Death in Birstall: A Crisis That Did Not Go To Waste

Birstall is a southwestern suburb of Leeds, near Dewsbury, in West Yorkshire. This morning a Labour MP named Helen “Jo” Cox was attacked as she arrived at her constituency “surgery” at a library in Birstall. She was shot three times and repeatedly stabbed, and died later on after being taken to the hospital. Her attacker, a local man named Thomas Mair, was immediately apprehended by police.

Ms. Cox’s constituency is fairly culturally enriched. As a result, a number of witnesses to the crime were Muslims. One of them told the media that he heard Mr. Mair shout “Britain First!” as he attacked the MP. This immediately made headlines in the British media, and the race was on to blame Brexit supporters for the death of Jo Cox. She was not an avid supporter of Remain, but she did favor remaining in the EU, so the accusation had legs.

Later on the Muslim witness retracted his statement, and other witnesses confirmed that the attacker had been silent while he was shooting and stabbing his victim. Thomas Mair has a history of mental illness, and had been under treatment for his condition. Those who know him say that he has no political leanings.

So the “Britain First” story had no merit; it was completely refuted. But by then it had been injected into the Narrative, and had spread throughout the MSM and social media. It was further reinforced by the fact that all the major UK media outlets shut down the comments sections on their websites for the duration of the crisis, freezing in place the meme-of-the-moment about the pro-Brexit murderer. The last time I checked, The Daily Mail’s story from this morning still carried a headline with the “Britain First” slur.

The EU referendum is just a week away, so the timing of all this hysteria is significant. Obviously, a culture-enriching Labour-supporting pro-Remain bystander availed himself of the opportunity and decided to do damage to the Leave camp with a carefully-timed falsehood.

Did he think it up himself? Or did he get a quick text from higher-ups advising him to include the “Britain First” shout in his eyewitness report? We’ll probably never know the answers to these questions, but there’s no doubt that he and his fellow Labourites took a page from Rahm Emmanuel’s playbook, and decided not to let this crisis go to waste.

It reminds me of the media swarm surrounding the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) by Jared Loughner in Tucson back in 2011. Almost before Ms. Giffords had been loaded into the ambulance, the tweeters and posters of the Left had pegged Jared Loughner as a conservative and Tea Party supporter. Later it emerged that he was a schizophrenic with a progressive political bent — an Obama supporter, no less. But by then it didn’t matter — the meme was established.

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I’ve been exchanging emails off and on all day with our English correspondent Seneca III. He told me he hoped I would write about the political exploitation of the murder of Jo Cox, and I told him I needed the help of someone who knows the turf. So he sent me this final email, and asked me to post it for our readers:

Something wicked this way comes — the near death of a people

The Breitbart story contains the detailed facts that the perp was a known psycho with no political leanings. Combine this with the following also found in that article and elsewhere:

1.   The Muslim who first sowed the British First rubbish was nowhere near at the time, and has now retracted, whilst other Muslims have picked it up and are repeating it as if they heard it first-hand — taqiyya at its finest.
2.   The Remainiacs, in the person of one Maria Eagle MP, started using it to berate the Brexit case but she has now taken it down, probably under the orders of Cameron or his enforcers; however the original has been salvaged by Raheem Kasam in the article.
3.   The police (in their press conference) have said that they will not be commenting any further until after a thorough investigation — and they could make that investigation last as long as their political masters tell them to.
4.   The MSM are now closed to comments, but have left the big lie out there, so that it cannot now be refuted in the public domain in the UK.

All in all that leaves The Brexiteers in a difficult position should Cameron try to postpone or cancel the referendum on the basis of this tragedy. He and his globalist sycophants and EU masters are desperate and capable of anything.

And that brings me to my greatest fear, because I know the turf as you called it, and that turf is my people. I have been taking their patriotic temperature daily for the last few weeks and it is as high as I’ve ever known it.

I just want out of the EUSSR, not a civil war at any level, and that is exactly what Cameron could initiate if he pulls any tricks. He in his privileged ivory tower knows far less about the real temper of my people than this hypothetical character did.*

There could be blood. I want to put a stop on it before that scoundrel even has time to take any instruction from the Bilderberg villains.

Please ask your readership from me if they would be kind enough to bounce this on to any Brits they know, and then ask them to do the same, with my heartfelt and eternal thanks to you and all of them.

