized themselves to provide better security for their movements.

Rui Wang, a spokesman for the Association of Chinese youth of France (AJCF),says that Asians represent an easy target because they are victims many clichés. “They think that the Asian is an safe and easy target, and so they’re attacking him, he says. At first we joked on ‘the other’, we attacked in words. Gradually it comes to actions. Today, the first drops of blood were shed. We would not want others to suffer the same fate tomorrow.”

A petition on the Internet to denounce the anti-Asian attacks had collected 9000 signatures as of the evening of August 15.

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    • Probably because they are successful, arousing the envy of low achievers, and because they are generally not aggressive and may be on average physically smaller, ‘inviting’ bullies and cowards to attack. Westerners need to really support these type of immigrants: highly intelligent, educated achievers who share our good values and add a few excellent aspects of their own culture (eg. greater respect for elders and education, fabulous food) are what any country that wants immigrants should invite.

      The country I live in has many Chinese and Korean immigrants, and they excell in education, music and other achievements. They hardly ever hit the headlines for any bad reason.

      • Yes — resentment and opportunity. Remember something similar happened during the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles. The blacks and hispanics headed straight for the Asian-owned businesses (mostly Korean immigrants) to do a bit of looting. The Asians quickly got their act — and their guns — together, with well-armed men in plain view, many of them on rooftops. It worked, saving many mom-and-pop businesses and millions of dollars’ damage.

        • You reminded me of the camera images in the shop in Ferguson when that young thug stole something from a convenience store and shoved the dimunitive shopkeeper when he protested. Then he went out and tried to do the same with a police officer. Because of the boy-man’s size and stupidity, he thought the laws of physics didn’t apply to him.

      • It’s Muslims, not French who attack the Asians The Muslims attack French daily but if any French organized to keep each other safe they would be imprisoned for hate crime

      • “Westerners need to really support these type of immigrants: highly intelligent, educated achievers who share our good values and add a few excellent aspects of their own culture (eg. greater respect for elders and education, fabulous food) are what any country that wants immigrants should invite.”

        Why? Why should we “support them”? Why should we “want immigrants”? Are you incapable of passing on values to your children? [redacted]. I question your premises. If anything, these “good” people need to move back to China and civilize it.

        • See this part of the sentence: “any country that wants immigrants “? That’s crucial. I’m certainly not making other countries’ decisions for them.

          As for your insults of my children, you are bringing the level here pretty low. Baron, Dymphna – don’t you have a policy against such language?

          • Yep. We do. But sometimes things get by us…obviously, your interlocutor was incensed by your ideas. But a moderate response is usually best in my experience. IOW, remind the person that they’re violating the rules and hope someone notices.

            A second possibility is to ask them to speak further to the question they pose…that could get interesting…

            …it’s vital to stay in focus, though not easy. One person on our comments who does that well is Mark H. Nearly always very reasonable in the face of hostility. Since Mark is our token socialist and has stuck with us through all the mockery, he’s my model for how to handle hecklers…

            Invariably, when another is reduced to insulting your children you know you’ve made them afraid. So whatever response you make that dials down the fear also lessens hostility. Or as St Paul said, “love drives out fear”. As a fearful, angry man himself ol’ Paulie knew whereof he spoke…

          • I can understand Able’s (anger?) and point of view.
            I find nothing insulting with his/her comment.
            One need to rationally question why the West are still importing so many immigrants when the West already have too many problems with Blacks, Islamic people and other Asian people.

          • Thanks Dymphna. I thought I did exactly this: “a moderate response is usually best in my experience. IOW, remind the person that they’re violating the rules and hope someone notices.” ?

        • The Asian community here in France are for the most part Vietnamese. Vietnam was a French colony as wre large portions of North Africa. Their communities have been here since the early sixties some even longer. As America is a nation founded on immigration albeit going back several centuries the logic of your suggestion is that most Americans should go back to where their ancestors hailed from leaving the country to the Native Americans. The llatest wave of Russian Jews in America emigrated there after our Vietnamese communities. Are you going to send them back to civilise Russia?

        • When push comes to shove, Chinese side with whites. Whites are 8% of the global population, Chinese are a fifth so it makes sense to team up. Plus they are smart and don’t put up with BS. Apart from them being absolute [awful] drivers, I don’t have any issue with them.

