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I drove Dymphna to a routine doctor’s appointment this afternoon. It’s a little over an hour from here, and we passed the time reading the election signs on people’s lawns. There were lots of signs for local candidates in the counties we passed through, and also the congressional candidates in two different districts. And the Trump/Pence signs are sprouting everywhere, like mushrooms after a big rain.

But we saw no Hillary signs. Not a single one.

Mind you, we live in a Deplorable Zone — lots of hidebound bitter clingers in this region. But still — you usually see signs for the Democrat in certain socio-economic areas. Especially in black neighborhoods, where signs for the Democrat presidential candidate normally proliferate. And this has been true in the past not just during Obama’s runs, but also for all the honky candidates — Clinton, Gore, Kerry, etc.

But not this time. I don’t think I’ve seen a Hillary sign yet anywhere.

The next time I go into Charlottesville — which will be fairly soon — I’ll watch for them there. C-ville is a notoriously progressive town — Dymphna calls it “Berkeley East”. Back during the Bush Derangement Syndrome years, you risked getting your car keyed if you parked it there with a Bush sticker on the bumper.

I bet I’ll find some diehard Hillary supporters there.

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  1. I find myself saying to my driving companion every day, “I never see Hillary signs.” I live in a one-party State (Democrat). Very unusual.

  2. Fear of vandalism is one of the major reasons I avoid bumper stickers. Otherwise I would be sporting a “Hillary for Prison 2016” for sure.

    The other is that I prefer a clean looking vehicle. Excessive display of bumper stickers is really the realm of the liberal. Every time I see a car with a “Coexist” sticker my immediate thought is: Moron.

    • I don’t put *overtly political* bumper stickers on my car. It has a city parking permit on the left (allows me to park for >4 hours in certain neighborhoods) and used to have a “No Farms, No Food” bumper sticker on the right (dark green letters on a white background).

      Well, the “No Farms, No Food” one is technically still there, but you can’t read it. There’s just a white rectangle where it was.

      Anyone know where I can get another one? Life was interesting when it was visible: people came up to me from way left, way right, and at right angles to the usual political axis.

      • Well, Ricardo Lara-an official illegal that is now a democrat representative in the Great Golden State, has put forth a greenhouse warming bill that takes on cow flatulence. The idiots under the dome in Sacratomato have jumped on this uncouth and -now- illegal way of behaving by bovines. IMHO, I think cows have been doing this since time immoral but suddenly-our very lives are immediately in danger. I am thinking of a bumpersticker that reads:
        My cow has gas, and makes good cheese.

  3. Hillary had decided that Virginia was hers so stopped putting money into the state. I believe she is now beginning to get nervous. Her signs were finally available in my Northern Virginia farmer’s market today for the first time. Not that there were many takers.

    Not enough Trump signs to go around!

  4. I noticed a dearth of Obama signs here in Tampa in 2012. A democrat told me they don’t think they’re worth the money. That’s about the same time Axlerod and his team were perfecting the social media electioneering with the facebook geeks. It’s anecdotal but I think the dems rely more on social media now more than old school signs. I don’t do facebook or any of the other left owned social media but an awful lot of people do. And with everything facebook has on their customers, you can really zero in on who might support you and who won’t so as to make sure and remind them to vote.
    I’ve stopped putting bumper stickers on my car also. The dems are apt to key it now that their all godless.

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