*   Norman and Saxon
by Rudyard Kipling

“My son,” said the Norman Baron, “I am dying, and you will be heir
To all the broad acres in England that William gave me for my share
When we conquered the Saxon at Hastings, and a nice little handful it is.
But before you go over to rule it I want you to understand this:—

“The Saxon is not like us Normans. His manners are not so polite.
But he never means anything serious till he talks about justice and right.
When he stands like an ox in the furrow with his sullen set eyes on your own,
And grumbles, ‘This isn’t fair dealing,’ my son, leave the Saxon alone.

“You can horsewhip your Gascony archers, or torture your Picardy spears;
But don’t try that game on the Saxon; you’ll have the whole brood round your ears.
From the richest old Thane in the country to the poorest chained serf in the field,
They’ll be at you and on you like hornets, and, if you are wise, you will yield.

“But first you must master their language, their dialect, proverbs and songs.
Don’t trust any clerk to interpret when they come with the tale of their wrongs.
Let them know that you know what they’re saying; let them feel that you know what to say.
Yes, even when you want to go hunting, hear ’em out if it takes you all day.

“They’ll drink every hour of the daylight and poach every hour of the dark.
It’s the sport not the rabbits they’re after (we’ve plenty of game in the park).
Don’t hang them or cut off their fingers. That’s wasteful as well as unkind,
For a hard-bitten, South-country poacher makes the best man-at-arms you can find.

“Appear with your wife and the children at their weddings and funerals and feasts.
Be polite but not friendly to Bishops; be good to all poor parish priests.
Say ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘ours’ when you’re talking, instead of ‘you fellows’ and ‘I.’
Don’t ride over seeds; keep your temper; and never you tell ’em a lie!”

60 thoughts on “Death in Birstall: A Crisis That Did Not Go To Waste

  1. I would like to know what kind of firearm this guy used. Why? Because of the article posted on Breitbart which had a photo of this guy and comments from a neighbor.

    Apparently this guy had lived with his grandparents from the age of 12 or 13. In fact, the house he lived in he inherited from his grandmother, after she passed away, 20 years ago.

    After looking at a photo of the guy, and descriptions provided by an elderly neighbor, the guy looks retarded. He doesn’t look like the kind of guy that would go to a back alley in the UK and buy an illegal gun. This guy didn’t work and was on psychiatric medications. Anyhow, as Occam’s Razor asserts, the simplest explanation is usually the best and, thus, I conclude that this guy decided to go out on a rampage with his grandfather’s old gun. Which could explain why he also had a knife.

    Weird story.


    • The man’s name was Thomas Mair. He is chronically mentally impaired, by all accounts. Mr Mair’s behavior proves what may happen when the chronically mentally impaired are agitated by all the unsettling changes in their neighborhoods.

      Since he was also armed with a knife, it could turn out to be the case that his knife was the more lethal. Perhaps housewives will find their carving knives confiscated from their kitchens in order to keep Britain safe.

      • I am not a fan of psychiatric claims. Not for Mr. Thomas Mair. Nor for you. But feel free to edit away!

        • Thanks for giving me permission to carry on as usual. An admin’s prerogative…

          Mr. Mair’s neighbors thought he was barmy, but you, omniscient one, don’t believe them because you’re “not a fan”. Sheesh. You must have trouble finding hats to fit, eh?

          • Hey I find a 7 1/4″ hat a bit loose. Some folks can’t get their head through a 30″ doorway.

            Not sure why my head is so small and my feet are so big, I’m not from Texas.

    • Latest in the Daily Mail on Line – Police say he bought a manual on how to make a hand gun (pipe pistol) from a US far right group.

        • The article is on the Mail on Line website. Put Jo Cox in the search box and scroll down until you find one that begins ‘ Loner MP murder suspect had a stash of Nazi regalia at his home…’ The books, etc he bought were produced by an organisation called the National Alliance. He contacted them as far back as 1999. You can read it for yourself and draw your own conclusions. More is coming out on this story all the time.

        • P.S. What bothers me is if this aspect is picked up by the media they will use the US far right/Nazi angle to its max. They are starting already. I don’t want this ‘Breivik wannabe’ to be used to turn voters away from Brexit just when the polls are looking positive.

