The Demographics of the Austrian Presidential Election

As most readers will be aware by now, the count in yesterday’s run-off election for president in Austria was finalized today. Norbert Hofer (FPÖ, Austrian Freedom Party) has conceded to the Green candidate, Alexander van der Bellen, who eked out a narrow victory thanks to the absentee ballots (postal votes).

Nash Montana has summarized an article from FAZ about the election:

It is clear to see that women swung it for the Leftists in the Austrian election.

The case has been made that women are playing a disproportionate role in the immigration catastrophe engulfing Europe; that they are more xenophilic than men; more emotional and indulgent; overrepresented in the ranks of “migrant” charities and help-groups and the like.

On the evidence of the recent close election in Austria, there may be truth to this. This graphic from the FAZ shows a breakdown of the ballots cast on election day. So it does not include the voting cards, which are mainly cast as postal ballots.

In this graphic, the male voters are shown in blue, the female votes in red. The more intense the shade, the younger the voter group. As you can see, men mainly went for Hofer, the Freedom Party candidate; women, especially young women, mainly went for Van der Bellen, the Leftist.

Income status also played a major role on the election. Working class people (shown in the leftmost column) went overwhelmingly for the far-right patriotic candidate with a whopping 86%. Whereas with public and government workers Hofer garnered more votes. Graduates and black coat workers voted for Van der Bellen, those with finished workers apprenticeships, blue collar workers, voted for Hofer with 67%. This is a pattern we are seeing elsewhere in Europe as working class people realize that the Socialist parties have abandoned them and embraced the invading horde.

As to content of the individual candidates platforms: 68% of Hofer voters reported that their candidate “understands the problems of people like us”. Further reasons were sympathy for Hofer (67%) and his believability (62%). The most-named position for Van der Bellen voters was his foreign policy (66%). It was also important that he apparently had great understanding of his position.

Cities voted differently from the rural population. In most cities Van der Bellen did a lot better than Hofer. The best result came out of Graz at 61.99%; Vienna at 61.16% and Linz at 60.54% were also still over the 60% mark. Van der Bellen also won over three provincial capitals: Salzburg, St. Pölten und Klagenfurt. Hofer only won Eisenstadt. But Hofer also had the most decisive result ever in one municipality: he won Spiss in Tirol with 87.5% of the votes.

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  1. I don’t have time to read it all, but certainly the naturalized legal immigrants were the tipping point. Without their vote, Hofer would have won very easily. Now, that’s a very bad omen of things to come. I have a feeling that the naturalized citizens’ vote will play crucial role in the Brexit referendum. Simply put, the Coudenhove Kalergi fellows have already won. Now they have the demographics to democratically swing white people to extinction.

    • Just as postal votes are cast in the UK. The Muslim population
      Very often have no idea how or why they are casting their votes and then in step the “helpful” Imams to “assist” them!
      It used to be that you were only entitled to a postal vote if you were incapacitated to such a degree that you were house bound which is no longer the case.
      The green candidate was 14 points behind before postal votes were counted, so logic would dictate that this should have been reflected in the postal vote count. The right wing candidate was frankly robbed and the EU are gloating today.
      The Green candidate is on record as saying “anyone who loves Austria is s**t” hardly a patriotic thing for a President elect to utter.
      Nigel Farage who should be a shoo-in for most of the seats that he has stood for is regularily thwarted by such a system but
      The Tories miscalculated (lied) about their electoral spending in marginal seats in the south west and will get away with it despite a police investigation. In other words the arrogant, political elite, at national and European level blatantly corruptly buy or unduly influence the electoral process.
      BREXIT is a classic example which unfortunately is never going to happen. Should you vote for it, you will cause WW111, you will lose your job, you will destroy the NHS, You will cause a DIY recession, you will cause rampant inflation, you will cause a housing crash, you will cause a plague of frogs, locusts, boils etc (OK I’ve made the last comments up but you get my drift)
      Yet the arrogant pink chopped, porcine, parsimonious Cameron with an illegal majority of 12, knows he will get away with it, because with the blessing of the EU, he knows he can. I despair for European Democracy which is beginning to make North Korea look like a beacon of free speech.

