Citizen Militias in Hungary and Bulgaria

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s party, Fidesz, is sometimes referred to by the foreign press as “neo-fascist” because it is nationalist. These journalists are forgetting the fact that there really is a neo-fascist party in Hungary: Jobbik, which is distinct and different from Fidesz, a traditional nationalist party.

The following article from the Austrian daily Die Presse gives an account of Jobbik militias in Hungary and Bulgaria. Until I read this, I didn’t know there was a branch of Jobbik in Bulgaria. It would have been useful if the author had made more incisive inquiries — such as: how these militias are regarded by their governments, how much support they receive from localities, and whether they undercut the popularity of the governing parties.

Many thanks to JLH for the translation:

Hungary/Bulgaria: Hunt by “Concerned Citizens”

by Boris Kálnoky
May 31, 2016

Photo caption: The Hungarian Guard is banned. But its members are still marching.

In Hungary and Bulgaria, civil defense units are patrolling “to protect” the population from immigrants. A report on violent “immigrant hunters” and “healthy walks”.

Budapest/Sofia. In front of the local McDonalds in Gyôr, western Hungary, a burly Iraqi is negotiating with a group of immigrants. “That’s a smuggler,” says Miklós (name changed). With some physically well-conditioned friends, he approaches the establishment. The immigrants disappear in a flash. “They know us,” says Miklós. When the Hungarian Guard — the currently banned militia of the right-wing Jobbik Party — was founded, he was one of the first on the spot.

After work, he and ca. 40 like-minded companions move in varying routes through the town, watching for immigrants from the nearby refugee camp, Vámosszabadi. “We talk to them, ask them what they are doing here,” says Miklós. “We try to explain that the rules are different here than where they come from. For instance, how you treat women.” Then “we escort them to the stop for the bus that goes back to the refugee camp.”

Local Police Chief Looks the Other Way

Two women belong to the group. One of them is Melissa Mészaros. She tells about being groped at work by a Palestinian. “He was drunk.” The participants call their rounds “healthy walks”. One of them is in the army. Another is a ranking functionary of the local Jobbik Party. He is the true organizer of the “walks” and does not want to be named. His function in the party must also not be mentioned, since this has nothing to do with the party. “Because I am not doing this as a politician, but as a member of the guard.” Most of the participants were previously guard members, and the regard themselves as still in service, even though the guard has been dissolved. “Walks” like this are also taking place in other cities and towns. “The guard is still alive.” “Obviously, the local chief of police knows us, but he looks the other way,” Miklós says. They have never beaten the immigrants up. “There is frequently tension, though, when we speak with them.”

Jobbik party chief Hristo Atanasov is a cook in the Bulgarian port city of Burgas. On the weekend, he puts on military clothes and drives to the woods on the border, with ca. 20 like-minded friends. “We just walk along there,” he says. But they tell the police what route they will be taking, and they keep an eye out for immigrants. They are a “patriotic organization” — “The Organization for Protection of Bulgarian Citizens.” The 33-year-old hastens to say that everything is done legally. “Not like Dinko or Perata. They beat up the immigrants, rob them and send them back.”

A Bounty on Refugees

Dinko and Perata are notorious “immigrant hitters”, who have dominated the news in Bulgaria since February. It began with Dinko Valev — a brawny guy who likes to ride around in the woods on his ATV. His story is that one day in February, he was attacked by an immigrant who wanted to steal his vehicle, and laid him out with a couple of good hits. Then he did the same with other immigrants who suddenly came at him out of the underbrush. Then he called the police.

Overnight, he became a superstar in the Bulgarian media, sounding off on all TV channels — immigrants were terrorists and would destroy Europe and Bulgaria if people like him, Dinko Valev did nothing to stop it. Since then he has “caught” at least 25 immigrants, inspired a wave of imitators, and is demanding that the government pay €25 per captured refugee. Money is paramount with him. He asks €500 for an interview. Of course, that is out of the question, because it would be journalistically unethical. Other journalists report similar demands.

But mostly in Hungary and Bulgaria, what happens on these patrols is… absolutely nothing. They tell each other how important it is to defend the homeland. The guard members in Gyôr are unanimous that “the immigrants are an invasion.” The police are not protecting citizens — “People are afraid when it starts to get dark.” Sometime, they hope, the guard will be official again. Until then, they walk through town in uniform.

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  1. Gun control is a total failure and in fact when implemented in Europe ensured our demise.

    Europe and China has some very strict laws banning guns and even knives, yet carnage occurs, China, 33 stabbed to dead in one day, stabbings all over Europe and gun shots. Japan total gun ban, yet 30,000 die annually of other instruments.