  2. ‘HOW praiseworthy it is for a prince to keep his word and to live with integrity and not by cunning, everyone knows. Nevertheless, one sees from experience in our times that the princes who have accomplished great deeds are those who have thought little about keeping faith and who have known how cunningly to manipulate men’s minds; and in the end they have surpassed those who laid their foundations upon sincerity.’

    Niccolo Machiavelli, The Prince,, Chapter 18.

  3. I suspect the “Britain First!” claim is true. Ms. Cox was MP of one of the most heavily Muslim non-urban constituencies in Britain (20%). She was very pro-immigration and literally owed her seat to the Muslim vote. It’s not unreasonable to suppose that some lonely crazy white guy just snapped. It would be quite a coincidence otherwise.

    I don’t think the “Britain First!” claim has been disproved. At most it has not been confirmed.

    • The only witness who reported it has retracted it. The others have said the perp remained silent.

        • It’s in the Breitbart article. Follow the link and read the whole thing. It quotes his later retraction.

        • “Do you have a source for that?” And what sort of “source” would you be looking for? A newspaper article? Ha!
          The “motive” in this case was craziness. In Ottawa some years ago a mentally disturbed person murdered a well known sports announcer — did not know him . . . just got into a bizarre mental state. I believe that is what has happened her. Perhaps the fellow had some sort of grudge that made Cox as a target, but it does not sound as though his cognitive processes were sound enough to have this be an intentional crime related to the Brexit vote. I am surprised that more journalists did not question the original claim, but I guess it made for a better story.

      • This is not true. The BBC produced a witness on the 10 pm news last night who repeated this . He was white , had a pronounced local accent and did not look in the slightest bit like even a closet Muslim. Breitbart is being economical with the truth if they say the only witness claiming the perpetrator said “Britain first” has retracted. Of course the guy could be making it up and he was vague about the exact phrase used. The BBC are certainly giving this plenty emphasis.

      • If you read the Breitbart report more carefully you will see that at 16.15 they actually give the name of the man the BBC produced .Clarke Rothwell . They also say that he alleged that the attacker did shout ” Britain first”. So why have you made the above statement?

        • Possibly because I didn’t read carefully enough. But it’s more likely that Breitbart has updated that article since I read it 18 hours ago. Notice that it is a “breaking news” story with repeated time-stamped updates. The last entry in it when I read it was from about 6pm EDT (probably 11pm GMT) yesterday. No doubt a lot has happened since then.

        • And of course, this late arrival couldn’t possibly be on someone’s payroll, saying what they want said, eh.

    • Assuming that Mair did in fact utter the words as he did his foul deed; when did “Britain First” become a slur deserving condemnation?

      • Britain First is a small nationalist (non-violent) political party in the UK. It supports brexit thus the furore around the propaganda.

        The ramain-ista are desperate and their Eurabian masters are angry, this is either a good ‘opportunity’ or a very elaborate and cynical publicity stunt, (maybe gone wrong). We may never know, but the timing could not be better (or worse) depending upon what side one takes.

    • Oakes Spalding,

      The Baron is being quite polite in his response to you. More so than I would be, but I know Dymphna is always watching.

      You seem the sort that struts around claiming victory after a successful lie had been told. This lie has been proven a fail, get over it. Asking for proof that something did not happen is not a sign of intellectual prowess.

      Keep it up though, they do moderate and ban here, so go ahead and get rough. I like to watch.

  4. I’m not much of a tin foil conspiracy guy, but this has ALL THE HALLMARKS of a set piece fall gal assassination.

    1) Disposable MP – some name recognition but the tag line was ‘stay in EU’
    2) Disposable Assassin. Mentally incompetent – but used a home made gun ( really? – I’d be hard pressed to make one ).
    3) Ever helpful Muslim who falsely claims a nationalist state by ‘the killer’ ‘Britan First’.
    4) Ever helpful UK MSM goes totally viral with ‘the story!’ Worldwide no less – and than debunked pulls the plug so the story remains embedded in the minds of the sheepistanis.

    What a coincidence that just when the Brexit vote was pulling away that this odd series of ‘events’ would happen to break the momentum, delay the vote – and viola’!!! – in a sqeaker ‘Brits’ ‘vote’ to stay in the EU.

