Man-in-the-Street Interview in Germany: “They Have to Be Punished, and Immediately Deported”

Below is the latest in a series of German man-in-the-interviews (this one is mixed-gender, actually) about the “refugee” crisis. Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   Last Thursday in Kiel, three young girls, aged 15 to 17,
0:04   were harassed by about thirty men of Afghan background.
0:08   Are the women of Germany facing an unsafe future? I… am thinking, unfortunately yes.
0:13   Why? Because this has increased lately, and…
0:20   …for many… the values that we have here…
0:24   … they can’t identify with that…
0:27   and that targets, unfortunately, a lot of women, I think.
0:31   Are our women in Germany facing an insecure future?
0:34   Yes, I want to say, yes. Why?
0:37   Yes, because our safety at the moment, it is not guaranteed at the moment,
0:42   because we don’t even know who comes here, it isn’t even being properly controlled.
0:47   There are simply too many that come here. That’s my opinion.
0:51   I mean I feel bad, too, about them (…), when one sees that in Macedonia, but…
0:56   I don’t know, if they all want to come here, I just don’t know, it can’t end well.
1:02   But I don’t find that nice, I mean they have to be punished,
1:06   and immediately deported, out of Germany.
1:09   Thank you, that was nice.
1:12   I am not thinking about this, because… it just scares me, and…
1:16   Why?
1:19   Oh well, because… that this might happen… that here then… many think that here…
1:26   somehow… it’s difficult, that it gets dangerous but I can’t entertain thoughts about that.

5 thoughts on “Man-in-the-Street Interview in Germany: “They Have to Be Punished, and Immediately Deported”

  1. An amazing group of comments. The sheep are confused and frightened about being taken by the coyotes and are clueless about how to react to it, except they know they must be careful not to exhibit a reaction prohibited by the sheepdogs. This is the ultimate outcome of over a century of Socialist education. A trans-generational population that is reduced to quivering bleating mutton completely devoid of self-responsibility.
    The only bright spot is that the Red sheepdogs have the Hubris to believe they can deal with the Islam-Other coyotes once the sheep are culled to their satisfaction. They really have no clue about how coyotes deal with domestic dogs when they get in the way.

  2. The German men don’t seem to care about the women or their safety to include their daughters, sisters or wives. They don’t stand for anything and Germany is headed for complete conquest, just about over now. And they still won’t care when the killing starts.

  3. Still I imagine those ol’ Muslims can’t be completely sure that all those ol’ Germans are thinking.

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