Culture-Enriching Bribery in Leipzig

In the previous post James Simpson discussed “refugee resettlement” in its American context. The same hijra is underway in Europe — in fact, it’s even farther along — but the process is somewhat different.

The following investigative report from German television reveals the extent to which the time-honored Middle Eastern custom of bribery has been imported into Germany along with two million “refugees”. That’s how the culture-enrichers are able to move to the front of the queue, ahead of native Germans, for available housing in Leipzig and other cities.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   Preliminary high point of a month-long research job.
0:05   We are meeting with the middleman of a gang of criminal brokers.
0:08   They provide apartments for refugees in Leipzig,
0:11   under-the-table and for a lot of money.
0:14   The man expects €550 from us. Instead we confront him
0:17   with our investigation.
0:20   Everything is true. I’m not lying.
0:24   So that is huge business?
0:28   (…) for the last year and a half.
0:32   For a year and a half now there an illegal market has obviously existed
0:35   for apartments in Leipzig, but one thing after another:
0:39   Mitjan Suleiman has been living in Germany for two years.
0:42   he wanted to get out of the asylum seekers’ home,
0:45   have his own apartment, legally speaking a difficult undertaking.
0:48   The waiting lists at the apartment construction firms are full,
0:51   wait times of one year are not unusual.
0:54   Friends suggest to the Syrian that he talk to a so-called illegal broker.
0:59   He pays a bribe of €250 and within a very short time
1:02   he receives a rental contract.
1:06   I met the illegal broker at a café at the main train station.
1:11   I first gave him a deposit, and when I received the rental contract,
1:14   I gave him the rest of the money.
1:17   He took care of everything, took me to the LWB (National Association for Building & Construction)
1:21   and there, after only ten days, I signed a rental contract and I received this apartment.
1:28   An apartment from the Leipzig LBB,
1:31   the sole provider of communal apartments in the city.
1:34   According to our research, Mitjan Suleiman is one of many
1:37   who obtained an apartment in this manner.
1:41   It is apparently a nationwide phenomenon
1:44   to make money from the problems of refugees.
1:47   Here a refugee from Duisburg is on the phone with a criminal realtor.
1:51   One apartment for one person costs €500,
1:55   one for four people is €2,000.
1:58   €500 for one person?
2:01   Yeah, €500 for one person, and €2,000 for four people.
2:07   €2,000 bribe money for an apartment.
2:10   Many refugees run up huge debts in order to finally leave the asylum homes.
2:15   On Facebook they post their experiences with criminal realtors
2:18   nationwide, name prices.
2:22   In Dortmund, €900.
2:25   In Hannover, 1,000.
2:28   And in Dusseldorf, 1,700 for an apartment.
2:31   It’s a lucrative business.
2:37   We want to know how this racket works and who-all are involved.
2:42   We meet Ismael, a Syrian who for over a year now has lived in this asylum home.
2:47   He is looking for an apartment of his own, and thus he put his name
2:51   on the waiting list of the Leipzig LWB.
2:56   Two months ago I went to the LWB. They told me,
3:00   you have to wait at least four to five months for an apartment.
3:05   We go to the LWB with Ismael, we ask for information.
3:08   They tell us, there are no apartments.
3:11   An answer that many refugees receive.
3:15   Allegedly criminal brokers can provide an apartment
3:18   within just a few days.
3:21   We do a field test and call one of these gentlemen.
3:30   My name is Ismael, and I am looking for an apartment.
3:33   Can you please help me? — Yeah, sure. — What will that cost?
3:38   €750. It used to be cheaper, but it’s now more expensive.
3:42   €750? When should I pay?
3:45   One portion when you get the offer, the rest
3:48   when you sign the contract.
3:52   Two days later we meet the Syrian illegal broker,
3:55   we give him a down-payment of €200.
3:58   The man tells us he’s only a small candle in this huge business.
4:01   The lion’s share of the bribe money goes to his boss.
4:05   When I acquire a client and he pays for the apartment,
4:08   let’s say €800 or €900,
4:11   then I get about €50… when the deal is closed.
4:18   Supposedly his boss has a contact within the LWB
4:22   who provides the apartments, and indeed,
4:26   five days later the middleman hands us a valid reservation offer.
4:30   Such an offer one usually only receives after having viewed the apartment.
4:35   Moreover the future tenant would have to personally pick up this paper at LWB,
4:39   and sign for receiving it.
4:42   Here is the signature of an LWB employee,
4:45   but on the tenant’s signature line, this is not Ismael’s signature.
4:49   Whose signature this is, we do not know yet.
4:55   The LWB employee who signed the lease reservation (on LWB’s behalf),
5:00   is showing the apartment to Ismael. We are present with a hidden camera.
5:05   The landlord talks about just how hard it is nowadays to find such an apartment.
5:12   He should play the lottery, this thing here is really more than lucky.
5:16   And the condition is above-average for Paunsdorf. [town northeast of Leipzig].
5:19   This has very little to do with luck. Anyway, we have to put down
5:23   €750 for the brokering of the apartment.
5:26   Shortly after the viewing, we get a call from the Arab boss of the criminal broker.
5:31   Now the rest of the money is due. He tells us that he is the one
5:35   who signs the papers from the LWB in place of the tenant.
5:41   We show our research to the management of the LWB;
5:45   we show how we got our hands on the reservation offer and on the apartment.
5:49   All of it suggests the possibility that the bribe-takers work together
5:52   with at least one employee of the LWB.
5:56   Executive director Gabriele Haase is shocked… and announces consequences.
6:01   We will see whether it is possible for us to pinpoint exactly
6:05   how much of this criminal energy has come from our employees,
6:11   and we will undertake the necessary and possible steps according to our labor law,
6:15   in order to punish this employee,
6:18   and to also redirect this suspicion from the LWB
6:22   that something like this is business as usual here.
6:26   Will you talk to the public prosecutor? — I think that if we… ourselves are not in the position,
6:32   to carry out the necessary investigations,
6:35   then we will engage the public prosecutor.

