Bad Craziness in Bad Oldesloe

Bad Oldesloe is a town in northern Germany, in Schleswig-Holstein near Kiel. Last winter an underage culture-enricher was caught in the act assaulting and attempting to rape a woman in downtown Bad Oldesloe. The perp has now been brought to “justice”, and has been sentenced to…

…30 hours of community service.

Nash Montana, who translated a media report about the case, includes this acerbic note:

I am convinced that there is NOT ONE criminology professor in America that would utter this kind of [odiferous substance]. Figures. She’s a woman. She should be standing in the kitchen making sandwiches instead of babbling this liberal nonsense.

The translated article from the Freie Zeiten:

Eritrean receives 30 hours of community service punishment for brutal attempted rape

A man from Eritrea tried to brutally rape an 18-year-old woman in Bad Oldesloe end of January. Yesterday his punishment was announced: He has to do 30 hours of community service.

It happened in a parking garage in downtown Bad Oldesloe. On January 20th, at a 10:45pm, a couple of police officers, male and female, were walking by, working the late shift. Suddenly they heard screams in the building. In the stairway they saw a young man from Eritrea with a chokehold from behind on an 18-year-old German woman.

He was already half undressed and had bitten the young woman on the face and the neck multiple times. There was blood everywhere. The two police officers pulled the Eritrean off the girl and put him in cuffs. He kicked and head-banged one of the officers. They took him to a holding cell at the police station.

The case was cause for anger and horror in Bad Oldesloe. At a demonstration, 150 demonstrators focused on the issues, such as: the police who see nothing, the government that hears nothing, and the media that report nothing.

Yesterday the judgment against the asylum seeker, who claims to be seventeen years old, was handed down. It was even milder than many were already worried about. He won’t be deported, and he doesn’t have to go to jail. The Eritrean was sentenced to thirty hours of community service and therapy for alcoholism.

In a comment about the case, the Kiel Criminology Professor Monika Frommel said that the Asylum seeker, due to “lack of money, lack of affirmation and appreciation, and lack of access to sex, he was able to slide into a criminal subculture”. Therefore it is important to act against this development now and to finally give asylum seekers “perspectives” in Germany.

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  1. He should have got time in prison and then been deported. Weak minded Lib[eral] judge.

    • Actually, he should have received 20 lashes in the public square with a bullwhip and then have been immediately deported in an prisoner jumpsuit and sandals back to his homeland.

    • if he raped my daughter i would have shot him without doubt or guilt. I would gladly go to jail

  2. He should spend the 30 hours with the judge’s family preferably with his children.

    • In order to understand it, read Emmet Scott’s book on our sidebar. THEN you’ll understand what a huge lie the “consensus” about Western Civilization has been. Scott’s book was one of those paradigm shifts for me. There was no going back to cozy ‘truths’.

      Think like Jesus, even if you don’t think much *of* him. He said, “be as innocent as a dove and as wise as a serpent” (or maybe the snake came first). When you can think like that, you can’t be surprised anymore. Angry, perhaps, but not mystified…

      • I have now read your 12 Aug 2012 review of this book.

        I had already assumed a lot of what he said of Spain, based on Spanish brutality in Latin America so soon after the expulsion of he moors.

        I had not assumed all of it though. I had distrusted what you called the “consensus.” Distrust is not information. I saw our educational institutions as corrupt, and I still do.

        I guess I’ll have to get the book though.

        But I give nothing to the judge in Bad Oldesloe. I have no intention of understanding such a judge.

        • Or maybe I DO understand such a judge, in my own terms.

          Many of our judges have become erratic and autocratic. Some of this is due to our politicisation of the judiciary. Some of it may simply be because too much power for too long is inevitably corrupting. Thats my best guess. I really do not have handy a good suggestion for how to get rid of bad judges. There are after all good ones out there as well.

          Do good judges in Bad Oldesloe have any comments on this or are they as silent as islamic moderates?

    • The aim of the German legal system is not to punish, but to “resocialise”. To help the perpetrator, who is in fact just a victim too (in their view), back into society. Behind that is the belief that every offender was forced by a repressive majority society to commit his unfortunate act, and that everyone else would have committed the same crime if they were in his shoes. Personal choice or the free will do not exist in this thinking.
      That is why, for example, after Cologne, some male (!) German celebrities and politicians stated “Every man is a (potential) rapist” and “I am a (potential) rapist too”.

      • Thank you. I had offhand forgotten this view quite simply because I had never accepted it. This may be because my own old religious background very emphatically obliges personal responsibility. I am not sure that I would think I was a human being if I was not responsible for my own actions.

        • The underpinnings of Western culture generally (before Bismarck enacted his corrosive “welfare system”) always relied on the belief that we are personally responsible for our actions and that we can differentiate between right and wrong.

