Tommy Robinson: Case Dismissed!

Tommy Robinson appeared at Peterborough Magistrate’s Court this morning for his trial in the assault battery case against him. Seneca III was present in the gallery, and sent a series of brief emails on what happened, all of which arrived before I turned on my computer this morning.

Here’s the sequence of events in brief (times BST):

10:00am:   Waiting begins.
11:00am:   TR’s counsel just left the courtroom went down towards the front desk looking very frustrated then returned, gathered up TR and what I presumed to be a defence witness, and left.
12:40pm:   Bench retired to consider dismissal or adjournment. Could go either way. It’s hard to hear everything behind our glass screen; relying mostly on reading body language. The defence is excellent; prosecution on the whole floundering. Don’t know how long we will have to wait.
1:00pm:   Case dismissed with costs!

Seneca III promises a full report tomorrow. I don’t know what “with costs” means — does that mean Tommy will be reimbursed for his legal fees?

It is thanks to you, the generous readers of this and other blogs, that Tommy Robinson is a free man today. Your contributions provided the best legal help for him. If he had not had a QC, that big iron door would almost certainly have clanged shut behind him this morning.

Any monies left over in the legal fund will be held in trust to help Tommy’s family, and to defray future legal expenses — he is an Enemy of the State, and I don’t think the State is done with him just yet.

Update: Breitbart has a report (hat tip Vlad Tepes):

Tommy Robinson Walks Free From Court

Tommy Robinson has had a charge of battery dismissed in court. He said the judge questioned the police’s motives for pursuing the case against him when they did.

“My case has been dismissed. Even the judge made comments about the police’s motive of prosecution. Thank you all”, he announced on Twitter on Thursday afternoon.

My case has been dismissed. Even the judge made comments about the police’s motive of prosecution. Thank you all

— Tommy Robinson (@TRobinsonNewEra) April 14, 2016

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  1. Thank to you, to everyone who posted and reposted – and who gave so generously!! Time to celebrate!!!!!!!!!!! And time to go on.

    • And a very heartfelt thanks to you, Elsa, for spearheading this effort. In no small part due to your effort, one was spared the guillotine.

      There are a couple of things that still bother me. One concerns the dog- dogs actually- that did not bark (I’ll leave that thought for now and expand upon it in due course, preferably with Dr. Elsa Shieder’s assistance and encouragement).

      The other nagging thought I had is, had the judge been Moslem, how likely is it that this verdict would have been rendered? I suspect, “not very”.

      • I donated $50.00 to his fund, it was the best $50.oo I have every spent. Congratulations to Tommy on his victory, although I suspect like others have, the Government is not done with him.

        • But, but…government is your friend, here to help you. They just want Tommy schooled a bit so he can learn his proper place. I mean, think about it: what chav ever had a QC representing him in court??

          All of us crowd-sourced Tommy’s freedom, bringing him back from the dark he was facing alone. Now we have to wonder what government’s next step will be.

    • What good news! Let us hope that the police will learn a lesson from this and stop persecuting Tommy Robinson now that they know the world’s eyes are on them when they try to intimidate him.
      Thank you Elsa for organising this campaign. You have done a noble deed in the interest of justice and old fashioned humanity.

  2. All thru the years only a small minority have stood for moral precepts. In the USA only 2% of the population were part of the Continental Army that with the Grace of God sent King George’s soldiers home. The Americas were split 50/50 on resisting The Crown or staying under the Britain. The Constitution set the standard for the world of freedom and it’s still alive even as the tyrannical globalists are in the White House and working together to destroy the last vestiges of a free world with invasion of the hope people have in their governments.
    If a voice is raised in a corrupted media it is portrayed as racist or hate based. But trust me, most people in the quiet of their late night sleeping dream about having the strength to speak the truth in love and resist what they KNOW is evil in the hearts of men and women programmed since birth that we must return to the 7th Century to please a different god. Thanks Tommy. Let’s continue to support him and pray for his sense of direction and methodology.

    • Jerry-

      Allow me to present you with a heretical thought. With all due respect to dead white males like Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, and my favorite, Samuel Adams, with the hindsight of history, it would have been better had George and his Prussians won that war. Hear me out.

      Yes, the esteemed patriots would have been hung. A pity, that. But the Brits outlawed the slave trade in their colonies in the 1830’s, near the height of the trans-Atlantic slave trade. That would have spared a great deal of human misery, and mitigated innumerable social problems in the USA.