    Somewhere George Orwell is smiling and shaking his head….

    • Murphy’s Law? Confluence of chance events?

      This is hearsay, but someone said the crazy guy was in an argument with someone else and the lady MP intervened and was attacked.

      • I no longer believe in ‘chance’ events like these.

        Would it be so far fetched given the stakes in the ‘European Project’ for a party acting with an agenda to keep Britain in the EU to flood country with millions more (Muslim) ‘refugees’. After all another 5 years at the current pace given reproduction patterns it’s game over for UK and Western Europe.

        At those wagers a couple of throwaway victims is small beer.

        • Well, I do, and for a reason which I think sufficient.

          I’ve read Tommy Robinson’s book, and it’s quite plain that the state had a strong desire to silence him, and went to considerable lengths to do so. It is therefore interesting to observe what they were willing to do, and what they were not.

          When each step is examined individually, the action they took was always legally justifiable. Of course, when you examine the whole of it together, it is rather obvious that something rotten is going on, but each individual action has some pretext. Even when they tried to make him turn informer, they did it by slapping on some superficially-plausible legal charge, and then promising to make it go away. They did not, for example, kidnap his children and make him listen to them screaming to break his will, which is what might have happened in some other country.

          So I don’t think this is a false-flag operation. Consider what that would entail. An employee of some secret agency would give this man a gun. And a picture. He would receive his orders in writing (he wants to cover his own derriere). This would leave a trail, which would compromise all those involved if it were exposed. The head of this department is also thinking of his future, and the last thing he wants is to have this sordid story revealed 5 years from now when he’s running for his next job.

          Now if there were some agency which would still do this… well, why didn’t they do it to Tommy? He was a real thorn in their side, and it was quite uncertain how powerful the EDL was going to get. And why would they do it now? The vote is uncertain, the backlash of such a risky operation is uncertain, and even a brexit vote could be handled (read: ignored) by the political elite in a more conventional way.

          Crazy people exist. Fanatics exist. Sometimes they do stupid things which are also horrible crimes. And there are a lot of second and third-rate politicians trying to draw attention to themselves right now. It’s the muslims who see a shadowy hand behind every event. If we follow that path, we will emulate all their successes.

  5. For those not familiar with the Britain First political party :

    The party stands for God, Queen and Country, hardly a “Far Right” party. It stands for Constitutional Monarchy, Parliamentary Democracy and Freedom of Speech.

    I am proud to be a member.

    • isn’t it much more likely that if the fellow said anything at all, he said that she ought to put Britain first? As opposed to give away our sovereignty and let the Germans tell us how to live our lives?

      Didn’t we fight the war so that wouldn’t happen?

  6. Article in the Mirror saying he just had OCD, not a serious mental illness.

    He was subscribed to a newsletter from a right wing group.

    More people are claiming he said “Britain first” or “put Britain first”, and they a not Muslims.

    It’s a gift for the Remain side and they are already milking it on social media.

    • Very true but people are such of the Labour Party and Remain behaving like eternal victims.

      I think Parliament is now going to be recalled, but if they dare cancel the Referendum then we will forced to sue for independence. It will be worse for them in the long run.

      People can see the left milking the murder for political gain and are suck of it, so I don’t think the Remain side will gain much from it. It may not be a false flag, but the left have taken political advantage of this horrific atrocity to attack the Leave campaign. The MSMs involvement in closing down the blogs sections on this matter speaks volumes.

    • So what, that Norwegian nutcase was a big fan of Top Gear, it doesn’t mean Jeremy Clarkson had anything to do with the actions he later chose to perform as an individual moral agent. On his own. With no help from anyone else.

      btw isn’t it funny how the photos of that Norwegian wingnut wearing all that masonic regalia disappeared down the memory hole? Wasn’t that an interesting connection?

  7. The Guardian posted a gleefully pro remain view of the case, with comments allowed, within an hour or so. When I and many others commented that is was shameful to be making political capital out of any assassination so quickly they censored me. After 20 years never reading that paper again. The overall narrative is collapsing though: some reports claimed it was a musket pistol, but I’m quite sure they couldn’t fire three rounds in succession.