          Bismarck first, and then the socialists later, tunneled through that sense of obligation to and for ourselves, our families and our ‘people’. It was a system in which any privilege was accompanied by a concomitant responsibility of equal weight to that ‘benefit’. That ideal collapsed as the “benefits to me” came to have more weight than the foundation of responsible action.

          We are slowly moving toward anarchy. Whenever that happens, chaos follows until the whole thing comes to a grinding destructive halt. In the eternal swing of the pendulum, people will slowly pick up the pieces and start over – the “born-again conservative” mode of thought will indeed restore individual and communal order after this mass self-destruction. IOW, history not as a cycle but as a spiral, since in each new wave of destruction/creation we bring along whatever innovative tools we’ve managed to maintain during the chaotic period.

          History has a kind of built-in amnesia. That’s probably a form of self-preservation since being able to recall *everything* would be too painful.

      • Pure Social Democrat claptrap, this German legal system.

        This young perp ought to have been publicly caned on his exposed buttocks–none of that Singaporean sentimentality that allowed a young American spray-painting vandal to put on six pairs of undies before his meeting with the official caner.

        As for the celebs speaking of every man as a potential rapist, fine and dandy. There isn’t a sin against God and man of which we humans are incapable (although I guess it might be hard for a woman to rape a man) ; for I know the Bible rather well at this point. But maybe it’s time for us to recognize that we should not live up to our potential for evil, and that those who let it out must either restore what they have destroyed or be cut off.

        • Claptrap for sure. It might actually do little harm in a homogeneous culture of hard working mostly law abiding people, such as Minnesota, Sweden, and Germany for examples once upon a time were. It might then only have been laughable rather than a serious cause of social destruction, as it now is.

          When you have a flat tire, you need to stop and change it. Period, am I wrong?

          Yet social planners, when wrong, double down. Could they also be too narcissistic to rationally evaluate their own actions?

  3. What the hell is wrong with Europeans that they would allow vicious criminals like this to essentially get away with their crimes?

    • The same thing that allows Americans to do the same…this is not an isolated problem…did you see the clean-cut white frat boy, accused of TWO felony rapes a few years apart? I think it was California. The prosecutors cut a deal with the judge and the ‘boy’ got a few days in jail. The women are filing a civil suit, and I think it will include the district’s prosecutor.

      Oh, and a Mexican who had been jailed six times and gotten out, killed someone the other day…because he could.

      When I worked with battered women I realized they often went back bec it was safer than going to court where zilch would happen to the guy who broke their nose on the steering wheel. Or they were in hospital with injuries and fined for contempt of court for a no-show.

      Europe hasn’t cornered the market on injustice…and no place else is more virtuous. WE have a criminal president, for heaven’s sake.

      • Thank you. It’s getting nigh on impossible to fathom how anyone with even a spark of consciousness could accept without missing a heart beat the pro Saudi slaughterhouse drivel that western politicians vomit and spout to the media minded masses. The wake up calls I imagine will be incredibly painful. The McCarthy era flushed out a few communists. The current twisted lot of twisted knickers is flushing the sick Koran inspired Christisn and Jew killers – IN.

  4. “lack of money, lack of affirmation and appreciation, and lack of access to sex”?

    Hell, that sounds like my high school years. Had I known the license that gave me, I’d have slid into a criminal subculture instead of going to university, getting a job and starting a family. What a waste. I could have been biting and molesting women all this time.

    • If your pet dog or cat turned on your children as it had been affected by rabies ” having slid into a feral subculture instead of staying in the garden and participating with the family” would you let them live?
      Same thing in the UK, a Somali originally jailed for rape as he “didn’t know that was unacceptable”, not deported as it was to dangerous to send him home, subsequently released to rape a further two women within weeks!
      On completion of his sentence will be deported this time
      (human rights lawyers will already be working to prevent that) – cost to Joe public including trial, prison, subsequent appeals etc will be about £350k. You cannot put a price on the phsycological damage he has caused to the three women he has so grossly violated of course. Any human rights lawyers to represent these poor women? Unfortunately not.

    • right , father figure! Should we unite and file a class action against our governments ? During primary school, my school was closed for a week due to an influenca epedemy,thus being without sex, and during my service time, I was shouted at by drill instructors, confined to lack of access to sex for several consecutive days and even weeks.This caused me to become a pathological womanizer with ensuing divorces with all the nine yards and erectile dysfunction too, which is unusual for a man about seventy!sarc off.

  5. Considering European history it is difficult to grasp the robotlike behaviours. Muslim immigrants? After all that has happened and is happening? What these Muslim ultra racist, anti democratic, strutting Christian killers believe and shout from so their called “mosques? Millions of good for nothing completely alien unscreened Mohammedan child rapist leeches given a leg up by the judicial system and apparently grain brained “liberals”. Paedophelia is a crime? By any standard “sharia” is revolting. What are schools teaching? So called media? Who thinks national suicide is the way to go?