  2. I would think that 86% working class support of the nationalist candidate should give the ruling elites pause; violent revolutions are sustained by this demographic. The elites would be wise to not let it go to their heads that they have a mandate for continued islamification of Austria, or they just might lose theirs.

    • Not a bad point at all.

      It’s looking like in the end, Europe is more divided than the USA, even.

      The demographics are on the side of the society destroyers, and the worry is that these are the last gasps/chances for change in a non-violent way.

  3. Regarding the male/female ratios. Women, especially younger voters, have yet to feel the full brunt of the immigrant/migrant problem upon their person, and their. And, it doesn’t help with the Left braying as always: We will cover. Lay down your worries, give us your cares.

    What threat is a pious Muslim male when the State has one nannied, swaddled from cradle to grave. With (younger females) Austrians so succored by and tot he State, becoming dhimmififed is only a simple submission away.

    A bit puzzling though.

    With all the Muslim migrant horror stories roiling down the street one would think (hope) the discrepancy between the sexes would be less. Do not women, generally, fear being feared?

    Could be that female voters need Muslim horror stories to be personal: as in at one’s door, or upon the body of someone they can name. Or, maybe not enough Austrian women have daughters to give them worry, to keep the night awake when Muhammadan wolves are howling.

    But, then, that returns us, does it not, to the fundamental problem – Austrian demographics Not only to the fact of it, but the why of it.

    • The men’s jobs are directly threatened, they have got the message. The grim realities have yet to strike the women, and the girls, in their ignorance, are probably quite excited by the prospect of strange flesh.

    • Young women are more likely to be liberal due to our education system, and on top of that, the fact that women are more likely to be more sympathetic and emotional. Most young people these days are liberal, we see this strongly on campuses, and with women, the promise of feminism and equality for all, it strike a chord with them strongly. They try to think of the ‘refugees’ as people like them and thus they want to help them and do good. The young women of my generation are mostly compelled by a well meaning but blind altruism. The reports of the refugee rape cases doesn’t affect them because the mainstream media simply doesn’t cover it and because in their minds, when it is mentioned, it is the media making the refugees look bad.

      Any attempts at criticising immigration is seen as racist because that is what has been drummed into their heads, diversity IS unquestionably good, the only way you could think its bad is if you are racist. Most of the young liberal women have no idea just who they are letting into their society. Seeing that around 30% voted for Hofer gives me hope though, that is not bad considering how brainwashed most young women are.

      • I think you have it right, but I will give it a different emphasis.

        Women, as a group, tend to be more emotional and less analytic than men. They operate on feelings more than calculation…and again, I’m speaking as a group, not individuals.

        There is a method to the madness when the media purposely hide and ignore the actual violence, disruption, and filth brought by the invaders. The populace simply doesn’t see what we, as readers of Gates of Vienna and other such websites, see. It’s easy to watch a YouTube video of the barbarian, savage invaders, but to do so takes a conscious effort. Men make the effort more than women.

        So, in the absence of graphic information to the contrary, information deliberately suppressed by the government and media, women will tend to be more sympathetic to the propaganda that the invaders are refugees from death and violence.

        Leftists are impervious to any type of logic or information. I think leftists tend to lose sight of themselves as individuals, and see themselves as part of a universal principle. They are thus able to votes against what is quite clearly against their own self interests.

        • I am a right-thinking woman who agrees with your every word. I also appreciate the civility with which you have framed your arguments.

          As a woman, I can speculate that some women are pushed over to the left after exposure to misogyny which often exists on the right.

          I agree that the irrational and self-defeating voting patterns of women as a group must be frustrating and incomprehensible to men. The way to combat this behavior in women must involve making them feel welcome on the right. Instead, many men on the right deliver vicious, hateful comments (often involving graphic sexual slurs). This is also irrational and self-defeating.