      • Yes, the horrid diaspora Chinese tend to work hard in legal occupations, succeed, get their kids educated for higher rung occupations who often also contribute to Western culture: fine arts, music, etc.

        For this they are despised by low-achieving, welfare-cheating, illegality inclined and violence-prone Muslim immigrants. And in northern Paris, physically attacked.

        • I’ve always wanted to visit france, but I sure would not right now, due to the immigrant problems they are having. Here in the USA we are having some problems, but our right to bear arms is lessening that threat for now. I’m a senior citizen, and I don’t step out of my house without a small pistol in my pocket.

          • As a French citizen I can assure you that there are still many delightful areas of this country which are perfectly peaceful and welcoming, offering tourists excellent hotels and superb restaurants at very reasonable prices, spectacular scenery,medieval architecture and near empty motorways!

      • How utterly predictable: Purportedly high IQ + exotic food = immigrants GOOD.

        The Chinese already have a country of their own – a rather large one, at that. Why do you so begrudge the French their own homeland?

        • The Chinese don’t have a country; they have a corrupt oligarchy which makes it very hard to live there…to leave one’s homeland and live in exile must be difficult, especially for the family-oriented Chinese.

          The “justice” system in China is a nightmare. Imagine having your organs harvested (while you’re still extant) as punishment for some crime or other…China is the best and worst of human nature in one unholy mix.

          • Dymphna, you made some very interesting analysis with regard the Chinese. From my point of view, whatever problems they may have within their communities or with others in Asia, they do belong in Asia or South East Asia.

            Chinese should solve their problems just like the West is trying to solve its own problems.

            Chinese can be nasty too just like those Islamic people. We have to educate the Chinese and other (non-Moslem) Asians that Islam aggressive imposition of their totalitarian Islamic culture/ideology(even though Islam unfortunately do have similarity with Oriental Asian culture) is offensive and incompatible to our free world.

            And many a times, they do have this misplaced superiority complex and many of them tend to be insular and unhelpful. Anyway, that is just my point of view.

      • Many Asian parents are selfish and irresponsible. They are inconsiderately pushing their children to Western countries to gain more at the expense of the Westerners, without care or concern for the welfare of the Western countries. This is not fair. Furthermore, Islamic people(if one can consider them as people), besides other Asians has taken away a lot of wealth from the West, crippling the West with more burden and impoverishing the West.

        Asian(even when without the Islamic aspect) culture is in reality is quite rotten generally and one should not blindly praise it even though ordinary Islamic people is even much more evil.

    • These are the immigrants a country wants . . . not the Muslim trash that the neo-marxists import to foment [artificial] class struggle.

    • The article gives no clue as to what the “Mohammad Co-efficient” is in these attacks. If the Mo- Co is high, it could have something to do with Buddhism or even the Pork Lo Mein.

  1. I stand by them and hope they stand their ground and for the Chinese legally in France I stand by them but many are trespassing illegal immigrants and should be deported along with the invading Muslims. Still, I prefer the Chinese.

  2. The French love Chinese people and culture. Humanity and civilisation is foreign to the Muslim low lives. Lets see how far this goes before major industrial level clearances start to clean out the trash.

  3. The chinese will survive, also in Europe, because they take an initiative to halt violence against them. This is not the case for native europeans. They/we are too kind and obedient to do anything on our own.

    • The Chinese probably have a way to taking things into their own hands so that the authorities cannot track them down. They are not at all like the native French. I hope they do not take this passively.

  4. I hope the Chinese citizens of France bring this to the attention of the Chinese ambassador.Also that the Chinese ambassador passes it on to other Chinese embassies .I hope that Chinese communities worldwide unite into anti-Muslim self defense brigades.

    This Saturday awhite 59 year old u Australian man out walking his dog was attacked by a Muslim.

    The Muslim (born in Australia of a Bangladeshi mother) was a known public nuisance.
    He was acting on the instruction( issued by the I.S.I.S magazine distributed in Australia) to attack the Australian infidel wherever he found him.

    Since 2013 the Muslim had been regularly reported to police for harassing and threatening neighbors and passersby.

    In one incident he pulled Australian flags from the fence of a neighbor and burnt them.

    He had a habit of screaming out verses from the Koran at passersby ,alternating with cries of “I hate Australia.”