10 thoughts on “Culture-Enriching Bribery in Leipzig

  1. Sounds like the free market doing what it does best, satisfying demand at the right price.

    • If the individual conducting these transactions works for the Ministry involved in housing these people, then I take back the above statement, this is the kind of corruption that destroyed the societies these people came from, welcome to the New and Improved Germany.
      If this guy is just an Entrepreneur making money by connecting people with apartments, good work Mate.

  2. Note that she says they will engage the public prosecutor IF they are not in a position to do the investigation themselves (and, implicitly, they will only punish/discipline the offender themselves).
    If she encounters criminality in her workers, she should not be giving them just the punishment of discipline and/or losing their jobs. They should be going to prison.

    • Question for the woman supposedly in charge as the buck (euro) should stop with her!

      Did the sudden increase in presumably non traditional German surnames appearing on tenancy agreements not raise any alarm bells?
      Plenty of Ali’s, Mustafa’,fewer Mueller’s and Schmidt’s?

      Did the similar/identical illegible tenants signatures not cause concern?

      Did the fewer visits to sign for the tenancy agreement (which would not have matched the apartments allocated) offer you a clue as to what was going on?

      Will you be handing in your resignation for incompetence anytime soon?

      Ye gods Germany wake up before it is to late – a nation wide problem in social housing now, along with rape, sexual assaults, muggings, shop lifting, terrorist attacks etc.

      I had the distinct impression from the video commentary that the producers sympathy lay more with the poor “exploited”
      Immigrants rather than the indigenous Germans being illegally pushed further down the queue!

  3. Corruption is all they know (baksheesh), I work in the Middle East and believe me the corruption is eye watering. Not only that, their biggest downfall (religion aside) is that nothing is done on merit it is simply down to who they’re connected to. The majority have zero work ethic, none at all. We have to take a certain percentage of them on our payroll as an International company based here, usually in unskilled menial jobs. They are regularly late, or fail to turn up at all, but come pay day they look horrified when they realize they’ve been docked wages. This is the best part, when the immigrant crisis first kicked off we had a load of guys just not show up. Turned out word had got out that Germany wanted to take them in, so they heeded the call and went over for, according to one guy, “free money, apartment and easy women”. If you haven’t already noticed, they are ridiculously militant and will always band together to wreak havoc in order to have their demands met. A culture of entitlement abounds. To that end if Merkel thinks these people will be the workforce of the future she’d best thing again.

    Finally I just want to mention my time in Germany. I served in the Military and in 1988 was posted to Germany where I met my then wife and lived amongst her family and friends for six years. It was a fantastic place, it was clean efficient and the people in the main very pleasant. We would go swimming to a local pool and you could actually leave your bag at the side of the pool and nobody would dream of touching it. Farm stalls had honesty boxes and cigarette vending machines were dotted all over the place. I remember telling my German wife that if any of those things were in attempted in the UK, the items in question would be stolen in an instant. The Germans are all about law and order, if you cross the street as a pedestrian when the light is red you’d be reprimanded by someone. I feel for the Germans because I doubt that in their naivety they’ll be able to wrap their heads around the criminality that they now currently face.

    Germany and the rest of Europe faces a grim future. Merkel has unleashed something that none of us alive today will live long enough to see play out. It will not end well, I’m confident of that. Possibly, the only saving grace ironically enough is the idiots carrying out shootings and bombings, because slowly the West is catching on that all is not well amongst their new arrivals.

    • I’ve worked in the Maghreb for almost four years, and del’s comments ring true with my experiences here.

      I work with a military customer, but don’t let that fool you. The discipline level is more akin to kindergarten. Colonels are afraid to confiscate cell phones from distracted privates because of their family or clan connections.

      The constant coffee, cigarette, and prayer breaks kill off any productivity. Lunch is an hour, plus another 30 minutes for prayer. I am told that they consider the workday their social time.

      Most lack basic skills like the mechanical aptitude to tighten a screw without snapping the shaft. Trying to build skills is a fruitless endeavor because their short-term memory functions are so impaired by childhood malnutrition and ideological indoctrination.

      • Don’t forget infancy/childhood sexual abuse. That softens children up for the indoctrination.

        The only one who seems to have dealt with this phenomenon in any depth is Danish psychologist, Nicolai Sennels. IIRC, he was fired from his job for stating the truth publicly. I will dig up his essay and append it for those who haven’t read it. However, a short conclusion is this: anyone who spends his or her infancy as a handy orifice for the pleasure of adults grows up to have “issues”…one of them is reflexive rage.


        The search was quicker than I thought it would be. Probably because I remembered its source in The New English Review:

        He mentions his book, “Among the Criminal Muslims” (?homage to V.S. Naipaul’s “Among The Believers”??) but I don’t think it’s available in English. Even if it were, I don’t think he’d find a venue for it even if he self-published. The doors to free speech have closed even more since 2008, when he wrote his observations.

        • Dymphna-

          Thank you for the link.

          I would also add that straight up physical abuse is part of the childhood indoctrination scheme, i.e. – don’t want to go to Friday prayer? That gives divine sanction for a fatherly beating until you do want to go to prayer.

          Male circumcisions are delayed until the age of 9 and performed without anesthesia. I believe this has something to do with trying to prevent male arousal and the desire to masturbate.

  4. I am so sorry for this man. However. as the man posted above, the world is different today. France and Germany need to learn a very hard lesson.

  5. Mass Immigration = Population Replacement .
    Population Replacement = Genocide.

    Therefore : Mass Immigration = Genocide.

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