          Women (and visible minorities with values in accordance with western culture) must be made to feel welcome on the right. The right shuns these groups at its own peril.

          I can see that you have already recognized this reality. Other men need to show the same foresight.

          • Thanks, Bugs. I very much appreciate your perspective.

            You make a good case that instead of just assuming that women (as a group) should process information the way men do, the information we have to offer should be framed in such a way that women, as a group, would be more comfortable in absorbing it and dealing with it.

            Much as I hate to suggest it, perhaps an end to no-fault divorce would be a way to focus women less on the nanny state and the leftist promises. Demographically, women who are in a supportive, more traditional relationship are more conservative. And believe me, this is the first time I’ve considered advocating more difficult divorce laws.

          • “…As a woman, I can speculate that some women are pushed over to the left after exposure to misogyny which often exists on the right.”

            “Misogyny”? What kind? ‘Men disagree with me’ misogyny? Or ‘an unattractive man looked at/spoke to me’ misogyny? Or ‘an attractive/rich/powerful man ignored me’ misogyny?
            Wait until the Islamic hordes take over — then women will know what ‘misogyny’ REALLY is.
            And every Western man should laugh…

          • That’s right. Nearly fifty years of emasculation of men on the part of Women in the west, is somehow the fault of men. If you think that the castrated men of the west who bend over backwards to accommodate women are “misogynist “, wait till your Muslim buddies get in the driver’s seat.

  4. The disproportionate female vote for leftist policies reminds me of a comment I once made to my former Pastor: childless females overcompensate for their thwarted (either self-inflicted [can’t help but think of AOD*] or not) natural desires to nurture. Moreover, they need an outlet by which to assuage their guilt. Hint: It can’t work — Jesus says so.
    And since they’ve decided they don’t need men (except of the hen-pecked variety), the state is a strong substitute — a preferred substitute, I wager.

    Women are really messed up. I’ve argued before that they should never have been given the vote. But the milk is spilled, and I doubt we’re going to get it back into the bottle — not while the harridans (young and old) are running the show anyway.

    *AOD = infanticide.
    And men are stupid to let things get this far, stupid, weak, and cowardly.

    • I watched a video by Stefan Molyneux recently (this particular one was entitled “The Decline and Collapse of Sweden”) in which he claimed that within 10-15 years of women receiving the vote in all Western nations, a welfare state apparatus was implemented in those nations, at least to a certain extent, and in all cases. He further suggested that this occurred because women – at least unmarried women – viewed Big Government as a way to truly free themselves (from dependence on males). Of course, and rather ironically, the living in a statist society simply equates to a different kind of dependence ….

      Anyway, I don’t know if he’s right in his claim in that the beginnings of the welfare state are correlated with women being given the vote, but if so, it is suggestive.

      • He’s not entirely correct. The first welfare state was actually created in Imperial Germany by Chancellor Otto Von Bismarck in the 1870s and 1880s, when the franchise was entirely male.

        Giving the vote to women accelerated the process, but it was already well underway when men were in charge. Think of Dickens — his concern for taking care of the wretched, normally a prerogative of females, was widespread among educated men in the mid-19th century.

        • Interesting. Thank you, Baron: I think I’m going to be doing some research on this subject now.

          • I will take at least a cursory look at the Molyneux video you cite, PaulW. Thank you.

            I see that the Baron rightly cites Bismarck for his socializing “contributions” — a fact of which I was already familiar — and I’d like to note that Bismarck’s efforts came fast on the heels of Marx, Darwin, and the loss of faith across Europe arising out of the Enlightenment, rationalism, and the *new* method of Biblical interpretation (Historical Criticism), which preceded Bismarck’s work by a century at least. Gene Edward Veith talks about how virtue has been transferred from the personal to the social; thus we get state-imposed (it decides) standards, shall we say, re racism and sexism, etc. — but that’s another tangent, for another day.