    This Saturday he was armed with a knife.He accosted the Australian and started stabbing him.The Australian managed to break away and ran for the home hairdressing salon of a Chinese hairdresser.

    The hairdresser let the victim (who had had his fingers chopped off) take refuge in her salon and locked the glass door to keep the screaming(Allah Ackbar) knife wielding Muslim freak at bay.

    He kept on launching himself at the plate glass door in a futile attempt to get in.
    The salon owner instructed her son to get anything he could to subdue the Muslim freak while she called the police.The son went outside ripped off a fence paling and (in concert with neighbors who came running when they heard the commotion) battered the Muslim.

    The Muslim on hearing the approaching police sirens thenran towards the police car.

    The police took evasive action by turning away down a side road.
    They then doubled back and as the Muslim tried to stab the officers inside (the window
    was rolled down) they tasered him.(Pity they didn’t practice a bit of garbage disposal and shoot him for the sake of community hygiene)

    The Muslim freak then told the police he had stabbed the man for being too Australian.

    The police reported that the Muslim was not being monitored and was not on any terror watch list.

    The Australian police are completely out of their depth.
    But it was great to see the Australian community unite against the vile Muslim freak in their midst.We need to see more of this community spirit in action.And I hope for all our sakes that the Chinese community in Australia can take the lead in organizing a swift community response in future.

    Citizens are not allowed to keep guns for self defense.We are not even allowed pepper spray.But sales of cricket bats to defend hearth and home ,life and limb are soaring.

    • Indeed, Shelagh, as an Aussie gun owner myself I know that if I should ever use my little 22 calibre target rifle in self-defense against a criminal home invader I will be arrested, held in the watch house (police station cell) at least overnight, lose my gun and licence permanently, and possibly be fined or jailed. If I was to take it outside my home and into the street to tackle a violent criminal, I would certainly be jailed.

      In such cases, it’s quite possible the media might mount a campaign to paint the criminal as the victim should the criminal be a member of particular approved victim groups.

      I also know if I was to possess this or that object such as a baseball bat or cricket bat or a baton – or even just a handy fence paling – with the primary intent of keeping it for self-defence, I would be in breach of weapons laws in my state and could have my gun confiscated and licence revoked for unlawfully possessing an additional ‘weapon’ – a piece of wood – that was unapproved and unlicensed.

      Here are four real life examples from my state backing up various aspects of what I’ve laid out above.

      In the 1980s, a man who lived on acreage (semi-rural) was having problems with his neighbours. The disputes between them escalated to the point where one afternoon his wife phoned him at work in a panic to say the neighbours were firing arrows at the house. He rushed home and, while getting out of his car to open the gate to his property, was confronted by his neighbour and the neighbour’s sons who beat him with a metal picket. He retreated to his idling car and, while the neighbours were trying to smash the windows and he was trying to escape, he accidentally reversed the vehicle over one of them, killing him. The driver was arrested and held in the local watch house for 48 hours before he was finally allowed to go to hospital where he was found to have internal as well as his obvious external injuries from the beating.

      In the 1990s, an Aboriginal teenager in Brisbane went to a house late at night seeking revenge against another for some personal offense or other. Not realising he had gone to the wrong address, he stood outside yelling for his intended opponent to come out and fight. When no one emerged, he broke a branch off a tree and smashed through a sliding glass door, shouting that he was going to kill them. Inside the darkened house was a young man with a rifle who had no idea why this teenager was breaking in, threatening murder. The house occupant called out that the police had been phoned and he had a gun and would shoot but the teenager advanced on him so he pulled the trigger and killed him. The Courier Mail newspaper (the state’s main daily paper) went in to bat for the dead teenager, portraying him as a poor kid who had been killed unjustly by a ‘gun nut’ because he made a stupid mistake and, in pre-echoes of America’s Michael Brown case, was shown in family photos on the front page as a harmless, smiling 12 year old child when the truth was he was a large, snarling late teenager when he was killed.