      • I don’t think England’s commercial backers of the Virginia colony would have permitted Virginia to cease using slaves. That colony was ordered to take slaves in the first place in order to send back cotton and tobacco…

        This is not different in kind from the way England used opium to get the trade it wanted from China, ruining millions of Chinese in the process:

        England’s karma (and that of the rest of Europe) from it various evil endeavors seems to be in boomerang mode now.

        But here in America, we’ll feel the return eventually of history’s weapon when we have to face what we (and others) have done and have permitted in the name of petroleum access in MENA.

        The mills of God grind slowly…

        • Don’t forget the white slaves in America known as “Bonded Servants”. See Kidnapped by R.L.S. Also many families here with “old money” appear to have made it through shipping trade with the East Indies and spices. More likely West Indies and slaves.

          Great news re Tommy. You think the Thought Police here in England will leave him alone ? Fat chance.

          Meanwhile, back in Londonistan :

          If you feel like a distressing read anytime – try Easy Meat by Peter McLoughlin. The so called “grooming gangs”.

          My regards to you and the Baron from an outpost of civilization in Norfolk, UK. Here the flag is still flown on April 23rd (although some confuse the English flag with the British Union flag – and some use the football version with ENGLAND on it ) , we have Fox Hunting (in season), Morris Dancers (again, in season), HM Queen just up the road at Sandringham and the future King William V (muslims permitting) close by. Anywhere outside Norfolk is a “far away country etc etc”.

        • The mills of God grind slowly…

          From my understanding of British history, it was somewhere in the middle of Victoria’s reign that the British stopped giving God the credit and became self important instead. We have gone downhill since then. Increasingly we have become deaf to God calling us back to him. Our rulers now call us a “post-Christian” society and see no shame in it. Is it any surprise that God seems to have said “If that is how you want it, go ahead and see what happens”? God will rescue us eventually, when the people have seen the error of their ways. (For my reasoning, consider the two Jewish exile periods to Babylon, and how He caused a return of those who still followed Him.)

  3. Great News. With organisation supporters can fight back against the black hearted establishment. That’s the big lesson for all of us who have taken notice of Tommy and the issues he and others have been brave enough to highlight. We’ve fought back and had a win.?. Let’s not stop now.

    • Hope there is enough real men left in all these European countries being invaded by Muslims , to stand up and take back their countries, even though the future of these countries is very iffy. Neo- Marxist E.U. leaders (pro Islamic) have suppressed/criminalized freedom of speech and criticism of the gov. online and elsewhere.

  4. This is wonderful news! We know it’s not over for Tommy but today’s decision indicates a crack in the state’s attempt to persecute him into silence. We know it was not the motive of the police that should be questioned – but the motive of those to whom they answer. For now it must be a tremendous relief for Tommy and his family.


    Praise To God, Immortal Praise

    Praise to God, immortal praise,
    For the love that crowns our days;
    Bounteous Source of every joy,
    Let Thy praise our tongues employ.

    Flocks that whiten all the plain;
    Yellow sheaves of ripened grain;
    Clouds that drop their fattening dews,
    Suns that temperate warmth diffuse.

    All that Spring with bounteous hand
    Scatters o’er the smiling land;
    All that liberal Autumn pours
    From her rich o’erflowing stores.

    These to Thee, my God, we owe,
    Source whence all our blessings flow;
    And for these my soul shall raise
    Grateful vows and solemn praise.

    Yet, should rising whirlwinds tear
    From its stem the ripening ear;
    Should the fig tree’s blasted shoot
    Drop her green untimely fruit,

    Should the vine put forth no more,
    Nor the olive yield her store;
    Though the sickening flocks should fall,
    And the herds desert the stall,

    Yet to Thee my soul shall raise
    Grateful vows and solemn praise;
    And, when every blessing’s flown
    Love Thee for Thyself alone.

    • Happy day for us all, Tommy. God bless you. I am not thankful for those who brought a case against hi. The case is against them, and against many muhammads, and Choudaries, and khans, who have autonomous areas in Britain and Europe. There was no case against lion-heart Tommy in the first place.

      Where are you lion-heart Richard? Traitors have made a mess of your kingdom and are NOT rotting in dungeons.

      Britain and Europe have entered The Neo-Pitch-Dark ages. “Colour blindness” extended to not discerning right from wrong, or foe from friend.

      May one brave Tommy become millions of Tommies and then the Traitors will tremble and gnash their teeth.