            There is a connection, I’m sure, with our current unhappy state of affairs vis a vis the deleterious effects of universal suffrage and the march by politicians and philosophers to unhinge us from Transcendent values and notions of right and wrong.

            This is not to say that there is ever going to be on this earth a perfect political system; but we’ll all admit that some are preferable to others, and that by a wide margin.

            Interesting line of thought. The working out — or through — the minefields dispersed to coalesce society into a single collective mind.

          • The free-market economist John Lott made the argument that one of the main drivers for the welfare-state began with women’s political involvement:

            “Women’s suffrage ushered in a sea change in American politics that affected policies aside from taxes and the size of government. For example, states that granted suffrage were much more likely to pass Prohibition, for the temperance movement was largely dominated by middle-class women. Although the “gender gap” is commonly thought to have arisen only in the 1960s, female voting dramatically changed American politics from the very beginning.”

            Also, a recent video by the Black Pigeon has made a similar argument:

            Le Marsouin

        • Couldn’t it be argued that the first modern welfare state appeared in France during their bloody revolution? Yet, I propose that the welfare state began as far back as ancient Athens and later, the Roman Republic.

          Dracon and Solon were tyrants who gave relief to poor Athenians through absolution of their debts. Democracy was invented there at the same time. As

          As Roman citizenship expanded in the Republic, tensions between the aristocrats and the non-aristocrats grew. Some Romans, starting with the Gracchi, agitated for poor relief and land redistribution in the cause of the plebs. At about the same time, the less well-to-do in Rome were treated with free grain provided by the state, which continued for a long time, until the money ran out.

          My cursory observation is that whenever the voting franchise is expanded to include people of widely divergent means or capacities to earn a living, and when the voting body constitutes a large proportion of “plebs”, a clash between the have and the have-not is the inevitable outcome. Comprising a larger number and acquiring commensurate power through the state, the have-not seeks to be requited with some of the wealth of the have.

          Some ancient Greeks held that democracy always lead to tyranny. May be democracy can last if there is not a wide disparity among the population of a state, which historically does not seem to have happened. Maybe that is why the Greeks and others had been skeptical of democracy.

          Look at when welfare relief through the state started historically. From my observation, it seems to coincide with expansion of the franchise to those of lower means. This is not a politically correct view, and I also am not taking a position on which system of government is best. I, like most, love the freedom that seems to accompany democracy. Yet there are some serious shortcomings.

          This is merely one man’s observation.

          • This is merely one man’s observation.

            de Tocqueville got there before you, so you’re in good company…just one example:

            “The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money.”

            There ought to be means-testing for any public dole, including old age pensions. And there ought to be means-testing for voters. Those with no skin in the game vote badly.

          • Yes, I agree about the Paris Commune in 1871. But that never survived to actually govern a country. The modern bureaucratic welfare state — i.e. state socialism — was first realized in imperial Germany, in order to take the winds out of the sails of the Revolutionary Socialists. It worked, too — Germany avoided revolution until after the Great War and the departure of the Kaiser.

        • The time frame shouldn’t surprise anyone. HarrietHT touches on most of the min points but also keep in mind that industrial civilization and urbanization tends to breed redistribution.

          Marx was basically correct in his ideas on alienation from the means of production. Lack of perceived agency breeds dependency breeds socialism. Women too by nature, not nurture have less agency than men.

          This wouldn’t be nearly as harmful in an monoethnic state but when combined with leftist universalism and corresponding virtue signalling it becomes toxic

          Frankly worrying about what economic system is just fretting about what’s on television during a house fire. Once the demography is fixed, and not before that than the economic arguments can start,

    • It’s been proposed
      1) take away the women’s franchise, as they vote emotionally and favor, as a group, the welfare state;
      2) take away the vote of landless, low-income people as they have not put their own efforts into producing or collecting wealth.

      There is a huge problem with either proposal. The fact is, rational, cognitive people, and wealthy people, have no monopoly on political virtue. That is, any group having an electoral advantage is likely to use that advantage to its own benefit against a disenfranchised group.