      In 1993, two men attempted an armed robbery of an antiques store. They threatened and beat the middle-aged woman who owned the store before her son, hearing the commotion, emerged from the back room with a rifle. In the melee that followed, one of the robbers was shot and seriously injured. The son of the store owner was arrested along with the robbers but not charged. However, early in 2000, three men entered the same shop seeking revenge for the 1993 shooting of their associate. They came in guns blazing. The woman and her husband took cover in the back room and he retrieved his licensed handgun from the safe and shot at the men, killing one. The husband was arrested this time and it took the DPP nearly two years to determine not to charge him over the killing. In that time, he and his wife had to close their business and they both suffered serious depression, not only because they had almost been killed themselves (their store had been peppered with rounds from an illegally owned semi-auto 30 cal carbine held at head height) but also at the trauma of having killed a man and the possibility of charges being laid against him hanging over their head.

      Finally, in a 2011 home invasion, one of the four home invaders was shot in the leg with his own gun and he died after staggering out into the street. The home owner was charged with manslaughter and it was two years before the DPP offered no evidence and the charge was dropped.

      • Thanks for the very interesting vignettes.

        The sheer lunacy of the authorities in cases like these makes me want to break my own rule and speculate as to the mind-set of the police and prosecutors, not to mention the legislators who enacted the draconian laws against self-defense.

        I genuinely feel remorse for your citizens who only want to perform their work and live their lives, but are presented with a choice of being murdered or being prosecuted by an insane justice system.

        I don’t believe most people, particularly the social justice warrior types, are swayed by facts, reasoning or consequences. So, success on issues like self-defense come down to mobilizing your base. This is one reason the Obama administration has been hell-bent on bring hoards of poorly-vetted, phony refugee immigrants into the country. It widens their base.

        I’d be interested in knowing if there’s a contingency, even a small one, flat-out in favor of guns for self-defense in Australia. I’ve seen a video or two on the draconian gun-confiscation law of 1993, and I got the impression that no Australian wanted to criticize it directly.

        • I doubt the SJW have the capability of learning.

          Lets assume you are very evil. You put the female ones in very skimpy and revealing clothing in a ah, diverse neighborhood and force them to walk through this area at night without protection and the male ones dressed as gays and before they start the walk you wake up the neighborhood with the slogan those diverse people announce their need for coupling with a female that sound like “Free F.cki F.cki”.

          And now assume those SJW would survive it. They would still blame the Nazis, the anti-Immigrant and everybody not of the political left opinion as the ones responsible.

          And for the mindset of the police and justice: remember the old defense at Nuremberg?
          I was just following orders.

          And remember the Tax affair in Frankfurt/Hesse about 1999. When a few tax fraud investigators came to close to financial irregularities of the CDU they were declared insane and removed from their jobs. Only after long trials through the courts they were declared innocent.

          And there was another guy who signed a Petition but later could not remember anything and was given his dreamjob and promoted.

    • It was a machete, not a knife.

      One of the (East) Asian neighbours of the dog-walking Aussie grand-dad grabbed a brick and with it tried to stop the crazed Muslim in the midst of his machete attack. That is how the victim (with chopped off fingers from protecting himself from machete blows) managed to make his way to the Asian salon where his life was saved by the bravery of the proprietor.

  5. The French Government is responsible for this as well as the “religion of Peace”. Governments have one primary responsibility, to facilitate a safe and just society for their citizens. How they can allow this without going to war on these sub humans, I have no idea…

    • A quite big majority of Asians from mainly Malay ethnic and Indian background(Malaysians, Indonesians, Bruneians, Bangladesh, Pakistan in South East Asia are ) are unfortunately very devout Moslems or very Islamic, since most of them are quite aggressively pushing for support for their endless Islamic causes, and eerily tend to have more in common with their Palestinian causes and other horrible Islamic causes.

      Many of them identify themselves as Malay but in reality they are Moslems using their Malay Asian background to Islamize the whole stinking place that they invaded.

      There are also other types of Asians from Chinese background in Singapore and Malaysia(most Chinese in Asia are non-Moslems, though the creeping negative Islamic influence/characteristics have affected quite many non-Moslem Asians ) in South East Asia

      • Why are Indian people called Asians?? That has always seemed strange to me. It is some kind of p.c. terminology? Or do people not want to bother differentiating Pakistani citizens who were part of India before the Partition that was supposed to solve all the Muslim terrorism against other Indians of different political/religious beliefs? What’s wrong with using nationalities as identifiers?

        Aren’t Asians the people from China, Japan, Vietnam, Korea, etc – aren’t they genuine Asians? Don’t they resent being lumped in with those from the Indian subcontinent?