      No nation can survive away from God and Justice.
      Logic and commonsense are as essential as the oxygen we breathe, because they lead to Justice and then our survival from deadly ENEMY.

      I remember and hope: The Gates of Hell will not prevail over Judaeo-Christianity.

  6. Tommy must be the bravest man in europe! I am so happy that the legalsystem in brittain start to come to their senses.Mr robinson is a hero and should be rekognise for what he try to do. Shame on britains politicans!

    • Yep, they sure have. But don’t forget the soi-disant “right” ; it had long since left him to suffer whatever fate Islam had in store for him.

      NOW he has the funding to push back, to get security for his family, and to have a half-chance at living out a normal life span. And all of that is due to the huge, widespread support from all over – from Canada to Australia and onward.

      I hope they can give us an accounting of the countries from which all the donors came. A bit tedious collecting the information but Tommy’s knowing the geography of his support could be an awakening to how deep and wide his need resonated. In other words, how much he is admired, respected and loved.

      We’ve always listed countries and states in each day’s accounting during a quarterly fund-raiser. I think that kind of information is important.

      • It is gratifying to see bucks, brains, and bravery, come together at the nick of time, and WORK! Small, but indeed MIGHTY accomplishment, in the bigger picture of the global task. Pretty much, so far, a hero’s life is saved. May it remain so, and more funds if needed, be forthcoming.

      • <>

        Hrrumph! Here’s betting the Yankees outdid those wimpy Canucks ten to one!

        ‘Sideswhich, if it had been left to our neighbors to the north, it probably would not have ended in a victory for TR, but rather some sort of anemic compromise!

        • Cheese and Rice! What did Canadians in general do to tick you off? OK, they voted in Trudeau, but only about half of them are guilty of that offense. And we elected Obama twice: the first time he was unknown to many, but the second time was a pure example of so many being too stupid to vote.

          • There are THREE political parties in Canada on the federal level.In the October election –
            Baby Trudeau won with 39.5% of the popular vote to get 184 seats in parliament.
            The Conservatives under Stephen Harper : 32% (99 seats). He resigned as leader after the election.
            And the New Democrat Party – the true socialist party in the country – got 20% (44 seats). It’s leader Tom Mulcair was voted out as the top man at a NDP convention a few days ago.
            Little Trudeau won because he sucked votes from the NDP with utopian promises that he probably has no intention in keeping.

        • Canada was at Great Britain’s defence in 1939 when Chamberlain declared war on Germany. Canada lent GB millions of dollars and ramped up their war effort for two years while the wimpy American President sat on his hands worried about what Congress might think of America’s involvement in “Europe’s war”. Canada’s Prime Minister, Mackenzie King was recruited by Churchill to visit with Roosevelt a few times . Churchill was worried that the President was too weak and might give in to the isolationists and was thankful for Mackenzie’s help.
          My mother (age 85) remembers,as a school girl, all the bond drives to contribute to the war effort. In the middle of the Canadian Prairies they flew a Union Jack at school in support of Britain.
          The US finally entered the War in 1941 and were certainly a major force. No question about that.
          However, how does the history of that time read in American history books ? Like : ‘Great Britain really needed the good old USA’s help in 1941 because they were all alone to fight the War’. Like that. NEVER any mention of Canada and Canadian’s hard work and generosity at all. It’s that attitude that really riles Canadians like me who know a little history but have to suffer anyway because ‘Americans know everything’ . I’m not anti-American but just can’t stand the ignorance too many Americans show towards Canada.They just think that history started in 1968 with Pierre Trudeau and the corrupt Liberals and brush everything before that away. The heck with that !

          • The Canadians sent over a load of guns to the UK as well, after the BEF abandoned their gear in France & the Brits were expecting a visit in the night by Adolf’s paratroopers.

          • And what about the Canadian pilots in WW2, like George ‘Screwball’ Beurling and ‘Buck’ McNair?

            (They both flew Spitfires in Malta.)

        • If they outdid us 10 to 1, that may be because the population of the U.S. to Canada is at least 10 to 1.
          I happily gave $ to support Tommy’s defence and I know other Canadians did too. I would do it again. Shame on you. I don’t know where you are coming from with such [offensive material]. You got a problem?

          • Anon-

            And another problem with Canadians is they have no sense of humor!

        • It’s me, Bert in Canada. The population of the U.S. is at least 10 times that of Canada. That would go some distance in understanding the difference in contributions.
          I gladly gave to Tommy’s defence fund and I would again. I’m sure many other Canadians did too. You got a problem with that? Stick it in your ear.