      For instance, if females do not have the vote, they have no protection against discriminatory child-custody laws. And, I’m aware of the wildly discriminatory court procedures right now.

      If wealth is given a lock on the voting, then the wealthy will institute rules, laws, and regulatory agencies designed to limit entrepreneurial competition which tends to drive old, established firms out of business.

      I myself incline to the original Constitution, with its checks and balances: the Senate elected through state legislatures, obviously an insider enterprise, and the House of Representatives, elected by everyman (so to speak). Both houses were necessary to pass a law, so in theory, the oligarchs and autocrats would not be able to use the law to maintain class, wealth, or entrepreneurial boundaries.

  5. One aspect of this which struck me was that the spoiled ballots in the first round accounted for 2.1%, while this rose to 3.6% in the final round. This seems … interesting. I would rather like to know the percentage of spoiled absentee ballots in the final round, compared to the non-absentee ballots.

    • Strange that there would more spoiled ballots in the final stage with only two candidates as opposed to the earlier round with multiple candidates. Very fishy.
      – In any case, the loss might prove to be a mixed blessing. Things are only going to get worse in Austria. By the time the legislative elections are held in 2018, people will be quite fed up with the current parties in the legislature. Besides other countries such as the UK, France, Sweden, and the Netherlands would have had crucial votes by then.

      • The current parties in the government are the ÖVP and the SPÖ — the center-“right” and the socialists. When voters throw the rascals out, they may well put the Greens in power, as they just did in the presidential election, rather than the FPÖ.

  6. When you consider the points made in this article (in French ), about the postal votes being used in OAP homes up suddenly in the 2nd round, it kind of makes you wonder just how it had swung the vote.

    Then there is also this Election leaflet inTurkishécolo.html

    • RE TURKS in Austria – the guy won because of the Turkish vote

      ”There are 185,000 Turks, including Turkish Kurds, in Austria today, accounting for 2.2% of the population. This is the third largest ethnic minority after Serbs and Federal Germans (2.7%).”

  7. Women are more caring, and hence more likely to have their hearts melted by seeing a photo of a dead baby lying on a beach… also – how many of those women, especially young, voting for the Greens are maybe dating an “enricher”, and identifying themselves with them? Perhaps that could also be a factor…

    On the other hand – are they also not concerned about being assaulted by enrichers? So surely they should be more sympathetic to someone wanting to get tough with them?

    • Young women are genetically hardwired to let the men fight it out for mating rights. They don’t care what race the winner is at that stage. It is only when the women have children that they have race loyalty.

    • Go back to the Greeks. They realized that in many instances it is the woman who betrays the tribe. Think Helen. Think Antigone.

      By their nature women betray the tribe, for their metric is not patrilinial lines, but rather emotion. They will betray everything out of a misplaced sense of ‘love’. Men are just as foolish, they just do it differently.

  8. Those women are attracted to danger; they should be ID’d for future reference.

  9. Why do you think they created an EU Army? to repel invaders? they are inviting the invaders in. The Army is to control the police and the police are to control the citizens.

    Can Europe still be saved through the ballot box ?

  10. This is why governments allow postal voting, it’s so easy to rig in their favour, just as the “referendum” vote will be rigged in favour of Cameron and his “in” toadies. Postal voting should be outlawed unless there is a genuine reason why someone cannot get to the polling booth. I want OUT of the EU, but the result has already been decided by the UK government, we stay in.

  11. Recently I’ve seen many comments online regarding postal votes; those are most open to fiddling with. In that respect I smell rat, how is it possible that so many recent votes, referendums, elections were neck in neck? Im afraid that Brexit and presidential elections in America are already decided (in smoke-free rooms smelling of oil money). I’m increasingly more suspicious of “dem*cracy”, it seems to be a fantastic tool for power junkies and their crony buddies who just can’t resist printing money. Hence in the West new peasant masses of XXI century are spoon fed propaganda on the daily basis in the most efficient – goebbelsian way. I recently saw a comment on Austria’s elections and western “dem*cracy”: ‘brave new world’ is turning into ‘1984’. I have small children and I’m dreading what the UK public “education” system can do to their young minds…
    I have recently been introduced by a friend to Hans-Hermann Hoppe’s book ‘Democracy: The God that Failed’, a must-read for any voter.