    As the son of Holocaust survivors, my parents told me this issue was prevalent in Eastern Europe prior to the Holocaust. In the end firearms were either banned or strictly regulated. In the end the very individuals who these laws were to affect had all the guns and ammunition. Six million Jews to include both sides of my family was wiped out. 7 million other civilians to include one million homosexuals were wiped out. History is repeating itself if we do not defend Israel or our rights as American citizens. My parents came to America to be free, let’s not make the same mistakes again.

    Let go after the Terrorists, not American civil rights.


    • In some European countries not even policemen have the right to carry a gun as a private citizen, when not on duty.
      The EU is calling for even tougher gun laws, but some memberstates tend to go the other way instead.
      Also as a result of the Bataclan terror attack in Paris.

  2. In Austria, Vienna we have only young muslim Chechens (all former asylum seekers) who sometimes walk the streets as self declared Sharia-guards.
    In some cases even beating people into hospital, so far they are “cultural enriching” only their own, but that certainly is only the first step.

    Btw Die Presse is a quality newspaper, a so called broadsheet. And most voices in the commentary section are positive about the citizen militia in Hungary, criticizing the journalists instead.
    Jobbik of course is a fascist organisation, but in time of danger some prefer to turn to the evil they know. It`s not a nice development, but that`s how it is.

    • Exactly. That’s why it’s important to look at things as they are, and not run around shrieking “NAZIS!!” at everything remotely nationalistic.

      Sober, clear-eyed realism, that’s what we need. And support for parties like Fidesz, Lega Nord, Front National, the PVV, Vlaams Belang, Britain First, Liberty GB, the AfD, the FPÖ, and Sverigedemokraterna.

      • Yes.
        In contrast to the picture that the media and political opponents are painting, the parties you mentioned are not the dangerous right wing radicals that one should be afraid of.

        But a part of the citizens of course will turn to the real radicals when reasonable conservatives and patriots are excluded from political power.

      • I believe “Britain First” is overtly racist; best not to associate oneself, if not on principle, then because it gives the CJ’s enemies ammunition.

        • I don’t mind if people are “racist”. A preference for one’s own kind, and a distrust for those of significantly different genetic stock, are normal, natural, instinctive conditions. They have been encoded in our psychology by millions of years of evolutionary processes, and for good survival reasons.

          What you do with your “racism” is what matters. If you’re going to round up all the Irish, say, and put them in extermination camps, then I am opposed to you.

          If you want to establish your nation as a coherent, homogeneous, monocultural entity with definite borders and a tight immigration policy, then I support you. I will visit your country on a short-term visa, enjoy the amenities and cultural artifacts so different from those of my own homeland, and then return home gladly to a land where people are similar to me and share my customs and beliefs.

          If that makes me a “racist”, then so be it.

          • Totally sensible! Plaster this over all the buildings
            of any significance in Europe! Take out one page ads in the MSM rags with this common sense manifesto shown boldly. E-mail all the seat-warming EU politicians with this. Then sit back and wait to be
            arrested! We’ll gladly accompany you to the clink!
            Congratulations, Sir.

        • It may be time for sane people to proudly adopt the [meaningless] term “racist” . . . if only to show how meaningless it truly has become. Don’t be racist in your actions; simply wear the label to irritate the SJWs.

        • How do you know they’re ‘racist’?
          because you’ve been told they’re ‘racist’?
          or do you speak from personal experience?
          I only ask because every single organisation opposed to the EU, Islamification, mass-immigration and/or open borders has been labeled ‘racist’ at some point.

          Racism, xenophobia and ‘all other forms of racism’ are the progressive movement’s blasphemy laws, used to stifle dissent and protest.
          One has to bear this in mind when considering any organisation that has irked the progressive’s ire and has been labeled ‘racist’, ‘far-right’ etc etc

          • It has been said that “a false accusation of racism is as bad as racism itself”. Once this smear tactic is applied it is almost impossible to remove the label.

        • Mark, do you realize the extent of your brain-washing??

          Back in 2005, I wrote this post for my old blog, long since dormant. How sad that it’s still relevant:

          Most black people I know are racist yet no one calls them that. Asians, are, too. I mean real Asians, not the serial rapist Pakistanis which your country has kitted out in a race of another color…lipstick on a pig, as the saying goes.

          People hang with their own because that is the nature of the hard-wiring in the human brain. Just watch a very small child who sees someone of another race for the first time. At best the child is cautious; at worst he or she toddles, screaming, to mummy.