          • “You got a problem with that?”

            Bert, I don’t really believe you are from Canada. I think youse from New Joisey!

  7. That’s the best news I’ve heard in a long time. I hope Tommy is awarded a large amount of money in costs and that he seriously considers taking legal action against those individuals in the legal and political systems who have conspired to do him harm; not least the head of the metropolitan police, Mr Hoganhowedidhegetthejob.

    • Yes, now he has the momentum he should go on the offensive against the police and those who kept him in jail. Given the levels of compensation in Britain, he could stand to win millions – while during the trial, some further interesting facts may become known?

  8. Bravo! Cestitam! čestitam ti! Comhghairdeas! Congratulations! Felicidades! Felicitazioni! Félicitations! Gefeliciteerd! Glückwunsch! Grattis! Gratulálok! Gratulojn! Gratulacje! Llongyfarchiadau! Mazel Tov! Meala naidheacht oirbh! Palju õnne! Parabéns! Proficiat! Συγχαρητήρια! Tillykke! Zorionak!

    Godspeed Tommy!

  9. Dismissed with costs means : `…the appellant lost the case and must pay the costs incurred by the defendant`.

        1. Indeed it is! Tommy’s QC’s legal fees will be paid by the British State which brought the prosecution. Both real and poetic justice.

          Which means all the funds contributed by donors to the recent appeal can remain in trust in a ‘rainy day’ fund for Tommy’s future legal defence, and/or the support of his family.

          Lots of good reasons to _continue_ making contributions to that fund. Let’s ensure there’s enough money in it to make Tommy legally ‘bullet-proof’ for years to come. Think what that would do for Tommy’s confidence, enabling him to re-commit without reservation.

          Recall that in his ‘Thank you’ video to donors he acknowledged being very downcast and disheartened.

          With enough money in that fund it might even be reasonable to start thinking in terms of launching suits against the ‘authorities’ for malicious prosecution.

          Having read Tommy’s ‘Enemy of the State’ I daresay he’s been subjected to a virtual laundry list of abuses, sufficient to keep an entire legal team busy for years with lawsuits.

          Put the wind up in the ‘authorities.’ Put them on notice that, in future, Tommy is (at least legally) untouchable, that he he has an international support group.

          The Left has been using ‘lawfare’ and nuisance lawsuits for years. Time to turn the tables? Perhaps Pegida should be considering this option.

        • I agree with your assessment entirely. That was just one court appearance and it’s likely they’ll find other ways to bully him. Since you’ve read “Enemy of the State” you know how they had him over a barrel re his money, and going through his tax returns for two long years – what a stupid waste of police man-hours – trying to find a jot or a tittle out of place. They froze his money, his parents’ money, impounded their car, destroyed computers and the family business, etc. Now with this trust fund he can apply for help when this starts up again. He will no longer have the worry about his children eating or his parents’ welfare.

          In addition, there is money to pay for professional security should that become necessary.

          Something no one has mentioned, that I will: having PTSD myself, I can’t help but notice the signs of it in Tommy: his pressured speech, his physical restlessness, his constant checking out of his environment. He has been at war – no, he has been the battlefield on which the war was waged – for at least six years. Six long years of hypervigilance. Thus, I am hoping some of the funds will be used to help him become a civilian again. Six years might as well be an eternity when there’s a bulls’-eye on your back.

          Right now he’s no doubt riding a wave of exuberance; who wouldn’t be? We’re all riding it with him. But eventually regular old daily life will return, and for the first time in a very long while, without Damocles’ sword hanging over his head. How long before he stops looking up, being surprised it’s not there any more.

          I’m not trying to psychologize TR, but to put myself in his place…

          But heroes and prophets pay a heavy price for their work and ‘coming in out of the cold’ isn’t easy or straightforward. When you have that ineffable quality that makes you a leader, a charismatic leader at that, many people want a piece of you – not for any bad reason, simply because you have something others see and want to participate in.

          This brings to mind Fjordman’s dilemma in exile from Norway with a whole country wanting to hurt him…Tommy doesn’t have that (except for some of the toxic Muslims) but he bears a burden nonetheless. I’m sure anyone who has been in battle could tell us how hard it is to re-enter everyday life.

          Those are my concerns now that he has the “luxury” to consider what he needs.