  6. I think that the Germans should consider giving all of these cultural enrichers “Rape lessons” so that in the future they are not so incompetent.

    • No that has already been tried and failed across Western Europe. It looks like liberals have moved back to a more Muslim friendly “Lie back and enjoy it or you are a racist” In any Muslim occupied territory the female entity gets punished. Right minded people cannot take some serious action soon enough.

  7. With all the grad students in psychology, sociology, criminology, and political science that need subjects for a thesis, I’d love to see a real study on the process by which a supposedly competent judge, prosecutor and academic can come up with this sort of obviously-insane sentence and statements.

    I realize the constraints of academia, where anything off the plantation of the left is career-threatening. But, such a flagrant disconnect with reality genuinely arouses my curiosity. With the billions of dollars being poured into higher education, surely there is a place for some genuine curiosity and for a non-technical study that actually provides new and useful information.

  8. Ronaldb, on the other hand “there is nothing new under the sun” regarding humankind. And you should know by now that academia is run by the Left, for the most part. Hillsdale College is an exception and I suspect there are others, of which I have not heard.

    On the other OTHER hand, I have just begun reading my copy of Mohammed & Charlemagne Revisited (thanks, GoV, for letting me know about it!) — should be quite interesting, or so I hope!

  9. “…lack of access to sex…” OMG. Once upon a time, there were a few consequences if you got a girl preg. out of wedlock (and for her, too). As someone who deals with teens on a daily basis, you cannot tell me that the alternatives of single motherhood or abortion are good and healthy for the young females; or that the young males who make these alternatives for the girls are good-hearted and “just being boys”. There were real–and good–reasons why so many past centuries demanded evidence of the character of families, exchanges of wealth, and pubic celebrations before a couple of young people could copulate.

    The next step will be to say that those priests who diddled young altar boys were simply trying to offer an initiation of the young that went a bit wrong (besides, the Catholic Church, by all accounts, is supposedly a horrible instrument of repression that needs all the subversion it can get anyway). SARC SARC SARC.

    Our elite culture is sick, sick, sick.

    • You are absolutely right.

      The great political and ideological project that is being implemented under our eyes consists in removing Christianity as the foundation of the Western civilisation and replacing it with a humanist, materialist and utterly hedonistic post-Christian ideology. Being post-Christian, it looks like an obscene parody of Christianity.

      This project is suicidal. Building a society on materialism is building on sand. Such attempts have already been made in the USSR, China, Kampuchea, Yugoslavia, Albania, etc. with disastrous consequences. North Korea is struggling on, but who wants to live in a North Korea?

      It is not fortuitous that the materialist EU is now shaking and crumbling as the materialist USSR did in the 1980s. And not only the EU. The whole post-Christian world is growing weaker and weaker despite its material wealth and with every passing year it resembles more and more a giant cesspool.

      Let us remember that, before the 20th century, no civilisation of the world was built on materialism. Each and every one of them had its own spiritual foundation which made it unique.

      Even pagan Rome, in spite of all her rationalism, worshiped her gods and diligently made sacrifices to them. When Romans became skeptical and irreligious, their rich and powerful empire disintegrated. Its eastern half was saved for another millennium by Constantine the Great who replaced the old pagan foundation with the new Christian one. The western half continued to rot and was soon overrun and divided by bloodthirsty barbarians.

      It looks like history repeats itself – compare what is going on in Western Europe and what – in Russia.

  10. I would like to point out that the accompanying image is from a 2014 attack on a couple in Springfield, Missouri, USA.
    The woman, a young mother, had gone outside a nightclub and was approached by a group of black males who started to sexually intimidate her including groping her. She went back inside the club and returned with her boyfriend to get descriptions of the attackers for the police.
    The couple was then attacked by at least six men who ran away when police arrived.
    This has been going on for years in the USA, mostly black on white violence. Now the same kind of violence has come to Europe thanks to the elites wanting to make Europe as multi-racial as the USA and bringing in similar people with thug mentalities.
    Just like in the USA, the mainstream media ignores the violence in favour of reporting on rare instances of white on black violence and the establishment politicians ignore it too, just like we’re seeing in Europe.

  11. “Kiel Criminology Professor Monika Frommel said that the Asylum seeker, due to “lack of money, lack of affirmation and appreciation, and lack of access to sex, he was able to slide into a criminal subculture”. Therefore it is important to act against this development now and to finally give asylum seekers “perspectives” in Germany.”

    WOW!!! Just WOW!!! You can’t make this stuff up.

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