          The current gestalt is insane and sick. It badly needs some kind of renewal to bring people back to their senses. The first thing to change is the stupid rule about not being permitted to notice differences. That’s why I had to ask if Hungary’s Jobbik was as bad as they say – because the MSM isn’t trustworthy with its labels. Turns out it is, but one has to read their own pronouncements to know; the media is simply unreliable.

          I found out the hard way via stories about Vlaams Belang and Sweden Democrats that what the mainstream media says is mostly lies. Thus, when Tommy Robinson came along I was prepared to throw away the MSM rule book and interpret the stories for myself. If TR had the proper vowels, he’d never have been jailed.

          • This’ll teach me to scroll through old threads…

            I was raised in a mainly white environment; far NW England; Manitoba; NWE again; Maidenhead, Berkshire (still mostly white then); NWE again.

            I moved to London in 1969, aged 21, having been raised to understand that if people were “different”, eg black or Jewish, this was just something interesting about them. This served me well when my flatmate “admitted” he was gay- I guess he saw no threat. I understand that children or adults may be initially cautious of difference, but we generally get over it if we find people approachable.

            Preference for one’s own “kind”, I suspect, is mainly cultural, and perfectly acceptable in a social context. Discrimination in, say, employment is not, and likely to trigger resentment and justifiable anger, especially among those who’ve been historically disadvantaged, particularly if they or their ancestors were invited, or had fought alongside us.

  3. Was just in Sofia, Bulgaria for Orthodox Easter. Very nice people who are doing the best they can after years of Soviet rule.

    They also seem to have a fairly healthy hunting and gun culture.

  4. As a Hungarian (living in the North American continent) I can only speak about Jobbik and the original “National Guard”. The name is a direct translation and a direct match to the US National Guard. Somehow nobody calls the US version fascist or neo-Nazi. First of all let’s clear up something. The Jobbik is a right wing nationalist party and nothing more. Why it painted and known as a fascist or neo-Nazi party? Most qualifications came from Leftist news organizations which are still very strong in Hungary (despite they were screaming cleansing and being suppressed by the Fidesz government) – which is not true by the way. Most of them financed by George Soros’s “civilian” organizations. So back to Jobbik and it’s Guard and why they are exist. Under the socialist government (before Fidesz) the appeasement of gypsies minority and their crimes went as far as we see now with “refugees” in Germany. We had no-go zones where the police never arrived in time, crimes which were overlooked as soon as become known the perp was a gypsy. The situation got worse and worse. That is why the Jobbik became popular and that is why the Guard was established. Of course the gypsies (just like the Muslims) always claim victim-hood. With Fidesz the situation changed a little but not much. The police and the judicial system still loaded with Leftists (again despite the screams of political cleansing from Fidesz) so crimes still overlooked when gypsy minority involved. Then came the migrant crisis. Fidesz kinda against the migrants but still afraid openly defy Brussels’s demands. Jobbik is more openly does this criticism so again popularity increases. While Fidesz built the fence (originally it was a Jobbik suggestion) they still let migrants in (who cut the fence) and setup some open camps for them where they can still come out and terrorize the local population (city of Körmend). That is why the “National Guard” is doing their bit as concerned citizens when the government bureaucracy still tiptoeing around with the refugees trying to play a balance act between their own population will and the orders from Brussels.

  5. Jobbik is, unfortunately, what the leftist media says it is. It is a fascist organization with pronounced anti-Jewish tone.

    • Sources please. We were told the same thing about Sweden Democrats, about Vlaams Belang…and since we don’t know European politics first hand, we have to depend on others.

      Try doing a google search on Hungary and all you can get is left-wing hysteria from the big name lamestream media. They hate Orban, a real patriot with fences on his mind. My kind of guy.

      I’ve just started following this site:

      There are two others I’ll look into later…This outlet has a news piece on Jobbik that begins:

      Radical nationalist Jobbik leader Gábor Vona said that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán should resign if he loses the referendum on the European Union’s migrant quota scheme…

      So I should translate “radical nationalist” into codespeak for anti-semite neonazi?? I’m not being snarky. This is a sincere question. It is VERY difficult to translate code speak into plain words.

      It looks like the Hu airline has an unfortunate name for Anglophones. Here’s a tweet:

      New #WizzAir #flights will operate between #Budapest and #Porto

  6. This meme is as old as the hills but since I’m as old as the hills I’ll still post it anyway . It’s amusing.You young people,who haven’t come across it before, pay attention 🙂 :

    Whites are oppressors.
    Non-whites are victims.
    But race doesn’t exist.
    Yet I love racial diversity,
    And I celebrate our differences,
    Because we’re all the same.
    So let’s destroy diversity,
    By mixing together .
    But only in white countries.

    Attributed to “Anon” (but if anyone knows who penned it please say who).

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