        • I agree. I really think those from China, Japan, Vietnam, Korea, etc should get verbal about being lumped together with Pakistanis etc.

        • I agree with you, Dymphna.

          I too am beginning to find it strange to refer to darker Indians or as Asians since they have much more in common characteristically with Blacks.

          It think Asian is an identifier for mainly Oriental people who shared Asian characteristics with people who are presently settled in East Asia, West Asia, South Asia, North Asia.

          I too will find it something to be ashamed of if people lumped me together with those Indians or Islamic Asians.

          • I think Indians would be horribly insulted by your remarks and justifiably so. Hindu ,Jain and Buddhist culture was highly advanced before the catastrophe of the waves of Muslim invaders of the subcontinent. The concept of zero was put forward by Indian mathematicians leading to the development of proper maths. They had societies just as sophisticated as the Greeks with classical music ,dance and theatre traditions far superior to those of medieval Europe. Like the Chinese they developped a medical system that was preventative and based on rules for healthy living. The Indian subcontinent is part of Asia . The naming of people from there as Asians in the UK but not in America is simply a quirk of language like using vacation instead of holiday or purse instead of handbag.

          • Perhaps, those Indians Hindus(even though they don’t impose much of their Hinduism on others) would be less insulted if they see how their own people abused and mistreated people like us who have to work under them at one time or another. It is up to individuals to accept Indians as Asians or not but I just think Indian Hindus/Jains/Buddhists nastiness should not tolerated just as those Indian Moslem nastiness should not be tolerated, no matter how advanced they may be in the past.

        • In the UK the policor brigade began to use the word’Asians’ to avoid having to use the words “Pakistani, Afghans, Syrians etc.” These words are in the western mind strongly associated with the words moslim and islam so this association must be avoided at all costs.
          The word ‘Asian’ has a much more positive connotation because we tend to think of people like Japanese, Korean, Chines etc, people who are high on the development ladder unlike muslims.
          This rather weird intelectual construct has backfired because everyone in the UK already knows when the press talks about ‘Asian gangs’ they are realy saying muslim gangs without saying so.
          On top of it, in their attempt to avoid discriminating one group they started discriminating a much larger group as you pointed out.
          So you see the mind of a leftie is a source of amazement.

          • Indeed. This unfortunate UK term is also used as a means of lumping Pakistanis, Indians, Sri Lankans and Bangladeshis together without causing upset to any one group. (Indians in particular hate being confused with Pakistanis). The reason it took off is that at the time, the East Asian communities in Britain were very small, except for the Chinese, who remained, illogically, simply the “Chinese”. So “Asian” could be coopted to mean people from the south Indian continent (primarily) while the East Asians retained their ethnic labels. So you find many references to the “Asian and Chinese” communities in Britain.
            Sorry about that, rest of the English-speaking world. My advice is just ignore us.

          • Well, I guess there is nothing wrong to be called an Asian, and in fact many good people should be proud of being an Asian, but the word Asian(even without referring to Moslems), like it or not does have negative connotation since ages ago.

            The fact is many Asians(from South Asia, South East Asia and Central Asia) are Moslems and as such it is understandable why so many people do refer to Moslems as Asians even though many of those Moslems have more in common with Islam/Arabs/Middle East than with non-Moslem Asians.

        • Here in the US the term ‘Asian’, as you say, refers to persons of the Asian race. The irony in all this is that Indians and Pakistanis are Caucasians by race, not Asians at all.

        • By gene type, 2/3rds of all people living in the Indian sub continent are Caucasoid. 1/3rd are Mongloid. Caucasiod are are Indo-European. Gypsies, are by gene type, Indian.

        • It is no longer PC to use the most sensible term, “oriental” because referring to the easternmost part of the largest landmass on the planet is somehow racist. Yet all that is east of them is the Pacific ocean.
          I still use the term myself. My language, I can use it how I want.

  6. I saw this on a daily basis in Oakland in the 60s. Yet idiots like Colin Kapernik claim to be so concerned about brutality against “people of color.” Asians are people of color and yet too many African-Americans treat them like crap and have for a long time.

    • Just another racist who can’t see the person behind the melanin: all non-caucasians are all the same to these racists – always ‘victims’ even when they are oppressing whole other communities.

