Tomorrow Belongs to Me

The next Secretary General of the United Nations?

I spent my enforced idleness during the Internet outage fine-tuning some of my image modification software. This translocation of His Exalted Excellency was the first test of it. I expect it will come in handy next year for images of the distaff President Clinton.

13 thoughts on “Tomorrow Belongs to Me

  1. Yes this man actually did say he would stand with moslems, who have been the enemy of all non-moslems for the entire 1400 years of their existence.
    So obama actually said he would stand with the enemy, and yet Americans voted him into the Presidency, how can this be?

    And still today, nearly eight years later, he remains as President? Utterly incredible!
    USA and Canada certainly have a pair of ‘winners’ as leaders.

    • Obama’s elevation to the presidency was primarily achieve through the power of unrelenting propaganda from the lying press and a large segment of the populace willing to accept the lies without question.

      This same dynamic played out in Canada with the Liberal Party’s victory and the installment of a former substitute teacher with nice hair as Prime Minister. The promise of a huge increase in the state-funded CBC’s budget sealed the deal and the media sock puppets gladly played their part.

      • You’re right, as I already knew, but it just annoys me that grown-up people can be so terminally stupid.

  2. Re distaff president Clinton… there are some very disturbing pics and videos making their rounds claiming that Clinton is ill with some neurological malady that makes her behave very strangely. Also that her campaign vehicles have been outfitted with her illness in mind. I think this will eventually have to be addressed… with McCain serving as a precedent. Interesting, for sure. Could all those images have been doctored by malicious enemies? The more we see of them, the less likely this will be.

    • My God, I’d forgotten how compelling this song is- and moving, and terrifying, and yet still compelling. I don’t know whether it should be banned, or shown to young people everywhere, as a warning of the danger of misdirected idealism.

      • The ease as Leftist people just call everybody Nazi, or “literally Hitler” should see this for sure, but I think it is a good lesson for everybody with half a brain. Then again maybe it is useless to show it to this Marxists Leftists mob…

        • There is no significant difference these days between Communism and Nazism, and the huge death tolls of each regime are an apt indication of their linkage; the ends (murder and mayhem) justify the means (intolerance of opposition) .

          Islam too is a religion of death, which cannot tolerate dissent, and death is the final arbiter of all equality and social justice……

          “One law for all” creates civilization, but the moment we start making exceptions, whether by lawfare or by packing the supreme court with political religionists, then civilization withers and dies and tyranny once more rules supreme.

          The west adopted the Toraic idea of one law for all, and people everywhere prospered, the west adopts socialism and promotes ‘victim’ groups before the law, and civilization slowly dies.

          On the surface socialism sounds (and feels) wonderful, it promises a magic wand of instant efficacy, it tries to “treat the symptoms” but beneath the surface it is a death trap because it has no cure for the actual disease except by culling the victims as if they are just animals.

          To Islam, Communism and Nazism, I am just an expendable animal because I am not a member of their particular ‘club’.

  3. When we neither punish nor reproach evildoers, we are not simply protecting their trivial old age, we are thereby ripping the foundations of justice from beneath new generations.” ALEKSANDR SOLZHENITSYN.

  4. Interesting how the boot-licking, paid for by Open Borders gold and other inducements, Press will swear until they are blue in the face that Islamic Terrorists are simply insane people with an incurable mental disorder, YET
    in the same breath will deny, until the cows come home, that Madam Clinton has any health problems whatsoever! This, despite some pretty convincing videos and reports to the contrary. The subliminal message is obvious – you cannot believe what you see – you can only believe what we tell you we see. And that might change too! So tough titty!

  5. The UNSG can never come from one of the five countries with permanent seats in the Security Council (US, Russia, China, France, UK). It is an unspoken rule, but an iron one.

    There is a clear consensus that the next Secretary General has to be a woman, and a semi-consensus that she must come from Eastern Europe. The only thing left is to find a candidate that will escape a veto from both US and Russia. So far Irina Bokova is a huge favorite.

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