  8. Ahh dear. I am very sorry someone has lost their life, but this sounds incongruent. Its all so pat. An underachieving loner, either mentally ill, mentally retarded or both, makes a home made gun. Come on? It sounds like he would be hard pressed to open a can of beans! And conveniently shouts “Britain first”. Put the false news out and then shut off all means of refute or truth. Useful idiot sounds more likely.

  9. Television news today is repeating what he shouted as PUT Britain first which is very different to what the MSM was saying yesterday.

    Would make more sense if he was angry with her very liberal views on allowing so called refugees into the UK.

  10. The [epithet] Enda Kenny Prime Minister of Ireland was campaigning in the UK for the remain side, how [in heaven’s name] would he feel if the Facist islamo nazis came and campaigned against him? Every foreign leader needs to mind their own countries business and worry for the safety of their own citizens. The Brits are not going to tolerate a dictator. Why do the Elites always try to defy the wishes of the natives?

  11. ALERT! Announcement @ 2:00 pm GMT this day.
    ‘Parliament recalled Monday, no explanation given.’

    Two possibilities; either they are going to assemble in order to pay their collective respects to Jo Cox or Cameron and the Remainiacs are going to use this opportunity to obtain Parliamentary authority to cancel the Referendum now that the Remain side are so obviously going to lose.

    I fear the worst – the ramifications of any action designed to deny the electorate an opportunity to express its wishes with respect to our relationship with the EU are beyond projection, but if this is the case whatever those ramifications turn out to be they will not bode well for our future.

    S III.

    • One additional possibility: Cameron or one of his like minded mouthpieces will propose a motion that the referendum will proceed as planned but there will be no more campaigning by either side, and then Parliament passes that motion almost unanimously.

      Effectively that will mean that the Remainiacs will have had the last public word via ‘Project Grief’ and leave the Brexiteers with what is probably their best ammunition still in the locker and never to be fired.

      If this happens and the Remainiacs carry the day the added benefit for most of those now infesting the Mother of Parliaments and bringing it into terminal disrepute will be that they will never have to decide, in the public eye, whether or not to implement the will of the people in a situation where Brexit carry the day.

      I am becoming more and more of a mind that ‘Traitors Gate’ leading into the Tower of London is well named indeed, and might one day ere soon be called upon to fulfill its intended purpose.

      S III.

      • As I pointed out on the other thread, it is a suspension of all electoral activities by the political elite that is the real ‘attack on democracy’.

        Remember Article 3 of the Atlantic Charter!

  12. Both Referendum campaign groups have suspended campaigning until at least Monday. There are rumours that Parliament will be recalled, and ultimately the Referendum put on hold or cancelled.

    We English Britons are going to have to use legal action to secure our independence from the Marxist EU.

  13. What’s astonishing is that everyone is repeating this”Britain First” allegation, as if the slogan a murderer shouts might tell you something about his motives.

    And yet when tomorrow’s murderer shouts “Allahu Akbar”, they will piously intone that it had nothing to do with Islam.

    • I know it really is insane. If what someone says/shouts at the time they are committing a criminal act is indicative of their motives, then we really ought to apply that to the multiple murders committed during the last 15 years by people shouting out the takbir.

      One more logical error: they insist that one Muslim shouting out the takbir is in no way connected to a ‘larger group’.

      So let’s apply that logical principle here as well.

  14. Timing is too cute; i don’t believe in coincidences so close to an important vote.

  15. Urban England is doomed, you have a Pakistani mayor of greater London, who was not slow to start on a purdah campaign.

    Birmingham is worse.

    Other major urban centres have the same thimg.

    The beautiful St. Paul’s cathedral will become a mosque, with minarets and calls to prayer, on the pattern of St. Sophia in Constantinople.

    I am happy to be old enough to not be around for that, short of nuclear war, tragic event that is pretty certain. Many old Anglican churches have already become mosques.

    Britain leaving the EU? Sure, a good idea.

    OTOH, does anyone else findi it a little strange that debate into Britain only became acceptable in the context of immigration of other Europeans from other parts of Europe?

    I sure did.

    • Sir Bill Cash started the Brexit movement in 1992 over 20 years ago, he and his team published “The European Journal” which catalogued all the multiplicity of small crimes committed in the name of the EU, Much of which was out and out corruption.

      These early Brexit pioneers predicted the PIIGS problems and also the expansion/ internal immigration problems.