  12. Stockholm Syndrome in action – women voted overwhelmingly for the pro-rapefugee candidate. I wonder how they’ll like wearing a head bag.

  13. This is alarming. We take for granted that our predecessors were backward, silly, or worse, for having denied women voting rights. Now, it appears, the migrants’ own legal voting margin is swaying crucial, pretty much life-and-death elections in dying Europe. The productive elements of society are overwhelmed, disarmed, helpless. Exactly what they’re trying to make us here in the States.

    Were we a trifle hasty, arrogant even, redefining the conventional wisdom of former periods as “flat earth” thinking? Could that 20th century “landmark achievement” be the principal event giving life to the political correctness that’s making every western society today insane?

    This isn’t an ideological debate, it’s evil unmasked. The bane of our species. There was no science-based discussion, this was fiat thinking. The last century was humanity’s tipping point. The extent of the consequences, for all of us who occupy the 21st century (for my three-year-old daughter), has yet to play out. Only the mindless zombies that surround us can maintain the fiction this will somehow end well.

    I reside in California where both the state and federal governments mandate my little girl be subject to perverts in public restrooms so the LGBT types, whatever fraction of a percent of America’s population they are, aren’t discriminated against. I’m not quite old enough to have had my vote in a presidential election count. White, working, law abiding, subsidizing the madness. The usual story.

    We’re in for unpleasantnesses we lack the capacity even to imagine, guys; if we don’t figure out how to stop this.

  14. This result is a shock for the old centre left parties that have held power in western Europe since World War Two. And the shocking truth is this is only the beginning. More left wing parties will fall from power right across Europe in the next few years. The elites still don’t get it; there is a grass roots revolution underway.

  15. I would love to have seen Hofer win yesterday, alas it just wasnt to be. I’m becoming more and more cynical with regards to Western politics as time goes by. I don’t believe for one minute that the Scottish vote on independence was a true reflection of the majority of the Scots wishes. I believe it was quite possibly rigged, I wouldnt be overly suprised if yesterdays Austrian results were also rigged and when the UK get their chance to vote on leaving Europe that will be rigged too. The UK and Europe are heading to hell in a hand cart and no ballot box is going to stop it. The only thing that can prevent this madness is a revolution, but the people dont seem to have the stomach or will for it.

    Having said all the above, if the Austrian vote was fair and just and it was the women of Austria who swung the vote for the left I really cannot begin to sympathise with them when they are groped and raped by their enrichers when out and about on the streets. Theres no accounting for altruism in the vast majority of Western women.

    • The loss might not be a bad thing. The far-Left won but half the country opposes them (and much more than that if takes rigging into account).
      – The office of the President is a ceremonial one and the President has no real political power.
      – Things are going to get worse in Austria. By the time legislative elections are held in 2018, people might be more willing to vote for any party with a sane immigration policy.

    • they like this sex aggression and when they tell you otherwise, they are stupid feminist .lol men in the west lack Testosterone, so it need to be imported from other areas ahahahah

  16. Thanks very much for running and translating this, since I suspect the lessons apply to all rich western European idiocracies. I find it hard to come to terms with the fact that it is young women who are so willing to stab in the back the very people that built their homelands—their fathers, sons, mothers and sisters. Voting for the head of a party who once described Austrian patriots as “shxt?” The Greens are a joke party, with no real credibility outside the idiocracies of the west. Only in the rich west, where playing at politics carries little real-world downside, can so many people show such craven stupidity.

  17. So women voted for their own future abuse: how nice. Too bad that they’re going to bring ruin down on the males in their society as well.

  18. “Postal votes” are notoriously riddled with fraud. I wish Hofer hadn’t conceded but instead had challenged the validity of the mail in votes, one by one…
    As we said in the states during the 2000 Bush/Gore recount, “How’s your chad hanging?”