          • Re-entering everyday life can take years, Dymphna, and to varying degrees few ever really do so completely.
            Also some continue to suffer from some form of what has come to be known as PTSD, and is notable that in the UK the second highest rate of suicide per capita is to be found among ex-special forces soldiers ( the highest, last time I looked, was amongst doctors although the fact that both groups have both the knowledge and the means may be contributing factor!)

            S III

        • From my antipodean experience, ‘costs’ will be according to a scale or schedule, and will probably be substantially less than what was actually incurred–but there are a few unknowns, such as how much was actually incurred in the end (only a half-day hearing, so query whether the QC cost the full amount estimated). If ‘costs’ are on the old ‘party-party’ basis, then they are the costs considered reasonable and necessary, with the onus on Tommy to prove it. One question would be whether a QC was needed for such a hearing. (We all know one was . . .) ‘Indemnity costs’ or ‘costs on an indemnity basis’ would have meant all costs considered reasonable, with the onus on the prosecution to prove they weren’t. But Tommy should get a reasonable chunk of it back–no doubt to put towards fighting whatever the relevant authorities choose to throw at him next time, or else to do what he likes with, since we all know that all these years of trouble have left him behind where he might otherwise be.

    • I think the Judge awarding Tommy “costs” is significant as he could have dismissed the case without any “costs” benefit. That it was granted signals the Judge is not impressed with the prosecution in bringing the case to court, in effect wasting court time. Notice it only took 20 minutes for the Judges verdict.

  10. I hoped in my heart that the Judge would see this for exactly what it was, a disgusting trumped up vicious & treacherous attack upon on Tommy.

    Wishing Tommy & his Never Failing, Loving & Loyal Wife, Mother & His Adorable Children a Life Free of Persecution by the UK Govt & Those Who Wish to Silence Him.

    I know Tommy Will Continue to Speak Out Against the Islamization of His Country & As Such I Sadly Think He Will Always Remain an Enemy of the State.

    God Bless You & God Keep You Safe All the Days of Your Life.

    Love @OZzSue from the Land Down Under

  11. Never felt so good about spending $135.- (Cnd). Finally an uplifting bit of News. Congratulations, Tommy!!!

    • The size of the donation one’s is not as important, as the fact that collectively we who donated are standing up to the devious and demonic plans of the globalists and the rapid spread of the caliphate. I’d bet that the political class in the UK has their undergarments in a knot over this latest turn of events. They are not to be trusted.

  12. This is terrific news! I am so happy for Tommy and I hope he does get to live in peace.

    The formerly great Britain is such an ass (sorry, but it’s the right word) that they no longer know right from wrong. And they keep letting the killers and rapists (aka Muslims) into their country when their duty is to protect their country. Of course it’s no different here.

    I realize that not all Muslims are killers and rapists, but it is odd how the murder and rape rate rises wherever they congregate.

    • Whether they rape or murder depends, to a large degree, upon how seriously they take their religious texts and teachings. As Robert Spencer says, there is a spectrum of belief, knowledge and fervor. One of the problems is that the children are often more “religious” and therefore more radical than their parents. Also, therefore, more criminal.

  13. I am so, so pleased. Please pass on my gratitude for all that Tommy has done and is still trying to do for this country. He is my hero and it is just a pity that he has been tarred with such a bad brush by the media. I just hope that the country wakes up soon before it is too late.
    God bless you all for helping him.
    Granddad Pete.

  14. He should beware that the next court trip may not be as easy. The system has just started on him.

  15. This is indeed fantastic news. Let’s hope that it has sent a strong signal to the ‘authorities’ that they can no longer harass Tommy and his family without cost – both financial, as they have to pay his legal costs, and in terms of bad publicity. They can no longer persecute Tommy with impunity.

    • Hopefully this case being dismissed will be useful as a precedent, in the hands of a good legal representative.

      As in: The judge has stated here that plod were going after this individual unjustly. That has been established.

      And should agents of the state ever try their luck again, Tommy’s legal representative can say, well judge, here we are again … same principles apply as last time … who knows, if agents of the state try their luck again it may even end up before the very same judge. It would be nice to think that should that scenario arise, the agents of the state would get a right old scolding from the judge. In court. And that it would be a matter of public record.

  16. brilliant news, justice is seen to be done at last lets hope it continues, for all of us.
    good luck tommy god bless you and watch over you .

  17. This made my heart sing, what amazing, amazing news! I am so heartened that the case was dismissed outright, which is exactly the outcome that should have happened, and that Tommy gets to live to see another day as a free man. I hope he and his family can breathe a bit from this.