      And yes, you are dead on with the absolute silence on Muslim immigration, which is the real battle that we cannot even name because of our irrational fear of being accused of ‘racism’ and losing everything.

      Bill Cash was taken out several years ago by the Daily Telegraph over a trivial matter of expenses (he was found not guilty on appeal) and unlike Mandelsohn who committed a real crime, he was not able to come back and lead the ‘Out’ group.

      So we waltz around the realities, never quite hitting the Samba….

      • It’s not actually an irrational fear. People who are officially designated to be racists have their lives ruined. I know several of them.

        This is why there won’t be significant change until a critical mass is reached of people who have nothing left to lose. We’re not there yet.

  16. It is tragic this young woman lost her life, and left a huge void for her husband and two young children, especially as she appears to be a disposable pawn in an obvious false flag incident.

  17. I find it astounding that there are classes of people who are allowed to just say “Oops” and move right along.

    Scientists: Here in Washington state we have a radioactive mess at Hanford, and it’s “Oh, well. That happens.”

    Drug companies: If you or your child is damaged by a vaccine, the taxpayers pay out the award, not the pharmaceutical corp.

    And, finally, journalists!

    Why don’t they ever face punishment for publishing and broadcasting an absolute lie?

    The excuse is “Well, of course they get things wrong in the confusion right after something happens.” If they got fined for doing this, then perhaps they would think twice before putting a report out!

  18. This story isn’t over by a long way, but draws attention to a policy introduced by the Conservative government in 1990, “Care in the Community”, referring to mental patients and the overdue necessity to end the (sometimes lifelong) incarceration of people who were not dangerous to themselves or others, provided they were properly monitored to check their condition, and that they were taking their medication (I believe the US did something similar). Some people should never have been confined in the first place.

    Of course, sufficient funds were never provided (some cynics would maintain that it was a cost-cutting measure in the first place), and it’s getting worse. I live in a local authority-provided “sheltered” block; my neighbour three doors down, a paranoid schizophrenic, moved here two years ago. He was off his meds, behaved abusively towards the rest of us, and the warden of the block hadn’t been informed of his condition. He’s perfectly pleasant now, and on notice, but this wasn’t the right place for him in the first place. Such people need to be in specialist accommodation, but there’s a shortage, due to the cuts imposed on local, by central, government.

    • I worked with such programs, with people classified as “the ambulatory mentally ill”. The idea to close mental institutions and install poorly-funded “community care”, at least here in the U.S., was John Kennedy’s policy. To call it destructive of human life is an understatement.

      For whatever environmental reasons – and they become harder to tease out as our nutrition, family life, government “education”, mega-cities, etc., have begun to do exponential harm – the fragmentation and destruction of many poor souls continues apace. The mentally ill released into the community account for most of our chronically “homeless”. As the number of illegal immigrants increases, the attacks on these vulnerable people increase. They’re another aspect of “Easy Meat” or “Easy Targets”.

      The 20th century was surely the apogee of Stupid Ideas with Harmful Consequences…

      • The end of state run mental care in the US was a product of the left, and I don’t remember how long ago. At a point in time, being dangerously mental became a civil right, like having good credit would later become. I recently watched “One Flew Over The Cookoos Nest”, it was illuminating, but sometime after that period the lefties emptied out the institutions and put those people that needed help out on the street with no where to go. Many of that sort of potential mental patient became the mass shooter of today.

        The left has a deliberate blind spot for the need for mental health coverage and I think has deliberately loosed people who will perform violent acts due to their illness in order to justify gun control.

        • I don’t think gun control was the original motive…it wasn’t even “a thing” back when John Kennedy signed the legislation creating community -based care. The hope was to close many of the institutions and replace them with local care so the patients could be near their families. One of those utopian airy-fairy “solutions” that make things worse…but with the best of intentions.

          Look at the original legislation on “community mental health care”. John Kennedy was intent on changing what had happened to his sister, but his feelings got in the way of his reasoning and discernment. Still, back then his governing principles were more in line with the center Jacksonian Democrats. That long tradition didn’t die out finally until Hillary stepped over Daniel Moynihan’s body to run for his now-vacant NY seat. Had he lived, she’d never have gotten into the Senate.

          Look at the pretty picture:

          Notice they’ve taken over one of Hillary’s mottoes and made it their own: “Stronger Together”.