    • Indeed. But those fragile snowflakes (okay, smudged snow) like Kapernick suffer from the malady of the rest of their cohort: a malign narcissism in which there is no history except what they devise, no music except what they listen to, etc. The chronic resentment is going to kill them off early.

  7. Well ,Europe will become Islamic Europe in 2043 what BABA VANGA told more than 20 years ago, she died in 1996. Believe or not!!!!!!?

  8. The Chinese also know how to assimilate without denying their ancestory. It’s their success. However difficult, at times, it was, it has been the way of the Chinese, here, in California. As they integrate they, also, do not deny the singularity (the uniqueness) of the culture they settling into. They know themselves as being enriched by it, without a lose of their self-understanding as a people.

    In fact, the Chinese taking up their host culture’s singularity (let’s say, for example, classical music) often becomes that culture’s preservative. Various reasons have been expounded upon for why this is so; some more pertinent than others. For one – in spite of the obvious distinctiveness of their millennial culture – they are not a tribal people (ethnically or ideologically): which makes Lenin/Marxism such an odd fit). In brief, the Chinese do not die for Buddha or Confucius. (I know that’s being a bit simplistic, but dying in *warlordism* is not the same as dying for jihad.

    To note the above [bracketing the crippling *warlordish* outcomes of China’s one-party system] one only needs a short stopover in Shanghai to see how the Chinese people are preserving the uniqueness of Western culture.

    And this [again, doing the necessary bracketing] even Christianity is being preserved in China, that is, by the Chinese people. Preserved by 100s of million – without a thought’s iota of being less Chinese for doing so. Ironically, Christianity, in China, has a liberty that is quickly being strangled in the West by our dhimmitude (to Islam – and that *other*).

    For Islam (quite frankly, Muslims of all sorts and brands) the notion of stewardship (and gratitude) of something other (and for something other) than its totalitarian oneness is more than foreign; it is the very presence of societal disobedience, and, therefore, a political and theological enemy. Islam would never broadcast Bach from a minaret.

    So the murder of a Chinese gentleman by a (pack) of Muhammadans – a subway ride north of Paris – should take no one by surprise. It certainly is no surprise to Islam.

    • I am an ethnic Chinese born in Malaysia and a proud, newly naturalized American. I speak Mandarin, Cantonese and three other dialects and cook and eat Cantonese, but think in English, listen to and play Bach and Mozart, and am an old School Calvinist. Your ~general~ understanding of the Chinese is accurate. We are generally not very tribal, and understand that when we emigrate, we are guests enjoying the hospitality of the host nation.
      Normal, decent immigrants know how to express gratitude. Those who grew up with the mental ~ideal~ of Shariah do quite the opposite.

      • “We are generally not very tribal . . . ” Funny, I never realized taqiyya was also a Han endorsed practice.

        • Sheila, the operative words are “generally” and “very”. Taqiyya is a Muslim religious concept, and not the same as general lying, which you seem to have mastered.

  9. Trust that if the authorities are forced to choose they’ll vote with their cowardice and support the Muslims over the Chinese. The West is determined to destroy itself. Too bad all the Leftists couldn’t be just dropped into a sewer somewhere.

  10. Maybe the situation of the Uighurs has something to do with the Muslims’ targeting of Chinese abroad. I guess if this gets out of control and the attention of the Chinese motherland, they will learn soon that they picked the wrong enemy. If I had a wish, I’d trade the whole MENAce with all its oil to the Chinese for their promise to rid Earth of this sick ideology. If this sounds bad, every other “solution” is even worse.

    • Somehow I doubt that the “youth” knuckleheads in the Paris Bainleues know much about the Uighurs! But I may be wrong…

      My guess, as above – something to do with harassment of women. Maybe some Chinese took offence, and beat up some Maghrebians too bad, “forcing” them to take revenge? It happens in a lot of places that they migrate to, eg Wrexham and other UK towns in the early 2000s.

    • Many Chinese are quite passive even if many of them are against Islamic people(e.g Malay people in South East Asia).
      Even though there may be some good Chinese who dare to speak out against Islam, many of them are either very ignorant or are only interested in profiting from Islamic people or doing business with them.

      I think the West despite all its mistake in pandering to Islamic people,
      there are still many brave people from the West who dare to speak out (openly)against the horror of Islam, Islamic culture, Islamic terrorism.

  11. I thank God we Americans have the Second Amendment in our Constitution: “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

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