14 thoughts on “From Matt Bracken: Hillary Clinton’s Saudi Sugar Daddy

    • There is something drastically wrong about using “Hillary” and “logic” in the same sentence.

    • Great interview. I never heard of Roger Stone before. He’s a hard nosed, very knowledgeable journalist.

      • Roger Stone? As in “political consultant” Roger Stone? Yikes, if we’re talking about the long-time political consultant, the guy is a dandy and a trickster. As in Dirty Tricks. Someone said of him that he would have the nerve to deny having carnal knowledge with a rodent while openly holding the dead rat in his hand.

        Trump never should have had him on his staff – for a man as connected as Trump has been all his life, Stone was/is a questionable choice. He gives me the creeps, what with his Nixon-worship. Richard Nixon was truly bullied by the MSM and history will treat him more kindly than those airhead-jornolists did, but his karmic characterological flaw – a deep lack of self-worth and a well of envy of the pretty boys like Kennedy – made him vulnerable.

  1. This odious woman and her husband are in too deep to pull out now. They are imprisoned within the web of their own making. Nothing will remove them other than a very good insecticide. I wonder who will administer the dose?!

  2. Actually, Hillary Clinton is not unique in that respect. The Bush family is a notorious recipient of Saudi funds, although a bit more carefully disguised as business investments. With Hillary, though, the Teflon covering extended to her by the press allows her to dispense with such fig leaf measures and openly accept Saudi funds as speaker fees and massive “charitable” contributions.

    But, the result is the same. George W Bush was never investigated for his egregious decision in allowing actual relatives of Osama bin Laden to take off in their private jet right after 9/11, after a few hours of gentle questioning by the FBI.

  3. So the Clinton woman walks free, as we all knew she would, after exhibiting such supreme confidence she would not be indicted. When it comes to lies and sleaze, not even Merkel can come close to her.

    We might have an empty-headed moslem-hugger for a PM here in Canada, but I’m just astonished at the incredible level of corruption south of the border! Bet Petraeus is bitter!

    • Canada has been on the decline pretty much for almost 50 years now. Starting with the first Trudeaumania of the late 60s and continuing right along with Junior now at the helm. Harper tried and was well-liked by us in Western Canada but had to be careful about getting too “uppity” . Westerners (Alberta 61% and Saskatchewan 50% Conservative in the last election) know that if they try to push too much they’ll get knocked down fast especially by the Liberals. The Libs hate the red-necks “out there”.

      I always had higher hopes for the United States of America and probably still do. At times though I wonder, if Trump does win in November (I am rootin’ for him), if even he can really turn things around enough or if the rot is too much now to make “America Great Again”.I hope so but America is much more socialist than many Americans want to admit to. We don’t have to look back on history – We’re living it now!

    • p.s. Not only Petraeus, but also that jailbird Martha Stewart.

      So the Clintons are ‘above the law of the land’, hey, I thought that was only moslems!

  4. It’s not only the Clintons, our ‘friends’ the Saudis practically ‘own’ DC aided by the horde of lobbyists that infest the halls of congress and the inner reaches of the Beltway. This has been accomplished for decades by the wining,dining and POCKET LINING of many of our ‘esteemed’ representatives, senators and appointed officials.

    • Your description of the sop in D.C. is oh-so-sadly true. Which is why it gave many of us great pleasure when the powerful and connected Eric Cantor, big wheel Republican, was pushed out of office by our neighbors in the next Congressional District. He didn’t pay attention when the voters said “HALT IMMIGRATION”. He was too powerful to have to listen to peons.

      D.C. is less than two hours from his voters but he was too busy to go home very often. He was whipped by an economics prof who had less to spend on his campaign than Cantor used for his volunteers’ meals. Beaten by a man named Brat…and Cantor was so angry and ungracious that he left his office w/o serving out his term. Went to work at (iirc) 3 million a year for some lobbying firm. But I hear he’s still angry…gives me a warm feeling.

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