          Read the bumpf (my emphases and editorializing):

          On October 31, 1963, President John F. Kennedy signed into law the Community Mental Health Act (also known as the Mental Retardation and Community Mental Health Centers Construction Act of 1963), which drastically altered the delivery of mental health services and inspired a new era of optimism in mental healthcare. This law led to the establishment of comprehensive community mental health centers throughout the country. It helped people with mental illnesses who were “warehoused” in hospitals and institutions move back into their communities.

          Along with this law, the development of more effective psychotropic medications and new approaches to psychotherapy made community-based care for people with mental illnesses a feasible solution. A growing body of evidence at that time demonstrated that mental illnesses could be treated more effectively and in a more cost-effective manner in community settings than in traditional psychiatric hospitals. [Bosh! That’s the same “body of evidence” LBJ used to kickstart his malign “War on Poverty”]

          As services offered to people with mental illnesses became more diverse and comprehensive, it also became clear that helping people function at optimal levels would require the addition of treatment services for addiction disorders. This coordinated brand of service was labeled as “behavioral healthcare” — and providing comprehensive mental health and addictions services is the goal of community-based behavioral health organizations today.

          You can count on one thing from Congress when it comes to any kind of health funding: they never supply enough. Theses are known as “underfunded mandates”… Community Service Boards (set up in Federal Cachement Areas) are understaffed and can’t provide any where near the level of services the ambulatory mentally “challenged” need. If you have ever watched a formerly bright and happy young person (mostly “happy” – we’re talking late adolescence to mid-twenties) dissolve into a miasma of bi-polar bizarre behavior, scaring friends and family, you know the sad story.

          I worked with a “drop in center” where people who were trying to function under the onus of this condition. We provided a “talk” group, showers, a small laundry center, a clothing closet, etc. Many of them stored their meds and money with us to avoid being robbed of both…

          We had a very few beds upstairs for people transitioning back from the State Hospital into the community. They’d forget/refuse to take their meds – the side effects are sometimes difficult and the manic highs always tempting so the slide down was pretty rapid. They’d have to be hospitalized in order to get them back to baseline, and after several months return to their “community”.

          Often families didn’t want them so long-term they slept at the Salvation Army. But ‘guests’ there had to be out by 7:30 or 8:00 – having been fed and given a bag lunch for later…there weren’t many places to go. Public libraries were preferable – soft chairs, heat or a.c., and in the good weather sitting on a bench at the Mall. Their psych meds were free, courtesy of the state if they’d ever been hospitalized.

          Those who couldn’t tolerate the noise and general dysphoric ambiance of Salvation Army slept outside in tolerable weather. There were lots of places to hide, big dumpster bins in the back of office buildings weren’t too rodent-laden. But it also meant the bullies and druggies knew where to find you.

          Many, if not most, of the homeless consist of large cohorts of the ambulatory mentally ill. I presume they are now being joined by the feral immigrants…we’ll see more reports of the deaths of this population. Another easy prey:

          The many health care workers I’ve talked to would like to see a return to the old system. The states ran their own mental hospitals and people were placed in the facility nearest to their home.

  19. The term “One mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter” can barely be used in this appaling act,yet it was no doubt politically motivated.
    This unfortunate lady was probably by nature a “do-gooder” who belived that kindness towards immigrants and refugees would be repayed by gratitude,unfortunately in many cases the opposite has occured.this has no doubt pushed this individual to commit murder.
    The media has so far avoided mentioning the actions of the Labour leader Corbyn and his former ally Livingstone during the 80’s and 90’s,inviting Adams and Mcguiness to talks leaders of the prvisional I.R.A. after the murders of M.P.s Robert Bradford,Airey Nieve ,Ian Gow and many civilians.

  20. Whenever i see the words “labour party” i think of this:

    And the banning of Pam Geller and Robert Spencer comes to mind.

    One can expect everything from a party that tries to replace it’s own people by immigrants to gain political power ,including the framing of a political murder. It wont surprise me if members of the labour party even staged the whole thing for yet another “gain”. Or to use Labours words: “To rub it in the faces of the British people….!”

  21. Brexit is a penicillin for forlorn Brit – greet your neighbors with encouragement to vote Brexit.

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