    I have to say as well, that we truly have an amazing community. Yes, we may squabble among ourselves on occasion, but when the time counts, we all come together to help each other in need. Tommy does not walk and fight alone, and I think he realizes that more than ever. I don’t think it’s exaggerating to say that everyone who donated potentially saved this man’s life.

    I’m just going to bask today in this rare bit of good news. Cheers, everyone!

  18. Tommy’s courage and integrity needs no mention.
    I think it was a brilliant strategy to float the very real chance that he would be murdered by moslems in prison, and therefore, pin any harm to him upon HMGovt. In the end, I think they were more afraid of the repercussions of Tommy being murdered in prison, than of Tommy walking free.

    • mebbe’ matt .. seems like they don’t care about the rape of millions of female children, so perhaps this was just another
      tosser at the dock .. no doubt he would be injured beyond
      recovery or murdered.

      Enjoyed your books .. i left them on a seat at the VA
      & someone got a good surprize ..

    • Don’t you believe it. They wouldn’t turn a hair at the prospect of TR being ‘whacked’ while inside.

      The only reason this sinister little plan of theirs failed is because people around the world helped TR to hire competent legal representation, & that individual did their job properly, & pointed out the legal flaws in their ‘case’.

  19. It’s about time! So this seems to prove that all one needs to get justice in Britain today is to have enough money to engage adequate legal defence to ensure a fair trial. Is this a good thing? Strangely, now that Stephen has been acquitted, I still don’t feel as reassured in Western justice as I expected to feel…….

  20. This is great! I wish I had the words to express my admiration for TR’s courage.

  21. What a fabulous result! I’ve been a Tommy supporter for a long time. He’s a brave hero who does what most of us would like to, but don’t, except to donate, to help him.

  22. I hope he doesn’t feel so grateful and “whew!!” that he doesn’t keep charging ahead on his anti-Muslim immigration and Pegida efforts. I can see that anyone who is recently released from jail does not want to go back immediately to the jail-house door and stage a protest.

    But, we’ll hope he is just that ornery.

  23. I love seeing that smile in the picture . Well done and the best of luck to Tommy !

  24. Here’s a very interesting interview Tommy did with Trinity Channel. (Tommy posted the URL to his twitter page a few hours ago.)

    It’s a recent interview (he mentions the court case), wide ranging, and almost 2 hours long. (Noni Darwish joins him briefly toward the middle of the interview.)

  25. Marvelous news! I actually had no doubt that this would be the outcome once he had a top tier QC leading his defence . That he is awarded “costs” indicate the Judge was not impressed with the prosecution or it’s merits. I would imagine this would amount to his full legal expenses in this case. If it leaves legal funds in the Bank for the future, so much the better.

  26. A small amount of sanity – for once – here in Britain. No doubt the establishment will not be lickings its financial wounds for long and even as I write I know they are already plotting.

  27. The other hope that I have from all of this is that the QC will now know what sort of person Tommy is – that’s he’s an intelligent and reasonable young man. No doubt this lawyer attends dinner parties where the guests are high status people, and the topic of his client will come up (probably starting with ‘why on earth did you defend that knuckle dragging thug?’). The lawyer will be able to give them his impression of Tommy’s character, tell them about the state’s vendetta against him, and perhaps wobble a few set opinions in the upper echelons of British society.

    One of Tommy’s problems is that he was an easy mark because he’s ‘lower class’ and without connections and influence. Now our Home Secretary may have to take into account that her actions are no longer invisible in circles which she probably cares about.

    • I think you’re on target in focusing on the QC connections, although I think the pressure on the judge was probably more professional than social. The QCs and the magistrates and legislators (I’m speculating here) attend the same conventions and read the same journals. A QC puts a judge on his best behavior, professionally.

      The class system in England, which I didn’t realize was so blatant, guaranteed that the formal rights of most “plebes” could be glossed over.

      It is not necessary to assume the QC had or has any sympathy towards Tommy. It was another job for him, but being at the top of his profession, his interests lay in acting professionally. As Tommy pointed out, his hearings have violated case law, but no judge was going to strictly apply the law for a “plebe”.

      Money is absolutely necessary to finance Muslim terror organizations and networks. Why would money not be just as necessary for counter-jihad?

  28. I have been closely following this case, wondering whether the PTB’s would decide whether Tommy had become too powerful to easily destroy, or whether there was still time enough to send him not-so-gently into that good night. I guess we have the answer. Congratulations, Tommy, but watch your back: the stakes have just gone up.

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