  19. I’m a woman myself, and the voting patterns of my gender continue to baffle me. Are we women such slaves to our emotions that we let it cloud rational thinking? Or has feminism truly sunk in, and these women voted to spite the “white, capitalist, patriarchy” that they seem to hate so much?

    I tend to think this is proof positive of the destructive power of generations of feminist indoctrination. When you’re told from a young age, from school, media, and government, that white heterosexual males are the enemy, you tend to vote accordingly.

    Truly pathetic of my fellow women. I was crushed to see Hofer concede, and like others, I immediately thought the election was rigged. The Austrian elites made it perfectly clear they wouldn’t accept an FPO President, and I wouldn’t put it past them to be so treacherous as to rig the postal votes. The only good news I can take away from this is that there IS a large chunk of Austrians who aren’t drinking the Kool-Aid. Let’s hope they’re willing to put their money where their mouth is when it comes right down to it.

    • When I speak to women about politics they tend to display a herd like mentality (generalisation). They go with the group emotion e.g. dead child on beach.
      I think girls were more indoctrinated than boys at school and are more easily manipulated by the agitprop as adults, in fact I see the hand of Marxist psychiatrists.
      However I have met quite a few women more intelligent, independent and braver than me….

  20. Without a culture to guide them , female humans might behave a bit like chimps ….a female chimpanze will do her best (or worst !) to have at least one offspring with a male from OUTSIDE the family-tribe …instinctive behaviour will emerge when national culture is destroyed internationalization

    • That is probably instinctive mammal behavior – way down in the limbic brain somewhere. The colloquial term is cuckoo – from which cuckold comes.

      Mixing up genetic material is good for the tribe in the long run, however damaging it might be to the female…one has only to look at Prince Harry to know he’s a cuckoo child.

  21. The Austrian election, it has been alleged that in some districts there was a 149.9 % voter turnout. It looks as if they are taking lessons from Cook County IL (AKA Crook County) and Hudson County NJ USA, where the rule of the day is ‘vote early and vote often.

  22. Most European nations including the UK have now past the democratic point of no return.

    The only thing that can save us now is legal action. We must now sue our governments for genocide. The UNs Declaration of Rights For Indigenous Peoples defines our rights.

    We must start in a national court using existing human rights legislation and if unsuccessful we have to resort to the European Convention on Human Rights dated 1950 and take the case to the European Court of Justice in Strasbourg.

    Nothing else will work now, except military intervention.

  23. Is there a reason why few seem to think it odd that a) the results of the postal vote was VERY different from the regular vote (40/60 vs. 51/49) and b) the postal vote results were almost EXACTLY what the Green Party candidate needed to give him victory?

    • The reds are dirty, we know they steal votes and elections.

      They are the same all over the world.

  24. Even more interesting than the male-female vote share breakdown would be the postal vote/non-postal vote share breakdown! (and how this compares with past Austrian elections)

  25. On the subject of the Austrian vote… here are the results from the town of Waidhofen an der Ybbs:

    From what I know of German… there were 9,026 registered to vote, of which there were 6833 valid votes in the first round (where Hofer was the winner, with 31.3% vs 20.4% for van der Bellen) – and in the second round, there were 12559 valid votes (where van der Bellen won, with 52.7% ) .

    These are the official results, from an Austrian government website, giving a 139% turnout…

  26. I suspect that the women of Europe are demanding open borders to fill a biological void that they may not even be aware of. Open borders will increase their mating opportunities. That’s simple biology.

    Unfortunately, most of the young men who arrive on their shores, see these women as utterly useless beyond momentary sexual release. They do not want to have understanding of female emotional needs, they don’t care for cuddling and pillow talk and don’t want to talk about their feelings or transgender bathrooms.

    But women, in their European arrogance, think they can train these animals.

    That’s the rapefugee crisis in a nutshell. The Muslims are right. The West is run by ignorant sluts and homosexuals.

    This will not end well.

    • “That’s the rapefugee crisis in a nutshell. The Muslims are right. The West is run by ignorant sluts and homosexuals.”

      By looking at those statistics you may well be right.

  27. I’m absolute CERTAIN this election has been rigged. At the last possible moment just enough postal votes came up to secure victory. I cannot imagine 700.000 voters (by mail no less) suddenly changing the outcome into what is politically correct. I vote myself by mail for +20 years – it is simply I*M*P*O*S*S*I*B*L*E

    Postal votes must have been cast weeks in advance. It won’t be that many, or I would have met many Austrians in my neck of the woods. All of them vote left? Hardly likely.

  28. So I guess women’s suffrage is working out pretty well, huh?

    What about you.

  29. Fraud Fraud Fraud!!!

    This election was stolen, by fraudulent means, of that there is no doubt. Hofer was 3.8% in front on the regularly cast votes, the large bulk of the whole. There is no way the Islamic candidate would have gotten some 60+% of the postal votes, largely from rural and older voters, without fraud. Postal votes are often manipulated, being the most open to it. The Brussels-Berlin Axis of Evil and its far-left and Islamic allies were absolutely petrified at the prospect of a Hofer victory, and have proven their willingness to cheat and bend or even break the law more than once before. It’s beyond doubt they did so here. This means the end of real democracy in Europe, disaster, and war. Those scoundrels have proven they will not play by the rules, all bets are off.

    Even if one takes the Austrian result at face value, a laughable naivety, it’s clear that the Muslims swung the vote. The Green ‘won’ by 31000 votes only, in a country with over half a million Muslims, most from outside Europe. Not all are entitled to vote, but certainly far more than 31k are. The large bulk can be assumed to have voted for the pro-Islam candidate. Thus a critical election which decides the fate of Austria for the next 6 years and possibly forever was decided by Muslims of non-European background. A clear example of what I have warned of here before, the capture of democratic marginal swing politics by Muslim voters, against the will of the native majority. With serious consequences. What a disaster, to be repeated again and again across Europe until Europe is lost to Islamic interests. Bar war of course, which is now a serious prospect.

    More indications of fraud. (Allegedly) invalid votes went up massively from round 1 to 2, from 92,655 (2,1 % of the total votes cast) to 165,212 (3,6 % of the total votes cast), an actual percentage increase from the one number to the other of over 75%, despite a much smaller proportional increase in the number of voters, from 4,371,825 to 4,643,154 (4,3 %), and a much simpler two-option ballot, compared to the six on the first ballot! The ‘invalid’ votes were 5.34 times the margin of victory (a mere 31,000)! And perhaps most tellingly, allegedly invalid votes were split 100582 for Hofer, vs. 64630 for Van der Bellen! A difference of 35952, more than the 31k margin of victory!

    And, postal votes went up hugely from round 1 to 2, from 543.129 to 766.076, an increase of 222.947, without credible cause except intended fraud, and went 460.404 to 285.706 Van der Bellen’s way, or an incredible 61,7 % to 38,3 %! Miraculously just enough to get him over the line, without looking even more egregious. Despite the first-round split running 28,1 % / 25,6 %, (in a field of six candidates). And despite the non-postal votes, five-sixths of the total, going 51.9% to 48.1% Hofer’s way! And even with the postal votes, invalid votes went up suspiciously from 1.5% in the first round to 2,6% in the second, a difference of 11.611, very significant with such a small margin of victory, and again even more suspicious considering the simplification of the ballot in the second round to only 2 options vs. 6 in the first round.

  30. There MUST be a closely, internationally scrutinized recount, investigation, and enquiry. Hofer won! If this fraud goes through, real democracy in Europe is dead. And the Freedom Party will never get into government, even if they actually win the election in question. Amongst other grim consequences. Anyone who accepts this blatant and patently fraudulent result is conniving at a monstrous crime, and their own deserved disenfranchisement (and worse) down the track.

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